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Little Regina [v0.42-3] [EchoFoxtrot]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 86%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.69 ( 22 votes)

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  1. I just started this one, its corny, but it reminds me of the show, Reacher, right off the bat. I wonder if this’ll be good

  2. The whole game pretty much u can’t see the pics u can only read it says images not found can u please fix that problem

  3. No - You can render her as a fox in her dreams all you want Bucko, but that's the only place she's "Foxy" says:

    This will be my last comment. As well as very probably the last time I ever bother downloading this piece of shit.


    His Lawyer was his girl = is now married to NOT HIM: No. Fuck you SO very much for that. It blocks a path before it even begins, and frankly you SHOULD have made the terribly insecure, overly possessive redheaded GOBLIN see the damned ring so that she wouldn’t come off like a psycho in her own thoughts about the woman’s presence and connection to Jack. Fuck me sideways. Then HER BOSS is also hot. And that’s as far as I need to go, because so was the BITCH detective. For no reason… Not if you’re not going to let THE PLAYER – NOT THE CHARACTER – CHOOSE WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS AS FAR AS RELATIONSHIPS IN GAME!!! It’s NOT “cheating” if it is a Harem path. You Ignoramous. (Calling her client a troglidyte just to prove you can spell it, was also not a smart play – not if she actually EVER gave a shit about him. The AUDIENCE doesn’t know about their connection at that point, and would likely take it for a random insult more than banter. They aren’t friends to the cops; they’re client and service provider)

    Bloody hell on top of everything else you had the “smart” cop ask about a polygraph; EVERYONE and their dog knows they’ve been ruled INADMISSABLE IN COURT. IE: The question was bullshit, and any answer Jessica’d given under duress I might add, which the lawyer WOULD have pointed out if they’d pushed it – so at least you were smart enough there – would have been thrown out before it’d even been presented. Again, you said IF it even gets to court. But this is why even though I HATE the fact you put a fucking female over Jack in RANK in a job he didn’t even actually WANT, I don’t disagree with her stance. I disagree with her bitchy attitude against a guy whose frankly proven hyper violent. NOT. SMART. Especially because SHE’S WORKING WITH HIM BECAUSE SHE DOES NEED HIS HELP.

    Whoever’s writing this: fire them. Who ever coded in your two main characters; fire them. If it’s you on either count Dev, I can’t help you… but Jesus fucking Christ do you need some. End of the day if this DOESN’T AT SOME POINT SOON become a harem, I have no bloody clue what the hell you wanted out of this VN. Because the ONLY way it would work as you seem to think Jack should, is if he DOES have the several women he’s going to need = who ARE NOT ALREADY FUCKING ATTACHED TO SOMEONE ELSE, GENUIS! – to GROUND him. Other than that you’ve got Jason Bourne with Less morals, siding with a cross between Quasimodo, Minnie Mouse and Pipi Longstocking. Gah. Like I said, Crista, Amira or whatever he name is; Mara, Beth, The fiancee of the lawyer dude, NOW Claire & Kassandra – Boom Boom and Dawn, ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE IN THE HAREM. And it SHOULD be a harem. But really at the end of the day, if I do randomly decide – out of raw morbid curiosity to watch a train wreck – to see what progress you’ve made in a year or more, I won’t be surprised if you don’t listen. I will be less surprised if the game’s updates even last that long. Do you even know what the hell you want to do with the Endgame? Because if he keeps going as he is; he’s not Superman. He’s not Immortal = Someone’s GOING to get the drop on him, and kill him [Which by the way would ALSO be a lot easier to avoid with a cadre of well-trained females that he built up himself to trust at his back, just saying]

  4. I have to say after this most recent update, I do not think this game will become something worth sticking with. I will no longer be playing it. Why? Because I’m beginning to believe YOU have more psychological issues than you want to ascrible to your Main Character.

    First: Torture DOES NOT work that way – the goal is to keep the prisoner ALIVE. For as long as possible. You’re not going to do that if you hit the femoral artery, or use a hammer to bust his rib cage. Which can send bone into the lungs. The liver. At least you didn’t do it over the heart, but fuck me… You’d aim for the shoulder, the arm. The hands. The fingers. Anything where it WILL NOT kill the intended target, but WILL cause large amounts of pain. Come the fuck on man. That’s just basic common sense. Yes, for a sadist, if you insist on being a smart ass.

