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Adored by the Devil [v0.8] [Empiric]

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Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.


Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 92%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 90%
Core Loop - 89%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.43 ( 103 votes)

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  1. Nice game. Story is your normal super hero MC with devils, monsters and so on. Good thing is that damsels in distress is main part of the story and not the monster killing. Story is pretty much excuse to have sexy demon girls. And no one hates nice little hero story.

    Writing is well done, as each character have different personalities and they all make situations sexual their own way. There is rarely dull moments or useless chatting. Either story is moving, characters are trying to create/diffuse drama or sexual tensions are building. But as is the story, so is the writing pretty “safe bet” -type. Just enough to move the story on and give emotions to care about the sex scenes. I don’t think anyones dick is getting hard from written text. But writing clearly has positive effect on the experience.

    But the story and writing are only there to give visuals a stage. If you like toned women with big tits and big ass, this game is for you. Most of the girls have been hit by silicone monster to their tits, but good thing is that some fat tits have been saved from it and most girls only have just some percentage of balloon sickness. Important thing is that there is many different types of big tits for everyone to find their favorite. Some faces and bodies are made with copy/paste, but at least they are really pretty. I think most of the time is used on tits and asses. With their toned bodies and huge tits, women are somewhat unrealistic. But little unrealistic can be better than even real ones. It is really nice game about extremely beautiful and sexy women on very very sexy clothing… solving problems or something. 4,5/5

  2. Good VN overall. The setting with demons and vampires and all is very interesting.

    The MC is likeable, and the girls are all beautiful (despite most having breasts that are a bit too much and unreal, imo). There are some fights and I think they kinda suck. It looks as if the characters were playing and not actually hitting each other. The MC is supposedly a very powerful demon or whatever but, well, seems like an amateur when it comes to fights.

    Something I disliked is that the VN feels quite rushed; the interactions with the girls are super short (literally a couple of phrases or a quickie and move to the next one, they don’t feel very meaningful and aren’t really enjoyable). This is more personal, but I also think there is a lot of wasted potential with the girls and the sex scenes. They are all very scripted and porn-like. The MC is supposed to be irresistible and all, yeah; but still, they could be much more arousing if they were more realistic and made it look like the characters actually like each other instead of just being sex machines. There is a scene with the detective where she could have stripped off her clothes in a sexy way, showing her curves and her amazing body or wear lingerie but nope, she goes somewhere and then comes back naked. I don’t play this VN’s for the sex scenes, so I just skipped the ones in this game, but well, I think they can be improved.

    At the end of the current version, there was what I believe was supposed to be a huge revelation about the MC, but it was made in the lamest and least exciting/impactful way. He also loses a battle very stupidly.

    It’s still decent and worth playing, though. Looking forward to future releases.

  3. Still short, so might have to wait a bit more to make a definitive opinion. But so far the animations are not bad, the story is nothing really new so far with demons, vampires…and MC in the centre. But it is entertaining.
    So far Mc is not really portrayed as likeable…the overconfidence personality sets every girls/monster in a fuck buddy partner and you don’t really feel like hi is developing any meaningful relationship with them so the romance tag does not really feel adequate so far. For some reason already 2 girls in the “cam girls” path. Might be a kink from author or his supporters …not my thing but no judgement here. Most girls with giant boobs but some do look more “normal”.
    No much choices abut they are clear enough to know what what path you are taking (or avoiding).
    Personally I think so far it’s work following …not enough to support yet, but it has the potential to get there.

  4. what the fuck is this comment section?!?!?! its a clusterfuck of bitchy little retards fighting over who hates sucking daddy’s dick more.

    1. shhhhh – leave them be. It’s actually a jury of peers solving the world’s problems using an evidence based system developed by these peers themselves. So far they have seem to have arrived at the conclusion that it’s not OK to be gay, but pedofeelya and/or into incest is ok, and even better if it involves your younger sister – double barrel win right there. Incest with your mother has been confirmed by at least two members of the jury as being “even better when she has big tits”, so should be a hearty thumbs up on that one they suggest. However, there still seems to be some debate as to whether being a christian makes everything ok, seemingly because STDs are the work of god (lower case) or the devil, but either way STDs are a religious artefact reserved for non-christians. The self-righteous amongst the jury are definitely ok with butt-munching or butt-sex as long as the poo-chute has a vagina in close proximity and not some dangly balls, and not dead, and no cannibalism is involved. Under 15? Apparently, the only important question is “does it have balls?”. Oh, almost forgot, and if it doesn’t have balls, why isn’t it a harem?

    2. I get it. Omegabuttpirate, you are so used to seeing homo propaganda you are shocked to see differently.

      1. Unsurprisingly, nohomo is wrong again. There is nothing different about his fascist eugenics death cult.

    3. yeah i don’t have much to add here just very entertaining to watch the rightoid snowflakes clench their buttholes about something they’ve made up in the first place.

