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The Roommate [v0.10.05] [togs]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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The walkthrough highlights dialogue or shows points in the choices.
Increase or decrease Text Size and Text Box Opacity.

PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 80%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 75%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.72 ( 84 votes)

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  1. Pretty good. A lot of content for v0.10.05.

    Pros: a handful of routes you can go with respect to your relationship with women. Lots of attention to detail concerning the story. Story driven. Lots of women, and it may be that even flat chested women have the potential to have that changed later on, naturally. (Fake boobs are a turnoff, personally, so it’s great to see a natural way for women like Lois to achieve it naturally, instead.) Erotic content keeps improving further in the story; it’s worth playing through the dry parts, IMO. Lots of kink choices: pregnancy, milking, harem, exclusive relationships, mistress, slut, subs, prostitution, corruption, romance. Good camera work and lighting use. Models aren’t the greatest, initially, but that improves. Great boob variations and nipple types. Excellent clothing, both fitting & variety.

    Cons: Poor animation. Repetitive sex scenes & dialog. MC is a bit of a wet towel in the bedroom. Bedroom dialog needs a lot more consideration; remember the goal is eroticism, so all content should further that; if it doesn’t, cut it.

    Request to dev: PLEASE put more thought & work into Mallory’s scenes; too much energy going into quantity at the expense of quality. I know you have a lot of content to cover for the story, but don’t gloss over and skip so much erotic potential; repetitive scenes, one cancelation or date pushback after another until it has the player swearing at the computer! Also, you’re doing a good job keeping the MC from being a beta male, please keep that up (just a little more alpha stuff can make scenes far more erotic. Mallory as an example: “You can use the machine to stimulate me.” MC: “No. I’m definitely going to be fucking you.” And don’t just say it in the dialog options, have the MC actually say it! Or, when she’s on the phone: “We can push it back to Sunday.” MC, instead of saying, “Great. Thanks.” Instead, says something like, “Dammit. I was really looking forward to fucking you again, too. I guess it can’t be helped, but it definitely is going to happen on Sunday then.” Yes, I know it means adding another player dialog choice, where the beta males can choose their wimpy choice, but it’s worth it for the alphas to be able to reply at above.

  2. Something is wrong with the continuity of this update. I had made specific choices but some of them are not respected and the game just ignores them and chooses its own path. I think I will stop and wait for the next update hopefully fixing the continuity issues.

  3. This update shows choices don’t matter. I rejected that bimbo Kari and choose Lois, but in this update he is with Kari.

    1. Are you dumb? The story say’s you need to be with her to survive cause she and her sisters where created to cure the sickness the MC has. Except for her every other girl is your choice and I’m not sure what your problem with her is to be honest, there are worse girls in the game. My main issue with the game is the doctor who has a horse dick that flops around talking about turning Lois into a cow, walking around your party naked and getting sucked off by his bimbo who likes cum while asking you to join him 1 day for a gangbang on her. And your problem is only that naive, sweet and horny Kari is forced on you? Yeah that makes sense!

      1. And btw calling me dumb, it’s a imaginary disease, so it’s a easy fix to write a imaginary cure without forcing the MC up one this bitch. I like to have free choice in girls.

  4. It’s 4.5/5…Dev has put a ton of effort into every area, well worth your time.

    Here’s my scores :-

    Story – 92%
    Visual – 90%
    Engagement – 90%
    Core Loop – 86%

  5. v0.9.12 has multiple missing pictures in the story content and the game freezes on a exception error after a while.

  6. DEV says….. you donโ€™t get to shag your mom (or your sisters). Probably he know exactly what people want and he doesn’t deliver. But…. we can deliver to DEV. A 0-5 vote Stars. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now we are even. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. .-.. — — -.- … / .-.. .. -.- . / .— ..- … – .. -.-. . / .- -. -.. / -.– — ..- / — .-. –..– / ..-. .- – / ..-. .. -. –. . .-. / — …. / … — .-. .-. -.– / ..-. .- – .-. .. -. –. . .-. / .- .-. . / -… — – …. / -.. ..- — -… / .- … … . …

    1. Anyone find a soultion to this yet? Saves are visible in Load menu but nothing happens when clickingon them.

  7. Animation are under current standards, but the plot makes up for it. Provides some strange feeling of free roam despite it not having any (except at early stage where you choose to go “somewhere” or go to sleep). It has a few interesting twists (at least I was expecting something more common and I was pleasantly surprised).
    The slutty/submissive/romance path is pretty well done and is well integrated in the main plot. Choosing any of those does not feel forced by the plot and the story keep making sense. Replay with another path would “only” change a bit the animations/renders and dialogues but without totally changing the plot (makes it easier to skip the common part without having to read everything again).
    With better animations this would probably be in my top 10.

