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AlwaysFan [v0.6.1] [AtemX Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download update only - v0.5.1 -> v0.6.1

  • SPOILER: How to install the patch:
    Unzip the content anywhere, move all content to your main folder (where the .exe is). Overwrite all necessary files. (Untested).

    You need to copy paste every content from the update only folders into their respective folders, overwriting where necessary, if the folder is not existing you can copy the whole folder (To see the content of an app, right click the app and pick Show Package Contents),

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Editor's Rating

Story - 51%
Visual - 63%
Engagement - 40%
Core Loop - 44%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.92 ( 40 votes)

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  1. I don’t understand why this game gets only a score of 50 – this game is so good, one of my favorites – Ilke it very much.

  2. Okay so here is what I’ve found so far – for those that want the help or frankly can’t be bothered to play through multiple times:

    – Jenna: You can fuck up with her and lock the path. You can do this by suggesting that she does nudes, and then siding with her sister to do a collaborative shoot (really buggered my harem run on my first attempt at the Dom Path) IF you want her in the harem: Do NOT suggest nudes. Do the shoot with Lea

    Special Point for Kinks: DO NOT do the Escort (sharing) route with Emille if you want her to get pregnant. The girls will just randomly ignore the idea of asking MC whether he wants kids, and decide he doesn’t right now; so they will all be on the pill. (There is a caveat with Emille depending on choices you make that prompt this) * I would actually code in the choice BEFORE THE POINT THE MORNING AFTER PILL IS NECESSARY = So the players that still want pregnancy content and don’t mind a bit of risk can still have that function. Or at least the vote on it. Personally I don’t like that anyone other than MC WILL get them pregnant, but I’ve been very clear on that point thus far.

    Lea: You can lose her as a path if you do Jenna’s shoot solo when she asks for a collaboration. Doing nudes with Jenna will auto lock Jenna to just friends. [There is a dialogue bonus if you check out Lea’s pics before she meets up at a certain story point, when the option to do so is available. You can do this from preferences as well, so it does not have to be when MC is shown at his computer * Said bonus does not appear to have much effect in game, as she will still be available with the above choices regardless of whether you checked the pics. She will simply like it better if you do]

    Iris: You can lock this path by letting her go to the Tower, as was her original plan; this DOES NOT count as a “bad end” – for anyone but Iris. She will likely end up in the same situation as her sister, when you go to rescue the girls from the tower. If you want to keep her in the harem, tell her not to go.

    Meghan: A bit counter intuitive if you want to seem like a decent guy; but you accept the sex she wants (whether or not you cum inside of her for a risk is up to you) and then when Nicholas calls, you insinuate that if she’s that easy she wasn’t worth it. THIS OPTION WILL BREAK THEM UP – and keep her path open to the MC. Trying to reconcile them will lock her path. You can later decide to remain Friends With Benefits, or have her officially become a girlfriend in the harem. You’re a dick to an asshole friend, but hey… you get a new girlfriend.

    As to the differentiation with Emille: There is a point where a third night with Robert becomes available. You can choose to break ties with him and deal with escorting your own way as a middle ground – you can go with him one last time (which will bring up the potential pregnancy scare that puts Emille and everyone else on the pill: BECAUSE YOU DID NOT ASK IF MC WANTED KIDS WITH HER = You asked how he would feel if she had a kid that WASN’T HIS!!! Different situation, and it’s called ABORTION. Jesus) You can also stop the escorting [But since it’s the NTR path, for anyone foolish or strange enough to want to go there in the first place, I don’t see a point in stopping it. That would rather defeat the point of it being possible in the first place]

    Emille actually has 2 specifically different distinct personalities. Where I would say in 2 paths her persona is rather similar. In the romantic one she’s basically the perfect girlfriend. Period. In the Dom Path whether Escort or not, she’s a good slave. As stated before, I would have made the dom path less soft and NOT let her try to shift into being a girlfriend. I would have called her “Pet” or MC’s SexToy. Something possessive, to denote there IS a relationship, but it’s not standard. Period. She has her place, and she should know and accept that. The third personality is essentially just a random sex addict (which again, is not the way you handle prostitution, and frankly has nothing to do with the occupation in general – it’s actively judgmental and a harmful stereotype) That third aspect to her will not be seen if you do not seek out every available opportunity to “corrupt” Emille by taking escort jobs. [I personally don’t think the 7 foot horse cocked asshole needed to be a place you went… and no, she shouldn’t have “enjoyed” that more than she does MC’s cock. Come the fuck on man. Even size queens have limits. The vagina isn’t a rubber band, and yes you can in fact break it]

    Some hints as to the evidence mechanic for the timed tower section:

    – Project will net you an answer
    – Police (2 emails as clues)
    – Romane (Will tell you about Kelly)
    – Biolab (I believe may give you 3 emails that are clues)
    – Baby (may overlap but these are the words I used)
    – Holdman
    – There is a hint that Lea was approached, but I forget how I got it…
    – There were hints mentioning Yuki and Celine as well, but since I’ve run through this game on the three different paths, search me if I remember the keywords to how I got them.
    – You WILL want to click on the two boxes in the file folder = they will reveal a few points that will not show up otherwise, and give you at least one clue. One clue is also to run through the whole video section. The ones you’re focused on will be floors 19-21 I think.