  5. So one of the more interesting things about this game is the comment system the recaptcha is very bizarre in how it misses some of the most obvious selections so it thinks your completeness is inaccuracy. How far over the line is a bus still a bus? How many squares of seven blurry motorcycles a thing? How long have you continued reading this thinking that I was getting anywhere? Because I’m not. This post is an amalgam of the same level of usefulness of no homo to the video game in question and yet DikGames refuses to keep their forums clean by their own rules. I don’t care, per se, but the recaptcha does get annoying time and time again even if it keeps the bots off. I think being shilled rhino horn pills would be more informative of how not to do it but not by much.

    A++ would play again.

    1. If you a missing busses, suggest you wander out into the incoming traffic and try to catch one.

      Strangely, I never see a captcha. I just hit a checkbox. Clicking on retarded images must be a thing for faggots, which given who I’m responding to, that’s just your thing.

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        Boring as hell to read, but astute.

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          1. Of course it wasn’t you. I was reacting to someone who was a stupid, stupid troll, calling you smart in comparison.

            But since you didn’t pick up on that obvious situation, probably because you were deadening your senses constantly shooting up your tiny dick full of testosterone so you don’t fall behind your “Alpha” brethren, I’ll rescind the compliment.

            The “your head is so empty that I decided to move in rent free” made me laugh, tho. Good building on the theme. A+.

            The tranny stuff made no sense, but neither did what I said. We’ve got our patois going and I didn’t want to interrupt the flow. Do continue!

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            1. I missed this. A pregnant Joker? Oh that’s got to be hilarious.

              “Now, it turns out that what actually happened is that he swallowed a bunch of mud at the same time that Zatanna was cursing him and something magical probably happened and anyway he barfs up a little Joker mud duplicate — and if that sounds darkly zany, that’s very much the point.”

              Buahahahahahaha! This is what you’re whining about? THIS? Stupider shit has been going on in comics since the 50s.

              Oh, the delicious tears of you snowflakes looking for things to blame for your fragile egos.

              Don’t ever change, Edgelord.

        2. Pornhub should not be pushing anything on children.

          Right idea for once, Nohomo, but wrong target. As usual. Your head is so full of phobia that you can’t see the real issue, like your typical brainwashed cultist.

      2. Pro hint:

        When a “community” considers somebody who demands to leave kids alone as an attack on that community, then that community deserves to be attacked.

        LGBTQ are and will always be garbage people who are nothing but pedophiles, pederasts, and carrions of disease.

          1. Pro hint:

            Trans kids are only a thing because of failed parenting, most often created by single mothers.

            Failed parents make trans kids.

            1. That made no sense. Are you drunk, nohomo? You were coherent yesterday. Did you get enough sleep? Are you eating okay? This is not the normal you. I mean you make no sense anyway, but at least it has an internal, if critically broken logic to it.

              Get better soon, you wacky DC Villain.

            1. I missed this one.

              You wouldn’t know true scripture if god himself showed up at your door and said, “What about love thy neighbor did you not understand?”

              Most of the hate in the bible comes from very, very late additions, and conflicts with quite a lot else said about love, acceptance, and the like.

              As you seem to have forgotten, Jesus helped prostitutes, aka whores. So Jesus is a whore-loving fag?

              Let he without sin throw the first stone.

        1. Not even a little connected to my comment, but nice try?

          The Devil is notoriously non-judgemental when it comes to both women and men. This is why she is used for anti-gay propaganda. This is pretty well known by most of the world, if not you. Congratulations on learning something today, tho!

  6. There should be at least 5 more updates so that it can meet the expectations, the scenes are very few right now.

  7. This one has lots of potential. I like the writing and character building. Specially character design and their mimics helps alot to character being touchable. The basic idea of the game isn’t anything original or special and i’m sure that i’ve at least played a game in the past with a very similar plot and the exact same Grandpa 😀
    But as mentioned the writing is good and it’s fun to read the interaction between characters. Visually i like the design of the girls (always had a soft spot for redheads) and the MC. The animations are ok but could be better and the writing of the sex could also be a bit better. But all in all it’s fine.
    My advice to the devs and the writer would be :

    1. dive a bit deeper in the story and focusing more on the core of the story. So far (v 0.5) there’s been almost no or very little of the core of the story, and maybe it’s one of the reasons that it’s really short for version 0.5 of the game. now that we know the characters to some extent, you can find a balance between telling the story and the interaction between characters, character development etc. Right Pacing is the keyword.

