Lord King [v1.6] [Final][ArchonStudio]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Do u trust Taina
Choice #1 I trust her
Choice #2 I don’t trust her( no real advantage or consequence with either choice)
Taina’s gratitude
Choice #1 not necessary ( goes to bed)
Choice #2 ask her for her gratitude ( leads to scene)
Danka loneliness (choice have no affect on later gameplay)
Choice #1 Caress (have a relationship with her. Leads to another choice)
Sub choice 1 it’s about to get better (scene)
Sub choice #1 continue relationship
Sub choice #2 break heart
Sub choice 2 stop (goes to sleep)
Choice #2 friendly hug
Choice #3 tell her to be quiet
Taina plan
Choice #1 great plan
Choice #2 good plan not the best
Taina freakout
Choice #1 calm down (leads to a scene)
Choice #2 stop whining
Taina’s first night
Choice #1 ask her to stay
Choice #2 ok
Choosing your starting relationship with the people
Choice #1 start with a good relationship
Choice #2 start with a fear relationship
Rescue tribesman
Speak to Cumans about slaves from the wasteland
Meet all famous citizens to learn more
Economics tips
slaves produce food, citizens – coins, soldiers can be used in the raids. Every slave eats 1 food and give 2, citizen eats 1.5 food, soldier – 2. So people need to have many slaves to avoid starving. You can buy slaves in the market but the number of available slaves are limited
Production rate
The more people happy, the more they lazy, you’ll get less coins. But you’ll get more positive morning events. The more they fear you the more coin you will receive but you’ll have more negative events in the morning. Production rates can be improved building the lab and researching
Chasing tsug
Talk to the slaver (the choices don’t make any difference)
Go home and get some sleep
Talk to your council
Prepare a squad to attack tsug (talk to pino and have 50% weapons and 10 soldiers)
Sub choice #1 directly (solders– slaves++ gold++)
Sub choice #2 stealth (solders- slaves- gold+)
Sub choice #1 burst in all together (lose 4 soldiers)
Sub choice #2 sneak away (lose 3 soldiers)
Talk to tsug in the dungeon
( Completed )
Know your house
1. Talk to pino
2. Talk to tink
3. Talk to honk
4. Talk to taina
Sub choice #1 I agree (she agrees)
Sub choice #2 I disagree (she disappoves)
( Completed )
Talk to Cumam about the slave for sale
Choice #1 look closer (lowers her price)
Choice #2 I’ll think about it (ends conversation)
Sub choice #1 hey beautiful (want a nice relationship.)(best choice for this girl)
Sub choice #2 whore look at me (want a slave girl)(worst choice for this girl)
Come back the next day and talk to Cuman about Lori again
Sub choice #1 talk to her (lowers price)
Sub choice #2 buy her
Sub choice #3 leave
Buy her to continue
Go see her at home
Talk to her 2 times to increase your relationship higher
Talk to her again
Sub choice #1 good care (could have ramifications later on)
Sub choice #2 bad care (could have ramifications later on)
Decide Lori’s fate
Talk to honk
Do you want to make love with her
Choice #1 yes
Choice #2 I need to think
Ask her to your room
She tells you about her childhood and life
Choice #1 I want revenge for her
Choice #2 I hope life punishes him
Take revenge for Lori
Find Lori’s mother
Ask Cumans about Lori’s mother
Wait for Cumans to tell u the search results (complete other quest)
Attack Cuman’s unit 3 times
Cumans visit and tells u what u want to know
Choice #1 compensate him
Choice #2 don’t compensate him
Mutant disobedience
Talk to mutants at noon
Talk to Adam
Choice #1 look at her (opens up more dilagoue with her later)
Choice #2 don’t look (closes off conversation)
Sub choice #1 smile back (relationship)
Sub choice #2 she’s tainted (closes option)
Talk to Adam after getting your title
( Completed )

Ask Adam about his mother
A cure for a cat
Ask Pino to look into the antidote
Build the lab
Talk to Pino
Ask Adam about his mother again
Choice #1 take advantage of her
Sub choice #1 look at her chest
Sub choice #2 look at her pussy
Sub choice #3 stop
Choice #2 can’t do this to her
Take the test tube to Pino
Pay 500 coins for the vaccine
Complete other quest till Pino tells u the cures ready
Go talk to Adam at noon
Find out how cat is doing at noon
( Completed )
Meeting with the Queen
The queens right hand arrives
Choice #1 cocky
Choice #2 silence
Taina is worrying about u
Choice #1 that you are worried (relationship)
Choice #2 don’t care like me (closes relationship forever)
Meeting the queen
Choice #1 kneel (happy start)
Choice #2 feebleminded and honor (annoyed start)

Become a lord
Talk to east lord
Choice #1 hot
Choice #2 Not
Sub choice #1 be gentle
Sub choice #2 tell her it depends
(Doesn’t affect anything)
Talk to the west lord
Choice #1 Give Lori to fu (lose Lori until u talk to him to get her back)
Choice #2 pay him 20%
Talk to the queen to get your title
Choice #1 only for necessities (good)
Choice #2 I don’t know (bad)
( Completed )

Choice 1 sexual punishment ( leads to relationship if gentle with her every time she pops up)
Choice 2 correctional work (+50 coins)

The taming of the shrew
Talk to tink in the evening
Meeting with Megan
Choice #1 nonsense
Choice #2 what if I am
Sub choice #1 Money
Sub choice #2 You
Wait for the right occasion (complete other quest)
Talk to Tink
Choice #1 I would rather help u
Choice #2 I leave
Fu intercepts you
Choice #1 pay him 500 gold
Choice #2 fuck off
Talk to Megan in your prison
( Completed )

Danka’s father brings her to you home
Choice #1 she’s mine
Choice #2 Pino marrys her
Sub choice #1 don’t insult her
Sub choice #2 stay silent
Sub choice #1 tell him u humped her
Sub choice #2 bring down the tension
Danka’s fate
Talk to honk
Choice #1 I’m not going to expel her
Choice #2 I can’t help it
Danka feels ugly
Choice #1 be affectionate
Choice #2 be rude
Wait for the color to change (complete other quests)
You will be notified of her kidnapping and go after her when u find her she will tell u she loves being your concubine he insults her
Choice #1 hit him
Choice #2 ya she’s a slut
Mutants attack
Choice #1 fight
Choice #2 hide
( Completed )
Have we a traitor
Go on a date with Taina on Sunday
It’s time to choice your relationship with Taina
Choice #1 start a love relationship
Choice #2 stay friends
She ask you not to be mean to Megan
Choice #1 okay I’ll try
Choice #2 no mercy

Jerry and his tom
See Jerry

Mutants lair
Visit the queen
Talk to tink
Attack the mutant lair in the evening
Choice #1 open fire
Choice #2 talk to them
Choice #1 kill them
Choice #2 try to capture them
( Completed )
She wants to be queen
Choice #1 your are as beautiful as one
Choice #2 stay silent
Ask you to make her your queen (you can back out later)
Choice #1 I’ll make u queen
Choice #2 you can’t be together

Download Walkthrough & Mod


  • Adds in-game walk-through for the important choices.
  • Option to view miss-able scenes.
  • Adds Cheats to adjust points. Button in top right corner of the screen.
NOTE: Cheats button toggles the cheats window open/closed
PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “LordKing-0.*-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “LordKing” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

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