DeadMoon Survival [v0.8] [Hot Tomato]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch


Extract the archive to the “game” folder
Run “remove_useless_script_files.bat”
Run the game

Download Saves

The Renโ€™Py engine stores save games and persistent data under a separate folder. Itโ€™s exact location depends on the host operating system.


This is usually:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\RenPy\game_directory
Where YOURNAME is your username.

Mac OS X:


Android :

android/data/ or here: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/.



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Editor's Rating

Story - 70%
Visual - 80%
Engagement - 72%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.83 ( 84 votes)

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  1. I played version 0.8, the game so far is a overall traditional linear VN with QTE in it. The story is based around the struggle of incestuous relationship between the MC and his mother and sister in a apocalyptic world. The build up to where they are at, as well as those emotions that goes through the characters are good and interesting.

    Other then the incest storyline, the main story plot itself I did not really like. Without spoiling anything, I did not really cared about the outside world, or at least the mystery insinuating things did not interest me much. I especially disliked the supernatural aspect of things that was hinted.

    Although currently with 0.8, there is a lot of content and story for you to read, those who like actual “action” and only care about those things would be disappointed. There is NO actual penetration until the very near end of this version, and the first scene you get, you don’t even get it “properly” (I mean anal) because the fear of pregnancy in a apocalyptic world. Of course you get a few randos fucking while one of the character “fantasizing”, but that could be missed if you closed the “cheating” option.

    In conclusion, it is a emotional slowburn which gets people into the story, but sort of blueballs you in a understandable way which fits the narrative. The character and animations are assets from Illusion so its a hit or miss depending on the person playing. The plot is ok, but I rather the author focus more on the incest and pregnancy. 8/10

  2. Lesbianism focused game and too much grooming into making the mc feel like he is guilty for having sexual feelings for his mother and sister in apocalyptic world where there are no other females around him. I will not be surprised if the author is a female, because there no empathy in this game for the male protagonist.

  3. It’s alright. Story is pretty good and the ntr is avoidable and only fantasized about, as far as I could tell. Not my avenue of exploration, tbh. Honestly, the worst criticism this game deserves is how much blue balling there is and there isn’t much romantic build up. It follows a standard and boring sex is a video game logic, where you need to clear each incremental level to progress. And it always teases progress, before the scenes end. Loop and repeat from each end point. Frankly, it feels less believable when games follow the slow corruption path rather than two people in the throws of passion making a mistake, especially this far into the story. Women get just as horny as men.

    Deadmoon Survival’s developer operates under the false assumption that sex is the peak of every romantic relationship and I guarantee the game will end close after that point. Never even attempting to make the relationship really romantic or believable. Just bog standard corruption with a throw away ending involving both leads maybe pregnant. Yes, it feels that predictable. One of the very few games I’ve played where I enjoy the actual story more than the heroines.

    3/5 Good story, decent enough models, and frustrating af relationship development.

  4. I dont know what these guys are talking about, but the MC gets better throughout the game. Good story. I just dont get why fhey stayed there for years instead of moving out to a less populated area. Makes 0 sense.

  5. Not only is the MC a giant wastrel and complete waste of air, he is a piece of shit cuck as well.

    If you are a loser that’s never been with a girl, have no sense of self worth, are just now coming out as a homo fag, and puberty completely skipped you then this a game for you.

    1. Most off the time i believe you, but i actually played this game. Only in the first part off the game the MC is weak because he is a kid, but kids grow up and he is getting stronger later on. I did not see NTR, or it has to be the MC cucking his dad, or after a couple off updates in the future, now there is no sign off that happening. The story is interesting enough to play this game, until the dev fucks it up i keep playing.

      1. I binned this game at 0.3. The MC was just too insufferable. Then came the NTR with one of the MC’s LI playing with another dick plus other scenes, so it’s there.

        Kindread was much better and none of the NTR garbage, just too bad it got abandoned.

        1. That was in the first part of the game, but you got the choice to turn that shit down, that is what i did. In the rest off the game it don’t came up anymore, because it’s only the sister, mother and the mc.

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