    2. I’m going to agree to the one point in the “NO”s Comment. I’m not going to say this game needs to be a Harem, but i’m going to say that this game is NOT set to be a lovey dovey monogamous romance. Every Story from the beginning need elements to give it direction towards being a romantic dating-sim or otherwise, and this story has almost none of those elements, but it has almost all the elements needed to have a poly relationship (or maybe Harem, though i think it lacks some settings for Harem). You could try to force the monogamous love story on the Characters but it would feel out of place. i mean almost all the important characters are at least partly demon and i’ve never heard of monogamous demons. But that’s just one of the reasons i say the story is Not set to be a monogamous lovy dovy romance.

    All in all i liked playing this one and liked the characters (well done with Lilieth’s character. considering she doesn’t speak, she is really cute and likeable without going on your nervs.)
    I hope that the writer and the devs carry on with the writing style and if they consider those 2 points i mentioned above, it can be one of the really good VNs out there.

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Finally a game where the MC isn’t a complete pussy. The mom and youngest daughter would benefit from smaller boobs but overall the girls are amazing.

  9. There are some people with good computers who just use it for useless business. I am glad you know how a male main character should behave. He doesn’t have overly exaggerated reactions or childish remarks. he is a chill guy. And the story is pretty good. It’s not a heart-warming story but it sure does give me something to cling onto. For example: Waiting to see how my relationships develop of what kind of threat awaits the MC and the family. I like that demon girl, Lilith. Cute.

  10. Interesting VN, it is not the best written story but at least it tries something, the girls are very cute, good lewd scenes, there is potential here… the only bad thing is that the updates are very short, we will have to wait a long time for it to be worth playing, I hope it adds more species, so far you only see demons, vampires and a witch, it would be more interesting to see much more variety and another thing to improve are the fights, that fight against the demon is quite static, they are only standing in front to the front exchanging some blows, a lot of demon for so little action

  11. There should be Harem ending otherwise what’s the gain having lots of LIs ,
    And fuck everything single girl and make them pregnant in the game.

  12. I’m getting a clear idea from your comments, that you don’t really know men or women at all. Classic case of, “talks a big game” but that’s it.
    Real guys aren’t scared of powerful women, there’s one tip.

    Got an issue with harems not being “properly represented” but EVERYONE know you’ve never seen anything close to a genuine harem. I’ve had some crazy sex party action and that’s leaps and bounds closer to a harem than you’ll ever get.

    No one cares of the proportions are realistic or not, it’s a 3d game, it’s called artistic license, and giant boobs is a legitimate fetish like you’re obsession with harems and weak willed, manipulable, low quality women that you can take advantage of because you don’t actually have the skills to get a women to be intimate with you without it.

    Find a different game.

    1. I don’t talk a big game, IF you are referring to me. There are comments on other games on this site, were I clearly admit I have not had a girlfriend; and generally would not seek one. Whether I want family, or not. I have my fantasies, which is what they are, and I am aware of the point. Not having actual opportunity for much sex in Real Life does not mean I’m less a dominant mind.

      Receipts matter, or you’re the one actually “talking a big game” here. I don’t want a weak willed woman, I don’t like clingy and if you think that’s what Submissive means, you have a problem. You have been no closer to a Harem in real life than I have been, or will ever be. If I could find ONE woman to treat me well; keep me, and breed with me for the rest of our lives, without question of divorce or allimony or child custody EVER being an issue, with all my faults and all of hers accepted then I would absolutely call that girl my golden goose.

      An incel hates women. Unilaterally. Unmitigatedly. A person who understands Harem genre in general would know never to call an advocate for Harems an incel. You do not collect what you do not intrinsically VALUE. Highly. You do not keep the collection, forever in the best circumstance, if any of them could be replaced easily.

      Powerful, does not mean abrassive, or violent, or hostile for no reason. It does not mean physically larger than the MC. It means someone who knows what they are; what they want, and will go for it. Which can also be a submissive. It means a person with the force of will to draw those together, who value a code. Who will fight, and bleed, and care about the betterment of others. It means being able to admit the flaws you have, and work to do what you can to counter them. It can mean to show mercy, and forgive others. Though I would argue the anime troupe for my favored genre does take that point to ridiculous extremes.

      The points I made were against people that frankly, had their own fetishes, and devalued mine. Because I disagree that breasts for any reason ever need to be that large, and pointed out that most real women that do have them even remotely close to half that endowed WILL want them reduced as they get older to prevent harsh back problems. I did not involve you, nor would I care to. You may have as much right to comment here as I do, but again: It’s JUST talking. You can’t prove any more to me, than I can to you. So thanks, but next time, perhaps it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself. Then again, opinions are like assholes, Guess what it makes you when you express one with such unwarranted vitriol?

      1. Agreed. Taking one’s own opinion and trying to tell all other players and developers that this is the way it should be is idiotic.

