Parasite Black [Steam Demo v0.154] [Damned Studios]

Cheat codes:

Enable cheat menu: allyourbasesbelongtous
Unlock all gallery: cinderella
Lock all gallery: seenoevil

Download for Windows/ Linux - Full Version 0.153

Download for Windows/ Linux - Steam Demo Version (v0.154)

Download for Mac - Full Version 0.153

Download for Android - Full Version 0.153

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” sub-folder .

Android users: Navigate to Android/data/xyz/files, create a new folder named “game” and copy the xyz.rpyc in this folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

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1.) “Why do old saves no work?” – Old saves don’t work currently due to significant engine changes happening. The game is still in a Alpha state of development and should be treated as such. Please in the meanwhile use the updated quickstart feature and select your previous choices during the last update.

2.) “What is my game acting glitchy?” – Follow instructions on bootup and delete your consistent data. The game will hard reboot and then just play. If you encounter a bug after doing this, report to dev team on the discord.

3.) “I don’t like X fetish” – All fetishes within the game are as optional as we can make them. The game aims to be as open an rpg as possible.

4.) “Why combat suck?” – It’s being revamped … It’s also one of the reasons your saves keep dying as we try to fix it.

5.) “Where’s the gallery?” – Speak to the soothsayer in the Brothel District and pay to see the past.

6.) “Where cheat codes?” – Officially, cheat codes are given out to patrons and subscribers only and are altered with every new release, they may end up leaking here, but this is against the wishes of the team.

7.) “Patch?” – Any patch or mod for the game is not officially recognized or approved by the team, you alter the game at your own risk and discretion.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 94%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 90%
Core Loop - 94%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.37 ( 40 votes)

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      1. On the main menu, under settings there is a place to type in the codes. Once you have done that, there will be a little red icon at the top right of the screen. You have to enter the code after you load any game. The cheat code is not persistent.

  1. Okay as to this current new update: You guys REALLY, REALLY need to find a way to stop deleting the save files. It SHOULD NOT be an option unless the PLAYER chooses to delete them. No one, no matter how much lewd content or good decisions you make in stat implementation, is going to want to replay the same damned scenes a thousand and more times with each new update just to GET BACK TO WHERE THEY FUCKING WERE!

    You will lose subs, and players by the truckload if you can’t at least get that one function to NOT happen. There’s no reason for it, other than perhaps your lack of skill at coding. Because any new update SHOULD NEVER break a save file. It can be done as a continuance, and that should really be in the basics of what you guys learn when you’re learning to code. Otherwise there’s no work to build off of. Am I wrong? So come the fuck on. Until you fix that one specific point, the game is now officially boring me with having to try to get back to where I was (also, in the prologue – Fuck off with fucking anyone but Adora. Nijah is introduced later, and Adora doesn’t even appear on the hearts list if you’re dumb enough to pick anyone else – so that SHOULD NOT BE A CHOICE!!!) I’ve screwed up on that point twice, because it SHOULD NOT lock Adora off the list if she’s going to be that damned DESPERATE to get with MC and be a cocktease about it the whole damned time, then slap him when he does actually come back and act possessive. Just to (previously at least… and inconclusive this time as I haven’t gotten that far = because you BORKED MY SAVE FILES AGAIN!!! – be yeeted off screen for the rest of the damned game’s current content)

    I do not give a fuck about holiday events and I wish to holy hell you’d all stop trying to add them. They do not do anything but screw with immersion in the world you created. They never will. It’s just an add in that doesn’t need to be there, that draws away resources from continuing the actual story, or making progress with other damned characters. Like I’ve mentioned before, there are SEVERAL new adds, and several you’re not doing anything with… so what the hell? But whatever. Do what you want. I’ll give you one last update to make any more actual progress and NOT fuck with my save file; and then I’m going to give up. Because what you want to do with this storyline and especially introducing the Dremorai Mistress to Kiara (who is the MC’s BITCH!!! Pure, simple and SHOULD BE uncontested if she wants any sort of trust between them) was bad enough in my eyes. I’ve already offered my suggestions and my tips to help. It’s not my call if you listen to them, or keep doing whatever the hell you want.

