Lust for Adventure [v9.1] [Sonpih]

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Story - 80%
Visual - 76%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 2.67 ( 48 votes)

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  1. It’s groomer pride month. When the cult of globohomo makes a big show about their asshole worship. Marching down the street flashing everyone including kids their genitalia. Sick fucks.

    Don’t be groomed into the globalhomo cult. I get you are bombarded with pervert propaganda in the schools and media from a young age. That your single mothers try and turn you gay to spite your fathers. But you need to be strong. Be an actual rebel and RESIST the propaganda. Gays are not happy. Despite the name, That was more gaslighting. They are often diseased and very unhappy. They want to destroy your life as they have their own.

    Look at all the cults that kill themselves. Jim Jones and the nike suicide cult. Cults are not good and globohomo is a cult. They have imagery and idols they worship. Like the fag flag. They go out and try and convert others. They act like a group. Attacking and silencing anyone who questions them. Including murdering them.

    Be strong. Stand up to globohomo. Embrace your masculinity. You can be a real man, NORMAL!

  2. An error is thrown when unpacking. The manual suggests performing some actions that are completely incomprehensible to me personally. It’s easier not to play than to become a Master of Computer Science

    1. You don’t need to be master of computer science to play porn games all you need is working brain wit at least 50 iq. If mere unpacking incomprehensible for you i suggest kill yourself. Clearly you have no working brain and your iq minus only good for controlling your movement and lightweight basic tasks

  3. lol it’s a gay game first and foremost, you should be thankful they threw a bone at heteroaches adding female and troon characters

  4. in finder, wherever you have put your game, right click on it, select show package contents, then macOS, then you will find your game file as an non executable. Drag it onto desktop. Open terminal, type “cd desktop” then press enter. Afterwards type “chmod +x” add a space and then drag the file you put on desktop into the terminal. Press enter. The file is now executable by MacOs. Drag the file into the macOS folder in your game. You’re good to go.

  5. The game is very good but there is one drawback: there are very few animations, I hope this will be fixed in future updates, I don’t like looking at a simple picture with sound

  6. I Think The Game Is Good, I Have Some Suggestions Though:
    Maybe add more hetero content to balance the game, and animate the old content which are in form of pictures
    Add more skills for combat system, and make the combat more challenging and strategic
    Maybe add more shops to buy stuff, and add more items to purchase like new haircuts and outfits
    I can’t think of anything else, keep up the good work bruh!

      1. Are you aware in places like England and Canada it’s illegal to post anything anti gay on social media? They call it “hate speech”. Supposedly we are free though.

  7. Imagine imagining what someone else is cool with.

    Also nobody is pushing rape or anything else all across society like some kind of cult. Even in the schools

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