Family Fun [v0.15] [Bob the Creator]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 94%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 94%
Core Loop - 92%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.38 ( 16 votes)

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One Comment

  1. I completely disagree with the rating given by this site. Story 94%? The writing is completely idiotic and unrealistic: (SPOILERS) in the first scene of the game the MC’s sister jumps on him, and sits on his hard dick, and they fight and change sexual positions, which is very unrealistic. Then on the train a passenger puts his hand on your sister’s ass, and she says she’s going to hold his hand, and she masturbates the guy saying she’s shaking his “hand” so he doesn’t touch her. Things without any logic. Your other sister masturbates you at the dinner table, but if you see her taking a shower she says she will tell her mother. The game is full of inconsistencies because the writing and script are terrible. There is no story: it is the MC interacting with the girls at home and at school, where the characters behave in a completely unrealistic way.

    The game has a single classic song that keeps repeating itself all the time, sound effects (there are some moaning sounds, kissing sounds and other similar sounds. They’re not great but they’re not bad either). There is a menu where you can see how many relationship points you have with each girl and what to do to increase them. Some events are automatic without us being able to choose and they are long and we have to keep the skip key Z pressed and they still take a long time. The animations are reasonable. And the game’s visuals in general are not very good!

    TIP: To have sex with your sister, you need to buy her a gift, but it will only appear in the online shop when you have the money. You earn money by washing dishes.

    I evolved the most with the girls, and I got tired of playing. I don’t recommend this game! Others that I consider best in the genre: Bones’ Tales: The Manor, Daily Lives of My Countryside. Other better ones with the same theme: Imouto! Life ~Fantasy~, Summertime Saga, Heart Problems, Demon Boy (EroMersive), Life in Santa County, Milfy City, Photo Hunt, Bad Bobby Saga, , Above the Clouds, Monkey Business, Infinity: Love or Lust, Proud Father, 16 years later!, Daddy Daughter Love, Duality, Cohabitation (v. Redux R5), Alice Awakening, Lust Legacy, SexNote

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