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Love Season: Farmer’s Dreams [v2.0] [MuseX]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Christmas Special

Download for Mac - 1.7

Download for Christmas Special

Download for Android - 1.8

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” sub-folder .

Android users: Navigate to Android/data/xyz/files, create a new folder named “game” and copy the xyz.rpyc in this folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Walkthrough & Mods


– Highlight the recommended choices

– Add ‘cheat’ points function

– Add some choices for all scenes

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

Download Gallery Unlocker

A simple gallery unlock script. Just place it in the game folder and everything should be unlocked.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 89%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 89%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.79 ( 108 votes)

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  1. Another gay grooming SCAM
    Harem MMMMMMMMMMMMMF to please fag boys.

    Nothing in male MC straight path. Zero Harem MFFF.

    But no surprise. 7 years milking with RPGM and now this SCAM in RenPy.

    1. Wtf are you on about? Haven’t played the latest chapter but women literally throw themselves at you up to that point. There’s like ONE extremely obvious avoidable MMF scene and thats it.

      1. He is a depressed loser that has failed in women, men and life. The closest interactions he can get with a real human is to make outlandish remarks on this site under many user names including stealing others to get a reaction. Then he will probablt stroke his pinky dick when someone responds. He need to get out of his mommys house, get a job, get a life or just make the world a better place by leaving it.

        And oh yes, he most definately has a gay fetish.

      2. ” but women literally throw themselves ”

        But always bluw balls. Or very short sex scene.
        Never any MFFF Harem scene.

        But the ends is ALL MMMF GAY HAREM “OpTiOnAl”.


        Another OLD SCAM. Abandoned with crap ends. And TAGGED HAREM with ZERO HAREM.
        Sorry little boy. BUT THIS IS A SCAM. Another one.

  2. That’s the ending? Completely underwhelming. Feels like the dev just wanted to give up and end this already. What a waste.

  3. y r there chineese in this game dont taint white race with bad blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Language used: English

    Artwork. Engaging, high quality, uses mostly static backgrounds with sprite overlays, and no animations until later chapters. Text and image combination is a lot more powerful than the animations in some other AVNs though, so you could be missing out on an unhealthy amount of bean flicking or testicle emptying if you pre-judge it by the existence of animations alone.

    Fap focus: Very high, maybe very very high for some. There is so much sex, but with just enough narrative to almost string the events together in some meaning (maybe). If you think you cannot function without animations, this might be the one to test your yourself on. Models are mostly luscious and lascivious, text shows more than a casual passing familiarity with getting someone to climax, even if it is closer to the vanilla end of the spectrum. This is not a harem, but as the tag states, has some elements that might be found in a harem-focussed game (girls are happy to share your deserts, and not too bothered if you spread your load across the land in general, some even happy to do in small groups MFF). There is never, at any stage, any real threat to your total and complete domination of all usable female holes in the story.

    Story. The story “bubble” is quite small for the first 8 chapters. A country village and the surrounding forests. The “bubble” is signalled as about to expand during chapter 9, and then expands quite rapidly in chapter 10. The little “bubble” you lived in for the first 8 chapters blows out to now include the notion of the city and a bunch of new characters from the city (and elsewhere). This bubble expansion signals new horizons for what comes next. There is a solid story line at the opening, a lot less of a story line from chapter’s 3 – 8 (or so) while the MC blows his load constantly and copiously with every female under 40, and then the sotry-line again takes hold more in chapters 9 and 10, alongside the setting up of the next phases.

    Writing. Judge for yourself is my recommendation. WAY more mature than many (many) AVNs on this site.

    Gamification. Not really. Was a game, now an AVN. You can sense the game world from chapters 1 – 8, and 9 and 10 take off from where the game probably ended???

    Overall summary. I have said enough. Try it. Remember, it’s not real, it’s a diversion. Enjoy it if it’s your thing.

    (tip – if your bandwidth is not an issue, I downloaded the Mac v1.7, and the PC 1.8, played PC 1.8, but also swapped out the contents of pc 1.8 into mac v1.7 and the mac version ran great. Whatever, might help someone.) See error msg in one of my other posts.

  5. Note to Dev if either someone has a way of getting feedback to the dev, or musex reads this somehow. There is an error early on in the game (v1.8, PC) that takes you from just after the pie scene (ch 1 or 2?) where the dialogue is (MC) “Later, Mia. Thanks for the pie.” and Mia walks you to the door, and you walk home. The next frame (image, scene, whatever) appears to be at the end of the game where MC and Nova are in a bath just before going to a cemetery and a man-ape called “King” says “Hello again, brother” followed by a message saying end of game, now is a good time to save. There is no party scene, but you can jump straight to a later chapter from the jump menu, but it refers to the party (that never happened) once you enter the game at the later point. Very confusing so I tracked it down a little given the story seems to have promise.

