Special Harem Class [v0.3.1] [KagetoDev]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

View Cheat Codes

UPDATE v0.2.3: ALL codes have been changed and encrypted, for details, see notice below. No new codes have been added.
UPDATE v0.2.0: No changes to codes have been made going from v0.1.10b to v0.2.0
UPDATE v0.1.10b: No changes to existing codes, 3 new codes have been added
UPDATE v0.1.10a: No changes to codes have been made going from v0.1.9b to v0.1.10a
UPDATE v0.1.9b: No changes to codes have been made going from v0.1.9a to v0.1.9b

Since v0.2.3 the codes have been encrypted, as such, I can’t provide the codes anymore via conventional means, as I have no idea how to decrypt/reverse engineer hashes to get the original codes, meaning, to get the originals, you either need someone who is a bit smarter than me, or someone who leaks the codes from the Patreon itself.
But, with that being said, this is an issue that has a very simple solution, by following the instructions below, all the old codes will work for the new version of the game.

1. Search and download a tool to extract and decompile .rpa files. (such as the tool provided by Sam)
2. Use the tool according to instructions.
3. Once the game files have been extracted and decompiled, replace the file “locations.rpy” within the “game” folder with the file of the same name I provided to download.
– 3.1. To download the file, right-click the file and select “Save link as…”.
4. The old codes provided below will now work as intended.

All the codes are case-sensitive, symbols have to be included if present and all included characters of the code will be bold.

natural charisma : maxes out charisma stat (until the end of the week).

no more coin toss : random events will always trigger (until the end of the week).

all your panties belong to us : gives you X-ray vision for some scenes (until the end of the week).

i can see the future : unlocks all gallery scenes (a lot of them aren’t in the gallery).

platinum trophy : unlocks all achievements.

jump to endgame : maxes out everything (also skips some scenes).

town navigator : unlocks every location on the map (might cause bugs).

reset claire : undoes a scene where the player shows the girl’s picture.

reset charisma : returns charisma stat back to 0.

mommy : enables a short scene with samantha.

master : alice will show up sooner at the bar.

suddenly gigachad : enables date hints to view the outcome of each choice during a date.

desire desire desire : activates the desire system that currently serves no purpose.

i can control desire : allows you to max/zero all girl’s desire.

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Visual - 73%
Engagement - 73%
Core Loop - 77%


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  2. “divining charisma” – sets charisma to MAX until the end of the day. Charisma will unlock scenes while exploring certain locations
    “please rngesus” – guarantees random event to trigger until the end of the day.
    “fap fap fap” – unlocks all current available gallery scenes
    “love love love” – sets all characters affection to max. Might cause you to miss some scenes.
    “oh no my eyes” – unlocks X-ray vision! It only works on side girls in “Walk around” events (like the beach or the basketball court) for the moment.
    “i have a map” – unlocks all locations. Might cause some bugs.
    “reset claire” – resets Claire affection, she will also forget about the pictures you received.
    “feels bad” – resets Charisma to 0 and resets the quest flags (locations will remain unlocked)
    “m i l f” – enabled you to meet Samantha earlier in the game. With this cheat you only need Lily’s affection 4 to meet her in the fastfood.
    “gib plat” – unlocks all current available achievements.
    “follow the line” – enables/disables hints during dates.
    “g o t h” – Alice will show up sooner in the night club.
    “plz gib desire” – unlocks the desire system early (might cause some bugs)
    “remote vibrator” – Maxes out or zeroes out all girl’s desire

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    2. Are you an idiot?. The game don’t have NTR. Play the game first and then comment that way you look less retarded.

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