Waifu Academy [v0.11.0] [Irphaeus]

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Download for Mac - v0.9.9

Download for Android

install the app. after a fresh install, run it once to create all the required folders. read here.
then you have to copy the asset pack to the folder /Android/data/org.waifuacademy.the66/files/game.

from now on my Android ports of Ren’Py games have a 2nd, persistent save location like Windows. if you uninstall an app, the save files and persistent data remain intact.
therefore the app needs the permission to access the public external storage (or a new one on Android 11+), because it has to read and write outside its own external storage directories.
you have to grant the permission or the app is shut down.

Download Guide

Download Walkthrough & Mod


In-game Walkthrough:
This mod adds an in-game walkthrough to the game Waifu Academy! If there is a choice that leads to a scene that could be missed it will be highlighted green so you don’t miss any scenes. Any choices that lead to game over scenes will also have a note next to them to let you know that they lead to a game over. I’ve also removed all of the superficial karma popups, which makes the game experience much better.

Option to start at new content:
When you start a new game you have the option to either start at the beginning of the game or skip to the start of the new update in case you’ve lost your save and don’t want to replay the earlier parts of the game.

Improved Scene Gallery:
The mod also improves the scene replay gallery by adding around 35 scenes that are missing from the official gallery, and all of the gallery scenes are now already unlocked by default.

Improved UI:
Improves the game’s UI by replacing the textbox with one that is smaller and more transparent, makes the text more readable, and adds an option to disable the quick menu and phone button so they don’t block the screen.

HD Images:
I’ve also made an optional “HD Images” mod that replaces the game’s images with ones that are higher quality and aren’t as compressed. The original images are 800mb total size of quality while the HD Image mod is 2GB total size of quality.

Free Roam / Open World:
Ever wanted to just chill and explore the world of Waifu Academy? The final feature that the mod adds is a standalone free roam mode with a day/night and event system with 27 locations and 46 events. The free roam mode is separate from the main story and can be started from the main menu.


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod into your “WaifuAcademy-0.9.0a-pc” folder.

Unzip the mod -> Right click your WaifuAcademy app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents/Resources/autorun” folder -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod into the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

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Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 93%
Engagement - 96%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.13 ( 161 votes)

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  1. what sick puppy made this game?!
    how is the rating this high?!
    and why in gods name does it not have an NTR tag?!?!

    skip this NTR cuck bullshit.

    horrible, horrible game. literally made me sick to the stomach at times

  2. I downloaed both files for Android but it keeps saying I need to put the assest in another folder what am i doing wrong?

  3. Man,pls add an alternate download site,the apk is fine bcus its small,but for the assests with mega it just stops abruptly,pls add pixeldrain or mediafire,mega sucks

  4. I like this game and at the same time i hate it with passion. the story is nice and writing is ok. girls are cute and mostly interesting. animations are ok too. so far so good.
    But wow… after playing so many of these type of games, i’m almost sure that the majority of east asian (particularly japanese) men are huge Cucks. MC makes his sis to work in a place where her job is to get molested by men. it starts from stripping, then being gropped and probably will lead to her “servicing” her “customers”. Up to this point (version 0.10.0), MC has taken 2 of his love interests to some rapist to effectively get molested. Even if you do everything right and try to avoid it, the least you have to endure is letting almost every creep grope or molest, face fuck, jerk off on etc the love interests. The devs of this game apparantly have no idea what “waifu” means.
    The Karma system has almost NO fucking effect in the game. Your Karma can be +1000 and the MC still behaves like a psychopath and most of the sex scenes are borderline rape and under the influence of drugs.
    That all in a game which is called “WAIFU academy”. a waifu academy, where the MC drugs the girls and effectively sells the Waifus for his own goals. or puts them in harm to get raped or molested for his own goals. The Maku’s storyline (Takamura which is my personal faviorite among girls) takes a bad turn and my guess is that it will be full of cuck bullshit.
    she is the only girl, for whom the MC apparantly has deep feelings and cares deeply (At least it seems to be so, because his actions towards all the other girls shows not a single bit of emotion. ), even though he puts her in a positon to be molested by several creeps and potentially in greate danger in the future.
    This game could be a lot of fun to play, if it wasn’t full of unavoidable full on getting cucked or permenant minor hints of getting cucked, and i mean it literally when i say permenant. Throughout the game main girls are getting groped or molested unwillingly or willinigly by other guys. Side girls are getting fucked by other guys all over the game.
    I’m not sure, but i’m really starting to think that it all is part of the eastern asian cultures or at least japanese culture. it seems that they have a really strange view about love sex and purity…

