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Defending Lydia Collier [v0.16] [White Phantom Games]

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download for Android - APK

Download for Android - (Assets .rpa)

Using the Android version is now different due to the file size now exceeding the 2GB maximum for a single APK.

The App is installed or updated normally with the APK file. The Assets (the RPA file) are to be moved manually either to /RenPy/org.defending.lydia.collier.the66/game for Android 11 and newer or to /Android/data/org.defending.lydia.collier.the66/files/game for older Android versions.

However, after starting the app a message is shown with the destination if the assets are not placed correctly and the destination folder is created also if not already present.
Touch Gestures:
  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Patch for Pc & Mac - (v0.15.9.2 -> v0.16)

Installing the “Update Only File”:
Navigate to your “DefendingLydiaCollier/game” folder (“\Contents\Resources\autorun\game” on Mac) – both require v.0.15.9 – and copy and paste the “” file there.

Download Preview Scenes (BETA)

Download Walkthrough

Download Gallery & Walkthrough Mod


This mod adds Cheats, Gallery and an in-game walkthrough for the game.


PC (Windows/Linux): Unzip the mod file and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “DefendingLydiaCollier-X” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “Defending Lydia Collier” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.06 ( 70 votes)

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  1. This AVN is one of the best made by the community, those who want to learn how to make games should learn from AVNs like this one or Pale Carnations
    It has an interesting mystery story, it has more than 4 paths and each one of them has “sub-paths”, most of the girls are cute, the lewd scenes are good BUT… It has defects which I consider important. The first is that it bombards you with unnecessary information, trying to cause immersion ends up causing the opposite effect especially because since the game is incomplete many of the actions and decisions still have no consequences… but what I consider the biggest defect are the girls’ personalities… like Stephanie in the bimbo-path manipulating the MC or Ellie behaving jealousy and bossy, with a bitchy attitude and the worst thing is her interaction with Lydia, plus the MC can’t even intervene despite how unfair the situation is. A shame because she was my favorite but her sisters end up being better. Then there is Jenna who from the beginning is a desperate woman with the cliché personality of a teacher. Once you notice that, her path becomes predictable. If you don’t want her to end up humiliated, don’t invite her former student for a threesome, although it is worth it because she is hot and has valid points to humiliate Jenna but it is not something pleasant to see
    The best thing about Vanessa’s path is when she is not there… is the typical single mother over 40 years old, who by concentrating on her work and her daughter had already gone many years without having a date, she is not pretty, she doesn’t have a good body, she has the typical “maternal” personality, boring!!!… That path is only worth it for Tiffany and Sophie
    Personally, the best for me is Lydia, even though she is the craziest, her intentions with the MC are the most sincere, Stephanie is only for money and her need to depend on someone. Ellie is corrupted by the thoughts of her mother who practically raised her daughters to hunt down a millionaire husband, Jenna is obsessed not only with the MC but also with her idea of ​​”ideal life” as the typical female teacher, which is why she is willing to do anything because she do it more for her own desires than for love and Vanessa does fall in love with the MC sincerely but she is very boring both in personality and physique, her daughter totally overshadows her and she also ends up taking a sincere interest in the MC so… team Tiffany
    And another defect is that it has been in development for years, there is still a long way to go before it is really worth playing, but if you haven’t played it, give it a chance. It is one of the best AVN you will play. It is worth it, but you will have that feeling of “incomplete”. You have been warned

  2. mysteries, intrigue, motivation. man! what a game. that’s too worth it. try it out and being chill out^^

      1. go play with your dik in sand if you are bored, the game is good, not impressive visually, but the idea is great, some suspense here and there, now that dev improved some of the gaps is worth to play for sure…

  3. If there is multiple Li’s at least add Harem path man,
    You can’t let’s our Hopes up with lot’s of womens in here and throw it out of the window,
    I will say that “Make this Harem game and turn it in to BREEDING farm,
    At least than i will give it go again.

    1. See, as I said directly below; if the dev does what you suggest – I would absolutely play that to the end. Up to that point, it’s too frustrating not to know where I’m going to end up. So I’ll second that motion heartily. For now, the Jury’s out… and I’m not sure it’s not because the defendant herself didn’t hang them. Individually.

  4. Personally, I lost interest in this game about the time the dev started trying to dick around with a Twin, and whether or not Lydia was actually innocent. As a DEFENSE lawyer; if I find out my client is actually guilty, I’d have to recuse myself from her case. Which can cause massive problems for the MC’s career. It would cost him credibility, his actual job as he may well be disbarred officially. Which would be bad for any Dating Sim. How many girls are going to date a broke bitch in this day and age? Trust me, I am one, and you don’t wanna see my dance card. I do agree that if the developer was foolish enough to put in a minigame of questions to answer to get a “right” path that require you to actually have knowledge of any branch of legalese, that’s a negative to an extreme degree. I haven’t studied law personally; I don’t know many who play adult based games who have. Going for generalized knowledge that YOU look up, to make the character fleshed out in their written profession properly is fine. Trying to make anyone else do it so they don’t fuck something up that they want to see, is… not fine. At all.

