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Nephilim [v0.3.7] [BuuPlays]

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  • Usage additional swipe commandos:
    – Swipe left: back
    – Swipe right: skip
    – Swipe up: main menu
    – Swipe down: hide


    The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
    Location: “(your device)\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.nephilim”

    – You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
    – On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
    Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.


Download Mod


– Highlight the recommended choices
– Add some choices for both scenes
– Add ‘cheat’ function


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into ” Nephilim-0.1.6-pc” folder. Or copy or move all the files in the mod’s “game” folder into “Nephilim-0.1.6-pc”‘s “game” folder. Overwrite if it requires

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Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 81%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 79%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.1 ( 92 votes)

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  1. I have no freaking idea why this game is rated soo low???? only reason that comes to my mind is that the MC doesn’t bang every creature that moves and comes to his sight….there is a well driven emphasis on romance and character development…the character of eliza is sooo well written…..visuals are not as striking as summer’s gone or maybe where it all began or city of broken dreamers but it holds it place among top 10…….I love badass Mc in vns’ (dont compare with desert stalker). Summary : this game has a fully engaging story with well written characters and good visuals. This doesn’t have sex every 5 mins but u”ll stay attached to the story and the MC.

    1. how about the fact it’s a complete steaming pile of horse shit because no matter how many times you try to tell these girls to fuck off your not interested you get asked EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME friendship or romance path no matter how many times you choose friendship, also the fact that 2 of these choices are lies the first is do you wanna kill the wolf or distract it i chose the evil option and guess what YOU don’t kill the wolf i’m choosing all evil actions not killing the wolf is not evil next is the choice with Eliza where you can choose to go to sleep or embrace her choosing to sleep is supposed to end her romance path and does it?? fuck no it does not you get asked not 2mins later friendship path or romance not to mention every single girl in this apparently wants to fuck this guy why i can understand Alice since she has known him since they were kids but the rest fuck no this dev has created THE worst AVN i have ever had the displeasure of downloading if i could rate this myself it would 35 to 40% and that’s me being generous

  2. This game was freaking amazing, at first was interesting in the sex but when playing it was more into the action and story, and discovered what abilities the characters would have and the setx scene was like an added bonus that made it awesome, it I had to rate out of 5 I would give it a ten, can’t waited for the next update an please keep up the good work, and if anyone clcoulld recommend a game who is just as good as well, I would appreciate it

    1. Bro for real this is the best fighting game I would play it even without the sex scenes just cause of the magic powers and abilities

  3. this game is freaking amazing. the characters, the plot, the mc, the renders. its just all so captivating.
    cant believe i missed out on this one for so long.
    100% recommend

  4. Men I love this game so much, the romance upto sex scene and the the magic aspect, men I love the story.

  5. Your walkthrough mod is not working, after completing nephilim v 0.3.1 the mod shut down automatically in my Android device ( MIUI VERSION 12 ) , but I was playing v 0.3.5 , please fix this mod issue 😭

  6. Your walkthrough mod is not working, after completing nephilim v 0.3.1 the mod shut down automatically, but I was playing v 0.3.5 , please fix this mod issue 😭

  7. No -Despite all the previous bitching; I do recommend this for anyone that likes a good romance story. And Harems. Because you were expecting me to say anything else, right guys? says:

    Look, I know I’ve ragged on your style a bit Buu, so I’ll just come out and say it. I would have handled the quest structure differently; but as long as you don’t make the girls insanely jealous when the “Harem” finds out about each other – I do REALLY enjoy that you found a way to make it clear to the player (and it was cheeky of you to use Eliza to do it) that there won’t be consequences for pursuing such.

