Whispered Promises: 14 Days of Love with Anna [Final] [OMNIS]

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Story - The story in *Whispered Promises* is a haphazard collection of clichés and superficial interactions. It fails to delve deep into character development, leaving players with a narrative that lacks emotional resonance and substance. Dialogue feels repetitive and lacks the weight needed to engage players on a meaningful level. - 30%
Visual - Visually, *Whispered Promises* offers a mixed bag of aesthetics. While there is evident effort in the art, the inconsistencies in proportions and unnatural animations may leave players with an unsettling feeling. The clash of RPGMaker stock assets with the game's overall design detracts from a cohesive visual experience. - 45%
Engagement - Engagement in *Whispered Promises* falls short, with a core gameplay loop that feels like a monotonous grind. The mechanics of increasing parameters over 14 in-game days lack depth and fail to offer meaningful interactions that connect players to the experience. The "touching" minigame adds little value, serving as a mindless task that does not contribute to player engagement. - 21%
Core Loop - The core loop of *Whispered Promises* is marred by repetitive tasks and a lack of meaningful progression. Players are left with a gameplay experience that feels more like padding than a rewarding journey. The mechanics do little to create a sense of accomplishment or immersion, resulting in a shallow and unfulfilling gameplay loop. - 25%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 3.72 ( 7 votes)

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