    This VN seems to have high potential and worthy of pursuing, I tried to connect with the dev on discord but something failed on me. v1.7 mac does not seem to have this issue. As near as I can tell, there is possibly an error in ‘novabath’ being defined twice, once early and again later, and the first instance causes a jump to the second? Some mildly educated guesswork going on here.

    Whatever, hope it helps. For someone new to this AVN it almost halted me, glad I persevered a little to work out it was an error and not just the world’s shortest AVN.

      1. You are not missing anything important. And nothing graphically of major note. Just jump to next chapter, knowing why you are confused at the flow between chapters. Thing is, issue only exists in v 1.8, so Playing 1.7 takes you through. Not worth any major trip to get hold of 1.7 though. If you are on mac, download the 1.7 above. Then d/l 1.8pc and swap the contents of 1.8pc into the 1.7mac app (placing files/folders where they need to go – same folder/file as pc but in different locations) and continue – a usual story.

  6. Aww man, please don’t ruin this game with fucking AI art. MuseX’s renders are already among the best in the AVN industry, those AI renders in the recent update makes it look like I’m playing one of those unfinished mobile ad game. Absolutely awful!

      1. Well if you prefer living in the cave and dried leaves to cover you you’re welcome to do so. technology could never dehumanize human, even gods even can’t gain control of their creation and you expect technology made by human dehumaize them? lol. human will always be human you fool.

        And why most use ai because ai art cheaper or even free rather than hire illustrator or make model themselves (time consuming and hard). but don’t worry too much everything about ai right now only baby step for us regular people mark my words in the next 1-2 yrs you won’t notice which one made by pro illust and ai.

        1. ai apologists should die. creating art is time consuming and hard? well duh, and boo fucking hoo. you have to understand that it doesn’t just make images out of thin air, right? it harvests and regurgitates artwork that’s already been created, which was time consuming and hard for the artist who made it. it’s just another way for those at the top to exploit those at the bottom, the capitalist ideal in a nutshell.

          1. bruh are you living inside a cave? go check new feats gpt AI (paid ver) AI can generate their own image or else gpt company will get sued by using someone else artwork, do you think copyright is a joke? AI is also able to self learning not just by feeding information. you are just stupid, thinking AI only gather data from massive database or using already existed artwork your logic is not there. at least do some research first how AI generate images that way you look less retarded.
            AI is just like human you need to see how mountain look like, how modern city look like and village, cars etc. you don’t need to draw it. just shove real image of mountain and ask AI to recreate it. for example “Create village with mountainous background” AI will generate image based on how village and mountain look and create their own based on your preference, night time, tundra, winter etc.
            try isolate your kid from outside world and ask your kid to create a mountain, can he do it? the logic is same for AI. ,

              1. heh heheh.. hehahaha…
                i knew you were stupid based on your comment on this site but your stupidity showing even more clearly now, in your head isn’t brain but cum and funny your comeback only die die die, and no, even if i die technology in near future able to store human memories it’s caveman like you that’ll die and forgotten because you leave no mark in human history.

  7. If the Dev make this animated has potencial to be one of the best games ever. Realy nice girls, good plot, just need animations

  8. fantasy is women in charge of anything!!!!!!!!! ireland is not real if u go there there is only ocean liberal media is lyeing to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My Mom was from Dublin dude. So yeah, it’s real. Also, learn to spell. Lying. Not Lyeing. Ireland is also capitalized.

      Though I will also say, the Amazons never existed because most women were smart enough to know they would have been militarily crushed fairly quickly. Look at any matriarchy and what they build to live for themselves, and you’ll see why most women actively BENEFIT from and didn’t originally want to fight the patriarchy. It was a movement started by the elite women who could afford nannies and had nothing to do for themselves, who decided it was a good idea to “empower” females, and take on traditionally male roles. Generally speaking in this wave of “feminism” many have come to learn it didn’t really work out for them. Mostly because they did in the 80’s and 90’s get everything they ever wanted as far as actual equality; and did not know when to put down the sword, as it were.

  9. Having played much of the current update – a few pertinent points:

    A) There are TOO MANY OTHER MEN. You DO NOT get to have married females who WILL NOT FUCK the main character as the HAREM LEAD!!! So Sam did NOT need an attractively rendered wife we’ve never heard of; if she’s NOT going to be available to IMPREGNATE and KEEP at some point.

