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Cartel Mom [v0.5] [IndianaTK]

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* Touch Gestures (menu, hide, skip, rollback, skip, fast-skip, performance, console)
* Medium Compression (Image / Video / Audio)
* Video Hardware Acceleration
* Powersaver
* Text Size Zoom
* Accessibility options
* User mod compatible: on your phone, copy mod’s .rpy or .rpyc file(s) into /Documents/Renpy_Saves/com.estrada777.gamename/game/
* Dual save locations (Standard + Documents/RenPy_Saves) that will not be deleted when uninstalling
!Grant storage permissions on first run!

Download Spanish Patch


We will follow the translation as game updates are released.



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Editor's Rating

Story - 51%
Visual - 74%
Engagement - 55%
Core Loop - 59%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.95 ( 25 votes)

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  1. Weird choice to make the mc a midget that is also a chupacabra. Like, the pic of him next to the dialogue looks normal but the in game model is something so bad that it has to be deliberate. There have been some goofy MCs in some games but honestly, this is the worst I’ve ever seen.

  2. Very curvy, attractive women. Decent music and backdrops. But unfortunately that’s all it has going for it. Well, okay, one of those BJ’s was superb.

    My suggestions: Never show the MC’s head; neither front nor back of it. Keep the guy a complete mystery except for his junk. Just occlude as much as you can of him, or just keep it out of frame. 2nd, you need to do a lot more thinking about what constitutes an erotic scene; the circumstance and the dialog, and the focus of the dialog, if any, during! Take note from other devs what dialog makes the scene more erotic and what dialog kills the effect. There are sadly very few who do this well. 3rd, you want one party–usually the woman–against having sex with the MC and only letting it happen reluctantly as the player reward. And never have her be eager! Always reluctant and submitting as the reward.

    Improve these things and you’ll get dedicated fans, because there’s potential here…

    1. You have told everything bro….just the way i enjoy a game…..yeah female must be reluctant….that’s the fun!…we classy guys dont want whores.

  3. 60 is *WAY* too generous—-I’d give it a 40. Bad models, bad story (see below)

    Cartel Mom
    OK I love boobs as much as anyone.
    But some of us also love *STORIES*!
    This one needs a complete rework!

    1) Kinetic novels SUCK! Give us CHOICES!
    2) Every scene should be realistic. (hint dev: if there’s a mirror, everything/everyone visible IRL, should be visible in pic)
    3) Powerful people not only can hire lots of protection, they have many ways to communicate! in old days they sent messengers, etc
    4) Unless there’s magic (or sci-fi?) people don’t just “suddenly show up” inside rooms.
    5) Newsflash dev: Most women don’t wear bras to bed. (not comfortable) if u don’t know any women, go find one!
    6) anyone rich/powerful [ok even most lower middle class!] doesn’t hand wash dishes! They have servants/maids/HELP! [probably a dishwasher too…]
    7) If MC’s not a little boy, WHY is he so *SHORT*?!? [“fixed” mc still way unrealistic]
    8) another hint: In English, only little children [he’s 18+ an ADULT right?] call their mother “mommy”
    9) UGH. (ok I quit!) Women don’t give titjobs w their BRA ON! [wtf?] Seriously, check online.

  4. BIG tits. I’m not going to virtue signal like the simps and claim I hate them. I love big tits. Especially when women lean forward and do the whole pendulum thing. So hypnotic.

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