Man of the House [v1.0.2c Extra] [Faerin]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 93%
Sound - 85%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.24 ( 39 votes)

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  1. I think the description/overview of the game is wrong. Besides that, there’s so much stuff here. Its really fun.

  2. This is a top 10 for me. The description is wrong. Download this one is up there with Being AIK.

      1. Check out these titles
        Ripples (Jestur)
        Eternum (Carbdis in general has good stuff) They are also super active and listen to folks on discord
        Radiant (Rk Studios)
        Arc (Their stuff is alright, but they do not like to be critiqued about flaws in their game much)
        Thunder One (has a great sandbox style rpg visual novel)
        Home Together is also a great up and coming. Its actually something I want to work on with a friend, to develop a real open world adult game, where you can interact with NPC or other people and develop the game in real time.
        I have been checking out a bunch.

  3. I’m stuck when the MC is getting a bj from ashley as a reward, the game just freezes and nothing else happens. Can anyone help me?

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