    If the game is called Defending Lydia X, then I do not know why you A) made so many different women to chase, and B) Can’t just say fuck it and create a viable Harem Path. Her arse is in your hands (literally, if you play your cards right – but she might also be Katherine Tremell… so, do you want to roll those dice? I mean… if she was playing Jean Triplehorn that’s another story…) You have the detective. The Ex Girl. The secretary, the detective’s rebel daughter potentially as at least a cock tease or asking for trouble, the patrol cop… and who knows who else by now. Christ. Too many cooks to make a good meal if you know what I mean, but Harem is a way to salvage and make Minestrone at least. People don’t tend to like it when you have that many choices and no matter which way you go it looks like you might get screwed. So to speak. There should NOT be fail states, or if there are, they NEED to be clearly marked. Without a walkthrough. Otherwise good luck getting most people to justify not only the gigs necessary to download but the time investment to playthrough about a hundred times not to fuck up once. That’s not how you win supporters. Replayability doesn’t mean a billion save states you’re GOING to need. It doesn’t mean millions of choices to sift through. It means maybe four unique possible actual endings. Or five at most – with flags written INTO THE CODE so that walkthroughs are not needed. Put the answers for set paths in color code or brackets for fuck sakes. Why is that so damned hard for all of you? Pick a set amount of women that can be chased, and do NOT add more. Then figure out which side you actually want your damned defendant to be on. You cannot play the victim the whole way and have it turn out she is a stone killer. You didn’t name her Sharon; and she’s not written with nearly enough seduction, or nuance to get that far. So at the end, she’s either guilty – or innocent. You either sail away with her to a beach to a new life (where it turns out she’s even more permissive than her twin; as long as MC is straight about his desires and marries her legally) with all the girls you may choose as you want… or you pick one of any of them. Or she is guilty, and you help put her behind bars and go on to head a powerful law firm with the noterity, while breeding that cute little secretary [Who should NEVER be written to be a cam girl you fuckwit – go look up the actual history of ANY notable girl that gets into porn. She is a PARALEGAL STUDENT, she has the potential to do FAR better than that for money. You have no fucking idea how much I HATE that story line bud – and that goes for all adult games in general] Three very viable ends and you’re done, Jesus.

      1. You can’t be critical of what someone finds that takes them out of the game. I don’t remember the game I left before a Nurse found a box of morphine in her house with a blackmail note, and instead of calling the police (because she had done anything wrong lol) she falls into crime. I just laughed and left the game.

        There was another blackmail game where you just tell the guy to fuck off and the game ends with your character leading a happy life, I liked that one. I never did play the blackmail route because it make no fucking sense.

  5. I tried…really did, but just cant get into the story.
    So much focus on picturing how tedious a lawyer job is (focus on news tv, radio and web), stalking social medias…most of the time is passed reading stuff you don’t car about. and from time to time, a little show off on how complex some laws are making you answer legal questions that nobody cares about.
    At least the author did a good job on that…yes being a lawyer is tedious and boring…and so is a game that focuses that much on those 2 aspects.
    Regarding the adult content….it’s a pain, went up to the point where you choose a team and 2 (little, very little) animations. Choose your path, extreme vanilla or absolutely depraved. No middle way. Some BJ, HJ or you ho full slutty Anal/ dirty ATM/ Watersport…again with no animation, just a few renders.
    Very hard to keep following the story as you wast most of your time reading fake news about elections, sports, police investigations…
    The Adult part of this ADULT visual novel is some renders with boobs and dirty talk from time to time….the rest is just a show off of supposed lawyer knowledge.
    BTW, only a few lawyers are involved is some international conspiracy including the government. Most deal with divorce, business contracts….nothing requiring you to read every news published!
    2/10 for the adult content
    9/10 to the wasted time downloading and reading all this.

    1. Right, what a Shit!
      Just can’t find anything to save this!
      No anim (almost none and the few included are like 5 seconds loops). Story is so lost into technical details that it make it impossible to enjoy it. MC is investing like 70% of the time reading and listening to news, the remaining 30% is shared between dream/monologues/him thinking and …oh surprise! interacting with other girls (and boys)!
      God it’s supposed to be an AVN…get your shit together… AVN you have the “A” to care about!
      Write a simple novel or “my bad legal experience” biography.
      Even the supposed sexy renders are a fail! Girls are absolute sluts, MC an degenerate or you have no adult content at all.

  6. Stuck at the very beginning computer work task – both casefiles say they are already completed but the game refuses to let me pass through. Assume its the mod, but has anyone figured out a way through without scrapping the mod??

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