    1. Having just played the Christmas content: At least Markus now has an actually viable purpose – BUT IF you’re NOT intending to give the players the option to have him PERMANENTLY BECOME AN ACTUAL FUCKING FEMALE = DO NOT go there!!! It’s stupid that he can somehow shapeshift just for a kink scene that wasn’t even actually full sex. It’s NOT a Bonus. It’s just a cock tease – and this is a HAREM! The only reason he exists is either as a meat shield/To Oppose the MC at the end, or to become part of the harem in the vein you just rendered. Half heartedly because not even Adara (or Arlenna or Vex or Elena) actually fucks the MC during that event. Make Markus become a woman, for keeps, and I will consider that a pro in favor of continued play. Though it would also be nice if you took my other story suggestions into some account and actually got to progression with OTHER characters that ARE NOT MONSTERS or needless party members, that you’ve already introduced. I’ve listed the ones I am actually interested in. I’d wager I’m not the only one.

      There is WAY too much cock teasing with way too many characters and that’s also starting to piss me off. You do know you set the rules of the species you fucked the MC over with to either KILL OR BREED??? Guess what you’re NOT doing when you’ve done almost EVERY scene as FOREPLAY!!! I LIKE the idea that Markus will become a woman, just so I get another actual HUMAN in the freaking harem. The orc is fine = I’m going to assume the scaled one is either the dremorai bitch you’re pushing to the moon against Kiara, or an actual dragon. The blue one is Elena, the green is obviously Vex, and the short one is the new goblin who DID NOT need to be a “traveling” merchant just to be too god damned random to bother with (your new travel system is borking my quest times by the way: There DO NOT need to be that many marked points on ANY given map when you put a FUCKING TIME LIMIT DOOM CLOCK on the MAIN CHARACTER)

  2. Few points I’ll clarify: First – thank you for actually adding a fucking stat system that seems to have some effect on damage. Jesus that should have been the first thing.

    There are a few issues I have with some portrayals (or decided lack thereof) of some of the characters:
    First: The “mother” character – who is NOT actually either Erika or MC’s mom (unless there’s an incest patch I missed?) does NOT need to be protrayed as doing EVERY sort of sexual thing. Anal content is NOT the draw for this game. Pregnancy & Harem: Those are the hooks by which your (dumb assed decision) of the “doom clock” works – Caveat: at least it’s a generous one, but it DOES NOT need to be in the game. [A Symbiote IS a parasite, that gives something BACK to it’s host to make it MORE USEFUL THAN a Parasite – you cannot be both at once; because it already is and is as such differently named because the functions are different] My gripe with Regina is 3 fold; she DOES NOT need to be a dark mage/IF you insist that she is, she is a HEDGE mage at best (The universities wouldn’t have trained her, so she does not get to be a walking exposition dump about anything magical and you SHOULD NOT BE USING HER TO UNDERCUT THE MC about ANYTHING. She does FAR too much scolding and it emasculates the character needlessly – who is SUPPOSED to be the HERO of the fucking game) The second point is that she actively conflicts with Erika as an inquistor needlessly, and that WILL cause problems if you actually intend to bring Erika into the story proper (which you should – and we’ll get there) Erika WOULD be the more academically trained mage [and maybe she’s got a clearer picture of all the factions/secrets at play so she’s more freaking useful than Casper the Friendly Why The Fuck Was I Even Introduced If I’m Just Going To Be There For 2 TALKING Scenes! * They can disagree: BUT it should NEVER come down to which of the two is more powerful; and NEITHER should be more powerful or DOMINANT than the MC!] Third and final issue with Regina is that for a character that’s involved FAR more prominently than a parent character for a 18-20 year old MC should EVER need to be in the main story, she is NOTHING AS YET BUT A COCK TEASE. That last scene with her in the alley = She WAS implied to be going on a date (and your oversexualizing her in every 2nd scene does nothing to help the idea she might be sexually disloyal to MC in a HAREM GAME) and was WAY too “mysterious” about it – What is the point of Charisma if we CAN’T USE IT WHEN IT SHOULD APPLY TO GET A STRAIGHT FUCKING ANSWER?!? So she distracts him with dirty talk and a “lewd” [Which by this point should have been at least Just The Tip… Come on; most guys would have pushed her off and said STOP FUCKING WITH MY HEAD AND GET ON WITH IT BITCH, then walked away at this point] She has 4 Scenes at least by my count that are nothing but watch her masturbate/ride a fucking dildo (which in that time period would not exist – and never would be used, a vegetable maybe. Any material that a dildo could be made from would have been nothing a girl would have wanted inside of her, in that sensitive an area. You really think splinters would be a good idea INSIDE the pussy? Stone would be too coarse. Polishing materials would have been massively expensive or difficult to find = but NONE of you devs ever think about logistics of this shit when you come up with these scenes, do you…] Which again; does NOTHING to help her case of whether I as THE PLAYER should trust her in a HAREM.

