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Rebel Duet [v0.7b] [ionDivvy]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - Rebel Duet presents an intriguing, albeit flawed, storyline. While the concept of the game's fantasy world shows promise, it fails to deliver on its potential. The lack of an immersive setting and weak character development greatly hinders the overall storytelling experience.However, the plot does build a certain level of mystery, incorporating flashbacks and flash-forwards. Unfortunately, the dialogue lacks strength, resulting in a narrative that fails to fully captivate the player. - 71%
Visual - The visuals of Rebel Duet deserve recognition, standing as the game's strongest aspect. The porcelain skin art style, despite not being everyone's cup of tea, manages to evoke a unique atmosphere that aligns well with the game's overall vibe. Spellcasting sequences are particularly stunning, though occasionally overly flashy. - 86%
Engagement - Rebel Duet struggles to maintain consistent engagement throughout the gameplay experience. The limited choices available and infrequent relevance of key stats, such as corruption vs. love and dom vs. sub, hinder the player's agency. The lack of branching paths and consequential decisions fail to provide a dynamic and engaging narrative. - 60%
Core Loop - The core loop in Rebel Duet lacks innovation and fails to offer an engaging gameplay experience. The linear progression and lack of meaningful choices hinder the game's potential for replayability. While the initial concept of choosing between a male or female MC and exploring different character approaches has potential, it ultimately falls flat due to the game's linear nature. - 55%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.48 ( 24 votes)

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  1. No - I will still comment on games that I see potential in; I'm just not going to engage any longer. says:

    I’d agree with the poster that says add impregnation (and actually the Harem tag as well; since you seem willing to let the player choose that route. By making Valerie completely monogamous AND allowing MC to have multiple partners) Valerie seems like the type that wants a family. Rena lost hers, so she shouldn’t be disinclined to at least continue her bloodline. With the “right” person.

    * The prostitute should NO LONGER be a prostitute after the first time with MC. [Didn’t need to be a prostitute in the first place] and she should have a name; also – DO NOT take away the choice of WHERE TO CUM. Fuck that. If I choose to cum inside of her, that’s player choice. MC doesn’t get to make that call. [It’s fine when Valerie says cum inside me after I’ve chosen repeatedly in training to do so. That’s another issue, and shows reactivity to player choice] You should absolutely be allowed to make that choice – and BREED her; to get her INTO the harem. Hell have Valerie LAUGH about it and tease them both mercilessly, but seriously. Do something with this character other than prostitute. The game is a FANTASY, and believe it or not, most of us DON’T consider having to pay for any sex “fantasy.” [more like brutal reality]

    * Are you going to do something with the Elf girl, or her sister??? Because I swear to fuck, if you do make MC “do something stupid” just to add another girl to the harem, it would ruin all progress in the story for me. Also, the game would be better with sound. I do not know why all these games have sound options when there is no freaking moaning to hear during the H-Scenes in the first place.

    ** Also Also; FUCK that Thin Man bullshit = The next time I see him, let me SHOW him why I’m Death’s Chosen and fuck off with ANY MORE THREATS to the MC’s life. It’s fine to do that when you PROVE the MC has the option to FIGHT BACK. Doing that scene the way you did was strictly unnecessarily assholish. It’s the same problem with Oath of Loyalty (You do not in any form of good writing introduce an antagonistic character the PROTAGONIST CANNOT win against) It defeats any sense of progression or achievement to fuck the player and the MC over like that. If I CAN beat him, and just haven’t gotten there yet; fine. But you shouldn’t be willing to write MC into this kind of corner when he’s already got a second succubus who might just have a freaking army waiting – AND the disowned son of a grand duke who’ll probably either one be fine enough to hand you your ass. After dettaching it from your head. Come on man. There’s more than enough tension to the story without adding in Mr. Big Dark Muckity Muck who’s jealous he doesn’t get to be a dark god’s actual bitch… (And while we’re at it; yes. I should be able to use Dark Magic = WITHOUT BLOODY PENALTY!)

    ** Turn him into a Vampire with a BDSM lover to boot. Make him the sexual master of a hellhound. Make him pound and breed the elder succubus after he beats her army; who happens to be in line as the demon’s queen. I don’t care how, but IF you’re going to give the asshole magic powers and then say he can never use them: What. The. Fuck. Is. The. Point??? Other than making him SOUND bad-ass, but never giving him the actual FANGS.

      1. nah man his reviews are good, subjective to his own taste, but overall a legit review. He plays the game, knows the game ans then says what he like and don’t like subjectively. Love or hate it, at least you get a clear taste of what the game is like, rather then “this game sucks” or “10/10 good game”.

        You and MD just don’t like him because you guys disagree politically and he hurt your feelings. Just leave the guy alone and let him review his games.

        1. the dude literally shits on every AVN he downloads his so called reviews are just him being a baby and crying about what HE don’t like or what’s wrong with it because HE thinks it’s bad his reviews are 99% moaning and 1% everything else, also politically LOL there is nothing political about his comments or feelings hurt the guy is just a cry baby with too much time on his hands

  2. Every hero needs a villian and vice versa. Nohomo and Murikan dreams are the same person. Or at least they use the same VPN user ID. This person needs help. I hope he is getting it now.