    You do know how to write compelling, endearing (and in Kira’s case, sometimes frustrating…) characters. You can hook an audience’s investment. Those aren’t small compliments. I always give them when they’re do. Kira became amazing on pursuit; you didn’t force me to choose between Kira, Kelly or Pearl, and I’m hoping things will develop with this new add of Rin [Even if I see what you did by adding her, so that MC could beat Kira’s Dad realistically with training that helped him do that]

    I do think Alice should get more involvement. I also think that doing that will and or should lead MC to help Luna break her Mom free WITHOUT black magic. I think the cup being useable once before it becomes a new fetch quest is a bit dumb… and I’d like to see more of the “Aunt” (Maybe adding her to the harem – you do have a dark fairy looking girl in the intro before the game boots. I don’t think it’s the right coloring to be her, but I expect there’s going to be a twist with her to explain the Dark Path) I guess Eliza’s becoming the vampire – but if it can heal any wound: He can absorb some of the power and “cheat” to gain cure greater wounds. Maybe regeneration for himself, and a lesser ability to pass it to others. It’s your thing; so maybe you want to create other ways to make the girls just as “ageless” and powerful? To help him take out the guy he’s gonna have to take on at some point. {I now want to see Eliza rip Taron’s throat out as her new turned self and have MC have to teach her how to handle that darkness : ) }

    You can definitely do romance. Credit where it’s due. We have different styles, and that’s okay. But like recognizes like. Even if my works are novels I can’t share online, and you design games. So thank you, for being one of the skilled writers for this genre of gaming. There’s a lot of them I’ve tried, and not many will make my “For Fun” list. You have. Keep going, because I think this story and what you’re building will be awesome by the time it’s finished. I’d always hoped it would be, saw what it could be, and wanted you to get there.

    1. and guess what this is NOT a harem there is no harem tag holy shit dude, why do you keep assuming it is
      one or should be one FOR EVERY AVN you play it’s pretty sad and pathetic tbh

  8. So, I made it out of the cave without being raped by Kira…amazing. I had to press (FRIENDLY) at least 20 times before she got the hint. Afterwards they got to a scene with Alice who is studying hard and keeps thinking about the MC. At this point, you may as well completely delete Alice because other than at the very start of the game and a short encounter in town, the developer has given her NO opportunity to spend even a minute with her childhood friend, with whom she is in love with. Who in there right mind would chose her as a love interest? She’s non-existent throughout the whole game. But hey, we get PLENTY of Kira who neither looks good nor has any redeeming qualities as far as her personality goes. She does a complete 180 in the cave though to try to get you to screw her. After you tell her for the 20th time I WANT TO BE FUCKING FRIENDS YOU STUPID BITCH, she still tells you “this wont be my only moment of weakness” lmao. Yeah, I have no doubt about that. I went from loving this game to wanting to delete it from my computer thanks to the last two updates. Unreal..end rant.

    1. Hahahaha, so much for “end rant”. So I get back on the ship, Kira continues to try and rape me by shoving her tits in my face along with Kelly. The MC is just loving it, even after I’ve turned Kira down literally 20 time, I shit you not. Then shortly afterwards I get the option for my first relationship lock in! Yay!! Gues what the options are?
      Visit both (romance)
      Visit only Kira (romance) <———-LMFAO!!! Are you kidding me???
      Visit only Kelly (romance)
      Visit neither (friendship)

      I bet you any amount of money that if I hit visit neither (FRIENDSHIP) for the 21st time….this dumb motherfucking dev will STILL continue to shove her down my throat, you can't make this shit up lol. Honestly, at this point I can't help but just laugh. The developer just needs to hang it up and find a new hobby, I don't see a future here for him. Why give the player choices if you aren't going to make the choices matter even in the slightest? I chose Eliza as my main love interest long ago, since she got injured they have just been throwing pussy at me NON STOP, and I can't keep them off me with a fucking stick. I'm pretty sure that's going to have consequences as well later down the line with Eliza lol. Because no matter how much you say NO, they keep kissing and doing shit anyways. It's hilarious. This game is now utter garbage and it's a shame because up until Eliza got injured, this game actually had a lot going for itself. The MC totally changed as well, he's no longer the serious type like in the first half of the game, now he's the pussy that's just drooling over these ugly sluts that treated him like crap the whole time. I'm going to skip through all the dialog and see what happens, then I'm deleting this trash from my computer and forgetting that it exists.

