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Ravager [v5.1.8] [4MinuteWarning]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac - v5.0.2

Download for Android - 5.1.1

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Download Steam Fix

  • Noticed that the latest version includes Steam DRM, just drag and replace files into main folder, and it should launch right away.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 90%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.37 ( 65 votes)

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  1. So the diddle, p diddie combs was having sex parties with boys for the “elite”. Another epstein island. Of course they swept in and seized all the records just like epstein island. To cover everything up. Time to wake up you sheep. Those that control the media and internet are FREAKS! They are into all kinds of sick shit and globohomo is their cult. An attempt to “normalize” every sick thing they can think of. Don’t allow them to control you with their propaganda. No, it’s not normal to be gay. No, it’s not normal to cut off your junk.. No, it’s not normal to be a whore. Wake up to the truth!

  2. So the fags over on fap nation aren’t even letting you comment. They are so worried about pushing globohomo and grooming you to be gay. They were blocking based on words. Now I think it’s based on using a vpn. Then they call anyone who apposes globohomo a fascist.

    1. every heard of occam’s razor? the simplest explanation is the most likely? you probably just got banned for being an asshole, as usual. you are not important enough to be censored, just a jerk.

      1. says the f95 asshole, those bastards ban for everything nowadays, I managed to give them an extra chore to verify sign-ups manually, and they say I don’t care about them, just done them a favour, they will have bread on their table and spam canned meat thanks to me…

  3. Ravager is a dark fantasy game in which you play as a dragon having sex with women and other creatures, while plotting to reclaim the throne of your kingdom. The game has achievements and LOTS of replayability. There are so many different outcomes and interactions between characters depending on your choices, it is just amazing. Therefore, every choice you make DOES matter and impacts your gameplay, be it in a small or big way.

    Know that when it comes to the sex and violence, everything in this game is optional. Even if you play with all options selected in the preferences menu, you can still skip certain scenes. However, this IS a bestiality game. You are literally a dragon having sex with humans. I don’t mind bestiality in my porn games, but to actually BE the beast, albeit a fictional one, is not really my cup of tea. In spite of that, the game is still very engaging.

    In my first playthrough I played as a cruel dragon, but I did not enjoy it. Although I do like the ‘heavy stuff’, I liked being merciful better. If all options in the preferences menu are selected, this game can be quite cruel and violent.

    So far the game is still being developed and so far it is partially voiced. It is definitely one of the better and more exciting games out there, if you are into this dark stuff. I do think there is too much unnecessary text to read/listen to at times. It is a porn game, so it does not have to be as deep as The Elder Scrolls with its lore. Chop-chop, and get on with it already; my penis is catching a cold. Last but not least, there is also too much demonic and supernatural stuff in it for my liking. It makes me uncomfortable and this is not something you can switch off, although some of it can totally be avoided (“Mother” genuinely freaked me out).

    1. Hey, there’s nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth using my handle. It would be pretty funny if I said he was “still” doing it.

      I thank you for your offer, butt picker, but I don’t think Truth has a butthole. He keeps it all in so he can be full of shit.


        1. Pretty hilarious since you impersonated me that very day, Truth. FIVE MINUTES LATER IN FACT.

          What exactly are YOU grooming, Truth?

          Oh, right, fascist incels.

  4. Why is this a Steam version which requires a valid Steam key??? There’s no point in uploading this game here if you need it through Steam anyway…
    mega fail

    1. Next time read. there is clearly button for download “steam fix”. stupid mofo like you really annoying.

  5. Игра , действительно интересная ахаха , я серьёзно , простая , но тут есть возможности развития сюжета , мы Дракон (точнее вирм) и нам нужно выжить и организовать свою гигачад армию из кобольдов + остальных , кого сможем подчинить. Перед началом игры советую всем настроить контент , который будет доступен … Ещё там есть озвучка м/ж/гг , громкость разная у всего , так что советую сделать тише

  6. You can open the game on a linux machine. or you can open it in wsl on windows. i would recommend getting at least wsl (windows subsystem for linux) even if it is not to play this. you can also use a steam emulator.
    anyways, if you want to play this open it on linux or use WSL and open it there.

  7. DO NOT DOWNLOAD … still opening steam … still saying: no licence key … this is the fourth uploaded version in a row, that ist unplayable

  8. Faced a problem at steam “no licenses” when trying opening the game v5.0.8
    Please fix this. couldn’t even open the game.

