Lustful Sin [v0.5.5 Patreon] [UnusualFishGame]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - The tale woven in - 75%
Visual - The allure of - 80%
Engagement - The key to any successful game lies in its ability to captivate and maintain player interest. - 70%
Core Loop - Beneath the sultry surface lies a well-defined core loop that intertwines narrative exploration and, well, more intimate exploration. The concept of personifying the sins provides a refreshing framework for character interactions and narrative development. The game's early version hints at the potential for growth and diversity in its scenes, tantalizing players with the promise of even more satisfying gameplay experiences as development progresses. - 78%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.05 ( 17 votes)

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  2. this is the link of the latest version of the game v0.3.5
    here Android-
    here PC-

  3. You let Rin + Eri be tag teamed; here’s a tip:

    Ex-Lover = Control the bitch and make your OWN terms. Fuck. Any. Kind. Of “Compensation!”
    He gets them BOTH if the player so chooses or you really need to look up what the fuck Harem MEANS.
    Jesus dude. That one choice to rip away any player input just pissed me off enough that frankly I don’t give a FUCK what else you do. The “EX LOVER” DOES NOT TELL LUST WHO HE CAN AND CANNOT SCREW! She does not get to be stronger; she does NOT get to be in control and if you can’t figure out why, how the fuck did you decide they should EVER have been “lovers” (which again, is also against player input thank you very god damned much.

    Hiro AND whatever the hell you named the Barbie Doll BOTH should be on the character roster. BOTH. Otherwise I am absolutely fucking done. Just stupid man. So fucking stupid…

    1. I actually read this one to see where it was going, but it was the same “I know more about storytelling than you”. (Hint: “No” does not. That’s not actually a hint, but since “No” doesn’t know what subtlety is, he’ll never notice.)

      I feel dumber for reading any of No’s posts, and that’s saying something.


      1. Get back to me when you have 300 or so actually finished books. Then you can judge whether or not I know subtlety, or story-telling. I really am getting tired of all the troll comments.

        Beginning to think maybe I should just stop doing reviews and go; this game suxxx the end. Like all the rest of you. Again; you want to disagree? Fine. Do so, but post your own damned review of why I am wrong, and what exactly in the game I critique you enjoy. That way the rest of the viewers and players can still make their own decisions. Which frankly, they do anyway. ALL I do is post opinions and suggestions. No one has to read them. No one has to agree with them, and the devs do not have to implement them. They can, and in my OPINION they should.

        I swear to fuck this is the last time I’m responding to any comment like this. Whether it’s from you, Lame Excuse, or Fronsprot, or whoever the hell else wants to dogpile on. Do I ever insult any of you, other than when I’m defending myself from your nasty comments? That’s why I’m mostly done. I write what I think > you guys will respond however you respond > I call you all assholes if you’re being trolls about it. I’m tired of it. I want to help. But you can’t help those that don’t want to be helped. So as I’ve said, thank you ALL for making me feel so welcomed. Mark the date, if you care enough. I genuinely think this will be my last comment.

        1. ‘GeT bAcK tO mRe WhEn YoU havE 300 or SO fInIsHEd BoOks’

          Man, shut the fuck up with your god complex.

          Someone mentions to you about your terrible language in a tone better than one you will ever manage to conceive, and you get a temper tantrum about it? They weren’t even talking about your opinion on the game, just the language you were using.

          And with that shit of a mouth, YOU think you have the right to talk about how we dogpile you and your opinion?

          You have the right to speak; just speak nicely, dipshit. English isn’t even my first language but I know how to be polite; something you can’t ever achieve, inbred.

          If this is the last time you respond to any comments about you, then it’s for the better. Good riddance. No one- even your parents- wants you around.

          And for the record, YES, you did insult them.

          At the very first fucking sentence. The one about the ‘300 books’ shit, whatever that means.

          You’ve read 300 books, yet you still can’t use a proper tone in your comment. You have learned nothing from those books.

          And yes, this is a hate comment. Suck on it.

        2. I have read most of your comments and YOUR opinion/review is basically just you moaning about how it should be this way or that way or hw it should be a harem this or harem that, why the fuck are you even writing a so called review of a porn VN anyway AND for the record I have actually agreed with some of your comments except for when all you do is shit out garbage sentences that frankly should never be mentioned in the first place, and as for people who dogpile on you they do it because YOU respond back for it

        3. Just because you write 300 books doesn’t mean they’re any good or that anyone wants to read them. A monkey with a typewriter can churn out 300 books if you give it enough time. Keep dancing for us, monkey.

  4. From what I’ve played so far; not a bad start. Certainly not the worst I’ve played, by a long shot. The story’s a bit bare bones, but it’s also refreshing not to see a guy into Japanese style Animation that ends up thinking we want to read The Great American Novel in storylines that often jump the shark before the first ten minutes out. The prologue’s done quickly enough, and it’s not too sandbox-y. Though a little more direction in hints would be nice; and I would say since you can control Sara pretty much right off – there’s really no reason not to tell Ai you have. That way she doesn’t freak out and tell you not to talk to her (IE: Control SHOULD up relationship status. Even if you have to get to a count of 5 of each style of lewd stuff to get to a new rank. Or 10, but that might get a little too repetitive) The sandbox part will put some people off, and I would like to see Lust actually be able to fight if you’re going to bother adding antagonists. But I cover that point below.

    There’s some nice set up for what’s obviously going to be future content; but I would caution against adding anything the MC does not have a chance against too soon. If this is a Harem = MC WINS. Flawless Victory, or near enough abouts. There does not need to be a “credible” challenge for there to still be an obstacle for the player to work up stats for, or get around. The girl with the cellphone checking the shrine was a BIT too early as far as I’m concerned. You need to let MC actually build up and SHOW that he’s built up some Actual Power before you bother trying to bury player’s in antagonists – that frankly for this Genre and this particular type of game within said Genre we SHOULD just be able to Control & take to pound town until we own them completely forever anyway, since you’ve stated him thus far to not really be the “Fighter” type – So far I’ve gotten to controlling the Aunt of Hana (Haru – your knowledge of Persona 5 is showing…) * It’s a joke, like I could warn about the dangers of A.I. = I know they’re Asian names.

    Willing to see where you go with this. Adding pregnancy content eventually would be a nice touch, and maybe a capstone feature to the relationship chart. Just a thought. If you like the idea of a harem full of cute girls (and can deal with the sort of cartoony style of anime) and want a game that’s not really challenging thus far, this one might be your cuppa tea.

    1. I just got to the Hiro part = It. IS. A. Harem!!!!

      You do not get to lock away a character you make ANY kind of attractive for ANY fucking reason dude.
      All that does is piss the audience off. Hiro should be player choice (and so should ALL of the other demon girls – because fuck the idea that Wrath was too strong = and if you make Gramps do ANYTHING to MC I will personally find a way to strangle your dumb ass. Do NOT threaten violence when you want the MC to be a pacifist or you make him look like an absolute PUSSY!)

      Fix that. Fast. Because it’s BULLSHIT to add a girl into the game that cannot be pursued. It goes against the entire fucking genre.

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