    Next: In being tortured as a prisoner of war by MALE tormentors I can guarantee you that the last thing most of them would do is cut the MC’s DICK off. For any reason. Because most of them would FEEL that in themselves. It’s the way a GIRL thinks. Not a man. First – FANTASY. ESCAPISM. Do you have any idea how god damned jarring it is; how much that one scene took me right out of the story??? Water boarding, electro shock and again, the sort of pain that continues for weeks. Done every few days. Food deprevation, water negation. There’s a SHIT TON you CAN actually do and any military personel would know, that is NOT castration (which by the way is only removing the balls. Removing the cock is making someone a eunich. It’s a different term – so you’re twice wrong)

    * You did this just to give the guy with body hair that is offensively much and looks like a fucking grizzly (not a turn on) a tiny cock = They do NOT grow back, surgery would not help as anything but a prosthetic. It would NOT function as anything but a DILDO, and go fucking look up John Bobbit. Dumb ass. Jesus. You also pulled that bullshit scene to explain your lack of ability to attractively program (we will get to that, don’t worry… there’s a reason this game WILL NOT survive if you DO NOT make it a Harem!) your rendered models, right BEFORE the sex scene with frankly the LEAST attractive female in the damned game. Who’s also the Main God Damned Girl! Why???

    Dude; I LIKE to even love, and am most attracted to redheads, but she’s modeled to be almost offensively ugly. She looks fucking thirteen to fifteen being generous. Her “big sister” Crista is ten times better done, and frankly fucked MC first. Allowing him, and also if I recall DISALLOWING him to cum anywhere other than inside of her pussy – Other than being an asshole who’s automatically going to be in conflict with the rogue military I can do whatever I want type because COP; so she’s going to have to CHOOSE where she wants to go if you want her to be in the story very long, and the scene with that arab-ish asshole who’s needlessly dead now – again I’ll get there – automatically antagonizes her with either MC or her job. That’s just fucking stupid for a “professional.” – She SHOULD be the Main Girl. Hell, Amira is better designed facially, and near the same body type. One HALF a cup size and I could believe that girl is 18. So what the hell man = are you trying to get people to like underaged girls??? Because you can TELL me the girl is “sexy” all you want with the MC, and I’ll say Brother, go look at WVM. Go look at Simple Days. Do anywhere near that, and then talk to me about sexy. Regina is about the furthest thing from it, and the only reason I can see that MC likes her as much as he does is because it’s one functional psychopath to another. She agrees with his insanity and doesn’t tap the rabid dog on the nose with a newspaper saying Bad. That’s it. Whoopie!

    Daisy, Amira, Crista. At Least. All kept as permanent lovers, and allowed by the redhead without question. Then Regina gets to be kept as “Main Girl.” Give players at least those three girls, and it doesn’t have to be a massive harem. Three in general counts as the base rule. But you’re NOT accounting for player actual tastes if you’re going to force them to keep watching two ugly as fuck “mains” ignore all the other women that are better looking around him. Who all seem to have some level of interest in him. (Again, DO NOT make Crista a one night stand. That would piss me off if I bother attempting to see if you’ve actually made any progress to change, and shape up this cluster fuck of “I want to pretend I know anything about the military… and I obviously don’t know Jack”)

    * Seriously, you made the asshole kill his wife and kid. Good the fuck enough. There was no reason except pissing the audience off to make them ok how much of a psycho Jack is; to have the guy rape his own daughter. What the fuck is wrong with your head? Also, Luna = does not need to have been in any way or shape, a whore. Stop bringing it up, AND rewrite the damned thing. Period. She can be damaged by men; by bad relationships. She can have been raped young, if you absolutely MUST go there, but Jesus Fucking Christ man. If you’re going to make her that involved with the story you need to make Jack STOP ANTAGONIZING HER! Most people that get into that “profession” didn’t bloody want to in the first place, and YOU in your writing are actually being massively judgmental. But again I reiterate: FANTASY. ESCAPISM. She. Does. Not. Need. To. Have. Been. A Whore! Why? Because if she’s ever going to have been a possible love interest at all, or ever will be at any point in future for Jack that one point alone = Massive Turn Off. There’s a reason most prostitutes also don’t usually find functional long term relationships. [Partly because they let a lot of men treat them like sexual shit for money, which does not help they’re mentality about love at all since they do want it, and tend to get resentful/bitter/jaded as hell the longer it goes on]

    So again… figure out exactly what the hell you really want this game to be. Work on your rendering and re-work the fucking character models so that EVERYONE is at least moderately attractive and actually god damned LOOKS 18. (You do know that even in Porn you can really only pull off braces if you’re extremely cute, right? Come on) Tone down the pyschological torment bullshit. No one is going to sign up for that. You’re NOT impressing anyone, you’re just being an edgelord. Which won’t win you subs at the end of the day, and actively dents the story you’re trying to tell with your own lack of knowledge about the process and success of “torture.” Because if you recall the Main Character is TRYING TO STAY UNDER THE FUCKING RADAR. He’s not going to do that if he leaves a trail of dead bodies everywhere all of the time. No matter how you justify whatever demons are in your own head that makes you come up with those gory renders. That also DO NOT belong on an porn game site. You want to do that crap, go find a horror game site. It’s better suited there.

