DeadMoon Survival [v0.7] [Hot Tomato]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch


Extract the archive to the “game” folder
Run “remove_useless_script_files.bat”
Run the game

Download Saves

The Ren’Py engine stores save games and persistent data under a separate folder. It’s exact location depends on the host operating system.


This is usually:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\RenPy\game_directory
Where YOURNAME is your username.

Mac OS X:


Android :

android/data/ or here: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/.



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Editor's Rating

Story - 70%
Visual - 80%
Engagement - 72%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.95 ( 57 votes)

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  1. I dont know what these guys are talking about, but the MC gets better throughout the game. Good story. I just dont get why fhey stayed there for years instead of moving out to a less populated area. Makes 0 sense.

  2. Not only is the MC a giant wastrel and complete waste of air, he is a piece of shit cuck as well.

    If you are a loser that’s never been with a girl, have no sense of self worth, are just now coming out as a homo fag, and puberty completely skipped you then this a game for you.

    1. Most off the time i believe you, but i actually played this game. Only in the first part off the game the MC is weak because he is a kid, but kids grow up and he is getting stronger later on. I did not see NTR, or it has to be the MC cucking his dad, or after a couple off updates in the future, now there is no sign off that happening. The story is interesting enough to play this game, until the dev fucks it up i keep playing.

      1. I binned this game at 0.3. The MC was just too insufferable. Then came the NTR with one of the MC’s LI playing with another dick plus other scenes, so it’s there.

        Kindread was much better and none of the NTR garbage, just too bad it got abandoned.

        1. That was in the first part of the game, but you got the choice to turn that shit down, that is what i did. In the rest off the game it don’t came up anymore, because it’s only the sister, mother and the mc.

  3. Dev, if you are telling me that your fantasy game is “realistic” I’m not even going to bother dl-ing. Sorry, but let’s try to be actually realistic here. Instructing potential users that your way of fantasizing is more legitimate than everyone else’s – and by extension that if anyone doesn’t like something in your game than they are not ‘realistic’ – is pretty weak sauce, my man.

  4. While loading :
    File “game/scripts/script.rpy”, line 10755, in script
    File “renpy/common/000statements.rpy”, line 455, in execute_pause
    OSError: Couldn’t find file ‘zrun748.jpg’.
    OSError: Couldn’t find file ‘zsave663.jpg’.
    How to fix it???

  5. While loading :
    File “game/scripts/script.rpy”, line 10755, in script
    File “renpy/common/000statements.rpy”, line 455, in execute_pause
    OSError: Couldn’t find file ‘zrun748.jpg’.

  6. Every time he encounters a large group of zombies, the hero can always get rid of them wittily, but as long as he encounters a zombie acting alone, he stands still like a cerebral palsy. In this case, even kindergarten children will run away.I don’t know why the author wants to set up such a character.

  7. Holy fucking shit. MC is a PUSSY! The story idea is good, but. If you enjoy the NEVER ENDING, constant “omg what am I doing/thinking” shit, and the absolute constant brother sister bickering like 5 year olds, then this is for you. All I could concentrate on was the urge to fast click past 90 percent of the horrible text! And there is a LOT! I wanted to punch the screen, it was so infuriating. Most of the time developing this game was spent on the writer trying to battle his own demons, between the shame of his lust for incest, and the overwhelming desire to beat his sisters ass. Holy shit Dev, Grow UP!

    1. the mc is a bit slow for sure, but i feel that its more humor than actual stupidity, and the whole apocolypse situation reminds me of Now and Then, which is pretty good as well.

    2. Dear developer, despite the criticism you have received, I would like to encourage you to continue your work. As most of the reviews have voiced, I agree the MC needs some work. His character is not exactly likable, but understandable– he’s immature and has lived in this apocalyptic world for the good part of his life. He speaks of being courageous, and making this world his, taking back control, but how can he possibly do so if he doesn’t even have control of his own impulses? I would suggest to build a better character to do a time-forward glow up, allowing some events to transpire that would give him a wake up call. He continuously goes back and forth between feeling like he’s powerless or all powerful. Or perhaps instead of a time leap, let him take the initiative. Let him explore his doubts he has about the things his mother has told him. Arm him with a weapon and allow him to explore the world to find his own truth. And er… ditch the panties. And work on his pubes… not very pleasant to look at.

      I think the drawn out sexual tension between MC and his mother and sister is necessary. I mean, if we were actually faced with an apocalypse– even if your relatives were the last ppl on earth would you be so quick to jump their bones? What you’re doing in this area is realistic and the build– working towards the taboo makes it all the better for when it comes to fruition. Taboo really loses its appeal if there is no hesitation. I’m really growing sick of incest that acts as if its commonplace. So, addressing the comment above– the developer decidedly made this an incest VN, SO rather than “battling his own demons,” I feel that this developer took a more realistic approach to incest. Its not something that should come easy and the build makes it all the more exciting when things come to an head. The pervy, son, father, brother, cousin thing is getting old. True taboo involves a great degree of resistance. In the meantime, I can use my imagination 😉

      That being said, keep working on this project, I think it has great potential. The English definitely needs work. I’m no translator, but i would love to help smooth out the text. If the translation is poor, but understandable, I can help smooth out those kinks in my spare time.

        1. Oh my! What a tragedy! Thank you kindly for steering me in the right direction. Whatever would I have done without your guidance? O’ wise one, where is this “steam” and how may I reach the devs that dwell there? Please do tell! I eagerly await the day of enlightenment! OohoOhoOo!


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