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How To Play

How to play:
– Each round, you will get to play first. You can play your cards, use your allies and try to remove her cards.
– After you’re done doing your actions. Press the “done with round” button.
– When pressed, the game will check if you have at least 50 “Influence”. If so, you will win that battle and have your accumulated “Work” added to your glory. Meaning that you managed to get the better of her that day and hog the spotlight.
– If you didn’t win the battle, she will then play all the card that she has remaining.
– When she’s done playing, the game will check if she has at least 50 “Influence”. If so, shewill win that battle and have her accumulated “Work” added to her glory. Meaning that she managed to get the better of you that day and hog the spotlight.
– if she didn’t win, you both will get new cards from your draw piles and play another round until someone gets to 50 influence.
– “Glory” is the game winning stat. The first one to 1000 will get the position being fought over.

To play your cards:
– Click on a card at the bottom of the screen, it will become zoomed in.
1 – Click again on the zoomed in card to actually play it.
2 – Click on the white zone to un-zoom the card.
3 – Click on another one of your cards to zoom it instead.
– The card will be played if you have the resources to play it. There are 6 stats at the top of the screen each with their own color code. (Energy, Money, Blackmail, Influence, Work, Glory) The number at the top left (and sometimes right) of a card will be color coded for what resource(s) it will consume to play it.
– What playing the card will accomplish is in the blurb at the bottom of the card.
– the dark grey part is the title of the card. Depending on how upgraded it is, it’ll have one or more “+”. Ex: Work hard, Work hard+, Work hard++.
– The white part (between the prices and the blurb) will be a simple drawing to easily recognize the card in the future.

To interact with HER cards:
Her cards are divided into 5 parts.
– The purple part is the title of the card.
– The white part will be a drawing to identify the card.
– The red part will be what happens if you let her play that card.
– The green part is instruction on how to remove that card from the round.
– The yellow part is the reward for removing it from the round.

To remove her cards, simply click on it (it will get a purple siding) and then either click on the highlighted resource or click on your cards that you want to discard/spend, depending on the price asked by the specific card. It will automatically discard itself if you can meet the price and it will give you it’s reward.

From the time that the player can play card to when he press the pass button.

The entirety of the day’s rounds.

The card is removed for the rest of the battle. Will be able to use it again in the next battles.

Put card back into your draw pile.

The card is removed from the deck forever.

Get a new card from your draw pile and put it in your hand.

Remove card from hand and place it in the discard pile.

Put the cards in your discard pile into your draw pile.

The ally can now Join.

ally is active. Only 3 can be active at a time.

Use ally action.

ally has been used for this round.

ally hasn’t been used for this round.

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