Welcome To Hell – The Vampire Chronicles [Remastered v0.1.0] [NoobPRO Games]

Download for Windows/ Linux - Version 0.7.1

Download for Windows/ Linux - Remastered v0.1.0

Download for Mac - Version 0.7.1

Download for Mac - Remastered v0.1.0

Download for Android - Version 0.7.1

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough Mod


– Highlight the recommended choices
– Add ‘cheat’ points function
– Add some choices for all scenes


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in “Welcome_To_Hell-0.5.2-(Gold)-pc” folder. Or extract the mod’s zip file and move all the files in the “game” folder that you’ve extracted to the “Welcome_To_Hell-0.5.2-(Gold)-pc” ‘s game folder. Overwrite files if required.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 88%
Visual - 83%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 81%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.07 ( 60 votes)

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      1. yeah this it really feels like that he doesnt know how to continue the story and is now going to take a something like a YEAR to rework previous chapters while milking the patreons.

  1. To the Dev:

    If you’re going to make an independant faction – fine. BUT you don’t force the Player to be in that faction automatically.
    You let the player CHOOSE. There’s no need to make the beef wall. There’s no need to overcomplicate the story by splitting up the first girlfriend and turning them both but with TWO DIFFERENT FACTIONS!

    There’s no reason to have Harem in the tags if you’re constantly going to make the player pick which freaking girl to go with, and it costs points with another; that’s NOT harem. That’s a freaking dating sim. If you can’t tell the difference you’re in the wrong job. There’s also the point that there DOES NOT need to be lesbianism implied or realized between ANY of the girls that WILL be in the Harem, especially once they are confirmed to BE in the Harem. That just confuses the issue. Because the girls’ focus in a HAREM is SUPPOSED to be on the MAIN CHARACTER.

    You do not need to make the mystery girl who fucks his mind about whether she’s available to be courted or not, or ANY fucking consequence to doing so. At all. You do not need the three girls that are supposedly so damned worried when MC goes missing, bad-mouth him while trying to search for him for Christ’s sakes. Have you ever heard of Tonal Dissonance? Because that’s mixed AF messaging. It’s NOT harem. So really at the end, DO. YOU. WANT. THIS. GAME. TO. ACTUALLY. BE. A. HAREM??? Answer that question at least, and maybe… just maybe you might end up making a story that sometimes, at some points, MIGHT make sense. Until that point, I’m not bothering to download this. Because it SAYS Harem – and then every time I try to earn points with a girl (who really don’t seem to be all that interested in BEING THE MC’S GIRLS btw) I end up having to choose between one or the other. Harem is you collect them all. Without cons to trying. Earning a +1 to any girl should NEVER cost me -1 to any other girl. For any bloody reason.

    There’s also fuck the whole Ancient vampire taking over MC’s body (Diablerie should NEVER have been necessary to the story – and it’s actively insulting to both the player’s effort and the MC) Fuck the idea that Ghoul boy was EVER that necessary to the story, to create so large an albatross around the MC’s neck. Fuck the idea of the schizo battle form bullshit – he should be strong enough to win battles by GRIND and training IN GAME. Jesus. Fuck the whole two moms thing, and both of them have fucked MC, but each of them still wants to pretend they’re bloody married. Just come the fuck on man. If they’re willing to fuck others, it’s NOT a true marriage. Or it’s a DYING marriage. Also, Fuck the idea of the base girlfriend NOT seeming like she even gives a shit that her boyfriend MC isn’t as dead as she thought [and DOUBLE FUCK ALL OF THE LESBIAN BULLSHIT YOU’RE TRYING TO PULL WITH HER!!!] * In a HAREM: the main girl should automatically JUST focus on MC. If you fail at that why the fuck are you even designing this game?!?

    There’s WAY too much in this game that’s either much to convoluted, or actively punitive to the player. There’s A LOT more to fix than you seem to think. But good luck, and if you manage any of what I’ve said here I may come back and actually want to download more of this game. Up to that point, it’d be a waste of my gigs. I’m not sure what you want to really do with this story but if you keep up where you were going with it, then as far as I’m concerned and I’m sure I’m not the only one, it will be unsalvageable.

  2. Is it me, or is the game really not designed to be a harem. Because as far as I’ve played, you have to constantly choose between one or the other.

  3. This game is really good…..Can’t wait to play the ending of this game (whenever i say i want to play the ending of a game i means it is an amazing game)

  4. There are quite a few gramatical errors but i am realy enjoying the story and the gaphics are good.
    I think its underrated but that might be due to the gramatical errors.

