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Projekt: Passion [v0.11] [Classy Lemon]

Download for Windows/ Linux Season 1 (v0.1 - v0.7)

Download for Windows/ Linux Season 2 (v0.8+)

Download for Mac Season 1 (v0.1 - v0.7)

Download for Mac Season 2 (v0.8+)

Download for Linux Season 1 (v0.1 - v0.7)

Download for Linux Season 2 (v0.8+) v0.9

Download for Android Season 1 (v0.1 - v0.7)

Download for Android Season 2 (v0.8+)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

DownloadMulti Unlocker


Since the game has Built-In Walkthrough Mod by Dev, I made a Multi-Unlocker

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 96%
Visual - 97%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 94%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.32 ( 190 votes)

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  2. Just finished Season 1. Absolutely the best game on this site. I might have said a different game is the best game on this site, and it is, but this is also the best game on this site.

    Well. For me it is. It might not be for you. That’s okay.

    1. I did a full scan of both parts so far and it didn’t come up with anything. What antivirus were you using?

  3. The story is intriguing and emotional at times, not to mention quite funny. I laughed out loud at times. All the crew mates have character moments that make them shine. And whoever designed Ashe needs to keep cooking cuz she’s adorable af.

  4. Can’t press W or words on Android while doing mission with Emily, if u have patch for it please upload, or if someone know solution do tell

  5. First; it says Harem in the tags = What the FUCK are you doing by not including Aria in the damned list – and making her so obviously the asshole character WHO ISN’T the asshole character? I swear to Christ if you don’t include her FULLY back into the harem and make her ABSOLUTELY pursueable without being a complete Tsundere bitch to the MC FOR ANY REASON, I will never bother to play another game by you. Because she DID NOT need to be on the opposing team; and SHE SHOULD ACTIVELY BE HELPING MC THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME!!! Regardless of the bullshit that she IS on the opposing team.

    Also too much crap with dildos. That’s not a lewd scene. That’s just blue balling and I do NOT know how you consider it a “bonus.” So far, your humor sucks; you’ve under powered the MC and team just to make things harder, you’ve created a Femme Fatale that doesn’t need to be one, and properly SHOULD be a TRIPLE agent to start with – you’ve created a NINJA character just to show up the MC’s skill set, and another INTERN character again just to do the same in a different area. There’s no pregnancy, but I would like that to be a thing (without EVER bringing up birth control – because you already have two sex scenes where we do NOT get the choice to even make it an issue, he pulls out automatically) and frankly I do not see how the fuck this asshole’s going to get the amulet HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LOSE THAT DAMNED EASILY BACK!

    So really, get somewhere with the plot as far as Aria being ON THE RIGHT TEAM, and then we’ll talk. I’ll play until the end of this, but if you haven’t gotten close to that by at least the next update and she’s not on the character lists for Affection: I am not bothering to see where this bullshit goes. There are too many rookie mistakes in the writing that tell me you’re NOT taking this story seriously at all, and you could do a LOT better to make it more compelling.

  6. I liked the first parts of this VN, but now it’s beginning to annoy me. Why do the devs believe that some stupid little games, like the gun identifying contest could be something interesting? What’s next: tick-tack-toe? I’m stuck in this stupid little game, it’s repeating over and over, and can’t move forward…

  7. you stupid site owner should pin No’s comments on every page and pay him time to time.
    write a review about his game No bro.

    1. No! how pathetic. you claim to be a paid writer and here you are with fake account pretending to be your own groupie fan to get paid. we will pay you to go away.

  8. why r their robots in thsi game?!?!?! dont u know that the population is plummetting!!! if u have sex with robots u are a fag killing your culture just like the media want’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. I had to use a goddamn translator to understand your word.
        cant you speak more simpler? goddmanit.
        derogatory procreation agenda MY ASS!

        1. Bonjour et pardon mon français,
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          Désolé, mon agenda n’était pas une tentative de procréer des sentiments désobligeants. Aussi, s’il vous plaît, pardonnez mon sens de l’humour bizarre.

          Bonne journée.

            1. “Fun with Dick and Jane” is a movie. Actually I was referring to “Dick and Jane,” the visual novel to help in reading skills. I wasn’t sure if anyone would catch that or the distiction between translator and dictionary. I am impressed.

            1. I hope that my reply did not come out that way. I was trying to add some humer is all. I was not pissed and I could be wrong, but I did not take his statement as vindictive.

              1. I can tell from your rapport concerning women that you know everything ‘girls’ do! Females playing these games would be too overwhelming. No woman in her right mind would ever enjoy erotic literature. You would never see any women’s glamour magazines stating anything about sex. No girl would ever make sexy’selfies’  unless she was forced. Also, there is no way that a business like ‘Victora’s Secret’ could stay in business for long unless men forced us to buy lingere. All of the items at ‘Adam and Eve’ are just for men! Only a man would buy a ‘Harliquine Novel’ and only males enjoy sex toys! The porn sites that you check out only have nude men, unless there are some crack whores who must do it just for a fix. There was never a line-up of women dreaming of being in ‘Playboy,’ and only a slut would ever enjoy sex other than pleasuring a man to repopulate the ‘white’ race!

