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The Will of Endreon [Ch. 2 Part 2] [Hidden Dreams]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

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Editor's Rating

Story - The Will of Endreon sets off on an adventurous journey in a fantasy world, and while it shows promise, it also suffers from a few flaws. The game's writing, although commendable for its pacing, lacks subtlety. Characters reveal their entire life stories upon first meeting, leaving the exposition and characterization feeling rushed and inorganic.The protagonist unfortunately falls flat in terms of depth and characterization. The lack of backbone and decisive actions makes the MC feel unremarkabl. - 73%
Visual - One aspect that shines in The Will of Endreon is its visual presentation. The game excels in delivering appealing visuals, allowing players to immerse themselves in the fantastical world. The attention to detail in character designs and environmental backgrounds is praiseworthy, contributing to the overall aesthetic value. However, the game could benefit from providing players with more space, as the camera constantly feels too close, limiting the opportunity to breathe and take in the surroundings fully. - 89%
Engagement - When it comes to engagement, The Will of Endreon presents a mixed bag. While the game's fast-paced nature makes it exciting, it also hampers its character development and emotional investment. The rapid progression leaves little room for tension and relationship-building with the love interests, making it difficult to feel attached to the characters in a meaningful way. - 76%
Core Loop - The core loop of The Will of Endreon revolves around embarking on an adventure in a fantasy world. The game introduces players to a rich lore, but at times the exposition can be overwhelming. While the the game manages to strike a balance, it still contains areas where lore dumps could have been better integrated. - 82%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.02 ( 11 votes)

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  1. Seems my last comment has been deleted. Don’t know why. Don’t really care.

    One thing: Is this going to end up a harem or not? Because with this many girls that you can pursue (three shown so far, it does count for one, and should be able to at least have an open path for those that might choose to make it one)

    I hate mind fuckery. I hate dream sequence mind fuckery much MUCH more. I hate the idea of choices that are not a choice. You may as well not even offer one in that case. And on that point; Endarin or whatever the hell you named the gullible git with the sword IS NOT THE FUCKING HERO! The MC is the Protagonist of the story. End of. Sword Boy’s purpose is not to guard/do the work FOR the player = it’s to TEACH THE MC TO BECOME BADASS. If you don’t even know who your own protagonist is, why the fuck are you designing games… and why do you think we should bother to play?

    There should ALWAYS be a viable option to “refuse” or “resist.” If the MC has the sense that something seems off, don’t fucking make him look like an idiot – and the next fucking time you let the girl OR ANY girl threaten him; remind them that he is the one cooking their meals, and he JUST this update saved her from being poisoned. [I don’t give a flying fuck if it was a “test” in your eyes. He can just as easily add one of those bloody things to her stew and she wouldn’t know a thing about it until she keeled over dead from it. FemDom IS NOT NECESSARY! She’s NOT the main character either… and NEVER will be] You started the fucking story with a poor nobody cook… YOU wrote that limitation, and made it seem like he was at least OPEN to learning to be the hero. You gave him the damned dream sequences that are WAY TOO FUCKING VAGUE about being the next “chosen one.” So get the fuck on with it. Decide whether he actually is or not = it should be a REALLY simple answer. Because as The Highlander said: There Can Be Only One!

    The driving force; the FOCUS of the story IS ALWAYS the MAIN CHARACTER. The Player’s “Avatar.” That’s not even basic game design. That’s basic fucking kindergarten story structure 101. If you start them out gimped, or under-powered, it’s YOUR job to fix that. Not ours to tolerate some bs limp-dick energy “I can’t control my desire for the pussy we all know I’m never going to actually get, because I’m fucking useless” fantasy. The key in any High Fantasy setting is POWER. DYNAMIC. Which can be and should be a growing branch for the MC. In your case, you used a cursed branding. Which is stupid, and punitive, needlessly. At least make the fucking thing worth the cost… so far it’s just plot device bullshit. You could fucking follow through on Sword Boy’s offer to train him to fight in general, and you SHOULD DO THAT. ASAP. He’s got to be able to carry his own weight, or he IS going to DIE. Those two morons fight each other often enough that the next fuck up, or the next one after that is a Mission Critical Failure: MC DIES. An adventuring party cannot afford a third freaking wheel, and I do not know why the hell you’d tie an achor around ALL of their ankles trying so damned hard to make the MC (the one the player actually gets to make choices for…) be so damned useless. Fix that. Fuck off with any instance of punishment for pursuit of ANY girl that’s rendered attractively, and doubly fuck off with “the message”/female empowerment social politics [IE: FemDom] and I might consider this game more worthwhile.