  9. My god what happened to this game? I was loving it up until Eliza got hurt, Now it’s all Kira, Kira, Kira. I keep turning her down as I have ZERO interest in her, now the stage is all set on the island with a campsite ready to go and she’s just like a cancer I can’t get rid of. It’s really starting to piss me off. She’s exactly the type of woman that instantly turns me off, gtfo! How many more times do I have to turn her down? I’ve done it like 5 times already…

  10. this “No” guy is so awesome.
    he caring about what he does and sharing his thoughts, is a incredible trait.
    I’d definitely be very interested in you if you were real, in real life.
    love you <3

    1. Thank you. I am real, in real life. I promise. But I might also be Pinnochio. Who No’s.
      Comments like yours are much preferred. Sometimes sorely needed. I appreciate it.
      Have a good day, Ray. The site needs more like you.

  11. A wholesome VN. I almost dont wanna play it. But I like the story too much to not to. This isnt your typical adult vn. Its a more of Romance, story-rich, adult vn. Its great.

  12. That such a wonderful and best VN I ever play you have a different concept that differe you other the unique one I love that and you do amazing character development for ELIZA but come to ALICE she is only appear in short time in next update try to develop story for ALICE .and each update are every small it’s like short story we didn’t able to reconnect with the story so please take your time and give us a long time play coming to the story you nailed it definitely amazing. I’m daily checking for update what going to come next just awesome . please considering to giving us the long updates

  13. Months? Months… really?

    The second major quest that MC literally CAN NOT afford to fail (because you’ve never heard of the concept of pacing or escalation I’d wager – and injured one of the Main Girls *** It SHOULD. JUST. BE. A. HAREM! *** too early; you can do that as a lesson in over confidence about the MID point of any story, that tests the Protagonist’s resolve, or shows his commitment to a particular female) Which on I’d also say since Eliza has been focused on too much so far and the other girls haven’t actually had the ability to be built up at all, is the only girl MC has shown consistently he does care for to that level. But MONTHS?!?

    Dude, I get that you’re talking medieval times, but you introduced the fucking concept of MAGIC. If it’s all that important, make it max a fortnight. 2 WEEKS. Tops. Yes, she’s not dying [Yet…] but what the fuck do you think Taron is just going to sit on his arse and let MC get the thing he needs? They’re all likely dead or captured by the time MC returns. Jesus Christ, was this idea dense from a story-based perspective. Are you planning to pull this edgelord bullshit with ALL of the women? {Fuck you by the way, for the dark path option to kill Selena’s sister – who should ALSO be in the Harem since you went out of the way to render her attractively, and NOW she owes a Light Path MC her LIFE!} Alice did at least show her tits, and did get a bit of time with MC, but why the fuck did you not make her insist to go with him??? (Also, also – don’t just label it “Lewd Scene” ; make sure the Player Knows there is NO Consequence in Points to that choice. I had to decide against seeing it, because I figured I’d lose points with Eliza for literally dicking around when MC was supposedly so fired up about making her walk again – which fucks everybody with a lick of sense narratively out of potential sex content – and was not clear about whether it would impact points with the potion maker) Sylph can watch Eliza so she’s got some level of gopher with healing potential. If MC needs a potion I guess he’s screwed now. It’s called foresight. You made the girl chase him this far, just to clam up in telling him what she really feels… AND you make Eliza be the bitch that says she doesn’t want to share him? NO! Just no. That’s Player Fucking Choice. If I choose Harem path – which should be clearly marked without a god damned walkthrough (which is also not up to date thanks so much) then she DOES NOT get to be possessive or jealous to the point it will ruin that. She WILL learn to share. She will see that she has to, or it will hurt him. And she SHOULD care more about that, since he is willing to keep ALL of “his women.” That’s how you handle it properly.