    1. Definitely in the “Not Bad” category with some creative ideas, which is actually saying quite a bit in this wasteland of copycat boring games. Some of the standard male fantasy (for no apparent reason every female character is madly in love with MC/you) but at least MC is not abusive or cruel, which is a turn off for some of us. Only part of the story I don’t like is the lactation plot – some of us don’t find 5-gallon breasts arousing. If that plot needs to be in there there should be an option for how much the drug changes each character. Genetic variation IRL means every girl would be affected differently, so it is easily workable into the story to add that choice. Heck, so women would probably experience the opposite effect (shrinking)…

  8. Finally, another adult game made by adult and for adult. Tho I don’t fancy big boobs and probably the worst modellings ever seen, but it doesn’t affect tinest bit of my ratings about this game to be one of my top5 favourites, mainly because the writtings and narratives are so good to compensate all the graphics short comings per se. This is the adult novel worth your time to read!

    Please continue and thumbsup!

  9. Game crash with this error:
    File “ch57.rpyc”, line 281, in script call
    File “renpy/”, line 1490, in execute
    rv =,
    File “ch57.rpyc”, line 281, in script call
    File “renpy/”, line 918, in lookup
    raise ScriptError(“could not find label ‘%s’.” % str(original))
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘checkrelationships’.

    While running game code:
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘checkrelationships’.

  10. FIrst, in part I agree with the posts about it taking fairly long to get to the good stuff. Next Submission should not screw over the love count. It should count for THE SAME as the love count. (She isn’t going to submit to someone she’s not attracted to/invested in plain and simple) Trying to get a girl to be submissive in the game [IE the main girl] makes the romance arc take longer, and it shouldn’t. There’s also really not much difference in general from the non sub romance arc to be honest.

    I do find the Mistress/only one real wife thing a bit odd. You can have multiple girlfriends, with no consequences but the MC and Main LI have never even remotely heard of hand-fasting? The terms and their deliniations are explained on the main menu if you head into one specific heading (I don’t recall which off hand – and they are still a little vague) I do like where you’ve gone with the main storyline so far. However I’d have given Mallory a younger looking haircut as she looks a little too old to be as young as she’s supposed to be. I would also NOT have made your secretary sterile (That borks a “fetish” that happens to be an integral part of the game mechanics now) I care much less that her tits are fake than she can’t breed. That’s a no no. Period. Puns aside, the barista studying to be a lawyer should STILL BE ONE if you choose the sugar daddy route. That’s down to what the player wants to get out of the relationship (and actively a more BDSM flavoring that again gets sidelined to get the right story path) The introduction of the girl Randy impregnated for all of two seconds has been left off so far. So has really everyone else.

    The office lady who boned you in the storeroom for example could fall pregnant, and that might be a reason to get her more involved. I did not like that she actively invites the MC out once, after getting promoted but in dialogue the player gets no choice to accept. It’s just he’s busy that night, so she’s cut off to the sidelines. Indefinitely. The stewardess as well for whatever reason, used to fuck you at some point but the last update I did the britain trip with secretary and I don’t think I saw that scene. [It might have been a bug, can’t be sure – but it did suck]

    Hopefully you WILL get RID of the LUST bar. Jesus. I don’t care if it’s a disease (and at least in the current story NOW I understand why it’s there… but it’s BULLSHIT) I would like to be able to choose who I marry in game. So hopefully you will keep that point well in mind and not just ASSUME the player will choose the Main LI. Frankly she might be the best one of her sisters, but even if they are MC’s best means to survive they don’t get to be the ONLY. Breeding in these games should ALWAYS be PLAYER CHOICE. I’d like to see a way that MC can keep all of the women without really having to define the relationship as “just business.” That kinda borks any actual romance for an option. If he’s got a harem in the forming I doubt any of them will like that point either, and really every option thus far that lets you really progress does NOT paint the MC as that kind of asshole. So really, endgame should be find a justifiable way to keep EVERY GIRL if the player does want, but again, that’s Player Choice Driven. Consider adding in a hand-fasting ceremony, even as a conversation to have, that the girls can be excited for, nervous about in legality but at least know that MC will care enough to present it. To ALL of them. Including the too young ditz with the baby she can’t even barely take care of that she didn’t ask for. [No point in making her model that hot if you were just going to write her and her mom off as side characters man… I’m left handed as Sinister, and even I’m not that cruel]

    So far, the models are all at least decently attractive to hot. The story mostly makes sense even if it is a slow burn (I would lay off the office AI jokes. Some of us remember Hal-9000 and Terminator 2) and there’s potential going forward to play a game for once where the MC doesn’t spend all his time chasing women in grinding just to end up screwed for having more than one to choose. I’m up to see where you go with it. Have to admit, I didn’t think you’d paint Roomie to be the Super Freak between the sheets, but I’m down. Since as long as it’s MC in the sack with her, she is. [I know there’s NTR content technically implied if you pick the wrong options but I figured to end on a feel good moment. It’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it?]

    1. You don’t have much choice in what girls you will have. I did not wanted the roommate but his secretary, so i wanted to put that annoying redhead bitch in another appartement so she had to move out, and it was game over, so much for choice.