    ** I still don’t think either Celine or Erika needed to be raped/impregnated and Yes DEV, I will fight you forever on that point. [I also don’t think Redpanda should be sterile…]

    That’s the best I can recall off hand. Really, a walkthrough or again highlights as to the words IN THE GAME which would give the players a hint would be better to implement. If you can do that for the dumbassed trivia quiz section, it shouldn’t be that much harder to code in for this mini game. Hopefully these tips will help. I have to say, I have very, VERY mixed feelings about the NTR path = and for myself specifically, if I wasn’t trying to see what does differentiate exactly, I would not have bothered with it at all. The Dom path is technically handled wrong; because it muddies the waters by allowing Emille to shift alongside the others into just “Girlfriend.” Which other than the idea that you have to constantly CHOOSE to keep the Dom Path by talking about it as if it’s “role play” (and to most with the streak in general it’s a LIFESTYLE. IT’S WHO, AND HOW WE ARE. NOT A FUCKING GAME. That’s what so many women who claim to be “Sub” get wrong, and yes; it pisses me right the fuck off) it’s essentially the same damned thing as the romantic path. If you’re looking to play the game the once and be done, depending on your tastes it’s probably best to stick to the romance side. Or choose the Escort route, if NTR content is what you’re after.

  3. Look, Dev – you mention this is your first game. I get it; but the way you went about the Tower thing with the grim dark REALLY BUGS me, and borks a few “fetishes” that really did not need to be. Especially with Erika; and I will stand by the fact that EVERY Girl IN THE PICTURE ABOVE as a character Roster (outside of the Mom, which I’m also pissed that you include her in the pic as a DEAD character) SHOULD. BE. IN. THE. HAREM!

    I will not let that go. So here is a way that you can re-work the whole thing (At least for the Harem Route – those that want to play NTR Path I’d even say you can keep it the way it is – but deliniation for both paths works to your advantage with Subs) This is to help you, and make the game more palatable to those like myself who like Harems/Dominance.

    – I do appreciate there is a 3rd path: but I would have actually kept the MC firmly off softening on Dom stance. It IS a loving relationship and you CAN be romantic as a Dom. It’s more treated as a reward system. There is a bond of trust between Dom and Sub that HAS to exist before you even start trying to command sexually; and it has to be VERY CLEAR TO START WITH. Emille trying to change things back to a more romantic path is BULLSHIT. It muddies the waters in context, and that makes it harder to know what the choices mean. This game should NOT need a walkthrough. You can code in brackets that tell the player what choices mark out which path, so that the way you want to play is clarified. Always. You’d keep more fans that way.

    For the harem route specifically:

    – Do not use more than one actual Alwaysfan girl = Redpanda works if you insist to keep her sterile. The rest of the girls should be UNNAMED & NEVER SHOWN ON SCREEN. (It would save you from having to rework character models)

    – Girls that are NOT named and shown draw less impact, so it’s less jarring as grim dark content. It’s still terrible; but it does NOT dent viability of characters that are SHOWN on the title screen above, that can and should be later adds to the Harem Roster. Erika is particularly a problem because you bork 2 “fetishes” with her; SHE SHOULD REMAIN A VIRGIN. You mentioned she was sequestered. Keep it that way. Make it a bad reaction to the drug she almost died from. Explain it however you like but she SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED until the rescue.

    – Celine and Yuki or whatever the hell you called the dancing girl can still BE DANCERS. Drugged if you want, but do you really think a Goth girl with that much attitude is just going to let random assholes gang rape her into a breeding sow??? Come on. So no; none of the girls that you render in game SHOULD BE IN THAT ROOM. They can be kidnapped and waiting to be invested into the program, for whatever reasons you want to imply = you can use the trauma & GRATITUDE for reasons that they’d join MC’s harem to start with. The program can still happen if you really want to go there, but the girls involved should be mentions in the story. Not shown. Not rendered as the females in the picture that advertises the game. Iris still keeps her investment in finding her sister so that wouldn’t need a rework. She’d simply rescue Erika BEFORE a pregnancy or virginity loss happens. Much less traumatic and troublesome to write her into the Harem that way, since she would see the MC as her ultimate hero. [Iris would have been blockaded from doing anything until it was too late, if not for MC and Emille giving her the in…]

    – Celine gets to face the reality of what she almost went through; and while it will break her a little, doing it this way makes her redemption arc easier to handle. She can cop to being an addict if you want (I wouldn’t go there, but you can work in a concern that she might become that way instead and it’s still heavy, but manageable) and give MC the in to bring her into the fold, and help her mend. Which should soften her personality and re-shape her perspective about relationships and what she wants out of sex in the long run.

