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OpenFlower [Final] [WhornyBeeStudio]

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Editor's Rating

Story - OpenFlower's story seems to fall short in terms of engaging and meaningful choices, resulting in a linear experience. The writing quality is reportedly weak, offering little depth to the characters and relying on clichéd plotlines. Despite the criticism, it's worth noting that individual preferences for storytelling may vary. - 47%
Visual - OpenFlower showcases visually appealing artwork. The game seems to invest effort into creating vibrant and detailed visuals, immersing players in its world. - 65%
Engagement - OpenFlower fails to deliver engaging gameplay due to its lackluster story and limited player choices. - 56%
Core Loop - There is a lack of meaningful choices, reducing the game's replayability and potentially hindering the overall experience. - 45%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 1.82 ( 53 votes)

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  1. Haven’t played the game, but according to the description… aren’t you the player as the MC, the one cucking some poor Japanese dude? How the hell is that NTR? Unless you are playing in the perspective of that Japanese dude seeing his wife getting fuck, how are you the “cuck” in this scenario? I mean its just fucking other peoples wife, not your wife or woman getting fuck.

    1. NTR stand both to Netorar (you’re cheated on) and Netori (you fuck with someone already in a relationship – you make them cheated on).

    2. The game says to “Get Cucked” so if it’s not the MC getting cucked then the description is misleading at best, shooting itself in the crotch at most typical.

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      1. Your the one who needs to grow up and stop being afraid. Stop doing self destructive things like being a queer or being some woman’s bitch.

        1. “Grow up,” says the kid downloading porn choose-your-own adventure cartoons. Not exactly nuanced, this game.

          I’m not claiming to be acting like a grown-up myself, but I do know someone who isn’t when I see them.

          Also Know This: Nohomo claims censorship on DikGames, yet ignores that posts like this still exist. This is part of his paranoia mental illness. He won’t get help.

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        1. This would normally be fair, except it’s nohomo. If you’ve continued hanging out around here you can probably see why I think he’s worth the attention to mock and ridicule. At least I assume so since you haven’t called me out on it since, or you’re doing the adult thing and rolling your eyes and moving on.

          Moving on would be the adult thing to do. I don’t feel like being an adult in this situation.

          I won’t be a prick to most people who don’t like things, but when they tell people who like those things that they are lesser beings than themselves, that’s a false egotism that could use a knocking down a peg or two. Nohomo is in no way above anyone here. He only does it because there is no way for him to feel important in his real life. I doubt he’s brave enough to put himself out there and go to a safe anti-gay rally.

          Anyone who punches down on the internet in such a lazy, cookie-cutter, sheeple way is painting a target on their forehead, and I have no pro-gay rallies to go to today.

          So yeah, I’m being a prick, but I’m being a very focused prick. Let people like NTR. Let people like Futa. Let people like Beastiality (barf). It’s no different than liking Anal, Vaginal, Creampie, or so many other tags.

          Let people harm no one without being attacked. Attack the innocent and someone’s going to play the hero.

          Hello! It amuses me to play the hero against weak-ass snowflakes!

          Happy New Year!

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  4. Was bored, in between good updates for anything redeeming so I DL this just to see how the comments would relate and well… IT WAS BAD. Sure its given as NTR, but the husband is a beta boi with no balls, and his wife is well anyway. The writing is choppy and the story is both repetitive and progressively bad and linear with no meaningful choices (a declination to an action is only a delay until the next time when it defaults to the bad choice). The dialog relies on far too much mixed language with japanese words heavily interspersed with english and since the whole culture is japanese with work memes and such its a pretty bad ride. Only the artwork is cutesy, but that doesn’t really help make this a worthwhile DL unless you are into the whole voyeuristic watching of your wife doing literally EVERYONE BUT YOU. (YIKES).

    1. Would you like a tissue and shoulder cry on ? Jesus ! It’s just a video game in fact it’s visual novel as they call it LMAO I’ve never seen so many people get so upset over something that isn’t even going up their ass Such soft weak minds

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