Neko Paradise [v0.20] [Alorth]

Download for Windows

Download for Windows - Salty & Sandy DLC

Download for Mac - v0.18

Download for Mac - Salty & Sandy DLC

Download for Android - v0.18

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Gallery unlocker Mod

Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “xyz-game” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder  from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

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Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 91%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.78 ( 109 votes)

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  1. OK! I played to the end of [v0.20].
    Mainly I want to address the controversial futa/trap tags.
    They are optional and done to perfection. When you first meet your “best friend”, it asks you if you want them to be a female, futa or trap. I loved this. Because it’s done at the beginning you can set it up how you want before you are invested in the character. It’s not some weird change that throws you off and makes you feel betrayed/tricked after you get to know them. Different people like different things and it’s cool that the dev made such an allowance. I am straight so I chose female and the futa stuff never came up again… EXCEPT there is a thing on the MC’s PC called “EXTRAS”. It has a collection of pictures of various characters as bonus’ for subscribers and it has no affect on the game. Some of those bonus pictures have futa content but it’s easy to skip through and/or ignore.
    Next up, the animations! The renders and animations are pretty good but there is a problem for straight guys. As with all other games with optional gay/futa content, the dev likes gay/futa content so the things that turn him on are not necessarily the same things that turn us on. Instead of focusing on her face, the camera focuses on the MC’s dick or ass. Instead of floppy titties, we get a floppy nut sack. Now, it does show bouncing boobs and female faces in most of the scenes but they were just kinda there and not much attention is paid to it. There are several scenes where it doesn’t even show the girls face at all but a close up of the MC’s vigorously flopping nut sack is in every single sex scene. It’s nauseating. Especially the timing cause there’s a build up while you are wanking and then when they normally show something good to make you nut… it shows his balls filling most of the screen going back and forth like they’re gonna slap you in the face making it almost impossible to fap to this game. Everytime it happened, it felt like I got kicked in the balls and instantly lost my boner. The (possibly) worst part is that some of these scenes, I was really looking forward to. Like the story progression got me really into it and I wanted to fap, damnit. Your best bet is to just play the scene out then go through the gallery and fap to the parts you liked. And there are some good scenes. Unfortunately most of the angles just weren’t designed for someone of my sexual orientation.
    The Story/Characters! The story was on the positive side. It’s not thought provoking but it was enjoyable. I LOVED some of the characters. And the build up as you progress with them was awesome. And you can chase them all, this is a harem. As for NTR, there are some scenes that NTR freaks might question. It’s basically just your wife, umm, flirting(?) with someone you are pursuing… I don’t think it counts but technically she doesn’t talk to you about it first so I don’t know. She’s not hiding it and it’s hot so I didn’t have a problem with it. Your wife is awesome and helpful to, no spoilers.
    This review is getting on the lengthy side so I’ll end with this

    I recommend this game.

    1. oh, I forgot to mention the vore content and sanbox playstyle.
      Vore is optional, or maybe skipable depending on how you think of it.
      I’d prefer not to give out spoilers and I’m not sure how to explain this without doing so. When the first vore scene is about to happen, it is obvious what is about to happen. The game will ask you if you want vore content. If you select no, the scene just abruptly ends. I am unsure if it still canonically happens. I’m not a fan of vore but I was interested in the scene so I played it and was very pleased with how it went.
      Sandbox. Sandbox means you can do what you want when you want. I love sandbox. Some sandbox games make you grind(a lot) for various stats and the grinding mechanics may be annoying and/or tedious. Those grindy ones suck. This game has some very light grinding. Once a day you talk to the characters and you get points with them. As you gain points more scenes unlock. It’s simple and keeps you from just doing all their scenes at once but did not feel like a grind. I like the way they did it.

  2. DLC 0.16b is not compatible with this version 0.20. It will cause screen-faults when installed an run.

  3. This game is as hard to play as it is to understand. The gameplay is all over the place, and the story is horrible. The models aren’t too bad, but there are barely any Neko’s in this “Neko’s paradise.” The animations are alright. not great, but ok. The renders are decent, but need better lighting. I wouldn’t bother with this one until it’s finished, but I don’t think that will ever happen in my lifetime.

  4. game is fine but the updates not only take a full lifetime but also have very little content, really not worth downloading every update but rather wait and do every 4 or 5 for some actual “gameplay”

    1. They are too busy milking their other garbage game Radiant while struggling to get Sir Dumb to do anything with the project.

      Polarity is abandoned, and this game isn’t far from it. Alorth was threatening to quit Radiant.

      I’d put money on not a one of these games ever being finished.

      1. All three of these games are overrated.

        Radiant was so stupid I quit it probably less than halfway in, even with the uncensored true version it was too pedestrian and never caught my attention at all.

        This game didn’t really have anything of value. I can’t recall a single thing from this game that would want to make me play it again so it’s not something I’d follow and wait on for updates considering the entire game is as lackluster as it is bland. Then there’s the faggot shit that got injected into he game so I guess if you like fucking tranny dogs and cats, this might be your game.

        Polarity was the one that had some promise but said promise was squelched by Sir Dickbag himself with his 5 year absence and still pretending he is developing it to all his braindead leghumper simps.