    I will give you points for at least not making MC’s Angelic powers some sort of defibrolator… but I take as many away for some of the backwards logic in this arc going forward {And if you want me attracted at all to a certain Red Headed Pirate; give me the option to take the fucking blade away from her. Turn the tables and threaten her with it. See how she bloody likes it. Nice, Kind and/or Merciful does not mean Submissive. Light Path, does NOT mean doormat. Fuck me I wish some of you devs would learn that}

    1. Since many will probably call me unfair, let me give you a proper example to show what I mean:

      The quest was to reach the city. We did. The first Guild Quest was to fight the goblins – you pull a berserker as a challenge. Fair enough. You pulled an assassin before even that if I recall, or directly after I forget which exactly. Little bit too far either way. I would have saved the assassin as a proper testing challenge until after the 3rd to 5th official guild quest. That way the player gets to see character growth, even individually, and proper reward to challenge scaling. The way you’ve set things up, MC cannot afford to fail or Eliza won’t walk again. He also really can’t win, except for Slyph’s given word that somehow, he can’t lose. So he should be walking to certain death, and you’re making most of the characters act like he is… but he isn’t. Because ‘Word of God’ Says So.

      You created a rag-tag group that REALLY should just be teamed up. Alice can still belong to a different guild and use adventuring with MC’s team as extra credit therein. She is the type to be over-achieving. That way you won’t sideline a potentially necessary healer. You have Eliza as the Glasscannon DPS, Borri as the beef Tank/distraction and MC is the Heavy. You can include Flynn, and even Sabrina or Selena (interchangeably really) as some level of comic relief/debuff or merchantile connectivity. That’s your team. Whatever else you add on role wise later is just gravy.

      Send them on a few easy missions. Perhaps like I say, four to five maybe six if you really want to stretch. Show them using it to train up; the nephylim can absorb powers (and one thing you missed that negates the need to travel in the first place to the relic, is either a high elf – who might be more magically powerful than whatever Slyph is and should be able to cure paralysis – or a lizardman. Have him absorb some sort of regeneration effect, and make Alice look up a way to cast transference. It wouldn’t have to be permanent. Just enough to get the job done temporarily) There’s also the automatic Angels are supposed to be good at healing. Regeneration SHOULD just be a spell he knows already, innately. Beyond that, again: use. His. Powers. It does show growth. I just don’t like when it’s a deus ex machina against death. Because that means you wrote your characters into a corner you haven’t figured out how to get out of.

      Once you send them on some easy to mid missions, Taron will TEST them; with a dupe harder challenge. This can be the point you really should introduce him. Rather than right off the bat. If they succeed (which should be a mark of both player choices and your work so far to create proper power scaling) then Taron will decide more direct intervention would be necessary. Even thrilling. His goal would not be to take down easy prey. He’d be the type to get bored that way, or he wants to face a true warrior type, one who can match him. If he can’t be used to help him achieve ultimate power, as a pawn. It should however be just a tease. Another test, or one to see if it will “break” the MC. Either to mold him to what Taron wants in the dark path, OR to see about his actual resolve as stated above. Doing it this way also creates options to a) build up the harem if so chosen with ALL of the girls, and b) do the same with the potions maker so she doesn’t come off as the town slut/man eater who only wants to bone MC and be done.

      The quest to get strong enough, while finding clues as to where his nemesis could be from the Guild for each quest completed as a partial reward, should have been the way this went forward. You’ve set it up like a JRPG for no reason. With all the assholish troupes that entails. It’s not an anime. He doesn’t need more than his parents’ deaths for his “berserk” button. You could have structured this out for at least 20 good and intriguing chapters, to work toward an actually shown to be achieveable goal of vengeance well earned. Instead you’re leaping through 4 to what seems like it should be the MIDDLE of the story. I think that’s what galls me so fiercely. Because there IS potential here. I still believe that. You just have to work on the pacing, and the scaling of both your quests, and character powers.

      1. Good to see you again Murikan… how are you liking the name changes?

        Also, at least it isn’t TL;DR… even if it is.

