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Love, Honor, Betray [Ep. 5] [Renio Studios]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 73%
Visual - 81%
Engagement - 73%
Core Loop - 76%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.11 ( 17 votes)

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  1. Honestly, this is pretty good. The animations are iffy, but the setup makes it OK. Love the fact that there is A LOT of lesbian content in it. Looking forward to future updates.

  2. Looks good, I’ll give it a try. And by the way kids, if you don’t like a game or genre just move on, no need to comment on every single thing you don’t like. Believe it or not your opinion means zero to literally everyone else.

      1. If your comment – which you as much as I have every right to post – is referring to me then a) you spelled Prissy wrong. b) you got my gender wrong, and c) the only one who likes an ass fucking is probably you. So while I’d tell you to go do something anatomically impossible, you’d probably get off on it.

        I offered legitimate criticism to a story for a plot I’ll freely admit I’ve only seen many times before in several games out on these types of site. Which I never have any intent to play; but the factual legal points I offer are true in reality. So any defense the female protagonist would make to keep her better off financially husband in a relationship in which he does not expressly wish to be in, would fail. She has no actual bargaining chip to force him to not walk out on her, if she is caught. His lawyers (which as a director of surgery at any given hospital he would better afford) would eat her alive with any testimony or private detective’s evidence he might have gained. I did not write the laws, but I do know what they were originally intended for. In the time of an age where again, women DID NOT have the means to provide for any children they’d made. Should the husband/lover pass on before they did.

        If that offends you, take it up with the courts in either Canada or the US. Which are also based heavily on British law. So you may want to go bother them about it when you’re done.
        At NO point, did I say that if you favor NTR you are X, Y or Zee cuck. That’s on you guys. It’s not my bag baby. But I can admit I’m enjoying having peeved you off so much with such a fairly tame post, that you apparently can’t even think to type without swearing, or spelling mistakes. Have a nice day.

        1. You really shouldn’t take their bait posts seriously.
          Other than that, guys can be called bitch/cunt, it’s not a gendered word anymore (watch After Life season 3 for an example).

    1. In case you’re referring to me, very true. But I did not comment that I do not like the game. I’ve not played it, and I will not. Because I don’t agree with the content. I was pointing out facts that can be looked up fairly easily if desired, and someone took it badly. I am also not a kid at 40 years old. But I can point out that while you’re cautioning us not to post about things we don’t like – you’re also being a hypocrite. Because what you posted, just as much applies to yourself. Since in your own words, “Your opinion means zero to literally everyone else.” Which is a bit Nhilistic. It does beg the question of why you felt the need to post such “sage” wisdom. Though again, I do agree with the core of the argument. For reference, my problem is less with the game in and of itself than it would be with the breaking of suspension of disbelief in Plot Armor that the fem Protag could make her husband stay to watch her fuck around. When he’s got the higher paying job. When he has the legal grounds if she does get caught, to walk away, legally. Scott Free. I did in fact, offer an alternative path that would make the game more palatable, and believeable. While allowing for her “wild oats.” It isn’t smart however, not to take your own advice, or condescend to others by infantalism. Just food for thought. Call me the village idiot all you want for speaking my thoughts, but I’ll show you the same when I hold the mirror up because you’re the one to talk.

  3. Now, I’m not one to argue for “immersion” as super realism in a fantasy setting; but I doubt they’re going to make the very successful director of surgery DIVORCE his younger wife (who is probably hot in some senses, so that of course “everyone” will chase her for “unattainable” – hence the crux of this story)

    A few points though on why if/when he finds out, that is the first thing he would/should do.

    * The game will likely threaten that she will take half his money/stuff when & if he does.
    = The point is flawed; though NORMALLY applicable in many cases of no contest divorce.
    However, in the case where HER infidelity CAN/HAS been proven: she loses the right to Alimony of any sort.
    Why: SHE is INCONTESTIBLY the reason for the divorce. The laws were originally set up to protect defenseless women.
    More specifically the husband’s verified CHILDREN with said supposedly LOYAL wife.
    Not so that women could gain card blanche to fuck around with whomever they’d want.

    * If she gets pregnant by someone else; you CAN argue she does not legally have to share who the father is.
    = If the skin color is the same, or similar enough and she’s mixed race or has mixed heritage, she’s golden.
    – The courts WILL NOT compell her to share the identity of the child’s father in such cases, in most countries.
    – Even in that case however; the above would still apply. If she gets caught cheating, it doesn’t matter how many kids might be the Doctor’s or not. She WILL be out of luck – and if there is doubt the children are his, he will be free of child support payments with any decent legal representation which HE would be able to afford, since the “father” is only assumed responsible for his own blood. [She would have to know who the actual father is, and go after HIM in court to get anything out of it – which won’t go well if you bastards make her fuck a football field; or too many guys with much less established jobs]

    * There is a reason most of us will pass on games of this vein; your goal is NOT to let the Female Protagonist STAY LOYAL. Or show that she can be understanding of the fact the husband brings in like 80% of their household income. Yes she might want to get laid more… and that is why they should TALK. You can’t grow a relationship by making the girl passive aggressive, and there SHOULD be more than one path. Because otherwise, this game and every one like it is just an outlet for YOUR insecurity, and misogyny. Most of us who either want girlfriends and wives in RL, or have them WOULD prefer to believe better of our women, supposed or not than is displayed for “fun” in contexts like this. If there IS a secondary path where she WILL fight to stay loyal (and I’d expect you guys to add a rape scene just because that’s how some of you probably think, since this kind of game is VERY clear about it’s goal to start) then it would be more palatable.

    Now I’ve illustrated the points that will be flawed if you try to use feminist “empowerment” BS to compell the Doctor to “enjoy” being a cuck. Which is tonally jarring for like 99% of the actual audience of this genre of gaming. Straight. White. Men. [Do note: I am aware that women do play these games; but good luck getting them to admit it – and the style they have as gamers, like with the “vanilla” genre of it, WILL be different than a male would play. Hell, maybe THEY are the target audience you’re after. Given the statistics on fantasies and sexual tastes that differ between men and women. Look it up if you don’t believe me, but women’s tend to run a lot more… shall we say Wild. Which is part of why I get pissed when every second woman in a game will use the word Pervert on a male, incorrectly]

    ** Yeah, this is a much longer winded version of “Female Protag, Pass.”
    Sue me; at least you’d have better luck there, than she will if she gets caught out on her “extra marital” choices.

    1. Agreed! I’m a man. I prefer to play as one. My X chromosome is to be attracted to females, not to be one.

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