  9. You absolute morons, every fetish toggleable in the settings. Your precious, fragile masculinity is safe.

    And 5.0.7 is working on Android at least, Ive tried it.

    1. Straight people can’t be “groomed” by gay content. It doesn’t affect them any which way. The only way, besides being an utter retard, you can think gay content has the ability to “turn” you gay is if you’re secretly bi yourself and so far into the closet that you can’t admit it to yourself. Then and only then would it be possible, because you’d be discovering your true sexuality and maybe that would feel like being “groomed.”

      So which are you, a self-hating bi or a retarded piece of trash? Maybe both?

      1. look up, “39 Percent of 18- to 24-Year-old Americans Identify as LGBTQ”. People absolutely are being groomed to be gay.

        1. If it were possible to be “groomed” to be gay, I’d have turned gay a long fucking time ago. I’m 36 years old. I’ve been “woke” long before “woke” was a term people through around. I’ve had gay friends all my life. For a couple of years I was a customer service rep selling porn dvds, including gay stuff over the phone. I’ve been exposed to a ton of gay content.

          Guess what. I’m still straight. I still only get my rocks off when thinking about women. Men, transfolk, non-bianaries, etc. just don’t do it for me. Gotta be women. Nothing to do with my choice. Nothing to do with what I was exposed to. I was born straight and I’m that way forever. Until I die anyway.

          If you’re actually straight, like me, you literally can’t be converted. Period.

          Do you know why 39% identify as LGBTQ? Because there are a lot of bi people. There have always been a lot of bi people, they just pretended like they were straight before. Bi people used to pretend to be 100% straight because they were afraid of bigots like you. Now, they aren’t as afraid.

          It’s a mute fucking point because all the gay content in this game is 100% avoidable. They made a little check box and when you click it, all the LGBTQ scenes are skipped.

          I guess they’re really dumb groomers who make the grooming content so easy to avoid.

  10. The acts don’t need a day/time limit. Any of them. At all. Adding an extra week to an act that has 22 days doesn’t fucking do anything but bore most of us. You will very likely see all the content in the act before you reach day 10 left in count down and one specific event doesn’t even trigger until less than 8 days left. If you’re going to be that big a dick to your audience paid or not, why would you bother coding all this.

    The only reason Power Fantasy mode exists is because YOU don’t know how powerful a dragon SHOULD be.
    [Tip – NOTHING in the game as you have presented, is allowed to be stronger]

    Not Vizera; not Naho. Hell, Marie Anne is literally the only one the fucking torture works on; and that only makes her call MC “Master.” Vizera needs a way that is NOT convoluted as balls for the MC to break her that DOESN’T involve chopping her fucking limbs off – because I had a run where I did that and the dragon just straight up ABANDONS her in the old lair as near as I can tell. Because she wasn’t on the list of “HAREM” (Which is counter intuitive to Harem)

    Naho REALLY needs to realize that A) She sucks as a pack alpha. B) The Female Alpha [Even though the ranks of wolf pack have been widely disproven insofar as Alpha and Beta etc – it’s a little more complex than that] has a specific ROLE. It’s NOT to lead. It ryhmes though. You as the MC and a fucking DRAGON should not need to “break” her. Have you seen the damned animations = it counts as “breaking” her every single time he puts his cock in a girl. Jesus. Drugs? Fuck that. If you have to use that tactic it’s not dominance. Fuck her all of the three times = you are done, and she submits in FULL. No killing me attempts, no bullshit “strong” will. You are writing a female wolf, absolutely WRONG!

    There’s the fact that the Nun; you’re supposed to be able to convert her to Sun, but fuck me if I know how. You don’t even get to choose to keep the Blonde instead – and fuck you very much for the magic barrier over her pussy. I’ve seen hentai that use them, and there’s ALWAYS a way to break through them. So screw off with the “anal only” content. I play the game to BREED. Again; POWER. FANTASY. [Not being able to breed with whoever the fuck I want, because I want to doesn’t count for much of a bloody power fantasy does it???]

    The eldritch horror shit – go fuck yourself with literally ALL of that. The naga is fine as far as I’m concerned but you should really stipulate it’s the end of the MORTAL world. Not the naga, and not the DRAGON. There’s no point to playing a game we’re set up sixty fucking hundred ways to lose anyway. This isn’t dark souls and it shouldn’t have to be.

