Girl House [v1.5.2 Extra][Final][Astaros3D]

Console Commands:
credits ; present value
credits = xxx ; change value
credits ; verify new value

restore roulette “no fraud”:
roulette_fraud = False
roulette_win = 0

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

View Walkthrough

1st photo of Lola blowjob
– get the feather from Vanessa’s room. Left side of bed, next to pillow.
– visit Lola after 23.00.
– remove the bed clothes.
– select the feather in inventory and tickle her feet.
– then tickle her waist.
– when directed to take the photo, use the camera app on your phone.

– Vanessa gives you this task when you ask how you can help a few times.
– she gives you the key.
– you need rat poison, so order it from your phone.
– next day when it arrives, you need to have the knife.
– in kitchen, click on the rack of knives on the wall. then click the one knife you can take.
– to collect the rat poison, open the front door, then click on the down-arrow to the right, to look down.
– now select knife in inventory and use it to open the box.
– to get into the cellar, select the key and use on the cellar door.
– in the cellar, select the rat poison and go forwards.

– Find the laptop in the lounge under the TV. 2nd cupboard from the left.
– FInd the battery on the shelves in the cellar.
– In your inventory, click and drag the battery onto the laptop. Or vice-versa. One of those works.
– Try to open the laptop, you will see you need to know the password.
– Not sure how you’re supposed to find the pw, but it is the MILF’s name. Default “Vanessa” (capital V), unless you changed it.
– Check out the bondage photos of Vanessa in the desktop folder.
– Give the laptop to Mia.

Mia cam-girl
– Find the camgirl business card in Vanessa’s room.
– Left side of bed, in chest of drawers, 2nd drawer from bottom. click on the card.
– Now you can suggest it to Mia.

– Mia doesn’t want to be identified on camera.
– Look in the wardrobe in your room, the right-hand door. (Click left arrow in own room to see wardrobe.)
– On the bottom shelf is a mask.
– Take it, and then go back and talk to Mia.

– You get a hint that Vicky is interested in sex or sucking your cock.
– See her by the pool (12.00 – 14.00). Tell her to suck your cock.
– She uses you to snap photos of her and your cock, to maker her ex jealous.
– Sometime later you can do this again – this time she’ll ride your face and snap another photo.

Meet the doctor (1st time)
– I think you need to have paid to see Mia’s tits once before the doctor will come.

Meet the doctor (2nd time)
– Need to have the lust meter full so that you will be able to influence her.
– You will get a hint that you have enough energy.
– SMS the doctor. She replies that she will come tomorrow.
– After breakfast, in the hallway, doctor appears. First the angel and demon hypnotise her.
– Take her down into the basement, do the steps offered.

Something erotic
– replace Lola’s book with something erotic.
– Lola tells you that she’s reading The Time Machine.
– Go to Vanessa’s room, get the book “Self Love” from the drawer to the right of her bed.
– Order the glue-stick online. (Not the strong glue)
– Collect the glue the next day. Using the knife which you already got from the kitchen (see Rats above).
– Once this quest is unlocked, you will see the book “The Time Machine” on the right side of Lola’s drawers, next to the lamp. Pick it up.
– In your inventory, drag the knife onto the Time Machine book, to remove the cover.
– Drag the glue onto the book cover.
– Drag Self Love onto the glued cover.
– Select the newly created book and put it back where it was.
– Now after 21.00(?) you can use the Snooper (buy it) and peek through her door to see her masturbating.

Blowjob photo 2
– when confronted about masturbating, Lola denies it.
– buy a snooper recording upgrade ($1000), which can be applied immediately.
– view her again, (20.00)
– show Mia the photo the next day.
– send Mia the photo via SMS to continue.

Buy a sunscreen
– After Vanessa’s kitchen scene (jean cut-offs, cutting vegetables, sucking your thumb)?
– Talk to her sunbathing at 14.00 by the pool.
– buy sunscreen.
– now you can also visit Vicky at 12:00 and apply lotion to her. She teases you again, and the demon plans revenge.
– Vanessa at 14.00, first do and her shoulders and legs. Then bra strap and bottom.
– Vanessa goes for a swim, her bikini top vanishes.

