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The Roommate [v0.11.03] [togs]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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The walkthrough highlights dialogue or shows points in the choices.
Increase or decrease Text Size and Text Box Opacity.

PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 80%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 75%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.57 ( 112 votes)

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  1. The developer continued to develop this project, but it is very noticeable that the sex scenes have become worse, there are no near angles at all, and some scenes were generally skipped according to the plot where the sexta of the harem that was in previous episodes. In short, the developer just flushes the project down the toilet.

  2. Game becomes a kinetic novel by now, you’re forced into a harem, doesn’t matter if you reject some girls, in the text you didn’t. Just like Kayla, i rejected her, but as in a miracle she is pregnant from the mc.

    1. Yeah. Bad event scripting I guess. Author wanted to impregnate a girl during her first time maybe? And now everyone is forced into “being Josef for virgin Mary”?

  3. Last year DEV embraced 100% GAY MC VOYEUR path
    Forced prostitute “because plot reasons” to add MORE GAY MC VOYEUR peeping on male content.

    60% of girls HAVE ZERO PORN CONTENT in male MC straight path. OLD GAME.
    Milking 4-5 years.

    And now became 100% gay voyeur game. “Avoidable”. But no new content if you avoid the GAY VOYEUR path.
    Then is not “trully avoidable”. You can SKIP only. But have NO ALTERNATIVE CONTENT to replace gay path.

    1. I am not sure what your choices where that you picked since my play through never had that stuff in it…???
      I think to last update i played the MC had slept with 7 girls so fare and had like 7-11 repeat sex scenes with i think 3 of the girls..

      1. OLD CONTENT
        MC fucked a lot of girls


        No alternatives.
        FORCED KIKI = pathetic prostitute to ADD GAY VOYEUR PATH. No choices of HIRE NEW GIRLS not prostitutes.

        Another GAY GROOMING game.
        Abandoned the STRAIGHT PATH LAST UPDATES. To please sissy boys.

    2. Ignore the post from “Gay Useless peeping tom”. It’s just another fucking retarded cunt-post from a pea-brained troll. This game/AVN has no gay, no guy on guy, no second guy, in fact no gay at all. T.O.P. (gupt) will no doubt gain much pleasure from their post, showing all the signs of someone who has no agency or control in their lives, so attempts to make “oooh spicy” and completely incorrect observations just so they get some small semblance of “fuck someone else” into their head after continually being fucked over in real life. You know, the sort of someone who doesn’t have anything to offer the world, probably has a vague sense they are stupid, but doesn’t really care because they are too stupid to know just how stupid they are. Will probably come back with a response like “fuck you” or “fag” or some other such retort that is easily ignored because they are so retarded in real life. Poor thing. I found the AVN quite reasonable, not great, but sexy without being gay in any way.

      1. Choices before 0.8
        Fuck the girl / don’t fuck the girl
        Hire girl A/ Hire girl B

        Choices after 0.9… 0.10
        Watch peeping tom gay fetish with random man?
        Don’t watch and ZERO PORN in male MC straight path

        Watch another boy fucking?
        Or don’t watch again?

        Hire Kiki?
        Then a blonde secretary HIRED KIKI.

        After 0.10. No more game. No more story. Only GAY VOYEUR STUFF or NOTHING and NOTHING AGAIN.

        To avoid GAY path and GET ZERO PORN in male MC straight path… Without download, I have the SAME CONTENT. Nothing. Without waste my time.

  4. Okay, you REALLY don’t get what a Harem entails do you Dev???

    First: Kiki is RUINED as a character worth investment because you made her the town slut who’ll fuck anything that walks.
    (That is NOT what Submissive means; and in a relationship – which is what CHOOSING TO MAKE HER SUBMISSIVE IS SUPPOSED TO ENTAIL *** And ALL relationships have SOME level of exclusivity but ESPECIALLY the “Master/Slave” kind you dumb fuck!!!) so fuck you very much for that.

    Kari does NOT need experience with Aria; who didn’t need to be fucking Shae BEFORE she fucked MC – It’s a HAREM game you dimwit! – Shae didn’t need to take Aria away from the roster for 6 months = Dumb writing, screws over player choice. NOT EVERY FUCKING GIRL IS BI. That includes what you did with Rei and Kayla.

