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Godson Remake [v0.1.9 Plus Animations] [Cheesecake3D]

Download for Win/Linux/Steam Deck

Download for Mac

Download for Android

Download Walkthrough & Mod


Here’s my WT & Hints Mod for Godson 


Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

Original Godson Last Version [v0.1.5] (2021)

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” sub-folder .

Android users: Navigate to Android/data/xyz/files, create a new folder named “game” and copy the xyz.rpyc in this folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 70%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 79%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.75 ( 130 votes)

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          1. Heart Problems has terrible writing and no story to speak of, that said, it has some of the best animations I have ever seen in an AVN so yeah, definitely worth checking out.

      2. Seems they crammed my list together so here it is with commas. Chasing Sunsets, Depraved Awakening, Elite Garden, Game of Hearts, Intertwined, Leap of Faith, Leaving DNA, Lost at Birth, Maid to Please, Radiant, Summer Heat, The Seven Realms, Through Space Time, u4ia, Hillside, The Unbroken.

  1. There is no further update in This version. Why are you releasing the same previous version again?

  2. How to Play this on Android device can’t able to enter the game. which Keyboard App should I use ???

  3. SO the 2 patches here make the game unplayable. I was able to run the game just fine, but as soon as I add either of the extra stuff the game wont run. I get a black screen saying image intro not found. Image 1-9 and the game just hangs.

  4. This games is the best game every made every updated I played it made me over statify pllzzz don’t end this game plzz bring more and more updates of this game best evey games made

    1. Are you wanting a tasty snack ? Try limp dicks with just the right amount of salty balls Just take a bite and you’ll get a burst of thick salty Juicy nuggets…Just head to your local super market in the snack aisle

  5. Godson previous versions milf characters was very good…bring back those characters please
    Btw nice game bro keep updating

  6. incest patch causing script error. there is no single xyz.rpyc file. the zip file contains 3 folders cache, code, and tl. once extracted to the game’s ‘game’ folder, and start the game the game crashes with a script error. any ideas?

  7. Over 60 renders! Extra positions for “gold” members aka idiots. That’s about 10 minutes of gameplay lol, don’t let these people scam you. Make them earn that money.

    1. nohomo = chubby chaser, confirmed

      I’m impressed. Nohomo managed to say something positive about his kinks and make it interesting and funny at the same time. And it was positive affirmation about women not needing to conform to the Hollywood Ideal.

      We all know nohomo hates Hollywood so I shouldn’t be surprised, but standing up against their unrealistic images of body types is something we need more of.

      More of this, nohomo! Wake up to what The Man is doing to the world! Break out of Hollywood’s NWO!

  8. hello
    game bug, there is an offset of the image by the horizontal, the image is cut in half and shift it is a pity I hope that the problem will be arranged in the next version

  9. hello
    game bug, there is an offset of the image by the horizontal, the image is cut in half and shift it is a pity I hope that the problem will be arranged in the next version

    1. If you are talking about the second image marnie shares which stays there even after the scene ends. That’s definitely a bug but you know i suggest you to req her to come to your room. She is come and will make you cum. There is no bugs in that path. So definitely worth it.

  10. The most stupid useless and lazy developer of short stories!! He’s been picking at this piece of clean code for years! The project stupidly has nothing! There is no plot for 2-3 minutes of full sex scenes!After that shit, he starts making a remake of uhahahahah! For another 5 years he will draw 1 scene and then die of old age-)))-_-

      1. That idiot “Vomod” just likes to go and post ahit about games I’ve seen him in other post doing the same bs

        1. Then get the fuck out of here bitch, most of these games are written in english, or at least they try to, stupidest comment here

  11. The women in this look absolutely gross, they are all pushing 60 at least. Even Jennifer who I assume is supposed to be the selling point here looks like she the body of a 60 year old woman. This goes waaaay beyond the “MILF” category and is just disgusting, especially their feet. Not mention the game seems even shorter than the last version that had way better looking women. I couldn’t bring myself to bang any of them in this version and before I knew it “this is the end of this version, support me on patreon” lol keep dreaming. Giving this one star would be generous, if you enjoy banging obese women pushing 60, there’s a scene or two in this 10 minute game for you. Everyone else, don’t waste your time.