                And if you believe that…

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                You might rethink your thoughts.
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          1. Okay, I did not realize that there would be so many replies. To The first Anonymous, Thank you, but try to be polite. Still I do appreciate when someone stands up for me.

      2. Actually, pleasure is the byproduct. The carrot on the stick and Sex and orgasms ARE exactly for just procreation. A vibrator was created to handle “Hysteria” (which would have been best solved by actually talking to your wife or girlfriend and allowing her to accept that yes, she has needs… and that’s okay) it’s never been a necessary thing. Birth control IS part of what’s killing our planet’s population, because it was the ONE responsibility a woman HAS to undertake and actually forced them to be CHOOSY about their prospective partner. If everyone thought like you do, we won’t have a fucking species in about two or three generations. So go you. Oral sex is not sex; it’s foreplay and it’s NOT supposed to lead to completion. Or if it does, actual intercourse should still be engaged afterward. It’s a lead up to, not the actual act itself. Jesus. Most men wouldn’t freaking be sitting here playing these games or using their hands if they could find a viable partner who actually WANTED to fuck them without using her pussy as a bargaining chip or a reward system these days. : /

        1. Though it looked like you replied to the comment about “sex with robots,” your remarks were about the ones that I made. Not to sound derogatory. (Oh, wait, that word got me in trouble last time!) Not to sound ‘like a meanie’ lol, everyone has their opinions. You have yours, and I have mine.

          You started with “that opinion is so wrong it’s not even funny. On every possible scientific, factual level…” Okay, let’s take a look at what I said.

          My first sentence was actually a question, not an opinion.

          I stated, “Would you consider a vibrator, pocket pussy, birth control pills, oral sex, these games, and your hand to be doing the same thing?” as in having sex with a robot. Those actions do not as well lead to procreation (to Ray, that means making babies, LOL!). So what is “so wrong it’s not even funny. On every possible scientific, factual level” about that comment?

          My second sentence was, “All I am saying is that sex and orgasms are not just for procreation.”

          You remarked, “Sex and orgasms ARE exactly for just procreation” That is just your opinion, not a scientific fact. Most people understand the difference. I hope that you do.

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          My third and last line is, “but I doubt that you will find many that are here to repopulate our species.”

          As for orgasms, why would people masturbate if orgasms were just for procreation? What is the agenda- (Oops, I did it again…Sorry, Ray, Another big word. Agenda = reason) for being here? Is it to promote the population? I know that what I am stating is sarcastic, but if you claim that the only reason for orgasms is to fertilize an embryo, well tell yourself that the next time you stroke it.

          Now, if you disagree with those three sentences, at least state what part of what I said was inaccurate. I am not here to demean you, but we are all fallible and sometimes get it wrong. It is only when one can admit their own fallacies that one can grow. And “No”, I am not done yet.

          Now let me analyze what you stated. “Birth control IS part of what’s killing our planet’s population.” Well, since modern birth control was introduced (not shoving camel dung up inside your vagina), the population has expanded more than ever in human history. The reason is that the number one cause of deaths throughout history is not war, abortions, or COVID. It is infant mortality. It is better prenatal care to prevent many miscarriages and the ability to raise a child past one year of age. Instead of giving birth to a dozen kids and expecting to lose a few along the way, we now take better care of ourselves and the children we have. So, factually, you are wrong. Since the pill was introduced, the population has increased by billions. Many countries, such as China are wanting to decrease it.

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          I have no idea whether or not you have kids or even sex for that matter, but I do and have done my part in ‘populating.’ Now I have a family and no longer desire more children, but I still desire sex. It is more than just orgasms, but they are nice.

          Most of the things that you said are not only stupid; they are plain creepy!

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          I am trying my best not to degrade you, for I think that this is sad. There are many other odd remarks that you made, but I do believe that your final one says the most about you.

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          Maybe you prefer playing these games, writing these articles, and living in a fantasy world, but you might try taking a chance and actually living in the imperfect reality. Maybe instead of telling the world how it is, listen to the world, and you just might find yourself a viable partner. Suggestion: Do not say “using [our] pussy as a bargaining chip” for a pick-up line. That won’t get you laid! LOL!

          I look forward to your reply.

          1. Wait, what, you got in trouble for the word “derogatory”?

            Sheesh, you might as well speak French around here, amirite?

          2. Make note – don’t piss off Awam. 😉

            To note: I know you’re not pissed off, Awam. It was a callback that hopefully amused you as much as it did me. I deeply enjoyed the deconstruction of No’s post.

            Enjoy your sexy fun times!