    Nyx I have MANY issues with. I get Tsundere characters, and I don’t think you do. She is supposed to MELT. You have a parasite that says it ATTRACTS mates to you and MAKES THEM MORE BIDDABLE! Which should in theory make that melting process THAT MUCH FASTER. The “tough chick” Biopolar thing should have DIED the moment MC’s dick went inside of her pussy. How she treats him right after the slave quest needs to be re-written entirely. Because he IS her most valuable soldier. She KNOWS this. No matter how she feels as a female; or how conflicted you want to write her, pushing him away like that was monumentally STUPID. Entirely DISRESPECTFUL of just how much MC has done for her, even up to that point. He has EVERY right to tell her which cliff to jump off at that point – for constantly putting HIS LIFE in danger, and never contact him again. Then where is she? Up shit creek for any reliable help – and if you even think about her using telling people about him as a means to bludgeon control: You just worked in a pointless (Unattractive and VIRGINITY ROBBING! Anal scene – which SHOULD have been DONE WITH MC’S COCK!!! Because at least that way he’d get ONE of her virgin states… which with her personality, she SHOULD HAVE BEEN ANYWAY – with tentacles: Him being a symbiote in battle form DOES NOT mean we all want to see actual HENTAI scenes! Jesus…) Dom path scene [Which ruins it for me… and frankly “Dominant” does NOT MEAN ASSHOLE!] She knows WHAT he is; and she’s seen what he can do, and how effectively. He SHOULD have the dialogue option to put her against the wall by the throat, and squeeze until she’s purple. Say: One word to anyone, and I kill you first. (That’s your “intimidation” stat >…..< )
    – Celeste/Elf Archer girl: You insinuate they have some interest, or might have some interest… SAME PROBLEM AS ERIKA
    ** Demon Girl on your Cover: If you insist on convoluting the story thematically in a HAREM game = She does NOT get to be FEMDOM, or MC's Enemy, and SHOULD actively help him WIN the throne. BOTH of them. : / You figure out how, but there's no need for a random "GOOD GUY" faction in the enemy horde YOU painted as ELDRITCH HORRORS! Since you insist on that stupidity, she is going to need to ACTUALLY be MASSIVELY useful to me.

    Believe it or not, this is my "kinder" post. I do like your game for it's potential; but there's a LOT you need to focus on fleshing out that you've already created, before you focus on broadening the story or rushing the kingdoms as war aspect. I honestly don't care if it takes 5-10 Updates to get to a new city, so long as there is more to do with the characters we know exist, and might be interested in, in the City that is our Homebase. So long as you DON'T go out of your way to invalidate all the work the player has done so far to HELP people IN THE CITY; by fucking it over in that damned Second Siege = or if you insist; have THAT be the way that MC manages to get the rank/respect enough of the nobility to be introduced to the queen/princess (in secret, of course) to help actually rebuild/strengthen defenses behind her husband's dumbassed overly aggressive & authoritarian back. Fuck up the look of the city maybe – Do not take away anything important shop wise, and DO NOT raze it. [Having intimate contact with Arlena COULD be how MC impresses the queen/princess when they ask for his help rebuilding since he would be able to use his Charisma to convince her to do more structural repairs with her father – who would be of course absolutely willing – which COULD in turn flesh out the romance between MC and ALL 3 women. It's also be a better reason to keep collecting all that bronze…] That's all I've got to say for the content so far. A game with massive potential, and still some kinks to work out.

    1. Okay, first I wrote two comments in this post; and tried to be kinder and more focused on what works for Stat system in the second – with better suggestions for story in general. It DID NOT post correctly, so I will attempt to fix what fucked up here… Wish me luck, but I’m only half Irish.

      Characters You NEED To Do More With:

      Erika/The Princess Cecila/The Queen/Celeste and her teammate: You introduced a fucking Legend of Krystal rip off (while admittedly cool and with an interesting backstory – Though I would enjoy it more if Elena actually turned out to be the “stillborn” disfigured child, and the Curse was in general Lycanthropy… which led his wives on finding such out as it would happen eventually, to find ways to off themselves while pregnant. Because humans weren’t meant to give birth to werewolf children so the first one went out in labor badly and they all got scared on discovering that. The other daughter can be adopted, but the way you’re heading with her discription IF she is in Ramon it’s NOT going to end well for Elena. So don’t do that; or find a way to make her relationship with the MC only STRONGER if you do insist on being that grim dark. Point in case; you have 4 characters that have been mentioned. Not shown. There are no relationships yet to grow – and you want to focus on BULLSHIT fetish Monster Girls? You have a Cat-Girl quest in the adventurer’s guild (that’s only HALF the time a girl >….< – and SHE could have gained the second symbiote just as easily as he did… it would also make a LOT more sense for Markus to call the princess Mistress. Just saying)