      1. Just like when you take a pic with a phone or camera, each photo has a digital fingerprint, so you can tell whether two pics came from the same device or not. The same is true with text. If you type off-line and paste, that imprint will transfer to the type of text editor that you use. VPNs are a little similar. When you DL one to your device, it has an ID. This enables a bank, work or other secure party to make sure that it is you. That is why some are having to use phone callback verification. That increased during COVID. Even VPN programs like Nord, which operates in Panama (outside of the US and five eyes), still use that system or they wouldn’t be able to function in the US.

        I’m not going to get into how you can check it out, but with a little research it is easy. Don’t worry, your identity is still hidden (without a court order), just not the device. This can be circumvented as well, but why bother? So unless you are a terrorist or bank hacker, you are still safe and secret.

    1. Agreed. Do not let anyone tell you what to do, who to be, where to shit, who to fuck. If you’re a guy who wants to fuck another guy? Don’t let anyone tell you no. If you’re a guy who wants to fuck a woman? Don’t let anyone tell you no. If you’re a lesbian? Bi? Throw a brick at anyone who tells you to shut up and lock yourself away. Be Proud.

      Damn, nohomo, I didn’t know about the goals of global homogenization, but reading up on it, yeah, you’ve opened my eyes. Be Punk, motherfuckers. Change the world. Stonewall was a RIOT! Be out there. Be PROUD like he is, whatever your sexual leanings! Grab a gun and shoot the fuckers who want to make you milquetoast in the FACE.

      Happy Black History Month, too. Anyone who calls any of you a monkey? Same thing. Smash that homoginizator’s head in with a fucking brick YEAH!


      Also, this is a good game.

  3. While I love and appreciate women of all races and skin colors, redheads have never been that appealing to me… until I came across this game. I could not resist downloading it and engage in an erotic adventure with this beautiful redhead.

    The game gave me Skyrim/Enderal: Forgotten Stories vibes. I do have to say that I am not keen on games with demons and dark magic, and that is because I believe in that stuff and know how dangerous it all is. However, in the other two games I mentioned, you have a choice to ‘join the dark side’ or fight against it, while in Rebel Duet you do not have that choice (although that might perhaps change once this game gets further developed). While I sort of enjoyed the first stages of my journey with the attractively drawn redhead and her kinkiness, it did not take long before I was hoping to get far away from her and find myself another partner. Who knows, depending on how the story further develops, maybe there will be a slight chance this choice can be made in the future?

    Despite all the hocus pocus, horned demons and lightning bolts, it is a decent game so far and I am invested in the story. Another thing I like is the music. It has that medieval fantasy feel to it. It really helps with the immersion of being in another world.

    For now, I will await the next updates. As long as I do not have to make a pact with Satan himself, I will probably see it through.

  4. Пока что короткий сюжет , нужно ждать когда автор выпустит полную версию

    1. Google Translated: “It’s a short story for now, we have to wait until the author releases the full version”

      I agree. The story is rushed but the author has interesting ideas. I hope they make those ideas come true.

        1. bigot doesnt have to mean racist idiot. it means being against a group as a whole like being against blacks or gays or straights or women or trans.

    1. Yea, you’re right. The intro doesn’t say, “Choose between a male or female protagonist.”. Oh wait, it does.

    2. A clever rhyme for a homophobic incel (oops that’s redundant), so we all know you did it by accident, incapable of being clever over and over again. Keep trying and you might accidentally be clever again some day.

      1. Nobody is afraid of you fags. At least not irrationally. So It’s not a phobia. It’s normal to fear your aids riddled blood or saliva getting on you. Or to fear the great many of homos who are rapists. Otherwise like in a fight. Nobody is afraid of you limp wristed diseased types.

        1. I once again challenge you to go into a bear bar and say these things. Tell us how many teeth you have left when you regain consciousness. You’re afraid of standing up for your beliefs and take the lowest common denominator, the comments section of a porn game website.

          Tell your fag “friends” this and tell us how many of them are still your friends at the end of the day, if any of them were real, outside your imagination when you told us about them. I think you were making them up to sound sincere, but if they exist then you’re going behind their back to insult them like a coward.

          So either you’re an idiot or a coward. By my judgement you’re an idiot. By your own you are a coward. You lose either way, and I continue to drink in your impotent incel rage. Mmmmmmmmmmm yummy.

            1. They’d at least beat the shit out of him. Notice how #nohomo is afraid to counter this truth tho he’s still posting in this thread.

              Now he thinks lesbians wouldn’t beat the shit out of him if he went into a lesbian bar and called them “rug munchers” to their faces.

              That’s why he has to go to porn websites anonymously and he’s still afraid of getting banned. (Tho he may have figured out by now that this site is unmonitored. That only took him six months, the short-bus rider that he is.)

              He’s a bundle of anxieties and needs help, but will never seek it out because his clinical paranoia has him thinking literally every common agency is against him.

      1. It says you can choose to play as either a male or a female protagonist, right in the overview. That means the female protagonist tag is factually correct, IF you choose to play as a female. As is Lesbian, if you choose to play as a female. Also, I don’t know how the anonymous response to Murikan’s attempt to clarify things for you considers the choice to play as a male or a female makes anyone either gay, or a transvestite. You’re playing one role, or the other. How many games do that these days… oh wait, basically all of them. Though Fable 2 is often credited as one of the first to do so. Or at least the first in the franchise to make the consideration available, as it was one of the few criticisms of the first game.

      1. would you like to show us on the doll where daddy touched you I’m confused as to how you came to the conclusion that you can as either of those, but either way you sound like a whiney little pussy who will never get laid and does not deserve to live even less so than the people your apparently scared of so does the world a favor and kys

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