    As for the game, i guess i’ll give it another chance after 2-3 updates and see in which direction it will develop. But if the devs carry on the direction they have chosen, it will be a no for me. Since the direction doesn’t fit the story and also is not my cup of tea.

    1. If it’s gotten to the point you can’t even avoid the negative outcomes, Thank you Vidodat. Just means I really shouldn’t waste my time trying to get back to where I was several updates ago. I do not understand why the dev would put harem in the tag, and then treat most of the girls the way he does. Waifu does not mean EVERYONE wants her, or even gets a piece. It isn’t the same thing as an Idol. Flawed concept maybe. It just really irks me that so many of these games say harem – and then treat the girls like they should still be pursued when they’re basically the town bicycle. Or two steps from being made so.

  5. It sucks that the update is not bigger than I expected. Will the Dev ever gonna complete this game? Last update was an year ago and the new update is just about one day with fewer contents. I really liked the story but I don’t think it will ever finish in this lifetime.

    1. Mate, things take time, and this game isn’t his real job, if you dislike the way he is working on the game, just don’t pay the patreon membership, the game is here for free, you play it for free. Value things a little more.

  6. First, I’m not sure that the dev understands the basic foundational rules of the genre of harem:

    – We don’t want to see any action that does not involve the MC as the harem lead.
    – A girl who is fucking someone else (that is as much of a BITCH as Kayane is to MC) is NOT attractive IF you also make her the TOWN DOORKNOB! Even by appearances. Connecting her to the MOB was ALSO not a smart story plot. Because…
    – You are NOT supposed to get the MC into a situation where he CAN GAME OVER; OR DIE. Jesus. There are way, way, WAY too many fucking game over warnings.
    – The MC is a drugging/semi rapist to just about every girl he’s met so far in the beginning of the game/Everyone’s BITCH. How in the hell should any player, and or any SUBSCRIBER want to fucking root for that??? It doesn’t make it better that Minami was an ass who annouced a belief to the whole damned class without actual proof (which a journalist would NOT do if the case had been closed, and the defendant had been ACQUITTED. There is such a thing as Slander; as well as Libel. She should be aware of both concepts. Especially in THAT culture!)
    – Making Asuna suck him off in a locker IS still sexual assault (and these days – though I’d call it way trumped up – is defined as rape. Then again, so is basically anything you do to a girl if she decides no matter how she consented to start, that she “didn’t want it” But the point stands. There was NO option to get out of it, without being an ASSHOLE. Two wrongs do not make anything right.
    – EVERY. FUCKING. GIRL. IN THIS GAME… IS EITHER ALREADY FUCKING SOMEONE ELSE; WAY TOO SEXUALLY WILLING, OR AN ASSHOLE TO THE MAIN CHARACTER. If not actively beating his ass. Yes, I don’t give a fuck if she’s the super strong, super skilled martial artist = Did you consider that she sucks as a teacher and THAT’S why she can’t fund her dojo??? You do not beat the fuck out of a student on his first day (without teaching him any of the fundamental moves of YOUR style) and expect most anyone would bother fucking coming back. Dude. I get that there are troupes in anime but Jesus FUCKING Christ. Don’t care how hot you design her to be, most guys ARE NOT going to want to fuck a girl that can put them in intensive care or the morgue. [Yes, I got to the part several updates ago where you start to get involved with the Pale Queen BULLSHIT – we’ve already covered what I think of that, but again = BULLSHIT. The whole fucking story line. From the point of meeting her, onward – and also start to be able to work on relations with Karate Kiss My Ass.