      1. That’s to be expected; the redhead is the star of the game… so she’s essentially tagged the secondary main character. Any other girl you do get the choice to go with or not. Except now basically 4 or 5 women. All sisters. However I agree there should have been a failsafe built in for those who did NOT want the roommate to be more than good friends, or a wing woman. So that she could be that, move into another apartment, and basically be a second in command to encourage MC on his pursuits. Or even use her wiles in her own pursuits to get him more women by talking him up. [Yes the whole she’s always loved + trusted you thing was a bit ham-handed to give her importance and I don’t think she really needed 4 sisters wherein the hottest one ended up basically the most bitchy about getting into MC’s personal medically necessary deal = MC is supposed to be the CEO and the ULTIMATE control of the company Dev; you DO NOT need to make any of the females compete to take that away. Ever. Susan was close enough to doing that anyway. What do you think was the main draw for most of the women. Because it wasn’t the MC himself, that much I can say. He gives up WAY too much power to Kira right off, and you SHOULD fix it so that she doesn’t end up wanting it after she gets it, or will NEVER abuse it against the MC : / ]

          1. As of the last two very, very short updates:

            – In one previous; Lois gives the player an opinion about her breasts = I chose she was fine as she was, or should STAY the same DAMNED SIZE… and she still had the bullshit removal process (and LIED to MC about what the fuck she was doing to create unnecessary panic with the player – that’s cheap intrigue) for a “lump” on her breasts that fuck that. NOBODY saw a lump and your animations are at least good enough to definitively say I would have… so nice excuse but why bother offering the choice if you were just going to do whatever the hell you want to her anyway?

            Next: Kiki in this update gets the choice of do you want to Date her> Yes no maybe… and the options directly following are Slut No Strings, Submissive and Mistress [Lois is already My Mistress; and BEING a Mistress SHOULD NOT preclude a woman in the Harem from being “trained” as Submissive to the MC. If you give that option Dev; it means you want the player to be aware she as a character ALREADY has SUB tendencies. You CANNOT actually train someone to be something they are not…] Point being; I WOULD have chosen Mistress IF I could also (unlike with Lois who I personally think you should give back the Sub choices in dialog choices for because she’s getting WAY too damned brassy with the person she supposedly adores. For sometimes VERY stupid reasons that more show your own passive aggression Dev) Moving on.

            – Shae: What the hell are you actually doing with her??? Is she going to join the Harem in the long game; Is she Bi and can’t admit it, Thirsting for MC’s cock and waiting for him in frustration but using ARIA to deal with it in the ‘I will play with girls as the instant open copout’ to stay “loyal” bit… or is she just Gay and thus pointless to be in this game as anything but a massive cockblock? Pick one. Because frankly, Aria shouldn’t need to leave. Kira still should not EVER gain more control over the freaking company than MC seems to have – and especially if she’s a romance novelist who actually WANTS a family, and this is her stipulation so that MC will fucking GIVE HER ONE. As a romance writer myself you have no goddamned idea how much that whole concept pisses me right off; Lois does NOT need to be equal to him to be proven competent. She IS NOT equal to him. At all. You need to remember when you’re writing all that sassy bullshit that she owes LITERALLY EVERY GOOD GRACE SHE’S HAD since they met, to MC. It’s NOT just about Love, she IS his Mistress and there IS a power dynamic. She does NOT get to bork that with her pussy. Opening her legs for him – when she’s also fucking written infertile, which again: NOT okay with – very, very rarely thus far does not give her carte blanche to insult the fuck out of both her sometimes lover and all of the time BOSS. Bite me. There were also plenty of other positions you could give to fill roles for EVERYBODY that you’ve introduced (including that Omega Cult BS by the way – and I do expect you to get on something happening there at some point soon, or what the hell was the point in introducing it anyway. Besides proving MC’s uncle was even more of a pervert creep? Shae can be bent over MC’s desk to breed very willingly I would say, and pleasing one girl should never sacrifice another girl that the player might want (who has also been blocked off the entire damned game, except for one fucking sharing scene that wasn’t the best way to introduce her actual interest in the MC AT ALL) so seriously man. Pick. One. I don’t care which option you go with Shae at this point. Make her the designated Wingwoman; the absolute SUB to MC just because who WANTS to be loving and loyal but had defined trust issues, and problems with restraint or just friends. Because she’s NOT interested in the MC, but then you shunt her right off except if she’s important to help MC with a dues ex machina at some point.

            Now finally: Did you forget your own writing? The very day that Lois did the DUMBASSED AS FUCK surgery thing that frankly she SHOULD have talked to her LOVER AND BOSS about first; just on the point of what the fuck happens if she DIED during??? Logic. Try it some time. Nobody is going to be that professional in writing, get involved that seriously with somebody and then be that big of an asshole. That’s how you BREAK a relationship! On that same day, you explicitly stated that it was the 2nd day of exactly 2 that Kari was supposed to be best able to CONCEIVE. Which has been the whole fucking point of your god damned story in game (as an excuse for that bullshit lust bar mechanic) since the last several updates. You make MC MISS that shot, just to check on a woman who obviously didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about how he might feel if something did go wrong… or whether he actually wanted her tits to be flat (by player choice. I’m not forgiving that fuck up any time soon buddy)

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