      What does work as far as I have seen in the stats system:

      – Strength DOES give your characters more damage = Best stat to raise.
      – Charisma only needs 15 so far to hit 100% success in pursuasion (useful ONLY to MC – as it should be)
      – Agility only needs 15 to get 100% chance to hit the dremorai scouts in hunting
      (You do miss way too often in the beginning: Should not miss AT ALL in the prologue –
      There is NO STAT system to help you, and that last battle is ASSHOLISH)
      * You really need to fix that. I had way too many reloads to win ONE TIME
      – Endurance DOES give you Damage Resist (would be better if it was passive HP Regen)
      ** Would exemplify the Symbiotes' assertion that they actually HEAL MC's Wounds…
      (It would also be both compensation for and an allowance of the fact the monsters SHOULD hit hard =
      your balance for the creatures was a bit off: adding passive regen for HP would allow you leeway on both counts)
      = Endurance + Dodge may work to create a True Tank character; but you probably won't hit anything for jack all damage
      = Strength as a DPS character IS the Name of The Game here. The more monsters you can down in one hit, the less of them to damage you on the board next turn. It's the problem of most RPG's (skills that provide an AOE like Borris had would be useful to allow greater diversity in character builds by compensation)
      = Strength + Luck MIGHT at some point be Monstrous for DPS, but again at 30 Luck I wasn't noting much difference in crit procs.

      Note: In my Test Run playthrough up to Level 17 (which takes a LONG ASSED TIME WHEN THE ENEMIES ARE ONLY LEVEL 3 MAX) The two stats that matter most are Strength & Endurance. Strength to 35-40 is more than enough to kill every creature in the game so far with one hit. The Behemoth quest the rat mother needs 2. 30 Endurance or so makes the scout dremorai you face deal 0 damage if they do hit you. Go with either of those for at least your MC and you are golden [This may change in later updates as they add more skills and to the level cap – if there even is one] The MC needs 15 Charisma to pass all speech checks at 100%. 15 Agility is the point you will reach 100% ability to hit the scout dremorai and bandits. Which are the majority of what you're going to be facing.

      As to health potions – you won't need them past perhaps level 10-13 depending on how you build your characters. However Nijah's Stall does give you the option to pay 20 gold for an item that your love interest (baby momma) makes for you as a "home cooked meal" that gives you 100 HP. Which is either better than the bigger health potion (that is more expensive than the smaller ones) or equal to. So it's BEST NOT to make Nijah your whore. [In a harem game I don't know why you'd go that route anyway. Thematically that's common in the area she's from… but it should NOT be an option – unless you sell her to Tarek, and at that point why bother rescuing her in the first place?] ** Do note: Both Elena and Myu gain skills at 15 that are based in damage off their Dexterity; so it may behoove players to up that stat for them. I currently am testing with Myu how viable the Crit chance is, so I have her strength and luck to 40 each thus far.

      It may be smart at some update soon, to offer with the blacksmith at least, WEAPONS. It would make hunting the dremorai in the early game easier, and or at least more reasonably provide a goal for doing so to work toward. There's ONE equipment slot you can fill (and one character model improvement -if you can't recognize a near copy of Dragon Age's Blood Knight armor from the DLC that is – which does in terms of Stats, absolutely bupkiss) with armor that only grants you 5 to the stat. It's something, but not huge and a bit of a disappointment that you can't at least buy a hunting knife or a bow… or freaking anything that would help damage in the early game [Which again, you could try equipping the scouts in the prologue with actual gear instead. There's GOT to be a way you can make that last fight EASIER. No one wants to reload the game five or six or twenty times because RNGesus is an asshole!] The rings and the amulet could also be a good way to grant buff skills (without having to clutter the WAY TOO HIGH skill list – there's a reason most RPG's make the list Horizontal guys) which could help with HP healing before Level 10… or after, if you do actually add higher leveled monsters and Boss creatures that hit harder. Enchanted armor like the Dwarf scout had could be a thing for end game. So could enchanted weapons, but realistically I don't understand why hunting the dremorai is ONLY MC and Markus when you have Elena and Myu equipped to the team as well. Or why they can't be in their parasite armor? It's NOT that close to the city, which was the whole point of going out to the wastes to hunt them. It's why there's a two time move when you go to visit Vex; and why it sucks that it seems you can only do so every two days. Massive waste of time, for no reason. What she hunts routinely should provide ONE person, even an orc with enough food that she'd only need to hunt once a week.

