Inner Demons [v0.41.5.6] [GrayTShirt]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 85%
Engagement - 89%
Core Loop - 84%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 3.73 ( 39 votes)

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  1. its a really good game with well written story but imo
    this game is especial VN, either you will hate it or love it .
    if you’re into pounding old ladies with big tits and ass, go for it .
    if not ?!!!

  2. this game has the wrong name,,,it should be a man called horsedick…developers never get tired of this?? Mc with 5 foot dick?

  3. And multiple protagonist….don’t even know who is MC after chap 2. More story about other characters than MC that was introduced at the beginning…agree with comment before…this is crap and the only moment I felt good was the moment hit the delete button.

  4. Will never get…if the story is so trans/futa focused…go gay right away without hiding. At least most of those who don’t like it wont waste their time/bandwide.

  5. i think im stuff i got to chapter 4 im level 1 on every thing i have played throw it like lots still on level one btw the game is good

  6. Recommended, esp for those who like IC erotica.

    My only suggestion for the creator is to continue getting better at using lighting and hue that flatters the models–making them look their best; too often bad lighting/hue makes imperfections stark and pronounced. And, also, continue improving model skin textures, including sweat, wetness, and spume (which should be pearlescent white… too often it’s either like white paint or clear water…) Less ‘chatty’ sex would be good too. I like artists that use good scene captures and model expressions to ‘speak’ instead of words.

    It’s also more erotic if one party is getting it or taking it (usually the woman) silently, so the player can imagine she’s doing it reluctantly… which is much more erotic, IMO. You can leave it a mystery whether they are or not by letting them only groan, make sounds, or expletives and cum. (Greer, Skye, and Katelyn–maybe even Horst–would have all had hotter scenes were it able to assume they were reluctant or at least reserved…or in self-denial or resisting enjoyment but allowing the sex to happen… repeatedly…)

    But the rest is great! Content, music, dialog, story… all good. Actually, I guess it lacks animations, using still-scenes rather than poor animations.

  7. This should be a harem game with how much potential MC has , anyway main story is really good give it a shot if you are a story guy like me ?

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