  5. Uh the writing is so bad, feels like I’m reading exaggerated subtitles to a non English speaking film. Either that or it’s been poorly translated from a different language because none of this dialogue feels authentic at all, Have to pass on this one.

    1. You should train in the Dao of Language Comprehension before you practice culture again my fellow daoist

  6. This game is seriously underrated. It has superb renders, animations, sound tracks. Story line is also very deep with lots of twists and turns. For me this game is in my top 10. Best thing is that harem route progresses down the story line. I hope creator complete this game. Eagerly waiting for next update.
    PS – Lilly, Annabelle are the best girls for harem route. Later you can add Miyuki, karherine and many more to come.

  7. The game is good.. the problem is updating I have last two versions.. but every time update again and again the full game to play 10 add scenes… low gb mean it’s alright but every time download 1.77 gb for nothing it’s sucks 🤬🤬

  8. Despite all the love or hate this game is getting in the comments, this game is actually not bad. Not good either but not bad. I think some people are triggered that it’s tagged as a “harem” game but it’s not actually. I think it was meant to be one but the author doesn’t know how it works. Anyway story is not bad actually. If you can get over the abysmal grammar in some places, it is actually a okay story.
    This comment is to only to stop people from rage commenting when they find out that this isn’t what they expected.

    1. The biggest reason it is getting as much hate as it is would be the harem tag; which if the author doesn’t know how one works, he shouldn’t try writing. First, there shouldn’t be married characters – or characters that fuck anyone but the MC. You should be able to break relationships to begin them with MC, as the ONLY acceptable option. Because it’s a Harem.

      The symptomatic problems in the story are several fold. They do not help his case.
      First being that he wants to create factions ala Vampire The Masquerade – which is NOT a bad idea. However if the idea is to introduce 3 factions with different ideologies, a rebel faction, a traditional faction and a necromantic/magic faction… and then say that the MC is looking to BUILD his own… then the MC’s faction is REALLY the ONLY faction that should count. Or flesh out the paths so that there is a benefit to going toward certain set builds. Aim for replayability overall. [It could then be counted more a dating sim, with certain women locked to set factions – but that also is convoluted and not what I’d prefer] There do not need to be so many variables. With either the factions or the Harem girls, that can be mucked up. It’ll only over complicate the code – and I would argue there REALLY should NOT be a way that MC CAN fuck up. With ANY of the girls. At all. It should only be: Do you want to boink this person for the rest of eternity, or not?

      There are a few points in the story that muddle things unnecessarily. First, the GF. Who gets turned by a different clan, when frankly they DID NOT need to ever be separated. She could have been turned later, by the MC after he’d gained enough trust within his clan (which would have made a lot more sense to a retconned involvement in the LI’s personal history that was later introduced with one character) it should NEVER have been made implied that GF was either with, DTF or being fucked by ANYONE else. She does NOT need to be in a Lesbian relationship, or implied Bi. (Until MC and the Player gets to choose in a conversation choice they are okay with her being that way – it discredits her vow of loyalty, and muddies things when SHE wants to get possessive over MC; What’s good for the goose and all that) I don’t mind the rebel girl having a crush and THEN deciding to use the GF in order to soften MC’s stance on her too. A blood bond would be fine and still within the core rules this guy seems to want to use.

      There’s the problem of the old ghoul. Who gets like 3 seconds of actual screen time, and while he’s nice and all, he’s effectively pointless. There’s NO reason the MC with his stated goal of getting revenge for his GF’s assumed death/or his own frankly, would throw that all away just to get back a guy who got Aunt May’d for One More Day. Fuck that. He didn’t deserve to die, and that doesn’t bloody matter. Period. It’s part of their world, and he KNEW THAT. He literally begs MC NOT to be this level of MORON. Yet the dev insists… Because. Gah. Forcing MC down the rebellious path without properly fleshing out HIS faction, or a reason to join with any of the others to GET TO THE SAME GOAL, is poor planning from a writing/structural standpoint. There SHOULD be ways to achieve the same end WITHOUT borking the MC and thus the player, for EVERY faction. That should not be a debate.

