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Stormside [v0.22.05] [Atemsiel]

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Editor's Rating

Story - Stormside presents players with a versatile storyline that offers a spectrum of experiences, from heartwarming romance to plunging into darker, more malicious choices. The game allows you to shape your own journey through a series of decisions, ensuring that the narrative remains engaging and exciting. - 86%
Visual - Stormside boasts above-average animations that elevate the overall visual experience. The animations strike a balance between realism and player immersion, and the deflowering scene, in particular, incorporates the rarely seen depiction of blood, appealing to those seeking more authenticity. - 79%
Engagement - Stormside's reward and punishment system offers a promising avenue for players to immerse themselves fully in the game's mechanics and choices, providing an engaging and exciting gameplay loop. The flexibility to pursue both a benevolent and a more sinister path ensures replayability and caters to a wider audience. - 91%
Core Loop - The core loop of Stormside excels in delivering a satisfying blend of plot-driven progression and intimate encounters. By allowing players to take the initiative and embody an assertive protagonist, the game successfully distinguishes itself from its counterparts in the adult visual novel genre. The protagonist's genuine reactions and expressions add depth to the scenes, allowing players to truly feel the immersive nature of the encounters - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.87 ( 16 votes)

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  1. Yeah it was very good and all vn not sandbox(except scary part and you can vn it too) but the problem is 3 way you need to choose one it would have been better if only slave and romance/sub path one for me but renders story all good

        1. Ok, I don’t think anything comes close to The Headmaster or Waifu Academy – Stormside is “ok” and that’s it, I think this opinion is because headmaster/waifu are so well done – stormside may be better if you hadn’t tried those 2 – i know it’s all personal preference, but the writing, humour and effort/story etc is top notch in those 2. It’s a shame we can’t have a top ten on our profile that others could view quickly. I should do a list, like we all should, but not very practical with the limited forum and comments section we have – not the sites fault, more limited by the mainstream idiots that booted all this content into a little corner, but will quite happily let “other stuff” in plain site in the real world :/

        2. Right, it’s a 3/5 at most…some of the stuff on here (games/novels/whatever) are kinda “meh”, but there are some real gems, that never feel like a chore – even with sandbox/grindy elements, there’s a good handful that manage to accomplish this – in my humble opinion of course…

          In NO particular order…(but Waifu is probably in it’s rightful place lol)
          Waifu Academy
          RSSU(Retro Style Soviet Undies) (love the art style)
          The Headmaster
          This is Not Heaven
          Bumpkin Boy’s Bizarre Adventures
          Solvalley High
          Hail Diktator
          The Anomalous Dr Vibes(Total nonsense at times, but it’s quite good)
          Crimson High(enjoying the story)
          Photo Hunt

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