    – I’d say Yuki would be the graceful, seeming broken bird who may be distant at first, or less trusting of MC but in raw gratitude won’t push him out entirely. Make her prim and proper as fuck in overcompensation, and easily melted by the “right” man, and that would be enough for her character arc to be interesting.

    * Adding in the rival girl of both MC & Emille would be a hard sell: Unless Emille is also doing it to get her own Vengeance (earned) and MC gets to be the unquestioned Dominant with Elizabeth. She fucked up, and HAS to prove herself, to get what she wants. It gives Emille back power and confidence that this bitch tore away; and makes her redeemable, because she has to work for the love that she genuinely wants and probably couldn’t properly express for pride’s sake. You can do the same with the Latina/Indian looking girl we’ve seen exactly once who was a bitch to both Cass and Emille. Maybe do the same thing to her, but with Cass as the revenging factor. Since Cass & Emille are kind of also together (Mostly because you DIDN’T CLARIFY that NOT doing the Lesbian BULLSHIT wouldn’t be Penalized!!!) A special point here: NONE of the girls NEED to be attracted to each other – and if they are; THEY DO NOT NEED TO ACT ON IT. That just muddies the waters about what they want in a harem setting. Because the focus again should always be first, foremost and preferrably ONLY on the MC. For each individual woman.

    – On the Harem Path = the ONLY one doing the IMPREGNATING OF GIRLS SHOULD BE THE MC! Period. For most people that are drawn to the kink as I’ve stated in previous comments, the draw in it is the act of Conception. A girl REALLY has to both WANT & TRUST a guy to give him that gift. It is the ultimate expression of Love/Dominance insofar as Control. She will LET herself be impregnated by a man she truly loves. So you randomly doing what you did to Erika and Celine as characters the MC personally knows, is and has always been bullshit, that taints the whole. It makes the game a LOT harder to play, and enjoy for anyone that likes harems. It makes it harder to think there will be other girls added in the roster, period. It makes you less trustworthy as a writer – because you’re going for shock value/edgelord crap that does NOT need to be in the Harem Genre. Ever. It will cost you people that could be subs. (Again, on the NTR path you can freely use the already rendered scenes and I doubt the people that want that content in game will give two shits. But for a story that’s built SO heavily on romance and building relationships with the girls, that particular part of the game does need an overhaul. Badly. Know your audience mate, people that want/enjoy harems don’t want to see ANYONE else doing ANYTHING else with the women they may become invested in eventually…) You’re limiting yourself in ways you don’t have to. You’re limiting the audience of potential girls, who might otherwise be unique, attractive characters to add in. That’s the part that pisses me off so much.

    – I’d also say you can have a page seperation in the two types of girls that will be in the harem: One for Main Girls, and one for Side Girls. Both should count as in the harem. Rather it would be about those that want to live with MC eventually, and those that need their own space, but still love the MC dearly. You have several newly introduced characters as I posted already, who can and should be in the harem. Where they go, and how the get there is up to you really. You also haven’t even introduced every character that’s in the picture, so there’s still space in the main roster as far as I’m concerned. It’s really up to you how true you want that advertising to be. How much work you want to do, and how good you want the game to be. I will also say as a final point, either remove the damned mini game sections completely other than mentioning them as plot points in the story, or add an actual SKIP button that just assumes the PLAYER WINS. Because I should NOT have to look up the answers to even the STUDY session – and I don’t trust your hint system to help me win the quiz. Which limits replayability, which is the whole point of the split paths. Because you STILL have to do the freaking quiz if you want to be her Dom, but keep Emille out of being a whore. (The orgy scene as her second round; and specifically LETTING ANYONE BUT THE MC TAKE HER ANAL VIRGINITY WAS BULLSHIT by the way. Just because you paid for her DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE. Consent still matters, and other than that she’s being raped. Also – Emille NEEDS to know there is a difference between “pleasure” and Physical Response to Stimulus! She didn’t enjoy the fucking she was paid for. She was PAID FOR IT! You can cum from sex in general with someone you don’t want, and it doesn’t make it any less rape. You can cum from sex you’re paid for, and it DOES NOT MEAN YOU ENJOYED IT) Robert would still lose MC’s trust for making her fuck more than one guy who wasn’t him. That part I’d keep, but MC taking Emille anally BEFORE the second escort scene should happen. That way you’re not taking something away from the player. The new Evidence gathering = Highlight key words in the clues, because I had to randomly GUESS what words would get me an answer, and you set a fucking time limit to do it. Both of which are ASSHOLE moves. He can be a hacker, but he can’t figure out from 999+ emails what titles MIGHT be important??? Fuck that. Also fuck you very much for mister I never clean my Emails. No One DOES THAT. That’s you being a dick to the player to make things harder than they have to be. There should be a way to clean the email list up so that the player has some fucking clue what the hell they need to look for. IF he’s actually a hacker level computer guy have him know a script that searches out keywords; make it take a full hour – I was there by 2 pm, and with the hour to make things easier and GIVE THE PLAYER THE ANSWERS, you won’t need more time to muck around with things. Again: I missed 1 of each of the two categories in evidence. You should NOT be able to miss ANY. Not if you don’t choose to.