    2. “I wish some of you devs would learn that”
      Then do it yourself, instead of trying to teach other people how to do their jobs

      1. I wouldn’t have to teach them to do their jobs if they knew what they were doing in the first place smart ass. But insofar as whether I want to program anything; I’m a novelist by trade. I know story craft. I’ve tried RPGMaker before and it’s a pain in the ass to get it to do anything. If I wanted to be a game dev, I would have to rewire my brain to be even more anal retentive…

        all I can do is try to help people who are good at coding, be better at writing coherent, cohesive, compelling stories. I do not expect any of them to actually listen to me. Like most of you, I am more venting my issues with the games, and trying to provide some instances of how it could be fixed. Which frankly is more than 99% of you bother with. So maybe next time keep your damned opinions to yourself; or come up with your own review and suggestions to help. The devs do want feedback, some of them do check sites like this for it, and they need all the help they can get to know what does, and more specifically DOESN’T work. Other than that, have a nice day.

        And yes, I can do, and I can teach. If you’re still going to try to be a bright bulb about it. Choosing not to, is a different thing entirely.

        1. After the current version 3.4 three points Buu.

          – First, thank you for listening to my power suggestion if that’s where you got it.
          – Second, please make MC smart enough at some point soon to realize with the wording of your own explanation he ALREADY has the thing he needs with the absorption, to mend Eliza (I like the idea of extra treasure to make it worthwhile too, but that dovetails into…)
          – Third: You marked at least one point in the game with a “harem path” so please don’t make any of the girls salty to the point of denying MC just because you finally decided to stop fucking around with foreplay and actually rendered a very hot sex scene. Which again: Thank you. I’ve never said you don’t do good work, my critiques and or reviews whatever you want to call them have been trying to help you create the best game you can. Because I want your game to succeed, but not everyone knows D&D based rules for monsters, and not everyone is a good DM. Trying to program things is again an entirely different skill set from story craft. So it speaks well you’re willing to take ideas that work for your story. Hope you continue to put out this game until the story you want to tell is fully done. I do want to see where you go with it.

  14. Amazing update BuuPlays! I don’t know if you even check comments on these sites but you’ve done so well with creating an engaging story, beautiful renders and gorgeous girls! That was a heavy cliffhanger to end Chapter 3 but I can’t wait to see what happens next!
    Please don’t be discouraged by whiny kids on the internet, keep working hard as you have been and you will find a lot of success in the VN industry!

    1. Well, this “whiny kid” is 40 years old; an actual professionally paid writer at one point, and knows a thing or two about proper story structure, power scaling, world building and frankly balancing Harems. So while I appreciate you enjoy his work, maybe compliment him without insulting the hell out of people you don’t know, on a free to post site. Where literally all of us can take shots at you for being a cringey simp.

      I took the time to list what I hope – this last update was very much not pleasant. I was vocal about the points that DO need fixing. If he wants to sustain an audience. He can like that or not, since I download for free anyway as I am on a limited budget. The comments I do make are intended to be both venting AND helpful. Whining, is not what they are. Like you, evilbean; I’d like to see the story take actual root and sprout into a great tree. Your luck, you’ll come out gnarled. Withered and bitter. Like this dev will, if he continues to play up the edgelord because he wants to have a Sith option. He’s paid, to deliver entertainment, and begging the funds to do it. Guess what’s going to happen if most of the audience that paid him, doesn’t find the work as promised, or entertaining. That’s not on us, and it’s not whining to point out. That’s just cold, logical business.

  15. Need Harem+Pregnancy tag asap instead of single romance path. And the major flaw from 2.3 update is bypassing Alice from MC and Alize path instead of meeting them. This game has got potential. I wonder what dev is planning and how long main girl path will continue. Right now harem is nowhere possible unless dev wanted it. We can only hope.

    1. If you’d read my posts, you’d have that answer.

      As of 2.3’s ending – There is ONE option that states (Harem Path) * You do not need the mod version to see this, it’s a base option – but you will lose Borri Trust 1 [Which; why in the fuck would I care about being friends with a dwarf unless Dev, you’re asshole enough to make him be the one to pull an 11th Hour Ranger at some point?]

