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Teacher’s Harem [v0.5] [T-Wizard]

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Download for Mac

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 51%
Visual - 68%
Engagement - 55%
Core Loop - 51%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.04 ( 23 votes)

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  1. If Mother Nature made girls to hit puberty at twelve years old then you are not in position to criticize.

    1. If you’re referring to me, first… yes. I am. So is anyone else with any actual sanity. Puberty’s beginning, or concurrant changes therein do not mean someone is ready for a true adult responsibility. You sound like the assholes as judges in I believe it was either a Columbian or a Mexican case, who would not let an 11 yr old get an abortion because a friend of the family that her parents’ trusted at that point, raped her. Or the guy that’d be okay with a 14 yr old England based foster child who was so afraid to be abandoned by her foster mother that she LET the woman go online and find a Swede to donate seed. Then take her virginity with a freaking turkey baster while she was ovulating. Which the emergency services only found out about after she gave birth because she decided she did NOT want to give the baby up. To the mother who’d arranged it so she could be paid more by the government. These are just two real life examples you can look up. Maybe you should be careful what you advocate. Because if I had a daughter, and you said that to me; I’d straight up gut you and be done with it. In fantasy, some age play is fair enough… but there is a limit. The developer needs to be very aware of that point, because it’s their ass in the sling if someone decides to report it, and they are found legally in the wrong. There are too many cases of this kind of shit actually happening, to play it off strictly as “just fantasy.” So don’t even go there. It doesn’t make you come out any better off, or any smarter.

      Second, I am not the critic most people SHOULD be worried about. In EVERY country the minimum age of consent is at least 14-16 (Not all have yet, as far as I am aware, properly conformed to the majority held 18-21) Which means that I can almost guarantee the renders are considered “under age” in some specific cases. There’s only so much grey area that the term “Fantasy” will legally allow. Especially when it is a fully controlled CHOICE to portray them in the vein where age of consent is questionable at best. In most cases it’s better not to take the risk that it will be misinterpreted. Or in some cases, correctly interpreted.

  2. @ Anon I Mouse: Right… I’m a bitch because I’m willing to offer a review and or constructive criticism. If that’s the best insult you’ve got mate, you need more imagination. I specifically didn’t choose a gendered name but I can tell you that you got the wrong one. Maybe if you found one yourself, you might be in a better mood, right? Unless of course you’re gay… but for all I know you’re lesbian, and frankly… that’s okay either way. It means fuck all to me. No wait, that’s Pan, and I don’t happen to have one on hand. Pity. End of the day, call me whatever you want, and it’s not going to change a thing I choose to say. Have at it. I know trolls regenerate, unless you bring fire. Sadly, I forgot the TNT.

  3. Okay first; what is it some of you have with designing girls that have bodies that look 14 at best?
    There wouldn’t need to be age verifications if you’d stick to designing partners that look over the age of consent (and not grandmothers, god damn it – that I’d take as being smart assed about it) There’s a difference between “petite” framed, but still visibly female and I look like I’m fucking a 12 year old. Gah. Have Max grow her hair out a little. Maybe slightly more flare at this hips and a little more breast. It doesn’t have to be significant but there are some subtle changes that you can make that will help her not scream “My arse is jailbait” (I do like the character, she is endearingly sweet, but you really shouldn’t try to make your audience that level of uncomfortable)

