How to Fix the Future [v0.2.4] [mr.moonmi]

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Download for Mac

Download for Android + Mod

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Gallery Mod

Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 96%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 96%
Core Loop - 97%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.16 ( 141 votes)

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  1. 1) People who kidnap others are Evil, regardless of how rich or powerful they are. (ask anyone who’s been kidnapped!) To have their kidnapper expect them to obey or Respect them is sick Wicked & Depraved at the highest level!
    2) It’s perfectly normal for those people to try to escape, & get back “home.”
    3) Leaders of Cities/Countries/ or Corporations, are not called “Masters” or “Mistresses”. [“President” would be appropriate here, or “Director”, etc]
    4) MC should not be forced to be nice to evil people, including titles, ***ESPECIALLY*** someone who just kidnapped him! (a woman would *NEVER* call a man who kidnapped her “MASTER”!)
    5) Many people are LOYAL to their boss. [Etc] LOYALTY does not make them submissive or doormats!
    6) [see above] Story “as is” makes no sense [need to change some titles & rules] .
    “masters”/”mistresses” have *SLAVES*. (not AGENTS!) Titles are not even consistent!
    7) The whole “build a time/space teleportation device” from space debris, makes -0- sense! [ugh!] REALLY need a better main plot than that.
    8) Chloe. I like the “OL only” friends thing. Realistic! But MAJOR FUBAR that she’s told *TONS* of stuff, when MC wasn’t told anything at all! [but just KIDNAPPED!]
    9) [Ok I’ve played quit a while now] The whole “chosen one” thing makes no sense.
    10) [Cathy etc] It is interesting to view different viewpoints. Hitler himself, was *HIGHLY* respected & looked up to. [by most of his country]
    Those who come to POWER, however evil or corrupt, must 1st of all be able to persuade others.
    11) [Chloe—LOVE THIS!] “…if we’re so important, then we’re to be treated like gods & to be given everything we desire. …& not to be locked up & treated like dogs.” [just how MC was treated!] Dogs R often treated very badly, taught who their “master” (or “mistress” ) is, taught to be vicious attack & KILL others.
    12) Many of best options R withheld from MC. (such as when Octavia had a bad “deep dive” nobody tells MC shit [as usual] but if he cares *AT ALL* about her, should B given option to give her “orgasm” make her feel better!) BESIDES, if SHE was a HE, & MC was a SHE, it wouldn’t AT ALL be considered a big deal for *HER* to undress *HIM!*)
    REALLY SUCKS the Females R given much better options than Males!

    BTW 4 those wondering, the FUTA content (chap 1) is 98% OPTIONAL, so yes thank u Dev 4 that.

  2. Can anybody teach me how to install the mod , I don’t know how extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game pls help

    1. Just go into game file of mod, copy all the files inside the mod game file and paste all those files into the main game file and overwrite the files if prompted.. that’s it!

  3. Simply the best game of this type. The story is good, the characters are diverse, there are animations (only a few scenes), the best part for me is that it doesn’t feel like a porn game, it just feels like a story game that has sex in it, rather then a sex game with story in it, I always ended up playing it just for fun rather then to get off. The game is absolutely hilarious at times. Hope to see the game continue as everything about this currently is gold.

  4. Very talented developer. Good job please continue and finish this game. Thanks, i have enjoyed. Waiting for completed version.

  5. This game is very good. Very interesting story with excellent visuals. I hope it will not be abandoned.

  6. This game is awesome. It has a kink for everyone, without forcing anything on you. I personally love Futa content, but some more “sensitive” players, may not like it. Which is ok, cuz it’s easily avoidable.

    Regardless, the most interesting parts of this story are the Sci-Fi attributes. The graphics are top notch, and the story telling is engaging and wild. It’s non-stop action so far. I hope the dev gets crazy with this VN, to break up the monotony of the very mediocre and predictable VN’s that are out there, right now.

