Forbidden Basketball [Final] [Effx Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod + Gallery Unlock


Gallery/scene replay unlock, cheating, add. settings (textbox opacity, textbox offset, textsize, text outlines, quick menu options), MC rename, named saves


Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder


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Editor's Rating

Story - 84%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 1.64 ( 39 votes)

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    1. so the dev turned into a cry baby bitch because he was getting so much hate for this garbage all he had to do was remove the stat system maybe improve a few things here and there and it could have been good instead he turned into a child, and well if he does do another one i doubt he will get much support for it

  1. lol, I did make the effort to finish it despite the lake of story.
    2 things are obvious:
    First the creator reworked the game and messed it up even more than before (based on comments).
    Second he was so frustrated that he only made a bad ending…no way to avoid it for the player.
    Not sure it was because of negative feedback or because he did not know any better but final version is not even worth a 1 out of 5.

  2. Some comments are not accurate any more.
    The version I downloaded on October 2023 has hotspots highlighted for those going for the extra pictures and the points are not relevant.
    But the story (story???) is non existent. No plot, no emotional relation with any girl, it’s more in the meet and fuck concept that any plot. Sex animations are bad, dialogues childish to say it mildly and visuals are not really the best quality. Would not even quality for harem as the girls are only fuck buddies.
    Honestly was not able to finish it…got way too bored but reached about mid of episode 4.
    All in all would not give it a 2 / 5.

  3. I have not liked graphics, not liked paths and choices variety, not liked the plot. For me it is a 1,5 on 5, really a poor product.

  4. If you put it that way of course, but think of it as a review for fellow user of this site. The reviews sometimes are valid and on point.

  5. Dunno why people be hating on the guy. I mean the guy actually take time to play the game and give valid reviews based on his perspective, rather then skipping through the game and just shit about the CGs or basic shit.

    1. The “you can dream” mechanic, which is similar as trying to find some hidden CG while freeroam by clicking on things in Being a DIK. The difference is that this game trigger this mini game randomly between dialogues and after only clicking once, the game tells you either you “guessed” right or wrong, then you can either decide whether or not you want to skip or continue to try finding the hidden CG. The problem with this is that It does NOT highlight the location or hidden it in a reasonable fashion such as in a obvious item or body part and you get ONE TRY and its “skip or continue” which is frustrating after a couple of back and forth.

      So yeah, after actually trying it out, I also HATE this part of the game, it is immersion breaking and cutting the natural flow of the game. I decided to skip this part of the game since I couldn’t find any walkthrough on this game in 1 minute.

      1. Yeah, finished the game, and I must say the DEVs must’ve had their balls cut off or something. The game ended abruptly with a really lousy ending, and the “DEV” character in game shit on you afterwards and said “he didn’t care”. The fuck happen? Who hurt this man?

  6. Nope. This is my last comment on the game. It is worth NO ONE'S time to download. Save yourself the pain... says:

    And now the fucking principal just expells MC for CONSENSUALLY fucking her daughter (who WANTED TO BE CAUGHT) on her desk; with admission of him having blackmail evidence against her [which she would NOT do by the way; as it incriminates her as well if anyone were to discover WHY she was fucking Rachael in general and you SHOULD have let MC bring up what he heard by INSINUATION = he gets one over on her and can OPEN sex with her as a “reward” on top of staying IN SCHOOL!]

    That ending was you being a massively over frustrated asshole to your entire audience man. Go fuck yourself on every possible level. To have the gal to have the introduction janitor moron say “and this is where the game ends – because Fuck it; I’m a little bitch coder and it’s hard, and you all tell me how much the game actually sucks – meanwhile I wrote in so much gay shit I’m probably projecting, and talking so much shit about ‘being a man’ that I probably don’t even know how to be one and never will.” [I really hate getting that level of insulting man… but fuck me. You deserve it for all of that bullshit. All. Of. It.] * Nothing gets resolved. Hell, dude if you wanted to quit this concept so fucking bad = abandon the game and create a new one. Problem fucking solved. You didn’t need to add a bad copy of Jenna Ortega cause your ass has a crush you know will never happen – who’s literal purpose is a BAD END for the player. You didn’t need to write planned tags as Pregnancy at all; because you have to actually let the guy come inside and NOT state baldly that every fucking girl who does is on the pill for that, genius. I’m honestly surprised you ever had a plan at all. This is a concept of good riddance to half cocked rubbish. That is all. Really I should not even let myself get this worked up over it. But you truly, deeply pissed me off.