      There’s the fact that MC basically cheats to gain power – and absorbs a blood ancestor (which frankly makes me think our actual MC is going to be overwritten BY said ancestor. In which case we’ve been Cyberpunked. Again. No Bueno!) * If you can’t come up with a viable reason that the MC SHOULD be the most powerful potential vampire without Diablerie, then DO NOT paint him into a corner before you’ve even let him actually GAIN any power. Jesus. It’s really not that hard not to tie an anchor to your characters’ ankles and toss them into the lake without knowing if they can even swim in the first place. There is a level of “challenge” that IS acceptable. There is a bar for progress that’s reasonable. Finding it, is more your writer’s problem. It should never be the Player’s. It should not need to become a Dues Ex Machina. (Also, it has been mentioned but good god… fix the look of the “demon” version if you insist in keeping this really, really monumentally stupid plot device – that almost guarantees the MC gets transposed by a jealous dead ancestor in the endgame. If I wanted to play a fucked up version of Heath Ledger’s Joker dude, I’d have downloaded Batman)

      Introducing princes and justicars before the player really even makes any progress into the world, to get anywhere for the strength to FIGHT these people if they so choose (with a faction or not) is bad pacing. It’s putting the cart before the horse, and frankly again screwing the characters over before they even start. I don’t mind introductions for tension, but if you’re going to intro the girl in charge and make flirty stuff with her then LET. THE. MC. TURN. HER. TO. HIS. CAUSE. Full stop. There should always be an option to get out of any obstacle you put into the MC’s path. I promise we won’t care how long it takes to code, if you make the story good. The sex scenes hot (and at some point involve pregnancy – since you state in lore they aren’t bound by that particular tenat of vamprism as usual) Work on any of these points and your structure and story will improve. Work on all of them, and over time you’ll probably end up with a brilliant FO:NV style crossed with VTM:B. Hell at this rate you might even get it out before VTMB 2.

      But end of the day whether you listen to me, listen to us or decide to hole up because some of us lob “mean” words, is more on you. I’d like to see the story improve, because really there aren’t that many vampire games that get continued. I’m still waiting for just one of this type to be GOOD. [In case you’re wondering, the caps words are for emphasis. Not ire. There’s a difference] It IS a harem game. It was tagged a harem game, and realy it SHOULD be a harem game. But it does take effort and forethought to do well. Like any other story. Also while I am replying to Connosuier, the comment is meant to be shared with the dev more directly. I am not in fact talking for the most part to the original poster. Whom to some extent I do agree with. Not all the way, but I believe I’ve been clear where I do. Have a nice day.

        1. To MFG: You know, these kinds of comments used to piss me off because it just shows the level of actual education and care about education in the world today… then I realized; if you break almost every one of my actual commetaries/reviews/rants/whatever you want to call them down into two sentence structure… ALL of you that complain about it being “too much” and BS literally spend the same amount of time I do playing these games on site. Downloading them, just to read through alll of THAT BS. But somehow mine which is generally speaking less time consuming by far to read, is “too much.” That’s fucking hilarious.

          To Serial Killer – Depends on the author, and the intent of the works. In most cases, Vampires tend to either be held as monstrous, cursed to eternal doom sort of creature to be dealt with… or discovered; or you get the romanticized version which has become more popularized. In most cases it still involves blood for them, but it becomes a will they won’t they point, and often a more “predatory” veined dark seduction in romance. As to whether she’s willing to risk being turned by him, or she is so compelling that he if he is the mortal in the equation, just can’t stay away. Like a moth to the flame. VTMB actually as a roleplay game covers this point that it’s “different, but entirely possible” and consumes blood points. There is also the classical definition of the Dhampyr, who is usually a child sired by a recently turned, or in process of turning male vampire (where the seed is not quite affected by the turn yet – or at least not enough to sterilize, while conveying the supernatural state to the child) ruts with a usually less than willing shall we say human female. Blade is a good example, but there’s also Twilight, which is not a very good example really.

          To Ninja92 – Like as with Serial Killer, the vampire’s traditional weakness’ are usually applied to the culture of the author. Or the intent therein for the story. In the case of faith directly, Silver as a “blessed metal” tends to hurt them if the source of their vampirism is deemed demonic in nature. For Crosses or aversion to holy ground/relics of any sort; it usually depends strictly on two direct factors: The faith of the person trying to ward off the vampire, being “true” or not… which allows some viable leeway for more morally grey heroes who’ve never actually faced the supernatural before or were having a crisis of faith to resurge when absolutely needed and gain new resolve so that it WILL work… OR the faith of the vampire involved. A prime example being Dracula himself. His aversion to the cross and holy anything can be taken two main ways if you know the real Vlad Tepesh’ history; either he made an actual pact with the Devil and is just as cursed as Satan himself, or he vitriolically hates the Order of The Dragon (who were an order of Christian Knights if I recall, to which his father belonged and he was later inducted himself) for several possible different factors. in which he would then abhorr everything to do with their beliefs, and thus be disinclined to deal with anything deemed “Holy.” Frankly, crosses can work as well as Garlic, but I prefer the quote from John Carpenter’s Vampires. They’re just as likely to laugh in your face, bend you over and show one right up your ass.

          By the way, yes the kids at school probably DID want to shove me in a locker…

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