    End of the day, for your first game you’ve crafted a decently compelling, at times actually romantic and fun to invest in game. But damn dude if it’s not rough around the edges. I’ve done what I can here to help smooth it out. Whether you remotely listen to me or not, I can’t say I’m not a fan. Just… not of NTR content. I am however the type to test all paths in general to see what differentiates. I very probably won’t continue the NTR path specifically because of the early end game where Emille offs herself if you try to get with Amanda and ignore her… and what you pulled in the second Robert scene. Frankly, she SHOULD have been allowed to walk the fuck away and find other business the moment she found out that the deal wasn’t exactly what she’d signed up for. Period.

    1. I have an idea that might help continuance of the story. If you are going to build more than the 7 main girls and 2 side girls into the harem; and he’s going to be able to get at least most of them pregnant (several times) they’re going to need more financial ability than AlwaysFans can provide anyway… so since you had him help Iris and the FBI should be aware of his identity as the one that broke the case = have a new girl added into the harem FROM the FBI (You could even tie progress with her as a REAL slow burn, into how many cases he’s helped her solve) who will contact him as a friend of Iris’ and offer him a position on a case by case basis as a “white hat” in their cyber security division. [He gets to use him computer skills for a good cause and better pay; it doesn’t have to interrupt Emille’s AlwaysFans thing as it’s case by case so he can still be the photographer on the side; you can continue your thing with grim dark and missing girls if you want but it gives the player distance (and you can also freely include more evidence gathering as a permanent mini game: I didn’t say it wasn’t a good one. It needs some finer tuning, and the implementation was a bit too unforgiving) * I may not like mini games in my adult games, but I’m aware others might. It would drive engagement with the game, so there’s that. It gives the player and the MC a bit more authority in general, and would be a draw for most females as well. It’s up to you really, but unless you want him to come into a sudden windfall – he marries MONEY, or wins the lottery BIG TIME there’s not a lot of really decent semi realistic ways he’s going to be able to afford to keep the harem. Especially since several of the girls really only had AlwaysFans as their gig. Jenna’s a maid on the side, but the pay’s probably not great for building a family; Cass is a model but with the way the first gig went – who knows whether that should last. Modeling is about a decade to fifteen year job anyway if she’s lucky, so she should know she’s probably got about 7 years as the IT Girl in general and have something as a back up. Amanda wasn’t specific about how much her modeling has earned in passive income, and she’s doing AlwaysFans as well, so it can’t be more than she needs to live off of? Natache has the whole legal issue of whether she can even keep Marcus’ company; so it’ll be a WHILE before she can contribute financially and she’s going to need whatever her savings might have been for herself during that point. Iris is a cop, but the pay’s lousy considering – and her prescinct may be in on the corruption so who knows whether she’ll stay a cop (It might be nice to see her promoted, and like I said if you go the FBI offer route she still has a use as his contact for her friend to offer him the job) Abby works at McD’s, but that’s not a fulfilling career. Most people see it as a foot in the door somewhere. Anywhere, while they save toward better training, or wait for the job they actually want as a career. It’s not going to be a family-raising staple to hold the harem together if things get rough. Meghan I forget what the hell she does, so over all and especially if you WILL add more girls into the game for the harem, this is my suggestion for how to make that work… and not fuck with the general flow of the core game-play loop you created. Use it if you like, I’d be interested to see if you will. It’s not going to hurt my feelings if you don’t. Maybe you want him to create a start up and become “Daddy” Warbucks in the end. ; ) What, you have at least one redhead…

  4. Ok my opinion of this VN is a 10/10, here you have 3 types of paths you can take, love, domination(?) and NTR (sharing or Netorase), personally I am not attracted to NTR (Netorare or Netorase) I generally tend as a reader to put myself in the perspective of the protagonist, and having my girl stolen from me or not fighting for her and not even talking about sharing doesn’t suit me “So why give a 10/10?” Trust me for a few minutes and give me a chance so I can tell you:

    Animations: They are well done and fluid, well structured and well polished, the truth is they are very well done, they are not only in the heroic ones but they accompany the entire story and there are many animated scenes.

    History: The truth was 50% of not wanting to play for the NTR tag, 30% of whether it was even worth the time to try to guess if it would be in line with my taste for the “AREM” tag and 20% of giving it the opportunity, well, in the end I end up in “MY LIST OF THE BEST VN”, the story itself involves real aspects that we know exist in our world, drugs, sex, blackmail, the powerful with money doing what they want when want and how they want, that is where the story and the decisions we make touch, the story itself has its well-structured course, without abrupt jumps of scenarios, it is fluid and gives the reader the chance to discover the story and soak it up more and more with the themes, obviously this is not the opinion of someone who knows about writing, so I am ignorant in that very technical aspect, but if I can tell when I like something that has meaning and structure, it is a very good story.