    B) Alice is a bitch. Period, and she SHOULD BE BROKEN AND FUCKED from the start – Trevor DOES NOT get to SCAR the main character when you had the asshole ripping apart bandits left right and center two fucking updates ago! Alice SHOULD be in the harem, and while we’re at it…

    C) Nova does not get to keep cock teasing the MC, or insinuating she will do ANYTHING WITH ANYONE ELSE. Ever. She’s either IN the fucking harem or you can write her the fuck out of the game. Period. Because: THE FOCUS OF THE GIRLS IN THE HAREM GENRE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER!!!

    D) Stop denegrating MC with the ELDER CHARACTERS. They either trust him to be capable as the HERO of the fucking story, or they never will. You CANNOT have this asshole only use super powers whenever the fuck you write him into what is otherwise a brick fucking wall. He can take out a giant spider almost single handed; but Trevor fucking gives him a scar because ambush? FUCK THE IDEA THE WILL EVER BE FRIENDS WHEN I’VE GONE OUT OF MY WAY NOT TO BE!

    E) Every. Single. Goddamned. Girl. In Game. SHOULD. End up. Married to & PREGNANT BY MC AT LEAST ONCE. That’s the genre. That’s the Harem end game that ALMOST NONE of the animes actually have the balls to go for. That’s what you should be writing to happen. I don’t give a flying fuck how you swing it; there’s NO POINT in all these attractively rendered bitches if they’re just going to cock block the MC at the end. Or tell him to pick one… Zoey IS on this list now by the way and as a final point-

    F) Stop RANDOMLY introducing new characters! If they’re plot important, fine. Fair enough. But right now you have a cadre of new adds that frankly are going to be just as much a pain in the ass to pursue (and again Zoey DID NOT need to be married to start with – it locks her out to some players’ viewpoints, and that’s just god damned stupid) as Nina was. You haven’t even properly established anyone but NINA is actually in a relationship with MC yet… Fucking hell.

    You are giving WAY too much import to EVERY other character but MC, and still having most of the girls either treat him like a friend, or like he’s a loser piece of shit (You better change Sophie’s attitude RIGHT QUICK if you want me to at all care to pursue that rancid bitch. No, I don’t give a fuck what her backstory is – FIX IT! Because right now, MC’s got NO REASON to actually help her not become a prostitute for the mafia that again, doesn’t need to be in the game at all) If she can’t show more gratitude when he actually does help her; she can absolutely go fuck herself. Because she’s going to be the only one that wants to. : /

    1. Chapter 10 DOES NOT get to be the end of Love Season: You are barely done BEGINNING to build anything up as far as a HAREM. Which by the way; why the fuck is Lisa a lesbian?!? Why is she in the damned game if she’s NOT going to focus on the MC IN A HAREM GAME? Fuck Laura having to pressure her to do anything with MC = that’s Coercion. Not legal. Not right. Not Honorable!!! Dickheads.

      Give the player the ABSOLUTE choice of WHERE TO FUCKING END. You’re sending his ass off on a damned scouting mission – so unless you intend to kill him off = you are NOWHERE near done with the story yet. It does not end until MC becomes the KING of the land, and can fuck/breed marry EVERYONE the player wants. That’s your ending. Other than that, you’re not finished. It will just be a half done story that’s GOING to piss most of your audience off.

    2. this is not a review. this is just you bitching and moaning about how every game doesn’t cater specifically to your narrative and sexual wants and needs. grow up.

      1. It is an opinion piece you jackass. Which is still a review. I did not claim it was favorable, at any point. I am 41 years old, so why don’t you go fuck every part of whatever crawled up your ass… oh wait. You’d enjoy that.

        1. Opinion or not, reviews are not written like a threat.

          I do enjoy Zero Punctuation, now (and again) Fully Ramblomatic, and even Yahtzee admits that what he does often barely counts as a review, but in his less acerbic tone (once the written pieces, occasionally Let’s All Learn from an Industry, and now Semi Ramblomatic) and now he is far more educational and measured.

          Which is what a review “should” be.

          In the same way that harems have to be a certain way, for example.

          I’ve noted in other threads that I find it curious that you’re always eager to state your opinions nee reviews as truly trying to be helpful to the authors, but here you take the exact same kind of feedback that you yourself are giving and yell about it.

          You say “finally” when people respond to you seriously, as if you’ve been waiting for this, yet you are rarely willing to give the same consideration to, e.g., the authors of the games you are fiercely writing about.

          I don’t mind someone being inconsistent. This is a free porn game website after all, if I wanted consistency I’d go to GOG or Steam and even then not always. But if you truly want to be taken seriously and responded to measurably, then I’d be a poor reviewer if I didn’t point it out.

          It’s hard for me to treat you like an adult considering, hold on:


          I’ve played plenty of games where this wasn’t an option and they were good, solid games.