    Next, you want me to believe this MC is “super smart” huh? First; a super smart person wouldn’t drink heavily. It kills brain cells and they DON’T grow back. Nor do nerve or stem cells. They’re the three types of cell we can’t produce more of as we age, and the true danger therein that kills or severely cripples us. Otherwise we’d all basically be Wolverine. Also, if he’s a polygot as far as his studies, how the fuck did a lawyer fleece him hard enough to loose everything? Wouldn’t happen. If he’s so smart, how does he fall to the berserker rage against a Gorilla you put into a HAREM game just to make problems. When he is explicitly pointed out (correctly – and he shouldn’t have to have gotten to that point) by his STUDENT, that he should not do anything. Even if he’s not a great teacher per say in his own mind, you wrote him to be “taking it seriously.” Which means he’s meant to be the exemplar. Tell me… if it was a female parent kicking the shit out of her son, would you have been so quick to go that far? I know it’s how society has wired us all for generations, but guys… you said he was smart. He shouldn’t try to think he’s The Hulk, if you actually want him to be Bruce Banner. If YOU were smart at creative writing, you would have had him concoct a plan to get evidence. Like present Kala with a body cam. They shouldn’t be that hard to find at a tech store. Or a microphone. He can’t help her avoid the black eye, but he shouldn’t be looking to do jail time. [If this was your way to add the cop fetish into the game; it’s still a Fuck Right Off. Absolutely. First because it shouldn’t have gone down like that, and second because now you’ve written the MC into a corner. If you’re gonna do that, there better be more to the plan to get him out than “Oh he’s a toxic asshole because he beat his daughter, so I hope you killed him” or Ooo, you have a real big dick. It can replace the baton I know you think I routinely shove up into me because everyone assumes a female in a male oriented job just has to be a lonely dyke. Or cock hungry] The problem with writing smarter characters than yourself is exactly that. So don’t do it. Hell he could have asked Nancy or Ms Swann if you really wanted MC not to be the one to figure it out. Now I think the only way to get out of it would be to have Ms Swann bail you out, so MC will owe her money. Do note: I don’t mind the female cop thing at all, and I wouldn’t mind adding them to the harem as well, I am pointing out how ridiculous it is to go for this level or “realism” when not a single female cop I’ve EVER seen has looked close to half these modeled in sex games. You want to play with that troupe, fair game… but MC should actively be HELPING the cops. Not on the wrong side of the bars.

    While we’re on that subject, how is he paying Jessie? What is he paying her…Monopoly money? Most people won’t work for free. He isn’t offering her room and board; and she hasn’t gotten to the “oh, master fuck/breed me” part yet. Are the amenities free, was it comped; does he have to worry about food and hydro. Does he even have a TV bill, or a game system? If he’s going to be routinely entertaining all “his” ladies, it’s not just using his decently (but not massive I’d argue) sized pole for their merry go round. [Especially since you don’t yet have pregnant in the tags – though I appreciate you put at least one girl in that isn’t scared of the potential of multiple kids] To me, the main problem is the Principal’s daughter. For several reasons. First) She would be in a private school somewhere far away from what the mom owns. It’d be a conflict of interest I believe, with any actual school board advisory. Especially because this one IS privately funded. Though I admit I’m not sure she can’t attend. She just REALLY shouldn’t. Because it’s a HAREM game. You DO NOT break the Harem. Which by the way as of the current ending to this update is exactly what you just did. On a cliffhanger. Great job. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll download the next one if you bother with it. Not just to see if you listen to my suggestions – and yeah this is only constructive criticism. Believe me – but to see whether you actually come up with a viable way to get MC out of the shit you just put him in.

    I can ignore the looks younger than she actually is – I figure it’s true for most Asians, so whatever – and I will say other then the incredibly obvious red flag that frankly I hope you let me bend over a table and breed to own at some point in game [You’re setting her up to deserve it, and you have a mad scientist in the basement; a solution with the nuclear option is basically built in, is all I’m going to say about it] I do think this one has potential, It’s a bit of a rough start, and Emily from the point she gets cornered by her four roommates should please stop freaking being bipolar (The MC is the player avatar, and we are not Yo-Yo’s. Being that indecisive is not a flattering personality trait) but it’s not unsalvagable.
    * Bonus round; include our nemesis’ mom and let me do the same to her, because she turns out to genuinely be impressed with you inexplicably turning her shit show of a school around… not to mention her bitchy daughter’s attitude, and she desperately wants another child. Whether MC marries her or not. But my luck, you’re Thanos, and this is my endgame.

  4. complete fucking garbage mc is a moron pretty sure there is pedo content in this judging from the look of some of these girls which is fucking gross and a big fuck no from me not even gonna rate this not worth it

  5. works fine here. just follow the steps described in the ‘Install Mod_Teachers Harem’ text file and start a new game. that’s it.

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