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Perfect Housewife [v2404] [k4soft]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest & Replay Mod

Releationship mod : The mod changed Arnold to the father from the Mc
Replay mod: Adds a Replay menu where you can replay scenes
Install guid: Extract the files into the main folder

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 81%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.05 ( 122 votes)

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  1. If you wanna see one of the best looking sex scenes in any VN, this is the game. Of course there is some conditions, like you better like curvy women and be ok with sharing content. If you look from just visual perspective, how sexy women are, details of graphics, animations etc, these are near perfect. Situations and writing is well done also. Some repetition, but most of the scenes are unique situations. Writing does later make the scenes better too, as conversation during sex will give more meaning to the situation. Only minor problems for me was that the other women are pretty mediocre looking.

    Story on other hand is pretty avarage. Husband has sharing fantasy and wife is wet and ready for quest to be hood whore. Things ramp-up pretty fast. To cool thing, the story hits repetition mode for a while. But nothing can stop the slut train, so journey to slutville will continue without objections. Where does it end? If both keep being ok with everything, she will probably be sold to donkey show in the end. But loving husband will cheer for her in to the end.

    These type sharing games start usually well, like this one, but then they turn to VN that has as much forbidden fruit and sexual tension than when pimp sells his whore. 3,5/5.

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    1. Why would i spy on my spouse? We have open relationship. So randoms sending dick pics or asking her out for a date or one night stand is the least of my concern.
      My real concern is how i pay my bills and my wife make up and dresses for her date. I’m working my ass 24/7 barely enough for household bills.

    2. 👆 This shit here? This is the nigger supremacy everyone simps for, west African bums sitting in a net cafe scamming.

      Yes, let’s be less white and be more like ghetto beggar bums on crack begging for handouts on the internet and masquerading as a hacker.


  3. This game…. or VN… whatever you want to call it, is becoming really quite predicatable.

    Old Arnold fucks Stephany in nearly every episode… getting boring. However, the last episode wasn’t too bad with young freaky Erik in the hotel but straight into the this update [2402] and guess what? another fuck with old Arnold. After the last update [2401], where Stephany got herself fingered by the executives of her husband’s company, in this episode [2402] she gets herself fingered on the beach and later again by a couple of strangers in a night club. So, I guess, she’s gonna get fucked by total strangers real soon. It’s also only a matter of time before there is IR screwing thrown in. The story… if you can call it that, is a real Yawn. Although, young Erik would be handy to have around if you wanted to hack a financial institution’s computer system and nik all of it’s money. This guy can break into a Bank’s secure computer system and see all the money movements, Hero!

    And what’s with the naration? what’s the point…Isn’t the story meant to be told through the eyes of the idiot husband? One minute Oliver is telling us what’s going on the next minute it’s some random naration. That’s not needed, especially as it’s quite obvious what is happening on the screen.

    Oh I nearly forgot, now that Oliver has shot his bolt up a stripper, I can bet my bottom $ every Tom, Dick and Harry will be filling Stephany up……… starting with old Arnold. Wholly predicatable.

    Like I said, It’s becoming very predictable and boring. On the upside… the graphics and annimation isn’t bad at all, and that is the only thing keeping the interst.


    1. Hey Straight Pride, you’re screaming at the mirror again.

      I’m sorry for his behavior, everyone. Someone let him have sugar again.

  5. Fucking an ugly old man, I get that caters to a certain audience, but I don’t think I am old enough for it yet.

    1. It only caters to autists who drool all over themselves while smacking themselves in the head with objects and making retarded noises while imagining themselves being cucked by every nursing home resident that shits all over themselves and wheels up and down the hallway.

      NTR is for garbage people.

  6. If you like the beta male types of cucking, this is a good cucking story. The wife is hot, voluptuous, and sensual, and there are quite a lot of sexual situations her husband encourages her to get into. So it’s enjoyable for that.

    The downsides are that English isn’t the native language of the dev, and they also haven’t spent a lot of time correcting typos. Also, there are too many clipping errors; I know how difficult getting clothing to fit well and with varied contorted positions, but I still would have preferred extra time to hide or fix them. Animations are simple but not too bad. No music, but it’s not really that kind of story. No sound effects, which I’m fine with.

