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Trolley Trouble [v0.20.0] [NTRaction]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Unpatreon Patch

extracted *.patch file goes inside the ‘game’ directory.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 51%
Visual - 79%
Engagement - 50%
Core Loop - 55%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 1.85 ( 66 votes)

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  1. imagine getting butthurt about NTR in a game with a dude whose face is LITERALLY Wilson from Cast Away. this is clearly meant to be a gag game. if i could have grass delivered to each one of your houses so that you could touch it, i would.

      1. as usual, every accusation is a confession. textbook deflection. rest assured I don’t care enough about you to take the effort to impersonate you. but “micropenismike” seems to be having a lot of fun doing the exact thing you’re accusing me of. hmm wonder who that could be……….

    1. Imagine being a retarded shemale simping faggot angry at the world because your bitch has a dick bigger than yours.

  2. People actually pay for something like this? lmao maybe I should make a game and get some of that NTR cuck money. I’m seriously considering it.

  3. This is some good ntr shit. Funny little turd-monkey perv-raping big titty orange pussy.
    5 stars !

      1. “Still”? It was over a month ago. I’ve long since stopped using it, while you spent the same amount of time using my handle, Ray’s, Penismike’s, and I know I’m forgetting someone.

        I know you want to be the white knight but it only works if you’re actually righteous, nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth.

  4. Don’t mind me.

    I’m just here to rate this shit low and remind everybody only dumb retarded incel autistic faggots play NTR. The kind of socially awkward moron retards that slobber all over themselves and make a bunch of stupid noises when around girls so they sit in the basement, shove the mouse up their ass ans hump their keyboard to some NTR garbage.

    1. not every fantasy has to live in real world.
      many like me just watch for the fun and the cringe because we like weird shit sometimes, but it’s not like Im going to fuck your wife in front of you IRL or something, because that’s uncivil and unpolite.
      maybe it’s time for you to grow.

      1. Maybe it’s time for me to grow what?

        You’re a retarded little cuck bastard, aren’t you?

        It’s ok. Relax. 🙂

        I’m sure some nigger will come along shortly and drill your GF while you watch. Until then, try to contain yourself and not be anymore of a giant autist than you already are.

        1. you say that from your own experience watching your girl getting a nigger gang bang while you sit at the corner of the bed crying

        2. Uhhh Fuck Off.
          I totally know what kind of a loser you are.
          why you insist on living like an expired little shit?
          I can help you if you want 🙂

  5. hahahaha! There is a scene that little turd midget is jacking off at the side of the bed watching the couple have sex. And the animation clip plays in fast speed. Looks like he is turbo jacking it! LOL!

  6. why is everyone on this thread sucking and fucking? What is this all about? I really want to know. Sucking and fucking.

  7. Game for NTR fags. NTR fags are either bi or full on homos. They get of watching their women screw other guys because of this. Every NTR fag is mentally disturbed. Just like a normal faggot.

    1. If anyone knows about fags and homos that would be you wouldn’t it? You must like homos / fags / faggots because you sure talk about them a lot

        1. Heh, hehaha… you just prove his point right. you said come with something new but if we click NTR tag and click all games and read all comments actually you are the one with same shit over and over again. Good grief

          1. I just say something is evil that is. I also point out the health risks and the grooming. These are facts. The ridiculous cult speak made up bullshit that, “you must be gay if you saying about gay”. Is made up cult speak bullshit like “bigot or homophobe”. Just emotional responses not based on logic.

            Fact, being gay is unhealthy for society and the individual.
            Fact, gays are always grooming.
            Fact, there is a butthole worshiping cult portion to this as well. Along with the clam lickers. With symbolism like the rainbow and the way they proselytize and demand everyone become part iof their cult.
            Fact, gay is suicide. Blowing your wad on a smelly turd will never create life. There are also numerous std’s.

            So anyway. Me reminding others of facts and fighting the lying and grooming may come across as the same but it’s not. It’s just a warning to others of something dangerous.

            1. imagine treating a hentai game as real life , that’e some mental issue you have. applying the same logic , you are 1 retarded deranged mf who enjoys incest inbred and all other fk up tags irl. while we just enjoy the game and scene not taking it serious. you need to be in jail and locked up forever or shot dead since you treat this serious and jack off to it as if its real life. you need to kys and the society a favour

              1. You must be low IQ. Games do translate into real life. They can cause you to normalize adherent behavior. It’s grooming. The same happened with tv and movies. People watched and then copied those behaviors into real life. Most people are stupid. They don’t think or question anything. There are political messages and attempted manipulation in most everything you watch. You are just too stupid to see it.

                Sometimes the messaging is easy to see. Go to walmart website. You will see brown men and women with a bunch white women. No white guys unless it’s a fag. This is highly common in commercials. Why? One big reason is the media is part of global multinationals. Global multinationals want open borders for goods and people. To make profit and for cheap labor. White women are the largest voting block and they use their natural desire to have variety of dick to get them to go along with open borders. So they actually promote it. The same type of thing happened with gay crap.

                It gets more complicated and more breaking of your conditioning to see the other messaging you are being programmed with.

                My guess is they are going to start normalizing the idea of you losing your jobs to robots. Thar will be another step. Like they are trying to normalize the idea that people dropping dead is normal and not connect it to the death shot.

                1. > They can cause you to normalize adherent behavior. It’s grooming.

                  “Adherence is an active choice of patients to follow through with the prescribed treatment while taking responsibility for their own well-being.”

                  You’ve chilled, but that only means you’re saying wrong things in a calmer voice.

                  > You are just too stupid to see it.

                  Typical conspiracy theorist rhetoric.

                  > Go to walmart website. No white guys unless it’s a fag.

                  So the guy on the main page putting winter chains on his tires is a fag. The asian man happy to be wearing a winter coat is a fag.

                  You see fags all around you with no evidence. This is a trait of paranoia, a mental illness.

                  Your unsubtle white supremacism speaks for itself.

                  > To make profit and for cheap labor.

                  This was a correct statement which is so rare for #nohomo that I wanted to point it out.

                  Unfortunately he’s brainwashed by his method and he cannot acknowledge points by someone he deems an “emeny”. This is not the American Fascist way.

                  But then it’s back to mental illness time.

                  > White women are the largest voting block and they use their natural desire to have variety of dick to get them to go along with open borders.


                  Cough incel cough.

                  You had been covering it up well. I thought you were even over it, but a true conspiracy theorist can never keep their true beliefs hidden for long.

                  > My guess is they are going to start normalizing the idea of you losing your jobs to robots.

                  “Going to?”

                  Wow. I thought you were a little bit aware but…wow. Your blindness is genuinely stunning right now.

                  Industrial Revolution. Look at the underlying cultural discourse of machine vs. man ever since.

                  Have a nice day, sad incel fascist.

  8. Man,they released the update,but the sex scenes is locked behind patreon,using the patch doesnt seem to work on android,or im just too stupid to do it right,hope this gets fixed soon

    1. Babysitters, my wife is a star and the best thing about them is, you can avoid the interracial crap.

  9. I didn’t like it because of that black midget baby, but other elements were interesting. Gave it 3 stars. The sex animations were good. Hope it improves.

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