    * The focus of this game SHOULD BE ENTIRELY on the MC. Fuck “non-exclusive.” the MC has the kind of money where all of the girls won’t expect HIM to be exclusive to them (it’s not in his nature and they all know it, and you’ve made most of them incredibly passive aggressive about it) BUT he has enough money they want/need in order to make THEM ENTIRELY EXCLUSIVE TO HIM! If they’re going to constantly expect him to bleed money doing things for them the LEAST they can do is be ABJECTLY LOYAL. That’s what a harem is: you absolute dunce. I don’t need or want to see two of the MC’s girls going down on each other. Calling Aria a “dyke” when Kari should know that MC has fucked her consentually at least once is stupid writing = which would NOT be necessary or true at all if you’d just left Shae as open to MC’s advances, the same as Aria and had the foresight to ASK beforehand in the beginning of the game if WE AS PLAYERS WANT TO SEE THAT KIND OF FUCKING CONTENT! I don’t care if they are Bi; but if you want me to believe they’ll commit to ANY kind of relationship, focus on the MC. Alone. Period. Bisexual people DO usually have a gender preference to their partnering. Fucking other girls can be a shared fantasy, and it NEVER needs to be more than that. Remember; he has the money. He has the power. He can tell them all to go jump off a short cliff and find women that WILL play his way. That’s the character you wrote, with the situation you put him into.

    So yea. This is my last update. Whatever you do with this game; good luck. If you’re going to turn every girl into a “cock hungry slut” (and by the way – Kari’s response SHOULD have been: I need HIS dick in me. I love HIS dick in me. There is a point where for HER COMMITMENT to the relationship to be properly shown as the girl you’re pushing so hard SHOULD BE MARRIED: you needed to have her make that distinction. A because it’s possessive, and allowing HIS possession of her body, and B because it’s LOYAL. Again, writing is not that hard. Fuck me…) then there’s no point in calling this MC’s harem. At all. Hell the girls you’ve locked down in the basement who are part of that “cult” are now officially, since they ARE WILLING TO BE ABSOLUTELY LOYAL, the only actual Harem content… and you’re trying to make something weird about it. Like you think this genre’s a fucking joke! Fuck you very much for ALL of that. I am done. I am out. This is the last comment or critique I will make – you turned Lois into a Barbie doll with no tits; just for drama which went against previous choices I made by the way. You have taken one of the girls out of the game for six months to chase a COCK TEASE, who SHOULD BE IN THE HAREM! You ruined a sweet heart character by making her a fucking porn star who might as well have just been a prostitute for fuck sakes (Gang bang is NOT usually something most women will even consider. They might FANTASIZE about being taken by two guys at once, or even three… but NO ONE WITH A LICK OF SENSE WILL DO IT. Unless they are VERY WELL PAID FIRST. Because they all know there is a social stigma. There is a double standard, and their value as a partner comes directly from how many guys they WON’T let fuck them. Not the other way around) * No guy wants his girl to have a higher body count than he does; and most guys with money WON’T accept that. There really are not enough insults I could spew at you for just how badly you’ve bungled this project man.

    End of the day too much of what you’re working on has pissed me right off. So your work here is worthless as a Harem Game. I don’t give a fuck if you ever actually render the girls pregnant. That’s the point I’m at here; and pregnancy is literally one of the only two things in a sex game I do care about. I don’t even care if you made them all swear eternal sexual servitude to MC for the rest of their lives. On pain of death… because I CAN’T TRUST THEM. Not the way you’ve written them. You brought Randy back; and unless that’s a way to get the retarded but insanely hot rendered young woman INTO THE HAREM, then you’re an asshole who’s just looking for a way to kill off the main character. He WAS ALREADY DEALT WITH. Finito. You using him again may as well scream “I have no clue what to do to give MC more problems” and that’s the wrong tact to take with the genre you’re pushing for anyway. Harem DOES NOT NEED DRAMA. Chasing and winning all the girls to keep is more than work enough thank you very god damned much. You didn’t even show the internal ending with the quint with massive tits (who could frankly stand to be about a cup and a half smaller and she’d STILL compete with Kari for size…)

    So again. No more posts. No more wasting my time downloading this shit. You had a game with a lot of actual potential, and you kept shooting it in the foot.