    1. I only can agree on the paywall BS, but you didn’t even mention that, so you probably didn’t played the full thing, if you’re going to give your stupid 1⅒ cents at least do a proper research od just say isn’t appealing for you cause of the older women they’re using, fuck like you can just have looked at the pics and go away without downloading this, and like i said i can only agree with the paywall bs, i hope this dev don’t do that shit about hiding scenes behind paywalls if he does that this thing would be completely dead for real, other than that you don’t have to fuck all the milfs in the game except for the first scene on the game, other than that not all the women in the game are milfs you dumb fuck, there’s 3 milfs and 3 young girls, so 50% percent milfs as it is right now on [0.1.5] also you have 3 animated sex scenes, and the animation is pretty decent, and they have sound, and btw 10 minutes probably IF you skip all the text in other words just a horny prick looking for a quick fap

      That said with the quality of animation and the young girls (even the younger looking milf) this game has some potential, with all these bitches running around these days it’s better to try the things for yourself and see if you like it or not, anygays enjoy your day

      1. What young girls are you talking about exactly, Jennifer and her sister? Have you looked at their bodies? Have you looked at their feet which the developer loves to show off? The only thing that looks “young” is Jennifer’s face, the rest all look disgusting from head to toe. There are no young girls. There was one in the older version of the game but apparently she isn’t in the remake. And I don’t know what the “full version” is, I’m here and downloaded this. I don’t need to do any research because nothing here enticed me to want to pay a dime for this game. It was a 10 minute demo with 5 ugly women and no story to speak of so I don’t see any “potential” here what so ever. I see a quick “remake” of a game from 2021 that looks a lot worse than it was then. And sure I could have looked at the pictures and moved on, but I can also download the game and leave my opinion on it because that’s my fucking business. Kick rocks.

        1. I don’t even know who the fuck are you bitch, i was talking to the other dude (Gross), there’s 3 girls not just 2, and yeah you can give your opinion about the game if you like, BUT here’s when you have to clarify that you’re an asshat that likes to contradict himself you could have said “i didn’t like like the women on this game after watching the pictures and still proceeded to download and play this just to be more angry at this shit because it didn’t satisfied my urges to fap so now I’m blue balled and disgusted by the models on this game so much that i came to bitch about it” but no you had to make it look like the game doesn’t has what it says and what is showing you on the pictures fucking moron, but i know exactly what your problem is, you’re really a retard so slow buddy still having problem to download the correct game, want me to explain to you how you should do it or maybe you want ne to show you how to wipe your fucking ass, it’s actually hilarious the bs you wrote to the other guy and your pathetic pseudo comeback, like buddy you really should stop you think you’re so smart but in reality you’re just a punk retard, do yourself a favor and stop your ridiculous behavior
          You really really “have way bigger issues in that little brain of yours” like that dude said to you earlier just stop how can you be so lamethe fuck is going wrong with the world these days

        2. Almost forgot i never asked if you see any potential in this game, apart from being an idiot that plays a game that has models he doesn’t like and then goes to bitch about it you’re also a narcissist, thinking that everyone is talking about you i just gave my opinion about it didn’t ask for your approval fucking bum, my message is mostly to people who can actually behave in a rational way and for those who actually use their eyes

  12. Nevermind, this game is a scam. I just looked it up on Youtube and it’s the exact same game that released 2 years ago, there’s absolutely nothing new here and I have no idea why it has a 75% rating, it’s like 10 minutes of gameplay, no animations, no lewd content etc. You walk around the house for one in game day and talk to a few people then you end up on the title screen with them begging you for money. Don’t even bother downloading this.

    1. You’re so braindead it’s actually shaming, maybe try to be less idiot next time and use your fucking eyes, you downloaded THE OLD GAME the new one has some lewd animated scenes, fucking idiot try the new version

      1. What does it say at the top of this screen? It says “Godson [v0.1.5] [Cheesecake3D]” you stupid motherfucker. Maybe whoever runs this site or whoever uploaded this should title it correctly. Godson [v0.1.5] is from 2021..

        1. Fucking imbecile lol, for real how fucking idiot you have to be to not realize what you downloaded? can’t you read?

          And what the heck does it matter that the title of the top screen is “Godson [v0.1.5] [Cheesecake3D]” in the download links clearly says “Original Godson Last Version [v0.1.5] (2021)” and they’re put separated from the remake version also they’re placed lower, like what more do you want?

          You’re really bitching and moaning all over the place cause your stupidity didn’t allow you to understand that the 2021 version isn’t the new one?! Really!!??
          Or are just that stupid to don’t even know in what fucking year we are?

          Damn bro you really have way bigger issues in that little brain of yours keep moaning whore

            1. Again with the same you goddamn prick, man after this message I’m done cause you’re so stupid it’s actually a shame for humanity, if you hate this game so much then go away, or just post a new rant clarifying that all you want to say is that you hate this game because the woman models used are not up your standards and move on, it’s that simple, fucking imbecile don’t know how to let things go.