      Pregnancy has not been confirmed, but I would argue emphatically whether on the ONE True Love Path or Harem; is a logical step at some point. The “main” girl is a cliff hanger. I won’t say more. One of the others is also questionable, for reasons I won’t spoil. I’m waiting for 2.4 to fix things. Without too much reliance on the Dues Ex he’s going to have to pull out of his arse this time. Til then, I reserve judgment on whether this would be worth downloading or not.

    2. Jesus… People and their obsession with harems. There are tons of Pokémon-like ‘gotta catch ’em all’ harem games, go play them. No need to ruin every game with this ridiculousness, especially if it doesn’t fit the game’s world. It could work in this game, but it is up to the dev to decide.

      1. In one of the tavern scenes so far, there is literally a choice that reads (Harem Path) so dude, while you might be right, you’re also wrong. People can suggest what they want for the game; and the dev CAN listen. Or not. More people have probably pointed out that as a dating sim, he’s focused on exactly one girl over hard. The MC’s character is BUILT in story and in the lore so far to be a Harem Lead. That’s not on us. Whether it pans out it a different story in the longrun but this is for all intents likely to be able to be a harem path end. If we so choose to follow that. Many of us will, some of us won’t. Don’t tell me you’re one of those “pure adventure” hearts that wants the RPG for the RPG and would play through without romancing anyone. I know they exist but you have to figure they’re the unicorn here.

        The game is a power based game. The MC is going to end up over-powered (and possibly the tool of an evil overlord if we’re not careful about choices – or an edgelord himself…) either way. Harem is a power fantasy genre. They fit together quite well. If you don’t like it, you won’t have to play. Frankly for some of the devs choices I’ve gotten close to that point myself, and I’ve been fairly clear about it.

  16. From 2.3 so far:

    You did at least make Alice go to the place where MC and Eliza are – BUT I would strongly caution buddy that you don’t mark Love OR Lust out this soon (UNLESS you do plan to get to building the SAME path with all the women you have listed in the cheat menu – or more of them, considering it may not be the full girl list) Eliza NEEDS to be willing to share if you are going to build a Harem Game here. [If she’s going to make remark about marrying the princess; follow through – with ALL of them, Princess Peach and her sister Daisy very much included. Do recall; he’s not just human, you’re not bound to human rules, or human laws here]

    * Bit of a dick move to make Alice wander off JUST as Eliza and MC would have walked right past her. So you can keep focusing on the girl who out of the three I’ve had any actual point choices toward so far, already has 65. Compared to Alice at 7 and Selena at 6. If this IS going to ever be a Harem, there’s slow burn… and then there’s this. You’re focusing way too much on one girl, and it’s making me lose hope this will ever be more than a dating sim. You’re the one that put Alice in place of Muh best friend; DO NOT steal him! So get on working out getting the other girls to join in. His second quest you put him up against something where if you were structuring it the right way, Alice and maybe a few test potions for her application to the guild would have helped MC and Eliza if they got injured, or not have to use up his powers. Which I didn’t get to choose in path and am thinking I didn’t get any points for. I do appreciate the passive rank up for damage resistence but if he’s part angel… shouldn’t he already be immune to poison of any sort?

    I’ll give it to 2.7 at best, but if you don’t start getting the other girls involved my friend, it won’t matter how much potential this game MIGHT have. I’ll take it for what you obviously would rather it be. A love story, with one real choice on offer. [I do like the building of the relationship as adventurers and Eliza is – sometimes – endearing, but there’s NO POINT to a larger list of girls, or saying EVERY girl wants him if you’re never going to pull that trigger… or more importantly, let The Player do so] Alice at least, and Sabrina on top of Selena really don’t need to be always searching for the Nephilym. But it would be a cute trick to never actually type, girls… your prince is in another castle.