  7. also: Fuck you for the whole gay TED scene with the I’m going to take my frustrations out on MC for no fucking reason when he had NOTHING to do with the whole event – and DOUBLE fuck you for Divora gripping his balls without MC being able to grip her throat; shove her against the locker and say “The next time you dare to touch me without my express consent I will rip your tits off, and shove them into that fat assed mouth!” [That IS equality!]

    Fuck off with all the insinuation of sexual violence against MALES. If it’s NOT okay for a female = it’s NOT okay to do it to a male. Dickhead. >.<

  8. Also; my dude = No One Is going to find your bullshit extra content DREAM pictures if they are NOT constantly HIGHLIGHTED. Whether I have the mouse right over them or not!!! At this point you could fucking put the damned thing in NEON and Maybe then I would actually know where the holy fuck you want the player to click. The pic should ALWAYS be found somewhere ON THE DAMNED GIRL. It does not need to be in the top corner, in the bottom corner; on some random object that has nothing to do with sexual context at all, or half way to Timbuck-fucking-too!

    How in the hell do you not grasp that concept as a developer? You’re literally making more work for yourself that no one can fucking appreciate (and I wouldn’t put it past you to have other guys in the pictures that are “bonus” material – so it’s NOT much of a bonus if you’re that assholish about it, is it?) if they CAN NEVER FIND IT!

  9. Okay ASSHOLE – You realize that “rape play” isn’t something to EVER joke about or do in a public space?
    He wouldn’t just be EXPELLED for that bullshit (Aside from the fact she LITERALLY CALLS IT RAPE PLAY so the PLAYER should be able to CALL HER OUT ON THAT BULLSHIT YOU RETARD!!! = IT’S NOT EVIDENCE)
    He could end up arrested, and charged. If not jailed.

    Because you wanted to do a “spy on way too much gay shit that doesn’t fucking need to be in the game!!!”
    Again: Harem. Harem is the goal MOST players WILL go for. Because the girls are there and most players have some level of possessive streak; and it would be expected of a star basketball player – also fuck you for having the rando MC just fucked as your FIRST SEX SCENE manage to call him the weakest member of the team. Bite me, a wink does NOT fix that – Harem also DOES NOT mean every girl fucks every other girl. It means THEY ALL ONLY FUCK ONE GUY!
    Divora is not fixed just because she IS fucking someone else, but it’s a girl; you realize a lot of Les shit involves strap ons right? Fingers going in far and hard enough STILL MEAN SHE’S NOT A VIRGIN! Jesus.
    Emma should have a warning before asking if we want to peek on her because there DOES NOT NEED TO BE ANYTHING THAT GATES CONTENT. FOR ANY REASON = AND YES! Pregnancy is DESIRED. So fuck absolutely off with the “not inside me!” or “I’m on the pill” crap. You kill the fantasy that way and it does absolutely ruin the Harem ENDGAME content. Bloody hell. Rachael as far as I am concerned can now go straight to hell. She was attractive to start with but if you’re going to just make every second girl a dyke or bi, what the fuck is the point in chasing any of them? Massive slut who’ll fuck anything that walks IS NOT A TURN ON.

    Having an actual Faculty Member Entrap the MC into a situation where HE IS FAR MORE SCREWED THAN EITHER OF THOSE TWO BITCHES WOULD EVER BE, is NOT okay. For any reason. That alone makes her a dead character to me. It does make me want to rage quit. So you better do one of two things: Fuck off with any more lesbian content with Rachael and MAKE HER SOFTEN to the MC immediately afterward, and GIVE HIM THE EVIDENCE – or have him sneak into that blasted office; bend the fucking principal over the desk to BREED because she’s ovulating and wants it, and THEN DELETE THE EVIDENCE. Either of those two things (would still not make what you wrote okay. At all) but they might keep some players from rage quitting and never bothering with the game again. We barely knew either the principal OR Rachael to be drawn to them to start with and you decide to be a MASSIVE DICK and pull this shit? Come the fuck on man; use your damned head. Not the little one either…

  10. If you don’t like faggots you are a faggot. The old stand by in shaming language. Does that work for everything else? Like if you don’t like peanut butter do you secretly like it if you say you don’t like it?

  11. I have moved to support games that I got here. Basically I use this place as a trial, and I want to see “frequent” updates to a project without having to follow millions of them on patreon first.

  12. i will have to agree with you on that the No fairy seems to have a fairly large lady boner for thinking every game has to be a harem and then goes on some long winded rant about how it’s not this or that. but for me a fucking hate NTR but i have given some AVNs a go with said tag and there are some where u can either turn it off or it is easily avoidable i just find it best to say fuck it download it and see whats what if it’s garbage delete and move on just like i did with this but TB is actually right on the money with this there is nothing fun about this the characters in this are just bland and boring and the points system is a total garbage

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