    – Hell Makoto is about the most innocent girl in the fucking game… and I don’t recall getting more than maybe 3rd base with her before THIS CURRENT UPDATE and the last one by the way – forced a fucking restart from the beginning!!!

    – The grocery mart girl winning the mini game automatically can also go fuck itself right to hell. You along with it for NOT PUTTING IN AN OPTION TO HAVE PLAYER SKILL = OR ROLLBACKS = Let ME WIN!!! She’s a girl. Yes, they can be gamers. Yes, they CAN play fighting games and be good at them: Take a guess at exactly how many actually do. It’s not that there AREN’T female gamers dickhead, it’s that they tend to play completely different genres of game to a male. So the auto lose is JUST you being a dick to the audience. That’s it. But that’s also what about 95% of this damned game is.

    He. Is. In. High. School! Fuckwit… The last thing the MC should be even remotely ABLE to become involved with is any faction of any stretch, of either a merc bodyguard, or the fucking Yakuza. Little bit over his damned head. That’s not even where you jumped the god damned shark. It was more by that point, we couldn’t even see how far back we’d left the fucking thing. You didn’t make this asshole specially trained. Some sort of teenaged super spy (James Bond Jr. ran for maybe a freaking season… because it just was NOT believeable. Even to a target audience of boys around 8-14) There is NOWHERE for you to go with the introduction of this yakuza bitch who I recall putting MC in a very tenuous position in general, against the BEST GIRL… and being overly threatening when if you were doing it right; she should be intrigued he even had the balls to get invested in her daughter knowing her connections, and she SHOULD BE OPEN ABOUT WANTING HIM HERSELF. No bodyguard bull. No fucking around with whether the player’s going to be forced to lose because you wrote your damned game into a fucking corner. H-A-R-E-M!!! Means there IS NO GAME OVER. There is NO YOU LOSE. The genre is NOT designed to be Dark Souls, dipshit.

    And if you’re going to do Red Vs. Blue, either give me a gun and a helmet – or at least tell me what the fucking colors MEAN??? Because they are just there, and you have no fucking idea whether one is going to be more assholish. Because as far as I can see the MC is a fucking sociopath. He keeps going on about “I don’t care about X girl; I should just use her to get what I want…” *Golf Claps * Why don’t you tell me that you’re going to have some asshole he can’t see come up and stab him in the back so he dies, the very second he thinks he’s conquered everything? Because this MC does NOT deserve to win. Revenge is one thing, but come the fuck on man… eventually there comes a time when you’re investing in people that this fucking moron needs to learn to just let things god damned go. Most of how he wins this, is psychological warfare. Not dominance. Not caring about the damned girls. Who frankly, would need to prove that they are WORTH pursuing; and no, that doesn’t JUST mean willing to spread their legs or breed [Which as far as I know, you haven’t gotten to yet anyway…]

    This is JUST a long assed slog of why the hell should I give a flying rat’s ass about ANY of these characters? Because other than hitting every known anime troupe under the sun and basically calling half your roster strippers or porn stars, you REALLY don’t. Try writing characters we can actually find ENDEARING. Who make us want to care. Who seem to give a crap about the MC besides what they can do for them, or the raw ridiculous size of his hentai cock. Try writing a storyline where the MC is not a massive prick, in more ways than one. Where there’s ONE clear goal, worked on at a time. Done with, and succeeded by choices on the players’ part. Then move ONLY to what a high school aged young man would actually be able to freaking handle by himself. He’s not a tactician type because he relies overmuch on one fat assed geeks who is an active perv (who bloody doesn’t need to be there!) and raw serendipity. What he learns is basically massively good luck, to outright plot convenience.