    Personally, I like alpha male cucking, so all the erotic beta male dialog was unappealing, and also wasn’t easy to pretend things were other than they were.

      1. “A visual novel about Netorase (Wife Sharing) No Harem
        The story focuses on the relationship between wife and husband (our protagonist),
        Stefany is a loving wife who notices her husband’s fetishes, indulges them,
        at first with hesitation, but then fully enjoying them together with her husband.
        The situation becomes very hot for the couple, when Arnold, an old neighbor, very close to Stefany,
        gives them a pleasant surprise by paying them a visit, after a long time that they had not seen each other.​”

        ————— And the old duffer never leaves

  7. More uselsss NTR faggot cuck shit. Game for pathetic losers with no self worth. Cucks are garbage people and should be raped in the ass bone dry and with sand.

    1. NTR stands for netorare, which translates to “cheating” in Japanese. Since the wife does everything with the husband’s permission and encouragement, it’s not cheating, is it. It shouldn’t have the NTR tag; did you even play it?

      1. No, and I won’t waste any of my time on this fucking dumb garbage.

        Apparently you are so severely retarded you don’t even know what NTR actually is (and how I’m not surprised). Does your mommy know you managed to break out of the closet today? I thought the family retard was supposed to be shoved in the closet and out of sight, which is ironically where cucks like to hide because they might see something they’ll never get to do with a female.

        But it’s always amusing to watch NTR loving cuck losers like you try and school the rest of us on all things NTR. But you can’t even do that without fucking it up. 😁

        But NTR lovers are all failures at life. So there’s that.

        1. You are such a pathetic, feckless cunt.

          You keep commenting on this game even though you claim to hate it. Why does this live rent free in that pea brain of yours?

          1. Probably because this worthless dogshit keeps getting shat on the front page for all to step in.

            You sound triggered, little cuck retard man. Relax. Take a deep breath, preferably underwater.

          2. Are you so pathetic that you don’t get it. If no one would say anything about this kind off trash, every developer would think they have to make this shit, because they assume it’s populair. While in real live only a small group of deranged perverts like this garbage.

  8. Well your country failed you because if you were a trained marine then I can see why they discharge you. because your anger over ntr and your lack of intelligence is next to a cane toad for commenting on a ntr page that clearly says ntr no one got here but you buddy and your going to have to learn to live with that no need shitting on other people fantasies or fetishes just because you’re some 5 year old on momma’s phone and seeing all the ntr that we did to her pussy while you were not looking and getting mad it is not going to un do all the ntr games you played the data shows and the site shows it and your momma’s pussy shows it if you were in the military you would learn by now to respect your commanding officer and follow orders but since you can’t follow orders well we all the real story of your discharge

  9. Non so che gusti avete, ma almeno l’ MC mettitelo attraente, assomiglia al mago cattivo dei puffi “Gargamella”. Un uomo che assomigli a Giorg Clowney (anche se ora è vecchio, non è un cesso) o qualcuno di simile. Anche se fosse il migliore gioco al mondo, ma chi ci vorrebbe giocare con un protagonista del genere. Di solito chi gioca, si identifica con MC, nemmeno un malato di mente vorrebbe essere un cesso simile. Le donne sono attraenti, e ben fatte, veramente fighe (TOP-Milf). Io non gioco con un MC così brutto.

  10. Non so che gusti avete, ma almeno l’ MC mettitelo attraente, assomiglia al mago cattivo dei puffi “Gargamella”. Un uomo che assomigli a Giorg Clowney (anche se ora è vecchio, non è un cesso) o qualcuno di simile, non si può vedere un MC del genere!! Anche se fosse il migliore gioco al mondo, ma chi ci vorrebbe giocare con un protagonista del genere. Di solito chi gioca, si identifica con MC, nemmeno un malato di mente vorrebbe essere un cesso simile. Le donne sono attraenti, e ben fatte, veramente fighe (TOP-Milf). Io non gioco con un MC così brutto.