    Maelys – I almost kind of sort of respect where you’re going with her… BUT you make her such a cock tease. Why the fuck would finally screwing one last dragon tip her over into catatonic if she’s fucked so many before now? You’re just being a dick to the player on that point. She’s a pain in the ass to catch, who again, on POWER FANTASY should not really require more than ONE act. Fuck fighting her; fuck being injured by her, and fuck the idea of a dragon hunter. You are NOT supposed to want the MC to lose, dipshits. That’s disrespectful to the player, to the player’s time and their overall investment.

    The thief twins (very likely dev self inserts of some sort) Inej should NOT be the only one to get pregnant! You’ve coded her so hard to be Lez and into incest that she really shouldn’t at all be the one to have gotten pregnant. Again, fuck all of you with the no choice about what content I want to see. Vaginal; breeding. That’s what I care about in Harem Genre. On that subject, giving Mina the bloody dress should instantly void being pissy about dragon cumming inside her pussy. Especially if she thinks I’m going to be bound to keep my word to make her the countess of Bastion. I should NOT need to make her a consort to get her to play nice about sex.

    Making Naho the consort by the way, should be able (if you do it without breaking her, and without drugs) to reinstate her over erabon as the pack alpha. Because she’s effectively MATED to the alpha. She routinely survives being fucked by a dragon, and is pregnant by their LEADER. So tell me how a pack mindset would not instantly respect the hell out of that? He can carry their heart into battle, but he can’t make her the alpha under his command again? She only got it by help from Vizera. That’s your own fucking LORE. So screw that. If I say I want a HEALTHY mate as my consort, who will not be Tsudere/actively try to kill me in my sleep and who will willingly bear cubs, who I MAKE the alpha of her pack that I supposedly rule… again: What is the point of naming the mode Power Fantasy if you’re going to deny what choice the player wants to make.

    Moving on; denying Mina the countess rank should not preclude all business with her – offer her more riches or have gotten her pregnant so she realizes her child has “royal” blood and having more of them is a better bargain for her continued prosperity than she could have imagined. She’s supposed to be smart. So show me that. By the way: You promise the wolf pack the low lands – You promised the mercs to be YOUR KNIGHTS. Dumb fucks. That means that little force me to choose between the two factions was you brain dead asswipes having a stroke. Because clearly you forgot. The mercs become the royal guard. Absolute; they’re happy. The drakongard can all die as traitors to made Marmalade happy. The Mercs can also move their families into the high class quarter of the city. Then the wolves should get the lowlands as you forced us to promise because no actual Harem Master is going to give anyone else their bitches. Protection they laugh at… but he IS A DRAGON. The asshole should be aware that it’s not protection from outside forces the dragon was talking about. It’s not going to be much of a pack if he rips them to shreds for denying him, now is it? They did just see what he did to their leader… so what gives?

    The naga is about the only freaking character I actually like. And fuck me but I loathe that you made the manic pixie dream girl the most likeable Consort. : / Jesus. I don’t trust queen for a day, who got tossed in a dungeon and No Cuckolding flag on or not, she was getting boned. Daily. You just don’t get to/want to see it. Again: NO ONE has more power in a Power Fantasy Mode, than the MC. You can write her to bend in order to get her way all you want, but there are plenty of guys like me who are dominant minded; who won’t trust a submissive that only bends to bend you to her will. Who won’t bend just because you want her to. I swear to Christ if you intend to write a scene where she starts being a bitch, I’d hunt you fuckers down myself. But let’s leave it I really want to. For about half the dumb assed decisions in the game mechanically that do not need to be there, and aren’t there for anything but a cock tease.

    Most of the sex in this game is at the very best, highly coerced to outright rape. Hell you re-introduced the commoner from act 1 into act 3 just to make her mouth off that A DRAGON, got her pregnant. Where the fuck is her survival instinct?!? Does she have nine lives, because with a monologue like you wrote, for most players she’s probably gonna need a few more than just one. I still can’t recommend this game as anything overall but frustrating, and a subversion of the supposedly at play power dynamics. Trying for dominance through strength doesn’t yield good results. There’s a religious aspect I think just doesn’t need to be there. Being a dick to the girls makes them hate you – and not being a dick to the girls, doesn’t stop them from hating you. I mean fuck me sideways, but how do you literally make Heloise, the one who tries to mentally dominate you, the only fucking character that treats the dragon like they are in an actual committed and loving relationship? And she’s one of two elves you can rut that gives you the naga daughter, who is basically prophsied to end the damned world. Yipee! Bloody Hell. (Also fuck you for saying we can only get one of them pregnant; what… you never played Double Dragon?)