    End of the day, these are mostly suggestions. Believe it or not, I am trying to help you. Because you’re hurting the level of supporters you can get. More than you may think. But some asshole in the comments will probably bitch mine is again TL;DR or talking about Harems/pregnancy. Or call me a retard/idiot. So listen to my criticism constructively given or don’t. It’s your call. I may give you one more update to salvage anything, but other than that I’m tapping out.

    1. Wow, I read that all, because speed reading is my only skill in life, but thank you, I will not play this game.

      1. I agree with Ray, viperswhip. And thank you for the appreciation.

        Strongest, does not mean only. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep that in mind myself. I’m defintely best at writing (despite what Murikan might claim) but I can draw – it just takes me longer, and doesn’t always come out the way I want. I can structure things out, and organize where I want plot points. If someone needs something done and needs a plan I can come up with help for organizing. I don’t normally think of those skills, as I focus on the fact I’m a very accomplished but as yet unpublished author. I’m certain there are other skills you have, that don’t shine as brightly in your mind, but that others have defintely noted. My friends have pointed them out to me, in my own case. If not, you’re alive, and if there’s an interest you have or might become invested in at some point, it’s never too late to learn one. It doesn’t have to be “I’m the best at it.” It just needs to be something you enjoy, that you can invest in and thus become skilled at. Even general areas of knowledge. Hopefully you’ll begin to feel better at yourself, because I know how badly it sucks to think you’re only good for just ONE thing; and if you lose it, you’re screwed.

      2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Viper. Honestly, your posts are some of the few that don’t come off as condescending. Know that it’s appreciated.

  5. The emphasis of the whole project is on the plot and it is very interesting sex scenes are very small but done quite well but there is little content yet!

  6. UHAHAHA developer and you know that you can’t use footage from another game for commercial purposes if that’s the beginning where the fights are taken from ARMA 3 funny already!)

  7. Good story but so for not much of hot scenes. It clearly is a story based novel and creator looks to be very new to it.
    Light is really bad on some renders (2 consecutive renders making it look like switch from day to dawn). Animations are absolutely basic. So without a graphic expert in the team …will never be about renders.
    The scrips tends to prove creator is start at ell in that part.
    Episode 3 created a strong branch splitting just 2 choices player did. If creator keeps taking that direction, every episode will be a nightmare with too many branches to keep track of.
    Already some dialogues are a bit messed up.
    Potential for Harem or romance. A sharing / swinging option looks to be another option based on dialogues. No sure it fits the main story and MC character but who know what creator has planned.
    Probably Loli tag should be added as well.

  8. I´m quite the fan of this one! If you´re looking for your typical erotic VN, it´s not. Sex and nudity is not the main focus of this one. Up till this moment there are little choices, the only choices there are, is how violent you want MC to be. But, i fucking love the story. It´s really original, the characters have depth. And you grow to like the MC. I do agree that in future updates it would be interesting to focus on other girls. There are a lot of attractive ones. It would be cool if our little readhead would be open to sharing. Because it´s clear, she is the one for MC.

    Continu this way!

  9. Just going to say with the soccer team it looks like you might be pointing to a harem path.

    Not a big fan of the warning about barking up the wrong tree if I’m looking for a sex based story game on a sex game site… or writers that probably haven’t actually served posting military jargon in their stories overall (The cop shouldn’t be a brick wall or a Tsundere. She can be a slow burn, but don’t push it – if she’s meant to be on MC’s team; keep it that way)

    Frankly, even giving the player the choice to open a harem path and choosing which of the girls he would be interested in – eventually, could work. Just a suggestion. There’s no point in making Bethany and Mara so attractive (or so ornery as a warning…) if they’re not going to be pursuable in the end. Hell add in problems for MC to help all the eight girls with and you’re stuck to a good path to create the Anti Hero you seem to want to build. Who doesn’t have to “focus on sex” but can build meaningful, protective and Dominant relations with all of the women he cares about. [At the discretion of player choice on top]

    For general tastes, I do like readheads, but I don’t think you needed to mention the cop is a closet slut for muscle boys. I like her general build better than Jesse, but if you’d combine a little bit of both, into either you’d get the perfect recipe. Willing to see where it goes; and no. I’m not expecting you WILL morph this into a harem. I’m not going to say you should, because apparently some have noted my views, and think I shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion just because I’m willing to share my tastes. You can. The option and the framework is there to do so. Otherwise I’d think the whole soccer team is there just to tease. You already either death flagged Akiko’s husband, or took her off the table by having one in general… so really at the end, all of it is your call. So far, it’s compelling enough to see where it goes. If I don’t like where it ends up, I’ll just stop playing. It’s really that simple people. No need to comment that I always talk about Harems. Or pregnancy – which is in the planned tags. Hopefully it will involve more than just the little brace faced redhead.