  11. do you understand that everyone is laughing at your pathetic attempts to be “alpha?” no matter how many fake names you use to prop up your comments, girls are still never going to touch your wiener. you will always be just the sad loser whose entire life is trying look “manly” to strangers on the internet. congratulations, loser.

  12. Those who seriously enjoy NTR/cuckhold, would you for real share your wife/girlfriend in real life? If so or have, for what possible satisfaction do you gain out of it? And is or was it worth it? Do you keep wanting more? or feel regret? I’m honestly curious. What does it makes you feel? I am not here to judge only want to understand.

    1. bruh is this a visual novel/game, take it for what it is.
      dont you like the story ? do you prefer games where mc is the only male in the universe that just impregnates everything that moves ? i find that kind of story boring and unrealistic, and to answer your question, no i wouldnt share my wife/gf.

    2. I’ve been a cuck for 11 years and for my wife and I it never gets old. wife loves big cock and humiliating me, i love being humiliated and dominated. the pleasure of it can be as simple as watching her dress sexy, flirt and make out on a night out on the town together, to watching her pack and go out the door for a weekend away with her bf who also shares her with other men. she keeps me entertained with pictures and dialogue while she is out/away on her own, and when she gets home I get to hear the juicy details while she teases me and I clean up. the true enjoyment comes from knowing she is being sexually satisfied and that other men are enjoying her beauty, her amazing body and her sexuality. There is the real life of work and family but we manage to keep it separate in between our adventures. its our thing and its what we enjoy. for those of you that don’t enjoy ntr/cuckolding (and feel the need to comment on every ntr game) then do what you do, i don’t care about the judgement.

      1. I bet your wife loves it, she fucks real man and you jerk of. And you pay for her to, so i don’t think she would change a thing.

      2. Okay lets gangbang that wife of yours than :D:DDD were you are based will visit straighaway
        but if the bitch is ugly than u are gonna get fucked in the ass bone dry 🙂

    3. xXx

      This is my first response to any post on this website. Mostly because your question seemed to be genuine, but also because of all of the other false negativities I have read in this forum. In addition, I have no remarks about this game itself, for I have never played it. I am just responding to this question as well as many other comments made on this site. My intention is not to insult, but to maybe enlighten another perspective.

      First, a little about myself. I am a wife and mother. I found this site by accident one day. Without going into much detail, another member of my household was downloading a game and left for a little while. I usually never snoop and respect others privacy, but at that moment our internet was acting up and his PC is usually the culprit. Now I know that teenage boys are not always “studying” on the computer. As long as it doesn’t involve anything illegal, a credit card, and they keep up with their schoolwork, chores, and responsibilities, I don’t care. He doesn’t spend all his time on it doing whatever he does and he excels in his social life in general, including outdoor activities. So really, when one combines video games and porn, it’s not so surprising. But when I saw the subject matter, I was a little shocked. I did tell my husband, who like myself was behind the times and didn’t know that these types of games existed. (And yes, he was eager to find out more!) I do not mind my husband checking out porn and we have watched it together on occasion. I believe that there is nothing wrong with it as long as one doesn’t become obsessed to the point that it becomes unhealthy. Like preferring fantasy over reality or performing when it comes to the real thing.

      So trying, but failing to make a long story short. I found the games that he had already downloaded and went back to this site to check them out. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am extremely novice at this. I did not know what NTR, Cuckold, or Dev meant, but I figured it out quickly. Then I started reading the comments and I found those more disturbing than the content of the games themselves. Not just the threatening, violent, racist, or sexist remarks, but the people who are so lost in their own illusions that when they come across a game that doesn’t conform to what they long for, they become hostile. Then when someone else complains about what they fancy, they hypocritically say it is just a game and that no one is forcing you to play it.

      It is just a game. Actually, I first thought it was funny, like watching a Jerry Springer moment, but the more I read, the more I thought of how sad it was. Yes, there is subject matter that I find disturbing and some that is outright disgusting, but I don’t have to play it. As long as no one is hurt and it stays a fantasy, no harm done. Well, as long as one can keep nefarious fetishes and reality separate, just like in shooter games. After all, these are just cartoon characters, although it seems that some tend to forget that.

