Harem Residence [v0.11] [Vendena]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

(if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)

Usual Features:
* Touch Gestures (menu, hide, skip, rollback, skip, fast-skip, performance, console)
* Medium Compression
* Video Hardware Acceleration
* Powersaver
* Quick Menu Toggle (standard,icons,disable)
* Quick Menu Customize
* Text Size Zoom
* Text Box Opacity
* Transparent/Default/Dev’s Text Box (optional)
* Accessibility options
* Optional named saves
* Customizable text borders
* User mod compatible: on your phone, copy mod’s .rpy or .rpyc file(s) into /Documents/Renpy_Saves/com.estrada777.gamename/game/
* Dual save locations (Standard + Documents/RenPy_Saves) that will not be deleted when uninstalling
!Grant storage permissions on first run!

Small Guide:


  • Ai: Unlock the second building with Kasumi, head there, then wait a few days.
  • Aoi: Spend time with Kaori while she’s working, then go to the corner street at night.
  • Chitose: Progress with Ayase.
  • Fumiko: Progress with Aoi.
  • Hibiki: Unlock the second building with Kasumi, head there, then wait a few days.
  • Kaori: Wait until Sunday.
  • Mako: Spend time with Kaori while she’s working, then go to the corner street at night.
  • Maya: Wait until Saturday.
  • Megumi: Study in your room a few times.
  • Meiya: Progress with Maya and Miya.
  • Miya: Wait until Saturday.
  • Nagi: Spend time with Kaori while she’s working, then go to the corner street at night.
  • Nagisa: Exercise in your room a few times.
  • Otome: Unlock the second building with Kasumi, head there, then wait a few days.
  • Sakura: Unlock the second building with Kasumi, head there, then wait a few days.
  • Sanae: Progress with Ayase.
  • Satsuki: Progress with Aoi.
  • Tsubaki: Progress with Fumiko.
  • Yuri: Wait until Sunday, then go to the store at night.

Unlock the second building with Kasumi as soon as possible, then spend time with Yuri so she offers you a job. Keep working until you saved at least $200. When Sakura moves in, go and buy her a laptop. After progressing enough with her, she partners up with you to make money. You can make money with Sakura during afternoon and then with Yuri at night. After certain events, you can invest in some upgrades with Kasumi that will increase your passive income.

Most likely you have to progress with someone else first.

Yes and no. Some events will occur slightly different if your stats are low, but nothing drastic enough that’ll make you regret not spamming that button. When it comes to money, if you offer to pay, it’ll increase the affection points higher than usual.


If your love points are high enough, there’s a chance they’ll come and sleep with you. The wake up sex follows a similar logic, with enough BJs/Sex of course.

View Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:

plutus | Adds $1000
jupiter | Maxes out Strength and Intelligence
chronos | Changes Day and Time
aletheia | Changes Kasumi to little sister, Maya and Miya to sisters, Ayase and Sanae to sisters

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Editor's Rating

Story - 71%
Visual - 72%
Engagement - 73%
Core Loop - 75%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.01 ( 22 votes)

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  1. Having sex with the tenants is always a no no, they could do a me too case on your ass and ruin your life lol

  2. Okay, calling this game a rip off is about the same as calling Tekken, Dead Or Alive, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat games a rip off from each other just because they both have a tournament, a man bad guy boss, and have martial arts. The concept might be the same, but it works a different angle and have other factors in it. However, everyone has their own oppinion.

  3. why does everyone keep saying this is a harem hotel rip off that’s fucking stupid what just because it has harem in the title or because it’s set in a residence that’s like saying star trek is a star wars rip off because they each have star in the title god you people are stupid

    1. @Anonymous’ comment on January 31st ’23

      Its a harem hotel rip-off because the set and setting is almost the same. Change residence for hotel. And you’ve got it.

      In harem hotel; the grandfather of the MC died and left it to the MC to inherit. The hotel itself wasn’t that succesful and the MC has to deal with it to make it more succesful. By renovating it and renting the rooms.

      now this is the synopsis of this game:
      Your grandfather died recently and left behind a big house in another town.
      Your parents send you to take care of it. Since it’s a big house with many empty rooms,
      you decide to make a living by renting some of them.

      How can anyone say this isn’t a rip-off from harem hotel? The girls and stuff aren’t maybe the same but the concept of the story is exactly a copy pasta from hotel with minor adjustments.

      So how am I stupid? I just see the glaring similarities between the two and call it out. And you call me stupid for calling it out? Are you stupid perhaps that you can’t see the obvious? Drank too much of the kool-aid?

      1. i’m calling you stupid because well your stupid and i am free to do so and no i don’t drink no stank ass american garbage and no it is still not an exact copy and paste i have played harem hotel many times and this is still nothing like it hence your stupid and will continue to call you as such

    2. Come on man!!! Did you even play Harem Hotel?! Even most of the girls names and situations (siblings and clones/twins) ARE IDENTICAL.

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