    Paths: here is the sauce that accompanies the story, the Tags that for many make them even discard or adore a VN, the decisions we make “do matter”, and the selections we make will be included in the paths we want to take, the good thing is that they do not We need no tutorial to play it, just pay attention to how we want to play it:

    Path of Love/Harem: This is for those who don’t like NTR, lovers of romance, arem, having the waifus, essentially it’s very simple, how would you really treat your girl or if you had more than one how would you treat them , here is the simplicity of not needing a tutorial, it is just trying well, paying attention to the choices we make, example (no spoiler) suppose you have two options, accompany your girl to her house because it is very night or stay sleep… it’s easy to know if we have the slightest notion of maintaining a good relationship, here the selections are important, as I said, and they can lead you through different contents in how you relate to girls, I would like to think that the majority who intend to go for This path will undoubtedly try to go through the other two paths, so this fear that we have will make you concentrate and appreciate relationships even more and that is where I liked it the most, so do not distrust what I tell you. and give this VN a chance, no matter how many tags you don’t like, in the end they won’t matter if you know how to pay attention to the relationship.

    NTR Path (Sharing or Netorase): well, the truth is that I did not select this path, because more than anything, like me, I am a man who defends what he has and the fact that I have these two objects hanging between my legs called Testicles prevents me from sharing women with someone else, but Netorase lovers (bless them because I like Netori) hemm… you’re going to love it, I’ve seen the animations and shit that are well done, It’s the same good job for everyone, here it’s not talked about what The developers tend to go one way and leave the other, they have given your story and its animations to this tag, so I’m sure they’ll love it.

    Domination Path(?): this one is really difficult to describe with just domination, for those who want to be rough with girls, they have that, for those who like punishments they have that too, for those who just want to see girls like bags of meat and bones also have that, for abuse, perhaps blackmail, as if the story itself were not enough, they can also do that… in this way you can show feelings or not, I think it even varies as I mentioned before Among the 3 paths, maybe you want to treat your girl with domination and giving her contempt and true love but sharing her with another because you are a TREMENDOUS SON OF A BIT…. ehm that’s good for everyone, yes I better leave it there.

    1. Bruh giving 10/10 for copy paste model from honey select is overkill. this sadly not models and animation he create himself just a cheap copy paste and a little degree of renpy coding which can be assisted by an AI.
      If you don’t notice yet most male mc with this kind of copy-paste game always look the same because you can’t modified male character but only girls because honey select is about virtual harem of your own so you create girls as you desire so you can create over 1000 even unlimited different unique female.
      if you want to try go ahead download that game but beware system heavy and models are 1000% better than this if you can play at full settings with 2k or 4k uhd tvs. model in this game look like setting for lowest or because compression or something.

  5. Going to give this a shot; but I really hate the massively attractive (to even moderately attractive) young women all fall head over heels for what the dev calls an “ugly bastard.” Try letting the player work toward NOT making him so damned ugly then. If it’s because he’s out of shape; it’s called a decent work out regiment. If he’s got overly hairy arms and body – waxing/spa self care place dude. Esmeralda DID NOT decide to let Quasimodo go to town on her, nor did Roxanne originally choose Cyrano. Which she wouldn’t have done at all if she’d thought that Christian had come up with his words on his own, after a long enough while.

    I’m not saying he can’t start that way and work on it, but if you’re going to put that many girls on a love path or a submission path – you know that a decent to better than average looking dude has a far better shot at that then a bridge troll. Or someone that got hit in the head too many times with a waffle iron, right? o. O Doesn’t have to ever have the body of Adonis, but you might also want to clarify the ugly bastard tag just a bit. That’s going to put some people right off.

    1. Okay so formal review time, given that I’ve now played to the current update.

      First the animations are mostly very good. The moaning is a much appreciated touch that a lot of games miss out. The option to come inside is nice; and so is the viable consequence of doing so. The girls are all endearing, and they make you want to invest in them. [I can’t say much for the asshole route, but I do laud that the game did not need a walkthrough to help me avoid them – though I will caution the NTR was NOT clearly marked. It’s simply a matter of don’t treat the girl like you don’t care, or sex is all you want] * Lea however did not need to be a whore, the goth girl with the tattoos should NOT be on the cover as a seeming potential love interest if she’s already been captured and frankly the pregnancy theme is much more attractive to most who value the fetish if WE are the ones doing the impregnating. So I was NOT really a fan of seeing one of the random girls (Iris’ sister I think…) pregnant by a very advanced state. I would caution that if they really are to be added to the Harem then MC and crew SHOULD be able to save the girls BEFORE they get pregnant. That way getting them to that state is a viable reward for grinding relationship out. The way it should be. Frankly if you want to use anyone OUTSIDE of the girls you have exemplefied on the title page up above or in game… fair cop. We’re never really going to need to know them… but frankly even Lea is a bit of a hard sell; and I really am NOT pleased that you made Natache not a virgin. She didn’t need to fuck the husband at all – since you assert it was never a love marriage. Consumation is not something most places check for, and the certificate in ownership would be enough for that asshole [You are taking something away from the player that is a DRAW and should be allowed. Being seperated for three years by force was bad enough. You don’t need to be that big a dick to the characters man]