        1. Genre’s follow FORMULA Murikan. I am NOT the one stating “this is the way it should be.” I am generally in any case I argue flawed implementation – stating the mechanics of the formula that make it WORK.

          My opinion, relevant or not, is simply that. You can all make fun of me as much as you want; and I will gladly tell each and every fucking one of you to go straight to hell. Better yet, come meet me in person. I’ll send you there myself. I do NOT talk to any of you. Ever. At all. I simply cannot stop you posting trollish bullshit that has NOTHING to do with the game itself at all, and is unwarranted hate. Regardless. I’ve been called EVERY name under the sun, in school, and in general as a child. So nothing you’ve got does more than frustrate me, a very little. However, if you can’t respect that my reviews as opinion pieces ARE meant to HELP Devs understand how they can improve their games… then why in the unholy ever after should I give a single fuck what any of you think?

          1. No-dude!!
            As glad as I am that you’re back cause you do post interesting viewpoints and -as you state here again- do it for the sake of helping devs, pointing them out that the blueprint of their writing needs a lot more attention – I still think you need to chill out. A LOT.
            It’s only a game. Somebody else is making it.
            You wanna make the game better? Either work together with them or make your own. Less talk and more action

            1. I do post my reviews for the sake of pointing out what the devs need to work on, or in fewer cases what I do enjoy and works well. Both help the devs. So every comment I’ve made that wasn’t clapping back at those who insult me for disagreeing with the work I’ve done – often while barely reading any of it – IS to help the devs. I am NOT a game dev. Nor would I pretend to be one. But I do know story structure. Mechanical implementation of viable power scaling. Story progression in an organic fashion. So that’s how I help. It’s not my fault if most will post TL;DR, or the Devs do what they want regardless. I have actually tried using programs like RPGMaker and the process is frankly WAY too anal for me. As far as “chilling out” I do tend to write about the mechanics that peeve me off, sometimes WHILE peeved off. However it doesn’t invalidate my criticisms. Which tend to be worded well enough I think, to be constructive. It’s “Only” a game isn’t an argument. It’s a STORY. Told through a different medium. That’s MY wheelhouse. Devs work on different aspects of the game, and writers have their place. There are different skill levels and I’m aware that a LOT of these devs are in different countries than speak English predominantly, or are actively learning to program. Which is again; why I bother posting such detailed comments on what ISN’T working, or could be smoothed out. I have over 300 completed novels, that I really wish I could afford to self-publish (It costs like $25 k bare minimum, and that’s if you do some of the important work that doesn’t fall under “Novelist” yourself) so I do know what I’m talking about. Whether any of you believe me or not is rather besides the point.

              1. Well, I for one would LOVE to see some devs –whose games I label(ed) “interesting” and “to watch out for”– work together with talented writers who really give a fuck about the story, pacing, buildup, …
                Offer your services, just an idea.
                I’m gonna do the same music-wise but first have to learn the mechanics behind writing for videogames.

          2. Formulas are boring. The other term for that is: Stereotype.

            I welcome all stereotype-breaking authors. It might not always work, but at least it keeps creativity creative.

            We’ve talked a lot since this post, but I’m still not convinced that you understand how much insulting people is counterproductive to your desire to help.

            1. And stating you think I don’t understand is perhaps more politely calling me at the best naive, or by implication actively stupid. I understand Devs can be passive aggressive, and temperamental. I also understand I’m heir to my own frustrations with bullshit they pull in the mechanics, or the plots. That a lot of the time, they don’t have to. They are beholden to begging for support a LOT of the time; and they leave off tags that should/could be in the game, or they’ll add tags that don’t really do service to the story they want to tell. Or worse, they’ll rush a story to an unsatisfying end, just because they get bored, ran out of funds or don’t even know how they want to finish the story in the first place. If they go in a direction I don’t like, that most fans of set genres – I’m aware they either are, or could be trying to cater to – don’t want/like… I tell them. I don’t always do so nicely. People don’t tend to listen to “nice.”

              Are you then going to tell me that just because I genuinely want to help improve their games (and since a very few of them even post here or anywhere to show they might listen… and I don’t think any really have to much I’ve pointed out) that I have no right to express my frustration when the flaws irritate? I agree I don’t HAVE to swear as much as I do sometimes, but it’s venting. Plenty of people do it, and I could write a LOT worse… At least I’ll offer a paragraph or two (or five…) as to WHY they don’t work. Sometimes how a plot could go, or be improved as a freely given idea for their use. Should they wish. Whether anyone agreess with me or not. Most of the comments I’ve gotten have either called me insane, retarded, an asshole or an incel. I’m none of those things. Most of the time. Asshole’s a bit more debatable, and I’d own it.

              Either way, hope you’re still doing well.

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