AI Shoujo [R15] [Illusion]

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2023-10-12 Optional Sideloader Modpack - Part Download (192 GB)

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Editor's Rating

Story - 78%
Visual - 89%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 83%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.79 ( 19 votes)

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  1. hi, how can i chose another language? i don’s understand japanese and every time I changue it didn’t work

  2. Every time I have downloaded the game when I test the download files they come up with HUGE corrupted file issues. Does no site offer CLEAN game file download for this game? I wanted to try it since it is supposed to be completed and I played the demo a year or so ago and the demo was fairly decent even at like 6GB or so. Does not surprise me that the full game is so large. The better quality Illusion games are larger files or come out in modules so you can “Opt in” the mod modules you want and leave the ones you don’t want out. IE: Trans/futa etc as I am guessing is not appreciated by some comments posted. I don’t care for these two subjects myself but I leave individual choice alone.

    1. Bruh are you stupid? You can’t simply deselect certain genre because futa etc is assets in game core so you can’t rip that shit out. If you don’t want download large files go visit dodi or fitgirl they are both offer higher compression rate lossless nothing ripped and encoded even with some additional languages and voices set, textures and mods etc selective download and they are using torrent download which is convenient if seeder available than these cloud storage. Learn how things work first, so you don’t look so stupid there are many legit pirated sites maybe first step join reddit piracy community first and read stuff right there

  3. Interesting, a trans faggot could actually not survive on a deserted island. The unnatural acts they commit to themselves need constant medical attention because the body naturally fights against such abominations. The hormones and other drugs needed to manipulate the body are unavailable. Things like implants eventually rupture or have other complications. Mutilated genitalia continually cause problems. It’s almost like nature is saying you are wrong.

  4. What can be unique here when the sex scenes are drawn disgustingly!Let’s be honest, almost all the game is done with one direction, it’s sex, that is, the whole point of the game is this, and the cool gameplay plot is like additional content! The whole part of the sex scenes are drawn terribly, the scenes are foreshortened textures, texture dips into each other and much more it looks just awful!

  5. [Illusion] This company is able to make erotic games, all their projects are terrible with a lot of bugs, sex scenes are terrible sometimes even the textures of the objects shed terrible angles, sperm and orgasms are just disgusting, I’m silent for the plot, it’s just not there! As a result, we get such a shitty project!

  6. Files are corrupt. There is an archive embedded in the list of downloadable files and this embedded one is corrupt. Don’t understand the previous reviews as file seems to be corrupted for a long time.

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