      Other than that, please explain why trying to get Nicholas back with Megan (which should be the nice guy thing to do) locks her freaking path? She should end up with MC EITHER way, because she would confess who it was the NEXT TIME she catches him out. There’s no need to block her off when the point is to try to avoid being an asshole to take out the NTR. {I use Ross’ excuse of we were on a break… sue me, it doesn’t count – and there’s no such thing as a side girl in a harem. It’s just a girl that won’t get as much screen time} I’d also like to know why fucking Carmela in her office (and not for certain breeding her – which should be a yes in my books as definite because she didn’t seem the type to WANT to take those pills given she was that pissed with her husband…) denies MC the surprise with Jenna. You should NOT make path divides against a main girl if there’s a side girl, who isn’t even properly listed. I happened to want to see BOTH. I should not have to deny the answer to either just to see whichever one I choose in a harem. Because the answer would be ALL OF THE ABOVE. Including Mia.

      On that point, I was not best pleased there was no skip option for the multiple choice quiz BS. I don’t want to waste time looking up random answers to questions I don’t give a toss bout (especially since you bothered stating how damned important it was that they WIN the challenge for rent money – which is another issue because I really don’t think your economy is quite right if they have to struggle to pay rent that first month, badly enough they need to win $5000. For a what, one bedroom apartment? Dude, where in the world did you put them that they need over $5 k in one month for rent. I could see that if it was a three to four bedroom suite but Jesus.

      I’m hopeful that you won’t screw the group over when they take the leader of AlwaysFans down. Don’t make too many bad ends. Don’t make MC look like a chump; and frankly if you intend that – reveal that Emille IS dickhead’s daughter… so he can’t do a damned thing with her anyway. At least on the Harem route, there should not ever need to be a worry of game over. I can understand it for the asshole path, that’s fine and fair enough. Not the harem. You’d be devaluing all the work and all the time the player’s spent building the damned thing up. As far as I can see if that title card above is true, about half the girls aren’t even implemented into the game yet. Nevermind possible to pursue; and like I said the goth girl’s currently listed as some retard’s sextoy/breeding bitch to be… which again, NOT pleased about. At all. If there’s two things I would fix about this game it’s that NONE of the girls you can see above if they ARE ever going to be on the Harem Path, should be seen in that room or having anything done to them. Otherwise it DOES count as NTR dude. Second being add a skip section ENTIRELY for the quiz parts. Either the prep part, or the actual contest. The question mark wasn’t that helpful because I DID NOT know that you can trust it. It’s not going to help anyone if they barely think to look there in the first place because they don’t know why it’s there at all. If I can skip a sex scene I’ve already seen, I should be able to skip something in the game I don’t want to indulge. Especially when success is plot necessary.

      I was also glad to see that other than a slightly less than reasonable amount of body hair (o.O) the MC is NOT in fact the “ugly bastard.” If you guys have several hours to kill, and want an engaging story with some decent amount of hot content – and control of how far into which route you go, AlwaysFans is a great investment so far. Looking forward to seeing more, and whether my concerns/suggestions here are noted at all. [The albino thing is a bit strange frankly, but it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve seen on DikGames…] * If you made her an actual Vampire bro, MC would have a LOT easier time saving those girls, I’m just saying.

      1. Clarifications:

        – Pregnancy fetish: For MOST who have the “kink,” which I tend to think of as the term for it more often as I don’t consider value of a natural process (even highly to “unreasonable” – it’s actually very reasonable in most cases if you consider how hard it is to get a girl to go out with you in the first place, nevermind get to that stage and have her be in a sustained/KEPT long term relationship where pregnancy is either possible in the first place, to likely, to desired) to be a fetish. At all… for most of those that do hold the turn on; it is about the Conception. Less proof of her fertility, than our virility. Of our possession, her allowance, and acceptance in that level of admitted ownership. Many like the risk involved and that does add spice, I’ll agree as a known gamble. The core of it is to fertilize however. Then prove out in willing carriage to term. Rather than her just having reached that natural state by any tomcat’s dick. Hairy or no.