      For example, I like my ass smacked once in a while during sex play and have been loosely tied up and blindfolded. A little kink in a relationship does spice it up. That doesn’t mean I’m into rape. (And sleep sex is rape.) Now I don’t mind if my husband wants to play one of those games as long as he doesn’t become obsessed with it. Just as I wouldn’t want to be tied up every time we had sex. There are things that most will find sickening, such as beastility, but they will still look for the shock value. I can’t imagine someone actually masterbating to that although I am sure that there are some that do. The age thing is something else that is a gray area. Yes, although it is wrong at every level, truthfully I myself have to admit to squeezing into my old high school cheerleading outfit and doing a little roleplaying with my husband.

      Then there is dirty talk. I enjoy it like most do. It helps people become less inhibited by fulfilling urges that they would not do in real life. Just like these games. We are not swingers or swappers, but we have talked about it. He with other women and me with other guys. While some on this website might call him a “fag,” the vast majority who don’t respond to these comments will just understand that he is not selfish in bed. Sometimes we approach actuality with our naughtiness, like getting into our hot tub naked with another couple. Both men did not let fragile masculinity get the better of themselves, so they didn’t mind us sitting on the other male’s lap. They actually loved that we were enjoying ourselves as well. We all just put jealousy and insecurity aside to have a little fun.

      Now for the ones that think that women are not into erotica, they know absolutely nothing about women. In literature, we completely dominate that arena. Have they never heard of the “Fifty Shades” series? My mother used to read V.C. Andrews (Incest). Even my grandmother still reads her “Harliquin Romance” novels. Open one of them up sometimes. You will find characters like a plantation owner’s wife doing naughty things while the Colonel is not watching or a helpless frontier woman being ravished by a Native American.

      Some out there will say that this is different from literature. That women are not visual. Well again, “wrong!” We are the ones that spend money on makeup, push-up bras, and lingerie. There are many TV channels dedicated to women’s forbidding fantasies, such as the Lifetime Channel that deal with subject matter such as phyco babysitter prostitutes, incest, teacher/student relationships, and more. It is not that we want to do these things; we just like watching others do them. Even if it is only fiction. That’s the same with porn. People like watching others have sex. Women usually don’t sneek around and masterbate to it because we don’t have to. I have never heard my husband complain if I wanted to watch some porn. I might even masterbate to it in front of him, but it will always lead to something else.

      As for adult video games and novels, they are dominated by men, but not by 99% as some on this site might claim. The demographics for this site in particular show about 22% female visitors. The thing is that even though women might not be the majority, we are more likely to spend money. And money is why these sites exist. To survive, why not appeal to as many as they can, whether they be male or female, straight or gay, a super perverted lonely closet stroker, or someone who is not ashamed of playing an adult video game just for entertainment? If someone finds others’ fetishes and fantasies negating their own, then they might need to take a step back to their own actuality.

      Everyone has a right to their own unscrupulous lusts as long as they don’t violate the rights of others. I personally find gay men unappealing, although I know that some women do. For those who think that is “grooming,” well most of the straight men that I know would disagree with you. You could lock them in a room for days playing gay porn and it would not change their orientation. If one believes differently, then it is most likely their sexuality that is in question.

      Some men like “watermelon tits,” others do not. Not to offend anyone, but I, like most women prefer circumcised penises, although there are many cultures out there where this is not the norm. Still, it is the right of the developers to do as they see fit, regardless of whether it affects sales or not. I hear people complain that they don’t like seeing young guys who don’t know what they are doing with older women. Well, I would guess that these same individuals wouldn’t mind teaching young girls a thing or two. Do they not think that it is enticing for a woman to be able to be the one to teach a virgin boy for the first time about sexual intimacy? Of course in reality, most would not actually do this, so we find other means to embellish our wicked dreams.

      So back to your question. I had the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy of my husband and mine a while back. We discussed it for some time before acting upon it to make sure that all were comfortable with it, including the consequences that might follow. So far we haven’t had any regrets.

