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 Lesson in Loyalty [Ch.4] [Lesson in Loyalty]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.


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Editor's Rating

Story - *Lesson in Loyalty* presents a slice-of-life narrative that delves into the protagonist's journey as a tutor experiencing a surge of confidence amidst romantic entanglements with married women. The slow burn approach, while not groundbreaking, adds a layer of tension and anticipation. One can appreciate the protagonist's professional demeanor, yet the lack of character depth hampers emotional investment. - 67%
Visual - Excelling in visual appeal, *Lesson in Loyalty* boasts high-quality renders complemented by well-executed animations. The character models, particularly the mature women, exhibit detailed designs that enhance the overall immersive experience. Despite occasional choppiness in animations, the aesthetic presentation contributes significantly to the game's allure and draws players deeper into its world. - 75%
Engagement - While the game succeeds in providing a decent gameplay experience, its engagement factor remains middling. The interactions feel somewhat lackluster, with characters failing to leave a lasting impression beyond surface-level traits. The passive nature of the protagonist, although realistic, may deter some players seeking more dynamic character development. - 55%
Core Loop - *Lesson in Loyalty* navigates a straightforward core loop revolving around tutoring, flirtatious encounters, and personal introspection. The gameplay mechanics, although simplistic, align well with the narrative's slice-of-life premise. The progression of the protagonist from timidity to boldness adds a touch of character growth, albeit subtly. - 60%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 62 votes)

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    1. The dev never said it was his story, asshole. Go check his patreon. You are here pirating this shit and you have the big mouth to talk shit. A million fuck you to people like you. I hope you slip down a ladder or something. Cheap pig fuck!

  1. This game’s plot is an absolute ripoff of ” New town” a manwha by lee wan and kim suna. Go read the original. its better.

    1. I kind of thankful to the devs here, “New Town” is my one of the favourite pornhwa, but i don’t like the ending, i am hoping here the player have some kind of leverage to mold the ending in it’s own way. I am also thankful to experience that story in new way and till now devs are doing good work, if they had fucked up then i would be mad, but so far it looks promising.

    2. Bruh the devs already said that in their patreon its not like their saying this is an original story or something.

  2. Yes, too much Lag in all the animations + The game is too boring, uninspired, basic until it takes you to sleep + The women have horrible faces (there are too many games with much prettier women) and their bodies are all obese.

  3. Gay grooming again
    100% GAY MC peeping tom

    Zero Male MC straight path… After 2 or 3 YEARS MILKING with 3-4 games
    “Vilkas Creative”
    “This page”
    and more.

  4. The plot can fall asleep from boredom the sex scenes are disgustingly made and the problem is not in the graphics or drawings, but in the angles and number of scenes after sex, that is, he fucked and immediately the end -_- and sometimes even 2 frames and immediately go on! It’s even a shame that such a beautiful rendering does not know how to draw sex scenes!

    1. Ugly women mean u stupid or something 🤣🤣🤣….then u like men which is kinda gay
      This Vn has quite good women one of the best but i guess when you’re into gay shit then it hits different….dumb

          1. tHeN dOnT pLaY tHe GaMe… stop having a negative OPINION of the thing i base my entire ego around… Fuck you NARCISSIST

  5. this avn looks more and more like another intertwined. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mc had a love story with some LoP characters, like Julia, Trixie, or Nisse. I’m probably exaggerating..BUT everything makes me think of this path.
    Better to leave it alone. LoL
    I M.O. obv

  6. Setting for this story about guy who does meet lots of sexy milf is intriguing. Visuals are really great. Every woman has, in good and in bad, same perfect 10 body. There is one woman who has healthy amount of fat, but even MC does agree that she is too fat. Some body variation would help making every woman unique. But overall visuals are so great that it is hard to be dissatisfied while marveling those magnificent bodies.

    The MC, writing and the story is for specific audience. Men who feel like life is not fair and who dream about seducing all the girls who married annoying alpha males.

    At the beginning, the MC is your sad beta male who “get along better with children”, but does see them as “strange creatures”. Lets just say that he is not good with people.
    Story is about beautiful women who all have alpha male husbands. Our “misunderstood” MC does what every beta male dreams, he will try to make women lower their defences with his nurturing and disarming personality. And try to hump them before alpha gorilla comes back home.
    Later our pathetic hero does get all his missing testosterone back, after his masterful seducing has worked. And so the story will make a sharp turn and beta goofing will end. Sadly too much masculinity does go in his head and he starts to harash even lesbians with his dick. Story is kinda mess, but i assume this is what beta males dream. About becoming an alpha male?

    There is nothing wrong in base concept, but execution is bad. I personally hate how annoying MC is. Like when he needs to check mothers ID to let her see her son. Like you can’t see from child’s reaction if she is kidnapper. But i guess he isn’t that good with children after all. Or was it to just lure another milf to his trap of “caring”. 3/5

  7. Bro it took me 2 minutes to notice, the story is a copy of the manhwa new town. But the graphics are great. Yall can read that manhwa if gou wanna know what may come next.

  8. Male character is looking too mature… I was just like watching porn the same thing again and again and i was too bored ,and trying something new like a younger male or female games incest; but i was like still playing on a games again that i was bored before😂…

  9. The chapters are incredibly short, think of games like being a dik or summer is gone, this would be the shortest book I’ve ever read haha, decent game but very short, maybe wait for more content before you head to support him on Patreon.

    1. Damn Does your daughter take it up her ass ? please let me know, my big black cock is in a mood for fucking.

  10. Looks very good, mc is a bit of a loser and it would not hurt to see some girls without a big ass.

  11. Can we agree about the face that the dev or devs promised consistent updates and dilvered, thank you for the efforts keep it up.
    The game is amazing…visual, story, animations massive big up to you dev(s). In only 6 months we got 4 chapters…and most of them are more then 300 renders with animations… Guess how many devs does this? Almost none.
    Heart problems with a bigger number of patreons received 0 updates in almost a year. Considering the game was on for almost 4 years….i see you xenorav

  12. This game is great it has an amazing story to it and awesome renders I definitely recommend this for everyone

      1. If u want that then develop your own vn and make it only with blacks and …stop whining like a little black biatch ….

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