          When I not so long ago chided you for having posts that were hard to read, I never meant the technical acumen, I mean taking statements like the above and trying to eke out the meaning. I picked this one because it was easy to translate.

          “E) Every. Single. Goddamned. Girl. In Game. SHOULD. End up. Married to & PREGNANT BY MC AT LEAST ONCE”

          Why? I know, you’ve said that harem games need to be a certain way, but I’m not convinced you’re explaining this well.

          Remember, your stated goal is to help the developer. This is why you say you’re writing these reviews.

          I personally find reviews are to help the reader make an educated decision, else it’s not a review. An opinion piece, sure, but then you shouldn’t be surprised when the readers, your incidental audience, comment on it. You should be contacting the developer themselves if they’re your only target audience.

          Now, bear with me for a moment, I’m going to retype the above paragraph in a way that I believe is in your review style:


          If you can see the former in the latter, congratulations. If you ENJOYED the latter…well, you do you, boo.

          Note that nowhere in here do I actually insult you. I have tried to engage with you twice and been brushed off once and been told to fuck off once.

          How people respond to you triggers what you say. The opposite is also true.

          1. Thank you murikan. I found this site 6 months ago, but my first time comment, only because of yours. i usually couldnt be assed, like trying to teaching a pig to sing, just wastes your time and annoys the pig. no’s comments are always just plain toxic.
            this comment ⬆︎ though = 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    3. my dear freind it doesnt matter if youre right or wrong, but if your review is written like a knife held to the neck, the creator will think they wont get any positive stuff in return for appealing to people like you, so they wont do what you want.

      1. Frankly nothing I write is a threat. Except when responding to trollish comments if they push too far. I have emphasized in several “reviews” that I do not capitalize as “yelling.” It’s Emphasis. On what I believe to be important. Murikan may not have outright insulted me in the above comment, but apparently I have to repeat certain points several bloody times. I do that when talking in real life, and it’s annoying. I’m soft spoken; I know that. Just because you can’t hear me or won’t listen, doesn’t mean I should have to sound like a broken record.

        As far as contacting the devs, I know damned well they’re not going to listen to me. Even if I had the ability to “contact them directly” which is mostly done through sites I won’t use, or remotely sign up for. “Threat” or no. Because I’m not the one able to pay for playing all these games; so it doesn’t matter what I think, or how good my suggestions in the several games I have enjoyed, might be. I do write at times when I am angered by bullshit mechanics, or a flaw in the story that’s easy enough to fix. I don’t tend to like when a game can/shoud/feels like it ought to be a harem and the devs just straight up make you pick one girl at the end. I’ve also been fairly clear about that.

        A review IS an opinion piece, period. I do not know how many more times I have to state that NO ONE has to agree with mine. At all. But that DOES NOT give any of you the right to denegrate the work I put in with variants of TL;DR. Or calling me an idiot. Or retarded. Or whiny. Or any number of other unnecessary insults. How many times have I said I do not mind if you debate me. Write your own comments about the games. Say what you like, or didn’t like; what you think works or doesn’t. I will respond FAR more favorably to those sorts of comments any and every day of the week.

        Recently the trolls have even taken to stealing my name and bashing me that way – to the point many of my older comments have just straight up been deleted. Is that fair? You tell me. It’s not any more humorous when they’ve done the same to Murikan, and frankly each chosen actual name that isn’t Anonymous should be bound to a particular IP. I do however want to appreciate the civility and thoughtfulness you’ve shown Shinji. I’ll always appreciate an actual comment. Whether I agree with it or not.

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  10. What has changed in the new version? Even though it was used last year, it ended until the village was in danger. It is still the case. Haaaa!!!! Is their Season 2 updation available….

  11. Wow, this game changes so much in Chapter 10! Huge improvement on renders! New gorgeous women, sets, and backgrounds. All the older models are improved too. Story changes big time, as well.

    Note: the game says you’ve reached the end in Chapter 6. What you have to do it go to the main screen and select “Jump to” and pick Chapter 7. It continues from there.

  12. I don’t like I’m given little choice. I get some choices, but compared to the original game Farmers Dreams I feel like I’m given far less choice on what to do. The character Nova or whatever name you choose, I actually hate the character in general and add to that I’m little conflicted since she’s sort of your sister (playing without the incest patch). The fact I’m given no choice but you let other characters like Laura give the option to have sex with them or not it just seems so inconsistent. I think I was given one choice not to be with Nova, but then the game makes you do it anyway. I found that silly.

    This is why some the best games like “Being a Dik” and “Leap of faith” are far more popular. Chasing Sunsets another personal favourite of mine. The choices actually matter.

    If you are going to make a game like this why even bother with having choices?

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