  5. This game is amazing. Dont worry about the losers in the comments. the girls you get with in this game are so hot. its an amazing fantasy with great graphics. the people complaining in this comment thread are just soulless creepy manchildren mad at life for not bending over for them even though they are the last people that deserve it.

  6. I wanted to play a furry game, and even after reading the bad reviews, I played it anyway.
    I have to say, the reviews were right. It was NOT good.
    I wasted my time playing this, and it took longer than it should have taken to finish, because of the needless wondering around, looking for something to do. This would have been better as a VN without a sandbox. Welp, at least I didn’t pay anything for it.
    The writing and the story were awful.
    The renders were pretty good, but the animations were just ok for me.
    I think, if you like furry pictures and animations, just download the CG. The story isn’t worth your precious time.

  7. Classic gay grooming game. The triple G. It appears to be females that would attract normal men. But then adds in penis in attempt to groom you to become gay and confused like all faggots.

    1. if your retarded ass could fucking read, it would realize that you could change that person’s gender to your liking very easily.
      what a fucking loser.

      1. Yes, we know. You can change genders to any of the 687,539 available and proven by science anytime you want.

        Cool faggotry bro. I bet you’re a real riot at the tranny STD parades.

          1. Nah.  I’ll leave the violence to gender confused tranny faggots like you who shoot up kindergartners because somebody violated your rainbow decorated safe space and didn’t use your preferred bullshit ass made up pronoun.

            Enjoy your delusion.


            1. pretty sure the only school shooters have been white nationalist incels but you just keep on drinking that koolaid rightoid

              1. That’s because you’re dumb and a brainwashed CNN drone.

                Now go do what a regular Dim waste of air does, find something nice and ruin it.

            2. this is what happens when you have no friends or family in your life for a long period of time lmao such a embarrassing hateful manchild behind that keyboard yikes.

        1. you know I meant sex but you decided to jump on me, you’re a fucking retard too.
          you can change that one person’s sex in settings.
          enjoy your retarded journey bro.

          1. Hence why it got called out for being grooming garbage.

            I am shocked they didn’t install a third bathroom in this trash.

            1. i always find it funny that fuck boys like you complain about this kind of content when all you gotta do is not bother with it rather than contaminating the comments with your salty tears and spewing your bullshit, why not just look at the tags see the tags you don’t like say nah then fuck off why spread your hate message are you that desperate for attention

              1. The only reason I’m here is in retaliation to all the faggot propaganda and grooming forced on us NORMAL people everywhere we turn. Tv, games, media and so on. Taking over a whole month. You rainbow cultists never stop. You cancel people and go after their kids. In fact you can’t even point out how unhealthy being a faggot is. For mind and body which is backed up by science and statistics. Fags and feminists are destroying the West.

                So if you stop pushing your rainbow cult everywhere. Then I will stop warning people about the evils of the homo cult on homo games.

                1. all i see from you 2 faggots is wah wah wah it amazes me that you 2 fuck boys still don’t understand that NOBODY with a brain actually listens to or pays attention to your crying right

              2. Are you angry you couldn’t find any tampons in the men’s bathroom or you can’t actually get pregnant from all the butt sex with random fags you be having?

                1. Now that’s some strong projecting, Ran-COR. Don’t be too edgy or you’ll cut your dick off oops too late! That explains your attempts to seem manly, because it only comes off as desperate trolling with no actual bite.

                  Keep being lame, Edgelord.


    2. you’re such a creepy pathetic neet incel lol imagine being your parents. what a little bug of a man lol. kys you ruskie cosplaying autist.

  8. I’m down for a “good” furry game, but this ain’t it.
    The writing is juvenile, and the story is nonsensical. The animations are basic, and the characters don’t make any sense.
    How you gonna have a bunch of dogs, (and a trans dog), a fox, a bunny, and only a couple cats, in a game called “NEKO PARADISE”? Seriously?
    Besides that, the sandbox navigation is clunky and counter intuitive. Not to mention, completely unnecessary.

  9. So deciding you are not queer is a lack of confidence? How does that make any sense? You faggots are really dumb on top of being diseased riddled.

  10. All i see is a bunch of retards complaining about a game they’ve chosen to play if you dont like the game dont play it simple as that nevermind this game is most likely created and maintained by one person so stfu crying on how You hate the game because it has some content that you hate the game wasn’t made for you it was made for everyone.

  11. Absolutely trash. The animations are trash. The writing is trash, and the quality is, you guessed it, TRASH.

    The models are stupid. How you going to have a game called neko paradise and only have a few neko’s. As a furry lover, I am confused. The dog girl / boy is totally unnecessary. I can’t continue to play this. The writing is just so bad, it’s distracting.

    1. i think your comment is “TRASH”.
      if you’re furry lover you should love this thing WTF?
      bad animations? beg your pardon? your pc was probably lagging during animations because the animations are smooth as fuck and hot.
      and FYI every character in this game are avoidable.
      so beat it estúpido

      1. Seriously, dev. You should go back to making your game and stop responding to comments you don’t like.
        Maybe then, the game won’t suck so bad.

    2. Don’t like it dont play it simple as that you’re a bit of a retard to be complaining about a game nobody is forcing you to play.

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