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To Be A King [ch.11] [ITRoy]

Gallery Code for v0.10.1 (case sensitive): HalfLife3When

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mod


• Unlocked All Scenes
• Cheats Mod Added
• Skills Cheats & More
• Quick Menu Added
• Walkthrough Mod
• Rename MC
• Extract Zip File
• Copy or Cut ‘game’ folder and paste it in ToBeAKing-0.5.1-pc

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Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 89%
Core Loop - 93%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.13 ( 85 votes)

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  1. Story is nice if you go full harem path. In general it makes sense despite a few little topics that seam to be lost/unresolved (like results of poison tests or the missing amulet from the nordic princess).
    Would it have some quality animation the game could be really great. Balanced plot progression with sex scenes.
    Not sure where the author is willing to go but so far pointing to a complex decision branching with a lot of stuff to consider (army, queen, factions, who to trust, …). Sounds a bit like a management sandbox, but maybe it’s only to keep the story interesting and it will clarify by itself later.

  2. For mac users…so far i tried to gopy the game folder (in the show package content from the file from ch11 to to demo version of the game…looks like it works (at least it started, did not play so far).
    But could be a solution…
    use at your own risk

  3. Mac version does not work. Tried the chmod (as dev again used RAR to compile…can’t believe they still do that for mac versions!) but still does not work

  4. This game better get 30-50 chapters total (it’s at 11 now) because otherwise all the amazing story/lore groundwork that has been laid so far, (and it is amazing) is nothing but empty promises.

    10/10 if it’s nowhere near done, 0/10 if it’s close to ‘release’.

  5. Wow, this game is such a masterpiece. My favorite elements in one – becoming a king, politics, conquering lands and my Harem full of beautiful women. All the women are sexually exclusive to me and me only and they share me because I’m a warrior and the king – the ultimate alpha male. I could mate with whoever I want in my kingdom and give my seed to lots of women, who will bear me lots of children. It’s like this game has all the primal desires of a man.

    I wish I could experience it in real life. Life’s so boring and bland. What I would give to experience it in reality. It felt like a part of my soul was gone when the game ended. I was enjoying so much.

    But alas, nothing is permanent in this fucking life. Why God, why? Why some people live life like kings, while most of us suffer misery and live as peasants?

    I wish I could do something in the real world. But it’s so fucking difficult to do it. I don’t know what to do and if I know it, I don’t do it. I’m so lazy. I just do whatever is needed to survive and no more. Is my life going to be jerking off to imaginary women? I guess it’ll be as I have conceded defeat because it’s nearly impossible to have this kind of life in real life.

    Kudos to the creator of the game for developing such a masterpiece. At least, we can enjoy something in an imaginary world.

    1. dude reading that was so sad, you should talk to your friends, or family or idk but it seems like your life is a mess

    2. First, you’ve named yourself after a person who famously conquered most of the known world at a young age… and died fairly young for a king himself. Leaving his legacy to degrade as he refused to name a proper heir which lead to all his vassals infighting to tear apart the realm he’d built. Second, harems don’t exist because they’re exclusive to the 1% mate. Seriously, those who could afford to properly maintain one and entice the females they want into exclusive loyalty will not bother doing it. Because it’s an archaic concept that is a power fantasy. Because it would be massively expensive if any of the women who considered themselves married to the Harem Leader by default, chose to leave. Under common law – which is still an accepted law, and still applies in family court to this day. The way the laws that allowed such rise of female power in family court would have to be struck back all the way to the way they were originally intended. To provide support in stipend for any children created, ON THE DEATH of her husband. In no other circumstance including divorce (which wasn’t a concept until MUCH later) would she be entitled to a share or more of his accumulated wealth and assets.

      Aside from all of that, you’d actually have to have a job (or your own business that was profitable enough) that could financially support whichever amount of women you could convince – very likely from around the age of 19-25 tops, as the older a woman gets the more hesitant she’d be to bother with this kind of thing in general – to join your harem. All of that is not likely, for anyone with even a middle class job these days. Women tend to expect their man to make 6 figures at least before they’ll date him. Meanwhile most of us make barely 30-60 k a year. Which used to be good enough to start at least a three to four person family, have a house and do decently in that life. It’s not now, and that’s part of the problem.