      Now let's see if THIS comment goes through properly. I'm not sure how it cut off half of the comment in general. Either way, I've made what suggestions I can. You could use Erika as a double agent in the Inquistors trying to protect both the mother she KNOWS is a dark mage, and her no longer quite human little brother. Find a way to work her into the game, and into the harem. Have the second siege beat the hell out of the city structure (without removing the essential areas thank you very much) and then have the Queen or The Princess ask for your help. Since MC has intimate connection to Arlena most likely, and might better convince the stubborn bitch to help rebuilding efforts. It'd also be a good reason to keep gaining bronze, and it would give a connective point to two otherwise inaccessible characters. Have the ranking system in the guild introduce Celeste and her team to the MC – and make a way to convince Celeste to be in MC's harem alongside the scarred elf (since you went out of your way to point her out…) Maybe Celeste could also help rebuilding efforts and be impressed MC will go out of his way to make that happen, as means to get contact with her OUTSIDE of the Guild. [Which again, is ONLY up to ONE freaking rank as yet…] There ARE ways to progress the story, which can BUILD to a greater war, without focusing on RUSHING the war aspect. The point of a Harem is that the MC WINS. The MC WILL RULE. Both kingdoms by the end, and choose whomever he wants to keep in his harem. That's the only ending. How you get there, and what cities and quests you'll focus on, that's up to you. By the rules of the genre however, there's ONE locked in end.

      1. The last comment STILL did not go through correctly, so last try. Guess we’ll find out if the third one is a strike or not:

        This is continued from the point of “That’s Only Half The Time A Girl…” (I guess the comment system does not like Emojis?)

        I am currently playing through on a “Test Run” save, to see how high you can get in levels, and how effective stats are. You WILL run into player frustrations past level 12-15 Devs, IF you do not code in higher levels for the monsters in the grinding spots. The highest I’ve found so far is level 3. Most of your player base isn’t playing this game to grind for hours for ONE level, just to be strong enough to not get massacred in every fight. Most of them want 2 things: A compelling story, and Hot Scenes. I happen to like RPG’s predominantly as my gaming genre, and appreciate the mechanics. I do test things out, sometimes too thoroughly, but the way I tend to play games is not how most people will play them. My highest current level is 12. You seem to get a new skill every 5 levels (though I would recommend differentiating them between MC and Markus. They are DIFFERENT characters – and should be Different Class Builds) IE: Markus has 2 possible reasons to be in the game as far as I can see: Heel Turn Antagonist you’ll have to deal with at a clutch crisis point, OR he’s there to provide Beefwall protection/ MC Healing as the uptight “Paladin Prig” – He’s there to make the battles in the beginning a little easier. Though I will suggest strongly that Kiara COULD have filled that role as well, or better since she was your debuffer, and you should be able to choose which of the two dies (since he didn’t need to be more muscular than MC OR have a bigger cock >.< – and SHE could have gained the second symbiote just as easily as he did… it would also make a LOT more sense for Markus to call the princess Mistress. Just saying)

        Apologies to all who may bother reading this review for the segmentation… but I tried several times last night, atop internet connection issues the day before, to get the full comment and the amendments I added later in testing the stat system to actually go through. Happy Gaming, and Good Work so far Damned. Whether I agree with every choice made in programming or not.

  3. The game is for masochists and I’m not going to waste my time on the delusional ideas of a schoolboy developer! The whole gameplay will infuriate you and the plot is written by a schoolboy!

    1. You’ve now posted the exact same thing, more than one way, on several games Vomond.
      A two sentence review is not a review at all. If you can’t be bothered to actually play the games, and ACTUALLY review them; either don’t comment at all, or don’t expect anyone will listen to you when you copy paste the same response on whatever game has triggered you. There are several posts where you bash the game as just shit as well, so I know this isn’t your only response, but both of them can be labeled safely your boiler plate. Which is not a compliment.

  4. either there is not much content in the game yet or i just dont know how to start the next questline cause my journel is empty and ive clicked on evry location and npc and ive not impregnated a single chick, only had sex with like 2-3 girls, excluding the futa cuase i shot that down. also the world map is fillled with tens of locations but you can only go to 3 of them, knida lame probly not gonna redownlaod till its completed 2.5/5 but has potential

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