    Vanilla VN readers shouldn’t even bother playing this, if that’s your cup of tea. ??
    Your delicate snowflake asses might get too butthurt from all the interesting story telling, and you’ll melt from the hawtness.? It’s prolly better that y’all go play A Wife and Mother, or University of Problems, if you want predictable Vanilla/Roommate/Landlady, stories.

    Have fun y’all ?

  7. Warning: Game contains positive body imagery and discussion of gender identity. If you are not comfortable with uplifting social issues and acceptance, DO NOT PLAY.

    (And all of the futa content can be avoided.)

  8. This is how you balance an awesome story with nice sexual content, this is how it’s fucking done, all the other “teasing” devs are a fucking joke, they should learn from this guy here.

  9. I like the game, as many said, the visuals and plot are great and well made. I like the variety of characters there are and its sweet yet serious. This vn reminds me of vn’s such as Leap of Faith in the aspect of story and visuals, I am looking forward to playing this new update.

    1. Give me one good thing to like please, character are shitty story is good but false promise till now, no adult scene, mc is faggot choices doesnt matter, being a good guy means loosers, and being dominant is being monster in this game. There isn’t anything to like, you know it? Then name it

        1. You’re right, it is a Russian troll, my guy said there’s no adult scene, corny to phrase it like that, but the majority enjoy it so its whatever

    1. Must not play overated garbage shit only scene till now in this shit is that bitch director raping a small asian girl and forcing mc to do that too, no matter what you choose choices doesn’t matter, mc will remain same fucking sore looser good for nothing, and story is shitty, and these idiots bringing every winner of a stupid free game is most useless thing, they will bring whole world i guess

  10. The game is compelling, but it is still in early stages which made it a short play with a lot of questions. Hope we can get more in the future if the author pulls through.

  11. Upon meeting the (Russian?) woman after my first time travel all translation turns to Russian. The menu is still in English but everything else in the game is Russian. Great game so far.

  12. I can’t get the Mac version working. Followed the instructions but it stays on version 0.2.2.
    Did anyone manage to make it work?

  13. This is a very special game, just like the stranded in space, with high quality writing, some of the best visuals i’ve ever seen, and it caters to just about most fetish’s. Those that are like me that don’t like NTR, your covered, because you can easily avoid it. I imagine at some point their will be pregnancy and harem tags, though I think that depends on where this story will end up in three or four more updates.
    This is a very high quality adult visual novel from a very competent developer, and it should suit most tastes. It is an excellent sci fi romp.

    1. Don’t be sure about non NTR this shit doesn’t have any sex scenes till now and only which are there is mc being a sissy faggot and whinning whereas that bitch director is corrupt and uses petite girls body no love no harem don’t get your hopes up this is literal overrated garbage, where every character makes me feel like why they exist shit? Story would be best if u remove almost every character since all character seems wastage

  14. Firstly,
    If you are saying Shit….in the sense of that this game is bad then….I love this game also Do you even tried this game …. Even after that you still don’t like this game …. Then i don’t wanna judge cus everyone different tastes in different thing….some love lolie or some love tentical …. I hope you not from those groups of people who don’t care about story they just care about…. fucking scenes …. At last no offense…it’s your choice ?…to choose if you like to choose Poop ? or sweet ?…. it’s up to you man …. Now then peace ✌️ Out
    Note :- Please Don’t Expect Too Much From An Adult Visual Novel Game …. And if you still do then Go watch porn or hentai …. It’s best for you

    1. This shit piece of garbage you like? What is wrong with your head? Literally a whinny mc weak ass almost hi es sissy feeling, cutting h scenes crap no matter what we choose our choice is useless , no matter how much dominant you try to make mc he will remain a submissive bitch, a complete waste of time every character is fucked up felt like throwing up for once or twice, felt hatred for every stupid piece of shit in game.

      1. I agree with you. And who the fuck is he to dictate what you should go view and do. Fucker is mad you don’t like what he likes.

    1. For walkthrough mod, please search other game to download UNREN first.
      1) Unpack the original game
      2) Download mod file and replace in game folder

      1. Could you elaborate on this further? I extracted and uncompiled the game using Unren. Then copied the mod. And still end up getting an error while trying to launch the game.

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