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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Gallery Unlocker

  • Features:

    -Lock / Unlock button in top right corner of Replays page to Lock / Unlock scenes.


    Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.
    Should be “game/script/replay.rpy”

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Editor's Rating

Story - 70%
Visual - 83%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.3 ( 371 votes)

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  1. All girls “identify” as 18. So it’s ok. oh and a houseplant. One does anyway. Another as a man. 3rd as Chewbacca. So everything is cool.

  2. This is some amazing pedophilia. I threw up just seeing the image on the homescreen and chunks of breakfast came out my nose. Good job devs! You owe me a clean shirt.

  3. Hmm i just want an option to share mc loli to others. One male mc rule all quite boring
    NTR for life ma bois

  4. Just wanted to mention that when 0.8.6r eventually gets posted here, it’s not an actual update (it’s a bugfix for 0.8.5r) and it came out about 2 days after 0.8.5r.

    0.8.6r adds a Paths option to the quick menu that will allow you to rejoin a path if you come off of one.

  5. The screenshots here come from the old version (you still can download v.0.8.2 on torrents)
    Current version changed everything (basically censored game into oblivion). I have both and compared them frame by frame. If you never played this game before – download old version first. It was much better!

    1. “censored into oblivion”
      If you’re missing huge chunks of the game, then you most likely came off a character path somewhere.
      Also note that there is content that is hidden behind the dark path (that can be enabled in the settings)

  6. The update ignores saves from the previous version. It’s broken. I don’t intend to play it all over again. :/

    1. I played it again and guess what ?
      It stopped at the same point where the older update stopped. No new content.

      1. WTF!? … THX for telling us! So no point to go through the hassle all over again! Damn it! Did dev correct spelling mistakes or what?

    2. I had back to the start of day 8 and the game runs ok after this point.
      I sujest you guys try it too.

  7. Great , just hope in the future update can add option to make pregnant or not, that would then make the game complete for me

  8. Played it ,loved it the only thing I can say that might be missing is the sound it would nice to add a bit of effect to it like eg if it rain then maybe added rain showers effect and the Mc or anyone bath or shower then added effect to hear that tap on effect like these eggs would make the game even more better , I will continue the support you for the development of the game

  9. Seriously, if do not like it 🤢then why come here in the first place you knew what kind of websites this and if dont like game that are lolis then go somewhere else because for one I like this game it funny and I hope the developer keeping making updates 😀


  11. Gay grooming game, developers today are so evil. they forced you to fuck loli, loli lover is sick in the head and should be roasted alive.

    1. The MC in this one isn’t gay, #nohomo.

      He’s straight and white, just like you.

      Incels are pretty sick in the head, tho, so it wouldn’t be beneath you.

      Get help or get arrested, pedo. I don’t care which.

    2. Can you teach us about this gay grooming, oh wise one ? I mean it seems you know all about it. You must of sucked a dick or two in your lifetime, which means you are well-trained in the cock sucking lifestyle.

      1. Yes of course. Anyone not part of globohomo is secretly gay. This is how obsessed you are with faggot shit. Can’t imagine there are normal people out there against gay shit because it’s disgusting, immoral and unhealthy.

  12. The 0.7 you see before you is not the original 0.7, this is a new 0.7 taken from the latest build.
    It has content in it that the previous 0.7 did not have.
    The reason for this new 0.7 is so you can make saves that will work on future versions of the game.

    Context wise, just imagine the game went from 0.6 to this new 0.7 and forget about the 0.7.1/0.7.2 builds.

  13. Thankfully I looked at the changelog before replacing the previous version with the new one. Honestly, what kind of bullshit is this? It’d have been fine if the game hadn’t included any loli content from the beginning, but changing that mid development is ridiculous.

  14. WTF man (dev), you completely destroyed the game. I will stop playing this & stop following this game.
    Was waiting for the update for long, but extremely disappointed what you have done after the update. Why dont you quit making adult VN.

  15. if you had to remove half of the game at least wait until you make up for it with new content don’t just announce that you’ve torn the game in half !

    1. Nah, he’s scared because the creator of Proud Father got vanned and his life is now ruined for making a game.

  16. You can put all the homo crap you want in a game. In fact most games have that now and it’s encouraged. However if you don’t like a shitty dick and prefer virgin pussy you are out of luck.

  17. The only updates after 0.7 were cut downs. RIP
    The dev is on run with shit in pants, is on the redemption path and no vision do develop further. Took 3 months to take away view scenes, nothing added. lame

  18. There was a sexy project, there was a little lack of sperm, since he did not draw it well at all, but the sex scenes were so lustful, it was gorgeous after the release of this update, the developer cut out all the scenes and added nothing new, this is idiocy! I think there is no point in waiting and supporting him further, since my assumption is that he will simply throw him out of the lack of support, since there is no point in supporting him, the whole highlight of the project was in perverted sex scenes! And that now the average graphics of the sex scene I would say mildly are terrible and the plot is getting boring that’s what we got with the new update!

  19. after v0.7sv update game is halved. I think it’s not worth playing anymore. If people with young bodies appear in the game, it is necessary to design the game from scratch.

  20. The game changed a lot as i reed in other forums as well. I didn’t tried the new version yet because i was waiting to finish, but if what i read is true, the game is not the same and maybe not worthily anymore.

  21. I get an error on day 7: “could not find label d72”

    Does anyone know how to fix it? I’ve tried taking different paths, but it always shows up at that point. Also it doesn’t allow me to ignore it, so I’m stuck.

    1. ‘label d72’ isn’t in the game script or the mod script for 0.7.1

      It used to be in the old 0.7 version, but the scripts were altered in 0.7.1 with the introduction of the Dark Path and censored version.

      Start a fresh game and it should fix itself (just don’t load a save from 0.7)

  22. You rewrote some of the best scenes and took out the best ones. You also took away the ability to choose age for the characters. Game is trash now.

    1. I added a new Megan scene on Day4 night, and moved the old rape scene to the dark path.
      The censored version does not have custom ages or the dark path (as the dark path contains the sex scene with April, and many sites have issues with that content).

    1. Go to the character menu on the main menu to rename characters.
      Instead of naming the characters while you’re playing, the game will now pull the names you’ve set in the character menu.

  23. They tag loli but the truth is to make people feel better and turn blind eye to pedophile game and it’s disgusting

    1. shut the fuck up you dumbass retarded faggot nigger that cant tell the difference between a cartoon and reallife. fucking faggot nigger

        1. Do you understand what fantasy is? If every person is accused of violating moral values in the fantasy world, we will have no people left. All people are by nature lustful perverts!!

    2. LMAO And yet you’re here playing a pussy & cock game I guess that makes you gay huh ? So you don’t need to worry about being a pedophile when you’re busy sucking off a fat load. Just enjoy it and shut up a suck it.

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