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1. First thing first.

Interact with the big book with E. 

Remember the names on the page and seek for the 3 potions you need. 2 are on the bottom left table when facing the blue crystal with the book and seeing all the tables. The other is on the bottom right table.

2. Second thing second

You need to interact with all the bottles to be able to lift them. If they glow blue, Press E, they will glow purple after you drop them.

Bring the bottles to the vessel under the blue crystal. Use the scroll to adjust the distance.  (I didn’t try to let one fall so I don’t know what happens)

3. A new door

A new door appears (

Each disc of color contains a letter of another color. The letter correspond to the shelves. There are books of the color of the disc.

You need to find a book that contains the written color (A is green so the name of the book must have Green in it).


You need to find a book whose colors are the same of the disc and letter. (S is purple on blue so the book is blue and has purple on it)

It appeared to me that, with dev help, the S is red, so the title of the book has Red in it.

(Tricky puzzle) (the names of the books are below)


Atlas of Transformation to Green Worm


Red Madness of Demented Clans


Dawn of Unholy Red Enigmas


Count Tekyla’s Blue book of Filth Arts

3.1. S shelf + S crystal

To access the S shelf, you need to unlock it. Use the revealing spell then the telekinetic one above the Y shelf next to the S shelf. 

You also unlock a crystal which is needed to interact with the movable runic circle under each table.

3.2. G shelf + G crystal

To access the G shelf, you need to drop a chair on the opposite floor button. The button is a large pressure plate (like minecraft) just before the red translucid barrier

(You want to enter the right room, you need to push the left button with a chair)

4. Books

Once you found all the books, you can place the runes discovered on the cover under each table + the outer runic circle

You need to use the telekinetic power to rotate the runes. Each rune must be placed toward the outer runic circle.

5. New Skill

The door is open and you can learn a new spell 

6. The reward

Leave the central room and join the summoning area to switch your appearance into a futa one :sneaky: (or just stay the same)

Use the skill either on the summoning ground or the table (2 sex scenes)

7. Enjoy 😀

Thanks for all that contributed piece by piece to help !

A 3D puzzle sex-game is really an awesome new here, don’t hesitate to show support for the Dev !

(Note : some people talked about scrolls but I didn’t find them, and didn’t needed them)
(Note 2 : There is a hole in the second room, a grey spot on the ground, if you fall, you have to restart the game)
(Note 3 : I made it as clear as possible for me, excuse me for the broken english or the unclearness)
(Note 4 : Hope you like the upskirt shots)
(Note 5 : Sorry for Paint Skills)

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 86%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 77%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.89 ( 11 votes)

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  1. wow just wow, devs make puzzle more confusing because devs hate players. a very good dev, if i could i’d give him $1000

  2. Note when they uploaded their comment, less content than now, I tried this last year, also bogus, maybe now it might be good, but before wasn’t, too new

  3. Not true, this game is great. Both puzzles and sex scenes worth playing, can’t wait for more.

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