  5. Pretty good. A lot of content for v0.10.05.

    Pros: a handful of routes you can go with respect to your relationship with women. Lots of attention to detail concerning the story. Story driven. Lots of women, and it may be that even flat chested women have the potential to have that changed later on, naturally. (Fake boobs are a turnoff, personally, so it’s great to see a natural way for women like Lois to achieve it naturally, instead.) Erotic content keeps improving further in the story; it’s worth playing through the dry parts, IMO. Lots of kink choices: pregnancy, milking, harem, exclusive relationships, mistress, slut, subs, prostitution, corruption, romance. Good camera work and lighting use. Models aren’t the greatest, initially, but that improves. Great boob variations and nipple types. Excellent clothing, both fitting & variety.

    Cons: Poor animation. Repetitive sex scenes & dialog. MC is a bit of a wet towel in the bedroom. Bedroom dialog needs a lot more consideration; remember the goal is eroticism, so all content should further that; if it doesn’t, cut it.

    Request to dev: PLEASE put more thought & work into Mallory’s scenes; too much energy going into quantity at the expense of quality. I know you have a lot of content to cover for the story, but don’t gloss over and skip so much erotic potential; repetitive scenes, one cancelation or date pushback after another until it has the player swearing at the computer! Also, you’re doing a good job keeping the MC from being a beta male, please keep that up (just a little more alpha stuff can make scenes far more erotic. Mallory as an example: “You can use the machine to stimulate me.” MC: “No. I’m definitely going to be fucking you.” And don’t just say it in the dialog options, have the MC actually say it! Or, when she’s on the phone: “We can push it back to Sunday.” MC, instead of saying, “Great. Thanks.” Instead, says something like, “Dammit. I was really looking forward to fucking you again, too. I guess it can’t be helped, but it definitely is going to happen on Sunday then.” Yes, I know it means adding another player dialog choice, where the beta males can choose their wimpy choice, but it’s worth it for the alphas to be able to reply at above.

  6. Something is wrong with the continuity of this update. I had made specific choices but some of them are not respected and the game just ignores them and chooses its own path. I think I will stop and wait for the next update hopefully fixing the continuity issues.

  7. This update shows choices don’t matter. I rejected that bimbo Kari and choose Lois, but in this update he is with Kari.

    1. Are you dumb? The story say’s you need to be with her to survive cause she and her sisters where created to cure the sickness the MC has. Except for her every other girl is your choice and I’m not sure what your problem with her is to be honest, there are worse girls in the game. My main issue with the game is the doctor who has a horse dick that flops around talking about turning Lois into a cow, walking around your party naked and getting sucked off by his bimbo who likes cum while asking you to join him 1 day for a gangbang on her. And your problem is only that naive, sweet and horny Kari is forced on you? Yeah that makes sense!

      1. And btw calling me dumb, it’s a imaginary disease, so it’s a easy fix to write a imaginary cure without forcing the MC up one this bitch. I like to have free choice in girls.

  8. It’s 4.5/5…Dev has put a ton of effort into every area, well worth your time.

    Here’s my scores :-

    Story – 92%
    Visual – 90%
    Engagement – 90%
    Core Loop – 86%

  9. v0.9.12 has multiple missing pictures in the story content and the game freezes on a exception error after a while.

  10. DEV says….. you donโ€™t get to shag your mom (or your sisters). Probably he know exactly what people want and he doesn’t deliver. But…. we can deliver to DEV. A 0-5 vote Stars. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now we are even. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. .-.. — — -.- … / .-.. .. -.- . / .— ..- … – .. -.-. . / .- -. -.. / -.– — ..- / — .-. –..– / ..-. .- – / ..-. .. -. –. . .-. / — …. / … — .-. .-. -.– / ..-. .- – .-. .. -. –. . .-. / .- .-. . / -… — – …. / -.. ..- — -… / .- … … . …

  11. Definitely in the “Not Bad” category with some creative ideas, which is actually saying quite a bit in this wasteland of copycat boring games. Some of the standard male fantasy (for no apparent reason every female character is madly in love with MC/you) but at least MC is not abusive or cruel, which is a turn off for some of us. Only part of the story I don’t like is the lactation plot – some of us don’t find 5-gallon breasts arousing. If that plot needs to be in there there should be an option for how much the drug changes each character. Genetic variation IRL means every girl would be affected differently, so it is easily workable into the story to add that choice. Heck, so women would probably experience the opposite effect (shrinking)…

    1. Anyone find a soultion to this yet? Saves are visible in Load menu but nothing happens when clickingon them.

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