New swimsuit
– Buy her a new swimsuit.
– Give it to her next day.
– Go watch her and offer to do sunscreen again.

Teach her a lesson
– buy crazy glue
– drag it on top of sunscreen
– apply to vicky next day at pool at 12.00.
– use her.

Lola is not an angel
Hint reads: Check Lola’s room when she’s not there and see what you find.
– Look at her desk (forward then left), look at her homework. Draw a penis on it.
– Next day at 13.30, be in her room, talk to her.
– Next day at 13.30, be in her room AGAIN, talk to her.

Explore the house and talk to its inhabitants.
– Talk to Lola, get a BJ.

See naked Lola.
– Watch her in the shower, 07:30, until you get caught.

See Vanessa in her room at 18.30.
– nice scene

Be at the pool at midday
– Vicky is there with a friend, Barbara.
– New task: go find swim trunks.
– Look on your wardrobe, left side, 2nd bottom shelf.
– Return to pool. Interact with girls. See nice lesbian scene and then Vanessa touches you up.

Lola probably wants you again.
– First get another blowjob.
– Leads to 69 which she loves.
– Ask to have sex. She says yes, but 69. You say no, real sex.
– She’s too tight, so buy lubricant.

Lola must become a whore
– No hints.
– She’s already DTF in her room.
– Seems have to do the photoshoot (3rd?) with Bella where she offers sex if you can get Mia to join.
– Buy the new porn movie available (College girls #3), and watch it. Choose to organise the threesome.
(I didn’t do this and had to repeat, which you can do immediately)
– End up having sex with Mia, and Lola joins in. Task completed.

Mia promised to come to the photo studio with us.
– But no option to discuss that with Mia.
– That’s because the walkthrough mod I had was for version 1.4.0, and the game is 1.5.2.
– After loading that save in a clean 1.5.2 install, I have the option after visiting Mia and talking.

Console cheat to unlock gallery pictures and scenes:
“gallery_ids” will show you which gallery entries exist, and + ID is the reference to that image that needs to be set True to be visible. e.g.:

These same IDs will also unlock the scene replay.

Download Walkthrough Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder

Gallery Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 86%
Visual - 93%
Engagement - 91%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.29 ( 91 votes)

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  1. please can someone help me, I am stuck on the mission in which i have to pick up the book from lola room i have tapped everywhere but i wasn’t able to get the book

  2. please can someone help me, i m stuck on the mission in which i have to pick up the book from lola room i have tapped everywhere but i wasn’t able to pick up the book

  3. This one was pretty good but it hurts doing the same over and over, besides its final was disappointing and makes 0 sense, it was too rushed. If u want good scenes this is ur game, if u want a good story…. i wouldnt even try it

  4. i am stuck at this quest when trying to “take a look at the neighbour” the game logout and shows

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While loading :

    how can i fix this ?

  5. alguien me puede decir que puedo hacer con lola me dice que tengo que tomarle una foto mientras tenemos relaciones pero nose como tomarla

  6. i bouth the stuff in the shop on the cellphone and it doesent appear on my backpack items , BUG 🙁

    1. When you buy something from shop (almost all things) will be delivered next day to the front door just click on the door and you will have a 3rd arrow, not back or forward which are always there, on the right side down which will reveal the package you open with a knife.

  7. idk y this game is rated so high the mc is just a simp ass bitch that gets teased throughout the whole game

  8. ÔªøI’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While loading :
    File “game/ascript/!places/!mlf_house/_lts_room/lts_room.rpy”, line 229, in script call
    call screen return_null
    File “game/ascript/!places/neighbor/pool/pool2.rpy”, line 239, in script
    scene neigh_sc2_57 with Dis:
    File “game/ascript/!places/!mlf_house/_lts_room/lts_room.rpy”, line 229, in script call
    call screen return_null
    File “game/ascript/!places/neighbor/pool/pool2.rpy”, line 239, in script
    scene neigh_sc2_57 with Dis:
    Exception: Could not load image u’images/!content/neighbor/pool/sc2/neigh_sc2_57.png’: error(‘Failed to decode WEBP’,)

    1. I got one too in the first pool session with the neighboor. I reinstalled without the patch and pass the scene. Then, i reinstalled the patch.

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