    1. Having played to the END of 2.3 –

      You now have until 2.4 to find a way to fix what you just pulled. In a HAREM game. Edgelord.
      The only reason I’m willing to make ANY allowance at all is because you didn’t clearly define the MC’s actual power set as a Nephylim. (Your audience, and your paid supporters are NOT yo-yo’s. You CANNOT fuck them around like this – or expect that everyone’s just going to assume it will be fine. The point of the story IS that the HERO always wins… But the key point to being a writer is NOT to write like YOU ASSUME that. We may know that MC is going to win, but you wrote a DARK path in)

      * Which by the way, I would have made Harem in loving/romance as the Light Path + Harem as actual completely owned sex slave/rough BDSM for the Dark Path.

      Point being, it’s not a smart business strategy when you are already begging for money to finish the project we don’t have to invest in, to piss your players off. For any reason. This… pisses me right off. Because again, you wasted SO much time on this one girl… you cockblocked everyone else to do it, and now you expect the player to just wait and have faith that MC’s mutant undefined weirdness will make everything okay… Fuck that. Angel does not mean Giant bandaid, so I can play whack-a-mole with the love interests. Jesus.

      You have one shot with me to fix what you borked… and actually get to building the fucking harem so that the list in the cheats section counts for fuck all – you even had an option that read HAREM PATH. so you REALLY do not get to pull what you just did. It’s a cheap shot! Fuck around with anything in the next update, or cut it short like you just did here, and I am done rooting for any work you do.

  17. Dev, are you sure this is the latest version?
    I think it’s still the old version, meaning there’s nothing new.

  18. There’s no harem tag so that’s gonna be multiple endings route painfully. I wish Alice Alize and mc stick together.

    1. Under developer notes:

      FUTURE TAGS: Anal sex, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Milf, Sexual harassment, Interracial, Stripping, POV, Sleep sex.

  19. I like the story so far.

    However I would caution not punishing the player for pursuing more than one girl.

    So far you have Eliza, Alice and Selene – and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sabrina wants to be your teenaged, ahem… bitch. The fairy girl also seems pretty DTF, and then there’s the potion seller. So you have a fair few might be’s in the wings as well. It’d REALLY suck if you don’t let the player take advantage of his “not human” heritage to actively pursue a still traditionally loving, but not so rigid relationship structure. Hell, make him start the Guild of Harems & Masters, with him being the Grandmaster lol. That might be a lark to end on for a very… ahem, happy ending guaranteed ; ) What; it could still count as the light side path. Nothing says an angel can’t hide a nice set of horns, or be a dog between the sheets. He’s only half angel anyway. That’s gotta count for something.

    Adding the Harem tag would be very much appreciated to alleviate concerns. I’d also at least consider the pregnancy tag + choice options, even if much further down the line. You’ve done well, and the story’s engaging enough.

      1. I hope you’re right. Especially if you’re the Dev; but there are several choices so far where you have to pick between a point with one woman, or another – and you really, REALLY should not do that if this was ever going to be designed as a harem. I should not need a mod (no matter how currently well maintained) to make the choice system NOT punitive.

        Other than that minor niggle, so far it’s a fairly interesting, slow burn game. There’s not even been any actual sex yet, at least one of the LI’s is in another township – and started off antagonistic, which on another site I did warn against doing, she may be dancing around how much she does want MC but that does not fix the issue – and so far there’s only been foreplay with exactly one girl. Others may be interested, but there’s not a lot going on with them just yet. So the fact that the “Main Girl” point system is getting in the way of any other girl’s point system is a little bit concerning. For a harem path. Then again, it’s just my opinion.

    1. The dev has stated that the only files he maintains and creates are found on his Patreon. /
      Any other mod / android / compressed versions are fan-made and should be used with care

  20. Ahh, I’ve been waiting to see Nephilim here! I love a good fantasy story and this one has been really good so far!
    Steady and decent size updates. high quality renders and I’m interested to see how the different characters develop.
    Not much sexual content yet but the buildup is done well.

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