      Would he ever do the same for me? Both of us have zero desire for him to be with another man, but the subject of me being with two men has been brought up during pillow talk. I really do not want that at this time in my life and I know that the only reason he would be okay with it is for me. But who knows what life will bring? Maybe one day we might be in our hot tub with another couple again and take it further. If we ever do, that’s our entanglement. The same as if we regretted it. It will only be our predicament that matters.

      So the only answer that I can come up with is that the human condition as beautifully flawed and complex as it is, should never be compared to pixels, fonts, or the clicking of a mouse. What one does in their mind can be shared with the ones they trust and love, but not to impel or expect them to comply with our vices when living in the real world.

      Sorry that this was so long. I still can’t believe that I’m actually writing this. Although I might add one more thing. I did download a game from another site as a naughty surprise for my husband. He liked the thought of me doing it for him more than the game itself. In addition, I have played three games myself, one to completion. I myself am more into the story, so no, I don’t masterbate to 3D cartoon characters. Have fun and a good day.

    4. For me, I don’t fall completely into cuckold, I do NOT love to watch or get humiliated, but I have fantasies about “reclaim” scenarios. So when a woman has been creampied by another man, or multiple, and then she still comes back to you and stays with you. It’s like, a deeper bond and I enjoy the sloppiness of how slutty, loose and dirty she is, and she’s desirable to other men, yet she’s mine. So for me it’s about power, not sissy, humiliation or bi stuff.

      1. Hello iFlip92,

        Thank you for your comment. I just happen to have some time to spare and I thought that I would check to see if anyone had ever commented to my post. I am only on here occasionally and just expected a rude remark at best, so it was nice to see your reply. Believe it or not, I can totally relate to what you are saying. I only want and can speak from a woman’s point of view, but I have heard this story numerous times.

        We knew another couple who were good friends of ours. The wife was the one who was unfaithful, and they ended up divorced. They remained friends and moved on with their lives. Then, by accident, he started having a romance with another friend of hers. It turned out well, and it became a happy relationship. She found out and acted like it was okay, but it was just an act. Some time went by and their daughter was having a baby in another state, so they traveled together; no big deal. Or was it?

        Naturally they ended up having sex. After he got back, he ended up revealing this to my husband and I. While my husband remained silent shaking his head, I was exasperated. I asked him if he was crazy and did he not see what his ex was doing. He asked me if I thought his former spouse would let his current girlfriend find out and I told him that she probably already did before they got back home.

        He was in disbelief and heartbroken that his ex-wife would do that just to prove a point. Just so she could attest to his new love that she could still have him if she wanted. Of course, not only did his girlfriend leave him, but his former partner wanted nothing to do with him as well. When asked if I would do something like that, I was honest and said that I didn’t know. I would like to think not, but I am not infallible.

        I know that this is not exactly your situation, but I have heard similar occurrences over and over. Whether it is a fetish or a power trip, in reality we are just humans, not 3D cartoons. So you are not alone; just honest.

        Again, thank you for your reply and take care.

      2. Oh, I forgot to add that I knew that you were not replying to my comment. I don’t want to step on any toes, but I just thought that I would add my two cents to your reply

    5. For me, I don’t fall completely into cuckold, I do NOT love to watch or get humiliated, but I have fantasies about “reclaim” scenarios. So when a woman has been creampied by another man, or multiple, and then she still comes back to you and stays with you. It’s like, a deeper bond and I enjoy the sloppiness of how slutty, loose and dirty she is, and she’s desirable to other men, yet she’s mine. So for me it’s about power, not sissy, humiliation or bi stuff.

    6. For me, I don’t fall completely into cuckold, I do NOT love to watch or get humiliated, but I have fantasies about “reclaim” scenarios. So when a woman has been creampied by another man, or multiple, and then she still comes back to you and stays with you. It’s like, a deeper bond and I enjoy the sloppiness of how slutty, loose and dirty she is, and she’s desirable to other men, yet she’s mine. So for me it’s about power, not sissy, humiliation or bi stuff.

    7. i’m not into cuckold but i love to see my wife fooling around like wearing revealing stuff and posted it on net. reading simps comment really made my day. i bet they jack off with my wife body pic and keep dreaming about them fucking her, but we both know that’s never going to happen. because there is boundary we set so we don’t go too far.

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