    Right now, the only thing I’m seeing is a screwed over farmboy who wants to be more, with a broken-assed pitch fork and not a chance in hell that brand isn’t going to bite him in the ass harder than NIA or anyone else ever will. : /

    1. so… you’re complaining that the characters have flaws, and their relationships dont work correctly? like in every good story ever? i think its all way too early to say much. if theres growth and change, then its an excellent story. if you have this mindset with any story you read/watch/etc, you’re not going to like any stories with substance.

      i do agree that there should be more options for the mc, but at the same time, that just means its more linear, and that the mc is its own character more than a puppet for the player to control. which i like. but to each their own.

      1. First, I WRITE my own stories with plenty of substance… and if you read the actual comment you’d know that 90% of it was arguing now that the characters have flaws, or the relationships are borked; but that they are in fact focused on the WRONG freaking characters. Not to mention muddling around whether or not the MAIN character is actually the reincarnation of X fallen/abandoned Hero. (We all can assume that he is, or may be with the right choices, but the very fact we can should be enough to allow the writer to be fairly more clear about the intent behind that driving force)

        Being a cook is not a flaw. Being a cook in a story about adventuring, and then having the dev outright suggest that X character is willing to help him change – but the MC just says NO, without any player input… and in this last update finally decides you know what I was a dumbass before. Please help me not die, is flawed Story-Telling. Not flawed character. My problem in short was that though there WAS an option openly presented FOR growth and change that would have allowed the actual main character as shown from the start, to become the HERO of the tale in general over time… the DEV as the story’s writer disallowed that point, and THEN in the next update walked it back.

        I care less that the MC is cursed than that so far the curse is next to useless. Actively punitive. I care that the dev is using dream sequence and this cursed brand to fuck with our heads as players… and promote LESS player choice in scenes I would rather be MALE DOMINANT. I care less that there are two other adventurers in the party than I do that the female has openly threatened someone she owes her life to, who has been naught but helpful the whole time… WHILE implying sexuality with him to spark. I care that the current “main hero” is a big dumbass with a sword, and a good heart, who is quite obviously death-flagged so hard it can be seen from miles away. Or he’s there to fuck up any notion of an actual Harem; by taking away some of the options that might become introduced as far as females go later in the story. Neither of those are good.

        If you’re going to comment negatively, to call my constructive criticisms of a half baked plot “complaining,” at least get the reasoning right. I will always advocate for more player choice. For the plot to FOLLOW player choice as far as any gained Love Interests go, and not to actively block multiple romances as a Player Choice. If that’s what the player wants. That doesn’t make the MC a “puppet.” Avatar is the word I used, and it’s used for a reason. They are ALWAYS our window into interactivity with the world the dev/writer wants to create. We control certain actions, and again… those actions are presented as choices. The more of them we get to control, usually the more immersed in a story most of us will be. Which can still be linear. Player Choice and factoring several at any given point they are offered, which might want to be made, does not mean it’s entirely open ended. It may seem more open, but there’s going to be a set start… the middle ground where anything can happen along the way, and the end. Which should frankly be pre-planned. Or at least the dev should have a general notion of what is going to happen at major plot beats. It’s easier to actually finish both a game and a story that way. It’s also frankly easiest to focus on just one true protagonist. Leaving the rest as major, supporting characters, or again love interests.

    2. Thanks, after reading this you’ve saved me the time downloading this. I can’t stand playing the little beta sub an that’s exactly what this sounds like reading your review. Thanks again for saving me some time.

  2. Everything about this VN is first-rate. Romance, adventure, story that sucks you right in. The only people I can imagine who might be unhappy are those that want to get off fast; because it’s an adventure story and character development.

    And it’s still being made, so it is not finished.

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