        – Counting girls we haven’t become involved with yet as NTR: Read above. If they are pregnant; there’s already a claim that most females to some extent just straight up WILL NOT deny. Nor will they be able to. It won’t matter to the “broken” ones if the breeder is an asshole, they’ll usually stick with him as either what they deserve, or the best they can get with their “value” as decreased as it’s become. (I’m not saying the mindset is right, and it is very damaging, but it’s what does tend to happen – the guilt of “falling” or having “gone too far” is part of it, and is usually a control method) Have you not seen most of the NTR hentai where this is the end result? It’s not REALLY the husband they stick with. He’s just a wallet. Most of the time not even a good one, that most authors or artists tend to cut right out of the story, or barely involve at all. Yes, I am aware that you can argue the point by the technical term in “dissolution of an existing relationship…” BUT a) that’s a rules lawyer’s grey area and pretty sketchy as a defense in skirting the issue of NTR. B) If you have to skirt the issue at all, you’re already too close to it’s core. Especially in the case of a harem, and again involving girls with which the MC is SUPPOSED to want to BECOME involved. Which implies going forward there WILL be a relationship. As the dev whatever your plan is for that; you are aware of that point. Are you not? Which is the consideration I make in arguing that it IS in fact, close enough to NTR for most of the Harem Seekers to dislike. Heavily. Seeing them in that room is unnecessarily jarring. Especially in the case of mostly the Goth Girl; who is a classmate to MC as you mention. There was NO reason viable for her to be included, or for Iris’ sister to be even insinuated as pregnant. If it’s another girl, fair cop… but I don’t think it was based on the picture we were shown. Most players WILL count this to some extent on the LOVE path as NTR. Because we are very likely GOING to become involved, and you as the dev want us to feel possessive/protective enough to SAVE these girls in the first place. There is a mark of ownership in that responsibility lain; and it’s NOT really saving them if they have to deal with an unavoidable consequence in 9 months because we were “too late.” That’s not a viable way to begin ANY relationship. Long-standing or not. Like I said, Lea is a hard sell, but one I can accept because she was LONG ago involved and unavoidably made a whore… and decidedly NOT impregnated doing it. : /

        * Final point: You included the Mom of Emille on the title card above. Why? She’s already dead. She’s barely in the game at all and will have no actual involvement with the MC or the main girl – unless you want to get into cloning? o.O

        1. Was going to try this game then saw the trash NTR tag. So now I am closing this page after I point and laugh that playing NTR is for middle aged incels sitting in the basement that were skipped by puberty and only stare at vaginas on a computer screen all day, never doing anything with one.

          1. As mentioned above in my posts, and others – go with the love route: which is insanely easy to figure out. There is no actual NTR with the girls in that vein.

            (My concern noted in the clarification is a VERY technical case that some people who are sensitized to NTR content, would find to be close enough to NTR. Especially in a harem genre. As I said, I do personally take issue with a very few scenes – but it’s ramping up tension to save the girls potentially. So I get why it’s “necessary” to show scenes with them endangered… I just wouldn’t actually have shown anything sexual; and only implied that if MC did the wrong path, it would happen)

            The scenes that are meant to ramp tension are a little jarring, but at the point where you get to do something about it possibly, the is no existing relationship with any of the captured girls & the MC. So by the base definition of the term, there is no actual NTR happening. [It will, and does convolute a relationship that might be built later; given one of the girls is visibly pregnant, and they’re obviously attempting to do it to all of them, but I’m hoping for resolutions that do keep in line with the intended genre]

            Not all of us are incels, were skipped by puberty as you put it; and do you have a better way to see an actual pussy – that you wouldn’t still have to pay through the nose just to get a “maybe” on? Because dating’s not nearly guaranteed these days. I don’t have to hate women to realize that marriage is very one sided in favor. I don’t have to hate women to have decided that if I do manage to have a child who belongs to my blood 50% as much as hers, that I’d actually want a court to decide I might have legitimate rights to be a part of it’s life. Non-negotiably. If I’m also absolutely on the hook to pay for it’s existence, one way or the other. Throw those judgments out all you want; but it doesn’t really make you any better than an “incel” my friend. It’s just a different direction for the bitterness. Luck is as much a factor as bravery in getting into a relationship. Even if you do manage to land the girl you want, look up the divorce stats. She will frequently be the one to throw out the term, and the courts give her EVERY incentive to dump your arse cold. Fifteen years for most, is a friggin’ miracle. Not a single bit of this is “Incel.” It’s just hard logic and fact. Most people IN a relationship in real life, still don’t get laid as often as they would like. Doesn’t matter which side of the coin you’re looking on.

          2. so this is YOU then a middle aged incel sitting in his basement only staring at vaginas on a computer screen all day, never doing anything with one. because all you seem to do is moan like the little bitch you are

            1. Pretty sure you’re talking to Rancor, but I’ll point out that men who like the harem genre ARE NOT factually incels. You genuinely have to love a lot of different facets to women, and body types in general to want to bother with a harem. It’s a LOT of effort, and it would be MORE so in real life. Then again, most of us aren’t Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, so it’s not like we’ll ever know…

              To The Dev Specifically:

              My biggest problem with the game so far is the MASSIVE failure in the pregnancy content (IE Erika; Celine and Rebecca Jones being effectively sterile) * they are on the cover page for this very posting = they SHOULD join the HAREM. Which is a very dented point insofar as ATTRACTION via the kink, if two of the three are ALREADY PREGNANT. By other random assholes. I don’t care if it was a science experiment; I’m not fucking Batman you absolute ASSHOLE Dev, and I didn’t sign up to your game to play Junior computer detective! It took me way too long to STILL miss 1 of each of the 2 seperate categories of 7 clues. The walkthrough’s for the last update, so it’s effectively useless in this current update, so that bit is the same as the quiz part. BITE ME.