    I probably will not finish this current update if you’ve done anything past Kayane’s Mom’s intro… and kept shit the way it was before. If I even get that far again, this is STILL. NOT. A. HAREM. Too many women are otherwise involved, and showing scenes where they are. There are too many in the roster now, and most of them I don’t give a crap to try and help. I’d wish you luck, but I think I’d rather wish you more skill at your craft. Or the ability to hire better writers if you’re not doing it yourself. How you have ANY support at all for this, I do not understand.

    1. You write an awful lot, but understand sooooo little. Kayane, despite appearances, IS STILL A VIRGIN as are many of the others. Kensou’s cousin, the Gamer girl, you can easily beat IF YOU PAY ATTENTION to Kensou. Most of your comments are wrong, off base or simply INTOLERANT on your part and completely overlook that you do not own the sole definitions of terms you love to spout off on. Honestly if you don’t play this one anymore (and there fore don’t comment on it anymore), good riddence… SMDH. (Could have probably dissected your complaints line by line but TL:DR takes over REALLY FREAKING FAST).

      1. Go read Vidodat’s comment dipshit. Same basic premise as mine; only worse. I played an OLDER version and got up to a set point. At THAT point you could NOT beat the gamer girl the FIRST time you played – which if you’d read my damned comment at all was the problem. I do NOT like auto lose states to prove she’s a better player, and she should not be. You can win against her EVERY. OTHER. TIME. If you “pay attention” and if you’re willing to roll back to figure out what the fucking moves do in the first place. I never said I didn’t win against her, I just don’t fucking like to lose, because dev decides I have to.

        It was never mentioned ANY of the girls were actually virgin and the PLAYER has no chance to know that when Kayne does not ACT like she is a virgin and is a constant fucking tease. Has actively done sexual things with a BF she doesn’t even want nor respect and may be a stripper. Sue me for the most natural assumption when I know that a girl in Japan/China has a technical legal age of 14 to be able to fuck (in practice it’s 18 – I know and you dickheads can defend that all you want, but how much is it ACTUALLY practiced?) As far as tolerant; what, I’m supposed to want to chase a girl where fifty guys are also looking to fuck her every time you step away? Do you want to do that? This. Is. A. Harem. Game! It does NOT work that way, and never should have been written that way to start with. Bite me you judgmental little prick. You and all your own opinions can fuck completely right off. I’m not more wrong than you are, and double fuck you for even writing TL;DR because that means you barely read a fucking thing I wrote in the first place. You willfully obtuse retard.

  7. Here is The link to the latest version of this fucking game irphaeus really took his fucking time too release it here it is
    Window Link-

    Android Is Not Made yet unofficially and there is no walkthrough mod or guide mod yet and anyways this game is not that hard to play anyways thanks me Very much so I can upload more download links faster than this website updater
    YouR SaviouR

    1. Thanks man. Can you provide yhe download link for the [But I m the bad guy]. Admin hasn’t updated that game’s download link yet.

      1. That’s because you’re an idiot.

        This “update” is just another annual 5 minute pile of dogshit to milk morons like you.

        1. Just saying cause i haven’t playid this motherfuking game for more than 18 months, and i wasn’t talking abt your average fap time moron, also how he can milk me if i ain’t paying a single penny for it, who’s the moron here, fucking trash ass bitch moaning all over the place for literally no reason trying to be a fucking smart ass, clearly your brain is roasted donkey wannabe

      1. me too I feel that hard to believe too I do hope it shouldn’t be just a 5minute update lik the before one

  8. Easily one of the best. And please, pay attention to the writing and references – you’ll be rewarded tenfold. Excellent job Dev !!

  9. help me !
    when asuka’s sex video appears , my game will infinitely play that movie and all text’s and under the screen’s button will disapear and i won’t be able to do anything

  10. It had potential but after playing it for a few hours i say that is boring. Same scenes and sex scenes day after day. Girls you may like, fuck or sexually tease others. No choice for creampies. If you are lucky maybe you get a creampie scene. Almost all girls are like hookers. The reason i start it because has some TAGS i’m interesting (Harem-incest) and the hope of pregnancy’s, but i think it’s time for other. I’m not enjoying it. (My opinion)

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