The Point of No Return [v0.48] [DS23Games]

Saves between Regular and Directors Cut are NOT compatible

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Download for Windows - Directors Cut (Incest)

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Download for Mac - Directors Cut (Incest)

Download for Android Part 1

Download for Android Part 2

Download for Android - Directors Cut (Incest)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Gallery Mod

Have also restored the original 1118a to 1148a scenes, and also added the 1425a and 1427a scenes without text. Will need someone to get the text from the Patreon Discord version.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 78%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 79%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.07 ( 72 votes)

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  1. This game is absolutely disgusting. There is a place for any kink but it’s not about kink. this game normalizes rape in a very very dangerious way. Sub/Dom sexual relation has nothing to do with rape but the dumb psycho dev of this game has obviousely no sense of it and probabley has lived all their lives in the basement with no human interaction dreaming about raping people.
    To talk about rape in a story is not wrong but to make rape look like something else or fun or normal is just sick and dangerious and people like this dev should be locked up.
    Rating on this site is also really strangely skewed. Some really good games get 40% while garbages like this get high rating.

    1. Are you a rape judge or something? How do you know what is very very dangerous way of rape? Apparently you are also a judge of character. Well lookie here, a person of many talents; c’mon be hones with me, did someone touch your booboo when you were young?

      Jokes aside, I killed gabajillions of men and women (also children… for fun) in games, yet, I’m still not a killer.

      1. You seem to be a very intelligent individual sadly i`m not i couldn`t have come up with your quote as you probably know i`m be sarcastic get a life fool

    2. Are you in a serious state of mind right now, writing something about the game and the developer? you’re fucking serious, you’re playing a porn game, if you’re fucking smart, go do something useful or don’t fucking write comments, why do you need that? fuckers

  2. For me, the problem is why involve Autumn at all?

    The two mains – fine. I still think it’s BS that there IS NO Resistence route. Not really; what you get is a Sarah Conners’ Chornicles attempt, where she needs all the help in the world (to very probably STILL end up fucking other men than her husband) to save her daughter who’s very likely STILL being raped daily no matter what you do. Alongside Autumn. The only difference being Jen doesn’t participate. In this last route of “Submission” (which is usually fully consented by the way – and Duress BORKS that – made her throw away the ring. Chris gets killed for trying to do what Stan did; which is incredibly hypocritical. Autumn however SHOULD be claimed by Stan. You went there in the first place and while it would make a dark one, it still does make a harem. Meek and petite of frame does NOT mean will let any overmuscled asshole fuck her brains out. Make her hit him with the frying pan until HE dies… and set to another running path. Where Stan really DOES fuck all of them.

    Major points (other than the obvious, this game is JUST about rape) I have a problem with:

    – Thematically there was no reason to get Autumn involved (and it actually creates a situation where they would be more likely to get caught. Was she the type to run away? An ophan… you put in the cucked boyfriend who frankly wasn’t getting anywhere with her so he was more a beneficial friend she wanted to believe she loved = If she truly WANTED him, they would have fucked at least once. Her parents at least would have by now called the cops. If it’s a point on the back end you want to introduce as a parachute… fine. Short sighted not to include some means to think there will be an end point that resolves this for the VILLAIN. But fine)

    – Resist doesn’t get you anything different. Trying to resist after going sub (or literally letting Stan make you his whore) do not offer significant improvements or alterations to what you obviously intended to be a Harem Game; darkly.

    – There is no end in sight. So while I can’t fault the work done, compression may be more viable. Splitting it into 3 paths when really there is only 2 and both will end badly for Jen no matter what you do so there may really only have been the one considering you don’t see what happens to Maya during most of the separation thus far in the Resist! mode, still equates to a bad end. There is no way to get back the lives they’ve lost. But on a side note; you painted Maya as a willing enough slut that she would have been MORE the draw to defend as a virgin. She did NOT need to be more or as sexually experienced as her mom. I would have put her as still technically a virgin (and no anal bullshit) but having gone further with her boyfriend than Autumn with geekboy. They could have broken up over her “not being ready” but still being willing = which makes her come off the cock tease who’ll put the brakes on whenever things get really good.

    – Overall, it’s the same game down three slightly different veins. You can’t really fight the NTR and come out safe. You can’t go back to the marriage no matter what. Because Jen’s not going to want to fix things with Andy given what she had to do to protect their daughter while he was fucking clueless. ( “Strong/alpha” women do not tend to regard men like Andy is portrayed sexually – so the only way you fix this is he secretly had more money than god; or a way to make her effectively immortal & turned back to her 19 year old version. Which could be a deal he was working on that pans out = and I would if you REALLY want to be a dick at the end, have ANDY be the mastermind of the whole thing as a trust test, or have him be the ringmaster above all, who re-takes ownership of his very confused wife at the end JUST to prove to Stan and whoever else that HE can protect/own and control her mindset over LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE. It’s one way to add a Machiavellian twist and fix the marriage. It’s not the best way, but better the devil you didn’t know you never knew – and gave your heart, than the asshole that tried to rip it out and mindbreak you)

    – You are effectively tying an anvil to the feet of all these girls, and at the end of the day, it WILL get boring to most of your audience. You won’t want to meet the ones it does not bore in real life, I promise you. So I’d work on a way to resolve this thing at the end. Cleanly. Either for light or dark as one true path. I’d also make certain that all three girls are CLAIMED. By ONE man. I don’t care if it’s Stan, or whoever else ** Unless you go with Jen’s whore path, in which case fine and have her try to save the girls she cares about by pushing them into it too. She hasn’t been smart about literally any of this so far, so it at least fits that ** [But again, it could be the Evil Andy’s way of sharing that he wants more than he thought Jen would accept… so he’ll end up with Autumn, Maya and Jen all pregnant by him at the end – because they’ll willingly abort whatever Stan may have put in them, or make him Sterile by Andy’s design without him ever having known it. Either works] Accept that you made a Harem. It’s not a flowers and rainbows type of harem and frankly you’re portraying them to all be bipolar fuck anything that wants to whores at the end. But it’s a Harem. Especially if you add in an older cousin to Maya (or Jen – or even Autumn) that gets mixed up with them.