        2. Hey! Mr. No! Why haven’t you responded? I am sure that you have more important endeavors in your life than responding to a reply. Okay, to make it easier, what you stated was, “that opinion is so wrong it’s not even funny. On every possible scientific, factual level…”

          paraphrasing ;
          “would you consider a vibrator, pocket pussy, birth control pills, oral sex, these games, and your hand to be doing the same thing?” as robots.

          “sex and orgasms are not just for procreation.”

          “I doubt that you will find many that are here to repopulate our species.”

          I am still waiting for your expert response.

      3. You’d think that people aren’t here to repopulate our species, yet somehow nohomo ends up on every thread shaming people who aren’t. Really it’s just the male homosexuals, but you can see him shaming blacks and women as well as homosexuals and transexuals, no matter the game content. It’s honestly a wonder he hasn’t started in on the jews.

        I envy you for not having to experience him until now.

        Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do. It has a wonderful mix of sexiness, story, and humor.

  9. The girls don’t look great from what I’m seeing so far. They all look like feminists, strong independent wamen. Of course the MC is a bitch like in most of these games. Only a completely emasculated male can appreciate a woman who as adapted masculine traits.

    Some of the humor is funny but it’s too much and non stop. The game doesn’t take itself seriously and neither can I.

    Worst part are the women though, I’m on the ship getting my crew together and there’s not a single female that looks good to me so far so I’m getting really bored. I’m not into colorful aliens or feminist types and definitely not “strong independent wamen”. Nothing better to turn you off completely than a woman that has lost all her femininity.

  10. Unnecessarily complicated story, lost track of it after some time. Characters are good looking tho, and there’s no stupid gay fag, ntr bs, so it’s a plus.

  11. Don’t know. It didn’t see nothing humorous in this game. Barely few witty moments at best.
    And females? Other then human , every other has some weird scales and what not. It’s like daughters of Deadpool mix with more avocado, pineapple and tossed in a multi color.

  12. after v0.6.0 the game is not fun for me anymore.
    too much boring-dumb dialogs and unnecessarily drama for me.
    this VN is heading toward “Comedy Romance” category, unsimilar to what it used to be at first versions.
    Im sure it might attract new ppl but not my cup of tea.

    1. go back to playing your shit cuck trash NTR then snowflake, that’s what this has always been anyway retard a comedy with romance involved right from the start with a little bit of drama here and there

      1. playing/watching too much porn can cause unnecessarily outbursts of anger and in generally emotion, due to lack of self-control which is a side effect of watching porn.
        and in fact this game has lost most of its action side in past few versions so im not talking nonsense here.
        but even with that, I just simply said my opinion you loser piece of SHIT!!!! lol

        1. sigh good job proving your an idiot simply by being YOU since you decided to respond to the guys comment if anything your the angry one since you decided to call him a loser piece of SHIT. also playing/watching too much porn can cause unnecessarily outbursts of anger just no this just makes u sound stupid

      2. Well, there were a point that still a little bit valid: “not fun” “anymore” because of “too much boring” “dialogs”.
        The fact is that effectively, in some dialogs (in cinematics but not only) the humor seems a little more pressed than on the first part of the game. But still not near to make me think to stop playing this gem of game and looking impatiently forward for it’s continuation.
        However, I’m not sure of what is meant by “unnecessarily drama”, so I’m not going to comment apart from saying that this game can’t live without it without falling to the shit-game category as many others.

    1. You need to Disable the QTE (Quick Time Events) on the Options Preferences.
      Normally you are also asked with a menu at some point… surely you just skip it?

  13. Wanted to add my appreciation as a female player! I love games like this where the characters look great (all of them), the story is interesting, there’s comedy without it ruining the overall vibe, and the scenes are well done. Only two things have bothered me – one, the main scenes should be longer 😉 They’re over too quick. And two, WHY does the main character sound so ridiculous?? I have to mute the cutscenes because of it! Seriously though, one of my new faves right up there with Eternum.

    1. If you love this and Eternum don’t sleep on Artemis. I couldn’t put it down once I started, scratched a lot of the same hard-to-reach itches that Eternum did. Great story, lovable personable characters and an active developer. It’s easily slotted into my top 5 and I can’t wait for the next update.

    2. Really, Girls/women play these games too!? Didn’t expect that, especially since it’s Harem game. I don’t think any guy would ever play a reverse Harem kind of game.

      1. Dude, it’s not because there is Harem in the tags, that this is mandatory.
        Example, excluding the mandatory first scene, I play the game mostly in a pure path… I only fall for Ashe, so a harem on my play-through.
        And yes, there is certainly guys playing reverse harem games (surely those that like seeing a girl making there harem of multiple boys and imagining themself as part of them).
        But as mentioned above, it’s not a **mandatory** harem game, and since this game features “straight” sex, anyone can always represent themselves as either.
        And even more, all the sex scenes are optional (apart from the first scene).

  14. Fantastic little game, great renders and a coherant script with great dialogue like evryone said great use of humour to keep the story moving and just enough sex scenes to warrant its inclusion here

    Loved it,well done Dev – a solid 9/10 game

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