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Triple Ex [v0.21] [Azrayal]

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Change the MC name. 
Added the Quick menu. 
Improvement: See all scenes in the clothing store. 
The Walkthrough Mod highlights the best choices. 
The Gallery will be unlocked after you’ve installed the mod. 
You can change the Text Size and the Text Box Transparency. 

PC/MAC: Merge/Replace with the “game” folder.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 71%
Visual - 79%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.46 ( 24 votes)

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  1. Disregard previous comments… MC is not a cuck but you can get this impression early on and it starts out with something of a “slow burn”, be patient. MC has a chip on his shoulder and simply doesn’t understand most of what has gone on around him, as the story develops you figure this out more and more. This is a family incest story so if that isn’t your kink, that is why you should pass on it – the MC hasn’t met a family pussy he wouldn’t well, you get it. Visuals are good, some animations too. I can’t speak to the sound as I play these with all noise off. The writing is better than a lot of VN’s but still could use improvement.

    1. As far as I recall from the VERY few times I did download this: The wife WAS fucking someone else that she married, yes in order to “protect” a secret identity (contrived as fuck – coerced is one thing but it’s never FOR CERTAIN implied that she didn’t enjoy it. A wife can actually choose NOT to fuck her husband these days = if that is how they explain it, since there are such things as sexless marriages and I vaguely recall that ham-handedness thrown out; the key point is MC does NOT have to believe her. Nor should he be forced to feel guilty for not doing so) and has a BS excuse when she does get reintroduced, that frankly I wasn’t inclined to believe. Even outside of the fact the MC IS NOT ever really painted as Dominant [which no matter if they are fucking him – and worse so if they are in fact] CANNOT happen if every single choice he makes is wrong. Or bitched out afterward. The daughter is a twat; the sister wants a dick measuring contest with him, and anyone else was barely implemented at the time I played and very clearly not MC’s focus (owing to the incest implemented) So explain to me exactly HOW does that make MC not a cuck? If she is fucking someone else while aware her husband is not dead; or generally speaking was never officially divorced but had to “maintain the lie” as it were… same difference. If it was a lie; the MC has still BELIEVED he was a cuck for long enough that he’ll NEVER trust it wasn’t true. Psychologically, people do not work that way. There IS a way to write a story like this, as the Harem it should be, and is in fact marked – but takes WAY too long to even begin to think you’re building. By the time you do, it’s a Yo-Yo. People WILL check the fuck out.

      * Here’s a tip: If it’s Harem, the ONLY one most of the audience that should be aimed at wants to see fucking is the Harem Lead. Which is ALWAYS the MC. If his arse is too broken, or too fucked around by his women to even believe he’s worth their time in general, you’re doing it wrong. If they focus on ANYONE else, you are doing it wrong. Bi characters can work. If it’s ONE, not four, or all. Who is still focused on the Harem Lead more than her own thing. However Lesbian does not belong in a harem where the MC is a MALE. There was also a lot of blue balling about pregnancy content. While at least in this instance it’s somewhat justified, most incest tagged harem games will cover it eventually. I’m fairly certain it would require better writing than I think this author is capable of. Since the last time I played made me want to put my keyboard through my monitor on behalf of the MC, and what his general mindset would be dealing with the situation he was going through in the story. A mind is not a rubber band. Nor is suspension of disbelief. A harem leader does NOT have to make all his girls absolutely happy all of the time, to the point he’s Jell-O’s cloned brother for fuck sakes… If it was reworked from the ground up, maybe. MAY. BE. Then it could be salvaged. As it stands, guys… save yourselves the mental break down in trying to figure out who the hell actually wears the pants. Because no matter what super special set of “particular skills” this ass is supposed to have, it ain’t him. Also, there’s a right way to do slow burn… and it’s not freeze MC’s damned balls off with each individual girl, alongside the player’s.

      1. Look like you played a very early version or the story was rewritten since you last played because the wife story is different.
        Even if very early on we can have a doubt we quickly learn about the wife situation, I agree on the fact the writting very early in game is playing with our nerve to let us think something else.

        The wife story is moslty here to set up the plot of the story, nothing more imo and her being out of the picture since shes supposed dead is secondary.

        the story is a slow burn but this way it feel realistic because the MC need to work is way around the different LI, It could be improved but tthe writting is good enough with a rather mature approach.

        1. It wasn’t that early. I got to the point where the wife was married to someone else, not actually dead, but had to play up her “death” – but STILL CUCKING the guy she “loves” by implication; and I don’t care how you try to justify that… it WILL piss people off unless they changed LITERALLY all of that story arc – in order to protect the daughter that isn’t even frigging living with her or really guarded with security anyway. She’s way the fuck out in the open, and pissed off because HER MOTHER lied to her, about her father. If she was actually safe by this bonehead plan, you wouldn’t need MC to step up and be there or bring the more “bad assed” aunt. Who does more insulting her brother (while still being pissed if he won’t fuck her) than actually helping him. The only reason the dev wrote that crap was to emasculate someone that frankly SHOULD have the skill to just murder them all, and be done with it. Not a single female I saw in the update I did play – which was rather long winded by that point for content – let any of the females or the MC be redeemable. Because of course none of them can be wrong that he’s an asshole (even though it’s half implied most of them still want his dick inside them : / ) and he can’t ever seem like he might know how to do his damned job better than they would. > . <

          Most of the game, no matter what update, pissed me off in the writing. So much so that unless it was ALL of the way re-written by someone that understood basic psychology/relationships and how to treat a military veteran versus how you REALLY… Really shouldn't, I will not bother trying to re-download it. There is no point in trying to see how they patched a leaking boat that was so badly full of holes it might as well be Swiss Cheese, when I don't trust metaphorically they will have patched it with more than bloody duct tape. I'm not a masochist; and IF the developer could write a good story, or wanted to they'd have done so in the first place. You CANNOT do a spy saga in the vein of James Bond and make the guy into every girl's bitch. Period. It does not work. Why do you think most actual fans skipped No Time To Die.

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