    – Without some actual means of progressing their ability to fight for their independance, or to at least SEEM to, there is no real question as the one that originally drew the audience in. They’re not fighting. They’re not even capably shown that they CAN on the version of playthrough they’re supposed to have. Frankly, in Resist! Maya and or at least Autumn should have joined Jen in that resistence. There’s no reason really for it to center on just Jen. Autumn had a BOYFRIEND to face down – and I don’t think she’s going to after this, because again he’s going to KNOW she was forced to be impure. So he’ll either go dark and treat her just as much the slut to reassert his Dominance (which we both know he never had to begin with) or he’ll give her to the streets. That’s the choices you left that pairing with. So for what she’s gone through, in seeing him UNCHANGED – because he’s still going to be that worthless stringbean looking motherfucker and we both know it – she’s going to disregard him. End of. There’s one way it ends well for them as a couple, and that’s IF you make him accept being a cuck and she promises to give him only her wildest self. JUST. HIM. But even then there will be a vein of distrust that puts the relationship at risk of constant fracture. She fucks up on that point even once and you’r right back to give her to the streets. Or she’ll walk out for self-justification in “Female Empowerment/Sexual Liberation” which is basically code for let me be a slut and fuck a football field, while I pretend I was ever loyal to you, or loved you.

    At the end, even if you fight – you break these characters. So it’s up to you guys if you want to waste now almost 15 Gigs watching rape scenes. Because there never will be a Happy Ending here; that doesn’t push out a baby in nine or so months. Probably for the rest of each of their alloted fertile times. : /

  3. I gave up on this one mainly due to it’s over sized download size. Not saying it’s a bad VN at all, on the contrary it is really good. The lesbian incest is hot, but there are some elements to the story and situations that got repetitive and boring for me. I will download it again when I have some room in the harddrive. I recommend Point of No Return.

  4. a well made and original game with very decent visuals.
    another 13,8gb download though, chapter updates would be appreciated …

    1. Maybe because they have to contantly deal with stupid faggots like you calling them “dykes” you retard.

  5. This is a BAD game! There is NTR and rape all through this game, right from the start! Funny how the dev “forgot” to put that in the tags. There are zero animations. This was made by someone with a cold, black heart. Stay clear of this game. There is nothing redeeming about it!

      1. ya fuck you, rapists should go to hell, if they don’t get ganked in the games then it’s just bad.

      2. You think rape is funny you visit the same grave i do every week and tell the soul in there rape is funny and unlike the faceless coward you are i use my own name to make statements may Karma find you

        1. The soul, would not be in the grave my friend. The body, or what remains, would be in the grave. If you’ve lost someone you cared for to that fate; her soul – the essence of who she was, has gone somewhere else. She’s very likely at peace, or potentially gone to a new life, where with all hope she would find a better fate. I take your point in indignation, but you unintentionally do the one you’d defend a disservice, by thinking her spirit bound to a her grave. Would you really want to be chained to your vessel past life, for all eternity afterward? Especially if it has been so defiled. We should both wish better for anyone, male or female who has undergone such trials. Who has perhaps lost their lives in the course. Know then that Karma finds everyone. Hers will certainly be counted, in all hopes foreward. Peace to you, for what grief you hold. Best then to remember the lost as they stood in life. To honor who they were. Not what end they met. The dead are past pain, and have been freed. The Greeks of old believed they do hear our thoughts, when we focus on them. So hold the one you valued in heart, remember. Honor, and their import will not fade. Let them have the mark they deserve, in shaping who you are, and who you become. A life, will resonate. In any number of ways, against as many others as it may touch.

    1. so many gay ass moral faggots like this little bitch crying about pixles. get a life you faggot

      1. bruh did you really tell someone to get a life while you made an account whith his username and calling him a “bitch ass faggot”??? lmaooo you must be the dev who made this gay ass game

    2. Well said anyone who likes this game has serious issues and needs to see a therapist RAPE is not alright even for fantasy entertainment The Dev for this game needs therapy Rape is not entertainment i`ve seen the results of rape i visit a grave because of someone who took their own life after being raped so anyone who wants to argue on the side of this being okay i will use my own name to sign this Roy Urey if you feel like giving me abuse just remember no abuse you give will match the pain i feel from losing someone

      1. Well said anyone who likes this game has serious issues and needs to see a therapist MURDER is not alright even for fantasy entertainment. The Dev for this game needs a therapy, MURDER is not entertainment. i`ve seen the results of MURDER, i visit a grave because of someone who took their own life after their family get MURDERED, so anyone who wants to argue on the side of this being okay i will use my own name to sign this Roy Urey if you feel like giving me abuse just remember no abuse you give will match the pain i feel from losing someone.

        See what i did there? It’s the age old debate of ‘Games makes your kids violent’ or ‘Action films makes people violent’ which had been proved again and again to be false. Those who can’t tell reality from fiction is the one sick in their head.

    3. When you see this kid posting comments know this, if he hates the game then you can bet it’s a winner. If he loves the game then you can bet it sux.

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