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Story - The narrative of Dreamcutter is an enigmatic odyssey through the dreamscape. You are Haley, alongside her companion Lucia, entwined in a struggle to escape the labyrinth of Haley's own mind. The allure lies in the quest for freedom, tempered with the mysterious allure of the Dreamcutter, a sentient scythe that promises not only escape but also alluring rewards. The premise is tantalizing, and the game delivers on this tantalization, with cutscenes and dialogues unfolding the dream world's secrets. This journey is augmented by the promise of sexy and passionate moments, creating a compelling incentive to uncover the depths of Haley's consciousness. - 83%
Visual - Dreamcutter's visual aesthetic is a visual symphony that oscillates between pixel art during gameplay and evocative 2D artwork during dialogues and NSFW scenes. The duality between these visual styles creates a striking contrast that parallels the duality between the conscious and the subconscious. The pixel art is a nostalgic nod to classic platformers, where movement feels fluid, combat is satisfying, and the protagonist's interaction with the environment is intuitive. Additionally, the characters' portraits during dialogues are visually distinct, reflecting the craftsmanship invested in storytelling. - 71%
Engagement - The engagement factor of Dreamcutter is fueled by its dynamic gameplay and its ability to immerse players in both the mechanics and the sensuality. The combat system, while basic in its move set, manages to feel immensely satisfying. The use of the scythe as a multi-faceted tool, from traversal to ranged attacks, is an innovative twist. The movement options add versatility to platforming, with wall bouncing, swinging, grinding, and wall jumping offering multifaceted exploration. The levels' design strikes a balance between linear progression and divergent paths, offering extra coins and exciting challenges. - 87%
Core Loop - At the heart of Dreamcutter lies an engaging core loop that intertwines combat, exploration, and discovery. The promise of unlocking upgrades by collecting coins incentivizes thorough exploration, while the dream combo meter encourages players to string together actions for higher scores and increased movement speed. The scythe's dynamic functions in both combat and traversal intertwine seamlessly, crafting an experience that feels continuously rewarding. While enemy variety is a touch limited, it's countered by the introduction of new platforms and protagonist abilities, ensuring the core loop remains engaging. - 85%


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