Touching Married Women Simulator [Final] [Uzura Studio]

About This Game
The game is about a player who is a chief and has to touch his subordinate married women who work for him part-time.
*The English version is a machine translation.
There is little penalty for making mistakes so that you can immerse yourself in the touching.
Rubbing and licking is done by holding down the mouse.
Holding down the mouse button changes the rubbing style in three stages.
The main rubbing methods are ‘rub’, ‘toss’, ‘flick’, ‘lick’ and ‘suck’.
You can also magnify any area by ‘Gaze’.
There are five stages in total.
The stage structure is
1 Standing and touching (apron and normal clothes)
2 Sitting and touching with legs spread (in normal clothes)
3 Touching the buttocks (sportswear)
4Touching in the shower (bra and panties)
5Touching and penetration in bed (bra and panties)
In the setting, the player is the chief of staff and the married woman being touched is Yuko, a part-timer.
The name can be changed.
The game content is simply to touch the breasts and genitals.
Clothing can be removed from the beginning. There are no flags, for example, how many times you have to click to take off your clothes.
This is because the game is mainly about touching, so we didn’t dare to include any conditions.
The aim of the game is to make Yuko’s libido full. This will release a new stage.
In between the stages, there is a brief context-sensitive novella.
In this section, it is mentioned that you are married and have children.
It is only in this conversation that you can tell that she is a married woman.
I’m trying to portray a woman who has a slightly plump body and …… a woman who has given birth to a child in a fleshy way.
I drew it in the hope that it would be clear that she is a married woman in that area.

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Editor's Rating

Story - Touching Married Women Simulator attempts to incorporate a background narrative, which is commendable for a game of this genre. While it adds some depth to the overall experience, the story is forgettable and lacks the substance to truly engage players. The developers' efforts to implement a storyline are appreciated, but it falls short due to its brevity and lack of meaningful character development. - 56%
Visual - Visually, Touching Married Women Simulator is far from impressive. The lack of animations greatly hampers the immersion factor. The character models have a decent appearance, but the overall presentation suffers due to the absence of fluid movements. The limited animations, particularly during intimate encounters, feel lackluster and fail to meet the expectations set by the game's premise. - 40%
Engagement - While engaging players might have been the game's intention, Touching Married Women Simulator struggles in this aspect. The gameplay mechanics are simple, making it easier and faster compared to other touching simulator games. However, the lack of variety in interactions and limited content limit the overall engagement factor. - 59%
Core Loop - The core loop of Touching Married Women Simulator revolves around progressing through the short narrative and engaging in intimate encounters. Unfortunately, this loop feels underdeveloped and lacks the necessary depth to truly captivate players. The brevity of the game and the absence of compelling gameplay elements restrict the potential for an enjoyable and memorable experience. - 51%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.49 ( 5 votes)

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