              Erika, Celine, Rebecca – ALL of the girls that were in that room SHOULD be ON the list of Harem girls. Period. There’s no point in rendering them that attractively if you’re just going to block access. The storyline is actively JARRINGLY dark; and didn’t really need to go where you went with it at all. Not in the harem route. You want to pull that shit on the NTR path, fine. I wouldn’t bother playing it to know, but now you’ve included Jessica; Irene, Toka & Toki, and potentially Elizabeth who is a rival/Antagonistic to both MAIN CHARACTERS IN YOUR GAME! so my question is: Exactly how many girls are you actually intending to BE in the harem? Because so far there’s only 7 main girls which is a fine number and fair enough to stop at. There’s also 2 side girls listed so far. Are you intending to update the relationship screen with more girls? If so, I would again recommend EVERY. ONE. That you’ve so far introduced. Celine could be on the side but later be revealed to have REALLY wanted to be the MC’s little Freak between the Sheets which was why she was so bitchy to both of them in school; Erika can be the slow burn who gets an abortion and needs time to mend mentally/emotionally, and Redpanda can find out later that she wasn’t Sterile, but only needed a very specific male to get her pregnant (some women are resistent to most sperm, so it will be difficult, but not IMPOSSIBLE – That KILLS the Kink, and you should know that) Toki CAN be added to the main roster, and I’d leave Toka off to the side girl content. Why? Because you were dumb enough to have her threaten to cut his cock off – WHILE stroking it! You NEVER say something like that to a guy, and especially not one built like he is. The moment she said that, I was done with her as any sort of LI. (I did still get the revenge of Breeding them both – and if that’s what the hell they were talking about; IT IS HIS BUSINESSS IF THEY WANT HIM TO BE THE FATHER! >.< The kid(s) belong as much to HIM you collosal dick) You also need to make it so that the binary choices are more clear about how to avoid the NTR WITHOUT a walkthrough. If it comes to subscriber count, I should not have to worry if I'm going to fuck up the Harem Route because I want Emille to actually succeed in the business and to be able to AFFORD the fucking Harem. Beyond that, the slice of life stuff is charming, which only makes the grim dark edgelord bullshit more jarring. But you really do need to get to the point soon where the girls will start moving in with MC and Emille, so the business side has to GROW. A lot faster than you're letting it so far. Emille and Amanda (maybe) are the only ones who are and might be respectively pregnant, and that should also change some point soon in future updates. So as far as I'm concerned, you need to stop fucking around with your audience's kinks, and minds, and continue the work that will be lauded. It's a good game, but there are some very frustrating parts that do hold it back in my opinion. Keep going, keep focusing on Harem Growth and Family. You can't go wrong there. As far as the NTR stuff, that's your own double duty, since I personally don't think it adds a damned thing to an already compelling narrative to "Share" what's from the start a very emotionally damaged female, whom the MC should and has been stated to effectively care about. You want to cast that wide a net, fair enough, but you made your job harder on yourself than it has to be bud. You'll get no sympathy from me for that.

  6. yep another snowflake spotted despite people saying it’s avoidable he still moans and whines like a little bitch i always find it funny when little snowflakes like you moan about NTR because your still a cuck no matter if play games with NTR or not because here’s a secret for your dumb ass your not the one actually fucking these girls the mc is so i guess that makes you trash too mr fuckboy every single person who downloads these is a cuck so good job insulting yourself retard

  7. Amazing Game, the love route is just 👌*chef Kiss*

    The story is great and the girls are cute

    The render could use a bit more polish, but they serve the purpouse
    The ntr route is blocked if u make the right choices(thank god!)

    1. I also hate NTR as much as you do but to be fair, NTR in this game is totally avoidable. The reason why is that there are 2 paths in this game, prostitution/sharing path and the non-sharing path. Obviously the NTR tag is for the prostitution/sharing path.

  8. Nice surprise about this VN as previous comment said, don’t be fooled by the tags.
    I wasn’t expecting much and liked the story so far, not a crazy plot but it’s enjoyable and the writting is good.

    there is 2 paths, good or bad,
    but going on the bad path feel weird as the MC act like a real asshole and don’t seem to fit his personnality in the prologue.
    The love path feel a lot more natural and enjoyable.

    The visuals and models are ok, sometimes a bit to cartoonish for me, specialy emily and MC, but it’s ok
    Animation are really good and feel almost real, climax is well pictured, rare to see that kind of details in VN.
    give it a try and don’t be fooled by ntr tag if you choose the love path you won’t know there is such thing.

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