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Wicked Island [v0.8.4.8 Hotfix] [RawDarkness]

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Editor's Rating

Story - Wicked Island takes players on an enticing journey filled with mystery and danger. Set in a lush and captivating world, the game entices you with the promise of an immersive experience. However, there are issues with quest resetting and inconsistencies that hinder the overall storytelling impact. - 71%
Visual - One of the highlights of Wicked Island lies in its visually striking landscapes. The vibrant and diverse zones effortlessly draw you into the game's world. Character designs are also noteworthy, featuring visually appealing models. However, The scenes lack the depth and variety found in other games of the genre, leaving players longing for more immersive interactions. - 92%
Engagement - Despite the game's impressive world and visuals, Wicked Island fails to maintain a consistently engaging experience. While it borrows elements from popular titles like Valheim for its core gameplay, the execution feels lackluster. Combat is clunky and lacks strategic depth, with moves feeling random and enemies occasionally getting stuck in the environment. - 57%
Core Loop - Wicked Island attempts to create a compelling core loop, but it falls short of expectations. Grinding and crafting are necessary to progress and unlock scenes, but the game's difficulty spikes and inconsistent leveling mechanics make this progression feel tedious rather than rewarding. - 62%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 1.79 ( 13 votes)

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  1. Here I do not understand why developers add scenes of bestiality to such games, just why the game does not get better from this, but even worse!

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