    While we’re at it, the trap boy kobold needs a sex change option. Period. It’s fine to include a trans character, but if “he” was transformed once, you can do it again to put him into a full woman. So ‘he’ can join the damned harem properly. There’s no reason not to straight up offer that choice to your audience. That way, it counts as trans content for your ESG – which since none of you will actually win any awards as far as I’ve played this genre of games for about the last five or more years, you REALLY should not be worried about conforming to, at all * Not knocking the quality; I’m saying this is not High Art. It’s fucking Porn! almost anybody in actual control of doling out rewards, I can almost guarantee you, won’t judge your work any more fairly than that – and whoever wants said content can choose to see it. Keep it, and be fine. Whoever doesn’t, can change Issa into a girl, and add another trophy wife to breed on.

    At this point I’m tossed about whether I would download this thing again. Mostly I think what you guys are trying to do is fuck with your audience’s head. Which is not what MOST of us are here for. You could try working with the guy who does Ataegina. He seems to be just as into that bullshit. Like I said, there’s exactly one character I actually enjoy. Who happens to be the one that makes the least sense. Everything else you’ve borked. Either by choice of content available; the amount of ways you can fuck up even getting the girl in question into said harem, the personality of the character or otherwise. The time pressure is bull. The stats system is such bull that you had to make a ‘power fantasy’ mode to compensate, and it STILL borks the player for actual recognition of the player’s preferred choices. The queen is strictly a Danearys reference. That’s all, and that’s about as useful to the plot as I think she’ll ever be… but you make us wait five fucking acts just to get the chance to get her back?

    So end of the day, guys… it’ll be your call. I’ve said my piece and picked my bones.
    Whether you think it’s worth your time or not, is not up to me.

      1. I’ve scored 97% on a BDSM style test as Dom, dumb ass. Not wanna be. Have as yet no option to express that I am. There’s a difference.

        If you think rape is so cool; try being raped. Especially multiple times with no escape. Then tell me you still think it’s cool.

        A rainbow is just refracted light. There’s nothing wrong with Skittles, I happen to have Synesthesia in RL, and you’re patently admitting I’m better at heart than you are when you use that as an insult. Which I know was not your intent, so thank you for not thinking it through or understanding basic scientific principle. ROYGBIV Mofo!

    1. Non-con is just a kink, dude.

      It doesn’t mean people who enjoy it actually are going to rape anyone.

      Believe me. I was sexually assaulted by a woman when I was 19 (I blacked out at a party and woke up with her on top of me). I would never do anything like that to anyone in real life.

      It’s just a kink that excites me in fiction. Is my brain a little messed up? Yeah, of course. We all have our kinks.

      You have a harem kink, which is pretty messed up too when you think about it. IRL most women don’t want to share. They’d never consent to that, and if they did they’d want the freedom to date other men too. But, it’s a fun unrealistic fantasy for you. That’s fine. Leave us non-con fans alone. Enjoy your kink and we’ll enjoy ours.

  11. Wow, by the screenshots I would assume it’s for normal guys but it’s got all those gay tags. Must be a groomer game.

    1. The game is made for furies by furies, so why would you expect it to be for “normal” guys? The gay/futa stuff is completely avoidable, but the fury/scaly stuff is not.

      Also gays aren’t groomers, pastors and priests are groomers.

    2. You say, “no homo” cos you think all the time about homos’s and feel so paranoid that you actually are homo, that you need to overtly convince us all that you aren’t. Top tip, genuinely “no homo” people,do not need to say so.

      1. Typical gaslighter. I know you fags have gone far with your manipulative bullshit and grooming. Plus you are so obsessed by assholes and dicks you can’t imagine anyone else isn’t. No, some people are just disgusted by your actions and how you push your garbage everywhere. You act like cultists and normal people are getting fed up.

        1. The only way, besides being an utter retard, you can think gay content has the ability to “groom” you into being gay is if you’re secretly bi yourself and so far into the closet that you can’t admit it to yourself. Actual Straight people can’t be groomed into being gay no matter how much gay content they are exposed to.

          So are you a self-hating bi or retarded?

          1. 39 Percent of 18- to 24-Year-old Americans Identify as LGBTQ. Grooming is real. This is also why they silence those against globohomo.

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