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When It All Started [v0.04] [Kalyha]

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Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\Documents\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.sassygirl”

– You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - When It All Started leaves players hanging in an unbearable loop of tedious dialogue from the get-go. If you try to empathize with the main character, prepare to feel awful, for he is devoid of any growth or redeeming qualities. You'll even question if his face and hair belong to a cloned character from five other recycled games. Unfortunately, the initial impression is overwhelmingly disappointing. - 35%
Visual - Graphically, When It All Started manages to hit the middle ground. The character designs and backgrounds are decently crafted, but they lack the unique flair that could set them apart from the visual novel crowd. You won't find anything flashy or mind-blowing here, just average visuals that won't dazzle or disappoint. - 55%
Engagement - Engagement is a crucial aspect of any game, and When It All Started fails to grab your attention effectively.The constant redundancy, coupled with illogical character behavior, makes for an infuriating experience. From the very beginning, you'll find yourself yearning to skip through the story or even abandon it altogether. The intro, which should pull players in with intrigue, ends up being the breaking point that shatters their enthusiasm. - 20%
Core Loop - The core loop of When It All Started offers little reprieve from its initial shortcomings. The game fails to provide a compelling reason to continue playing, leaving you questioning why you bothered in the first place. The lack of logical character actions and the absence of hooks to keep you engaged turns the experience into a tiresome ordeal. - 40%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.87 ( 23 votes)

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  1. I did play for a few hours and it is not bad. So far no animated sex scenes but the female character look decent. Especially if you like big tits. There is a story and a lot of dialogue. I haven’t seen any queer shit yet so that is always a bonus. I agree with Vomond and would put it in the 70%-80% range for normal heterosexual men.

    1. You’re right, it is really bad. The whole script is choppy, misspelled, somewhat juvenile, a poor and cheap copy of someone else’s work, etc. The renders are all the same ole’ game clips from stuff we have already seen for years, and there is no originality in presentation. It is literally a CRINGE FEST.

  2. Why is it so difficult for developers to make blackmail a bit realistic. It’s always to stupid to believe it, a shame because the story is good.

  3. I saw this and thought, “is this Restore Her Career?” Turns out just made by the same dev. I’ll try it out as Restore wasn’t bad. In that game you play a complete psycho but it’s funny and warped. Just don’t take it seriously. I’ll post a review later. I know all the non homos can’t wait.

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