    1. I will however more definitively note having played through to the end of current update: Piper doesn’t need to be implied to have fucked Steven & Kassandra (Nice assassin’s creed reference) just to show that “Sharing is caring” and SOME of the girls are more sexually willing. That’s not great in general. Also, stop making women threaten this asshole if you’re going to continually call him dangerous. I don’t care if it’s just veiled or verbal. It’s stupid – especially since as YOU point out two sentences later, Amira’s mom wants you to “take care” of HER problem. Which didn’t need to exist just to threaten Amira being off the table if you AREN’T going to pull the trigger on a Harem Path. Amira would already be off the table since you seem to be making him focus so hard on Ginger Minge that you may not even let things play out with the ONE girl so far that does get a sex scene.

      Who is technically “Jealous” – and Jesus you better make that go somewhere. I will drop this game instantly if you as the Word Of God just decide no; she’s friendzoned without at least giving the player the true option to genuinely pursue Crista. I CHOSE to fuck her. I didn’t see a point that said it was a ONE NIGHT STAND = fuck what she says. She does NOT get to play Jealous or the Mama Bear and you don’t get to make MC go after HER dumb-assed choice of an Ex if you are NOT going to make him date/OWN/Keep at LEAST the BOTH of those two. They are on the cover. They should be considered non negotiable. Which is another reason involving Crista at all in that little scene you pulled with Daisy and her crew was BULLSHIT. It JUST fucks up the relationship that was barely beginning to get to the point where soldier boy might actually trust/care for said stubborn, ornery cop.

      Like I said, I don’t mind if it’s a slow burn… but there are some things that WILL piss your general audience off, and close doors that don’t need to be. It all depends on how big and how varied an audience you’re fishing for. The MC is the MAIN CHARACTER. You need to respect that point. You do need to respect that if you’re going to offer choice at all; it SHOULD be about the TYPE of relationship MC wants to pursue and how far, as stated by The Player. Then make your story reflect that. You put ALL of these characters through quite enough emotionally, so there’s no need for infighting and drama to fuck everything up. Decide where you DO want to go with it, what you are willing to let the player choose and BE OPEN about what is and is NOT going to be in the game. If Harem will be possible, put it in the tags. If you’re just going to dick the player around about girls who can’t be chased, THAT more than anything graphic you put in to pretend you have any fucking clue what that would do to a psyche, would make me walk away.

      I HATE being mind fucked. In general. So end of = Do not make Jesse possessive to the point where a harem path becomes impossible/do not make the girls bitchy about MC choosing a harem path if you do make it possible. I won’t mind grinding out if they have personal tasks [And frankly, since you opened Sharing as a concept; I’d actually put Kassandra on the table with Piper leading her into it with MC, because you stated Fiancee. Not Wife. So it would at least make both of them viable and soothe feathers about Piper being kind of shown for a doorknob while being way too forward with the MC if she wasn’t going to do anything about it] This is your show, it’s your call. I get that. But the consequences in subs lost will also be on you, if you do decide to muck around with what is available to date/keep or not. My final point on this matter would be one potential means to force Jesse to keep an open mind is if Crista’s little Oppsie managed to come with a nine month case of “flu.” Where they’ll all sit down and discuss the point as to where a relationship path can go. You could actually keep your promise about consequences that greatly alter the story, AND provide a means to share Harem Path Open/Pick One Girl, or Play The Distant Protector to both. What I’m saying is since we haven’t even gotten to sex with Jessie and I expect you’ll probably go more foreplay before you get there; with pregnancy planned there are two points. First, it doesn’t have to mean Jessie. Second, it doesn’t have to mean ONLY Jessie. Though that doesn’t mean that most of your players will want to see the girls pregnant by someone other than the MC. Akiko I could forgive because it happened before the story started… and she’s (mostly?) off the board. Anyone else that’s introduced, would irk me and I’d count it as too close to NTR.

      ** Also, why the hell do you all think it’s stylish to add hajibs to everything these days. Amira could be Latin to Indian and I wouldn’t care. She’s still pretty enough to me; but the mother DOES NOT need to be wearing one of those things just for random inclusivity. Especially if she wants to GET AWAY from the structures in that lifestyle. Fuck me… (Also PS: IF Daisy knows he’s been tortured; and should be able to infer as much if she’s all that informed/observant – she had to know what she pulled was decidedly NOT the best way to get MC on her side. I do expect you will either make her apologize or get some sort of reprisal. Because that was NOT okay…)

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