              And btw i said clearly said “how fucking idiot you have to be to not realize what you downloaded? can’t you read?” but of course you don’t want to be exposed and shamed in public for your fucking mistake, mr perfect wants to be always the one who has the last word because he likes to win ar arguments, like i said I’m done with your shit.
              After this you can go and say you won if you like, goand keep spreading misinformation trying to look smart punk, fucking coward can’t accept his errors psycho behavior

              1. You sure you’re done? Feel free to write me a few more paragraphs, trying and failing miserably to offend me. I gotta warn you though, I never gave a shit about what random people on the internet had to say one way or another, you just don’t matter that much but I do get a kick out of watching you cope and seethe.

  13. lol what is this game? Game ends after day 1? I didn’t see a single animation. Patch notes says you start with $500 instead of $150, I started with $0. Is this a demo or something because this is like 10 minutes of game here or what am I missing? After day 1 ends, you end up on the title screen.

  14. Agreed. When I see these exaggerated breast sizes on a screenshot, instant pass. It’s not realistic and looks ridiculous not to mention it’s a complete turn off but I digress, to each their own. Plenty of other games out there. It’s just a shame when a good one is ruined due to this stupidity.

  15. What I write is not intended to be an imposition, rather a general vision of what is happening in the eroge world (Western in general) and how, and to what extent, “services” like Patreon contribute decisively to making it fall more and more down. in the abyss (that is, games that are miserable and poor in content, as well as perpetually in development) of profit at all costs.

    I’ll take for example this very “game” (which game it isn’t), which in REALITY is just one of many VNs, or rather a computer graphics COMIC.

    The developer (who is nothing more than one of the many scammers who infest Patreon and the like), began its development well before the 2021 date, and then “stopped” at version 0.1.5.


    Will it reappear in 2023 as, you might say?

    With the same version 0.1.5 to which is added the wording “remastered/remake” which is so fashionable today. (but in the end it’s JUST a joke)

    Also, ANOTHER trend that is gaining traction;

    – the double version, the “free” one and the “gold” one.

    Now, any asshole on the face of this earth would wonder why the need for a “gold”, “extra”, etc. version.

    I’ll give you the answer straight on a silver platter;

    – Money.

    It’s your money.

    In exchange for your money therefore;
    – These BASTARDS will continue until someone makes them stop making fun of people.

    And you know the funniest thing?

    – They are the same BASTARDS who litter the web forums and where they go to beg for money.

    Rather than;

    – FOCUS on being able to complete a fucking VN (or game) in a reasonable time.

    So, here’s the answer:

    – THIEVES of time.

    And time is money.

    I therefore SUGGEST, starting from this site/blog (which I consider among the most authoritative) to start skimming, among the authors of games that deserve to be followed and supported,

    and the assholes who instead exploit other people’s ignorance to enrich their pockets.

    The money is yours, don’t give it to those who don’t deserve it.

    1. You could’ve said this in a more direct way, BUT youre spitting FACTS, i would loooove to see just the games that deserve support rather than those pseudo developers that just scam people

      Those scammers are a major reason why many good games have failed and keep failing, people simply don’t support what is really worth they money SMH fucking clown world

    1. Just played this game and i didn’t saw any problem with it, no missing anything and no unstable nor crashes, maybe could it be your system?

      1. If the choice is between being a virgin or screwing a fatty. I’ll take virgin. Considering how terrible a lot of women are and how they screw up your life. I don’t see anything wrong with being a virgin. There’s no shame in it. Also do not forget the 80/20 rule. Most women don’t want most men. The 80% of men should not be shamed because women have ridiculous standards.

            1. i mean sure there’s no shame in being a virgin, but there’s ABSOLUTLY shame in the reasons WHY he’s a virgin

            2. What are you 12? Am I now supposed to brag about the women I have slept with or the number of times? Like a kid talking about their first beer or getting drunk.

        1. You’re wasting your life due to a statistic you can’t even verify, if you continue down this path, I promise you that you will die alone and miserable. You aren’t wrong about modern women but it’s always better to try and fail than to not try at all and fail 100%. Rethink your life while you still can. Alone and miserable is exactly where the “powers that be” want you.

        1. your mom looks like her and I’d fuck your mom. I’ll let you watch. And if you behave, I’ll allow you to fuck her because your mom is my bitch

  16. If I were going to make a game using Megan Fox as the basis for my renders, I would use young Megan Fox’s face (super hot) and not old plastic surgery nightmare Megan Fox.

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