      Besides, being a king isn’t the best idea. You’re heir to EVERYONE’s problems. You have to fix them, or figure out how to. You have to defend them, and god help you if you can’t raise the finances, which also require taxing to do. Everything that the people you rule don’t like, will be your fault. There’s also the point that Alexander like many others died by poisoning. Ascendance to the throne by assassination (just like in this game in fact) was the fastest way to a throne. If also a guaranteed point one would not keep it for long. There’s the fact that the common “Cheers” we all do at holidays was originally designed to safeguard monarchs and their meeting retinue against poisoning attempts by enacting mutually assured destruction. You’d likely always fear the knife in the dark, or that even your senate or ruling council or round table or whatever you want to call your advisors, were all out to get you. To take the throne, or be the power directly behind it and you’d have to deal with that.

      The grass can always be, and will always seem greener friend. No matter which side you look at it from.

      * There’s also the point that at least one of the ladies you could gain is path locked if you choose her daughter. Unless the dev has finally fucked off with that concept, and added in the means to convince her otherwise. Because last I played you had to pick ONE and that’s not good for a harem.

      1. Also going to point out that Windows Defender detected a Trojan and called it Severe in the last two times I tried to download this yesterday. So now even though the game is a bit mixed for me in the several updates I’ve played since it’s launching, I can’t properly download it to see where it’s going. If anyone else has had this problem with this title, I’d like to know. It’s the first time a game has done this to me. I’ve downloaded a LOT of them over the past several years. If it’s an issue with the way the dev has programmed things, fine and fair enough. It can hopefully be fixed. However if it’s going to keep telling me there’s a trojan and borking the download, I’ll have to take it off my “Games For Fun” list. Since there’s no fun in a game you can’t actually play.

        * I do personally think it should be made clear to the player that you’re GOING TO MARRY all 3 princess’ plus the foreign one that frankly didn’t need to be a Warrior, plus the old queen if you go the recommended route. Nevermind making us think we’re going to have to marry just one. That way leads only to more drama than necessary; if I am the King now – I make the laws. Including those pretaining to marriage. (Which is ALSO why the prince character a) never needed to exist as he was nothing but a potential rival cock block before it was asserted he was gay, and b) is STILL an obstacle on the path to becoming the king,. Which is kinda the WHOLE TITLE of the game. Unless you intend somehow to kill him off fairly soon. Which is just more blue balling for the sake of more unnecessary plot. I’d say kill him off during the war with the rival queen that MC has a history with – which would be part of how we claim victory; and then bend her over her throne to become MC’s submissive broken bitch as the cherry on top. BUT you’ve already written the bastard doesn’t want to fight, and can’t do so to find his way out of a paper bag…

  6. FAIR WARNING: (and slight spoiler alert:)

    Though the harem stuff is ‘optional’, it becomes painfully clear that the dev didn’t actually put in any effort or braincells to make the writing coherent if you stay monogamous.

    Your MC dialogue turns more and more into that of a schizoid psycho’s, who: despite seemingly having betrothed and bedded, and plotted against the crown since basically day ONE, now suddenly wants to postpone the marriage by months/years, and on top of that is not even sure who he wants to marry???, also no logical sense when it comes to suddenly keeping Marius around in power despite having had clearcut dialogue on numerous occasions of completely putting him out of power and assuming full control.

    There might be branching out, but there’s no proper dialogue branching you back in to the main storyline. Which despite it overall being quite good, is still bad writing, and a bad gameplay experience if you have a brain.

    PS: Despite it being chapter 10, there is basically 0 content and I can feel a shitload of plotholes coming up next to the ones there already are, because there has been mention of a thousand nice sounding things, and by the end of chapter 10 you’ve barely done one of them.

    Seems dev has been transitioning engines as well for the past 6 months so no hope of any improvement soon.

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