Anna Exciting Affection [Chapter 2 v0.9.7] [DeepSleep]

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Chapter 1

Download Chapter 1 Split Files

Chapter 2 - VN

Chapter 2 - Sandbox

Download for Mac
Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - VN

Chapter 2 - Sandbox

Download for Android

Download Gallery Unlocker

Install: just copy the contents to a RPY file (like the gallery_unlock.rpy attached) and place that file on the game/ folder.

Download CG

CG (computer Graphics) is basically only the images and videos form the game without the game files themselves. You don’t need them in order to play the game. Download them only if you wish to browse the images and videos without playing the game itself.

Location Helpers

Decided to make these location helper things since I couldn’t find where Dilan was at for way too long. Please excuse my terrible paint skills. The park/police station have no locations / aren’t clickable yet. If I missed something or didn’t leave a note, just say so.

Office Building

^ This is Reception

^ This is lobby

* Anna’s Office bottom left. Also where coffee is.
* Back to lobby is top right

* Cary is Dr. Eilhart bottom right
Schmidt Office.png

* To get the key you must go to Dr.Schmidt’s office and click the plant, then click the cubbard to get camera.
* Dr. Schmidt is also called Harold.

* Alfred is in corridor on left.
* Anne’s home is bottom of corridor, where Ann is standing.
* Fridge/Coffee in Kitchen — Bath in bathroom — Wardrobe/Bed in Bedroom

* The clothing store is Alfred’s


Download Save

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 94%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 89%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.05 ( 39 votes)

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  1. Great game but it keeps on crashing after a few saves and yesterday even lost a few days which was a drag. Has anybody else have this issue?

  2. No Cucks Allowed! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your not an alpha your a whiney loser baby back bitch beta all you do is moan and bitch LOL alpha that’s a good one sissy boy

  3. Well, I’m a man! An alpha male! I wouldn’t play the part of a female in any adult game … EVER! This is for cucks and Karens.

    1. i dont like to play as a female protagonist either
      but let’s not insult those who doesn’t share the same taste with us

  4. Can you help me out I’m stuck on meeting with dilan’s place in can’t open trying clicking on the doore..but it can’t open!

  5. I tried giving game a go a couple of times and both times I’m put off by the sandbox like environment where you need to control a little character on the map. I don’t mind sandbox when I’m clicking to destination or environment… but when I have to also move a little char around, it felt so pointless.

    It’s a shame because most reviewers really enjoy the game. however, not my cup of tea

  6. Great game, certainly a 9 out of 10. If you’re a speed reader then it may crash a few times so save often. The story takes a little bit to get going but once it does holy hell its good. Keep the map handy to get you around, it’s not a complicated city but it takes a couple of days, two or three to play the game and remembering where everything is can get fuzzy.

  7. This is a great game. One of the best in this genre. The creator understands the formula for creating highly erotic situations and encounters. And the game is packed with them! So many! One great one after another. Other game creators of this genre should play this game and take notes! I’m not kidding!

    That said, English wasn’t their first language, I don’t think. Just about every dialog line has an error. So just accept this and get past it so you can enjoy a truly well-done erotic production. Oh, and download the town map too, available above, and you’ll have no problems. There’s an in-game Journal too to follow task directions so you never get lost or stuck.

    Great work, DeepSleep!

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