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Only A Dream [v2024-02-23][Final] [tightbuns]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest & Bestiality Patch

Copy the two scripts into your OnlyADream*/game/ folder, replace when asked.
Copy them into your\Contents\Resources\autorun\game\ folder, replace.

Download Walkthorugh

Download Mini-Game Mod

Put it in Game Folder

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - Only A Dream may be short, but it packs quite a punch with its interesting story and events. The game manages to captivate players with a concise narrative that doesn't overburden them with unnecessary amounts of text. While the scenes themselves may not be groundbreaking, they still manage to deliver on the promise of sensuality and steamy encounters. - 76%
Visual - Visually, Only A Dream shows promise with its graphics and animations. While the faces could use some additional work, the overall visuals are commendable. The developer has put effort into creating an aesthetically pleasing experience. The scenes are well-crafted and manage to provide a deliciously hot experience. - 80%
Engagement - Only A Dream succeeds in engaging players with its enjoyable mini-games and well-placed humor. The decision to include elements like a dog fetish and creampie is a bold move, but it certainly caters to specific preferences. The game manages to keep players entertained throughout its short duration, leaving them wanting more. - 84%
Core Loop - For a short game, Only A Dream nails its core loop. The presentation, dialogue, expressions, and camera work are all top-notch, bringing the game to life and enhancing the experience. It embraces its own unique brand of humor and degeneracy, providing players with a rare and memorable encounter. The sexual content, although brief, is undeniably hot, and the attention to detail, such as muffled/messy speech during intense acts, adds a layer of immersion that is often missing from other games. - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.89 ( 43 votes)

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  1. When a game basically starts with a girl putting a pool ball in her ass, you know it’s going to be good.

    Unfortunately, this game is very short (and a bit laggy). It’s also slightly weird, but funny. I think it had potential to be great if it were longer.

    Is it worth it?

    Ah, come on, you perv. Who doesn’t want to see a girl with a pool ball up her ass. 😉

  2. This comment section and many others are proof it’s time to disable comments on this website. None of you guys can be normal perverts if you’re bringing up conservative politics in every fucking post

    1. au contraire, perversion is not normal and what is normal must be purged!

      (that is the “no true scotsman” logical fallacy and anyone who uses it should be treated with suspicion.)

  3. Hey Destiny, did you ever try this game out?

    Normally I would be responding to your post but you can probably imagine why I didn’t.

        1. is it that hard for you to meet people that don’t hate you? is asshole just your default? you know what they say, if everyone around you is an asshole, you’re probably the asshole.

            1. if i’m an asshole for not tolerating racism/homophobia then yeah I guess i’m an asshole. especially white supremacist nonsense. if you, in the 21st century, think that “race mixing” is an issue then I think you should simply die.

        2. You’re asking because you can’t make any and you’re looking for pointers on how to make friends, I presume.

      1. hahahahah nice one penismike! So many racists, homophobes and sexists here! And they are always stupid! Like you, I also like to sometimes respond and have fun at the expense of their ignorance.

    1. Shh, don’t tell #nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth that it’s not actually animals or he won’t play it. And I can’t wait for lazy LLM to repost this.

    1. You think homosexuality is deranged and you’re promoting beastiality.

      Yeah, I hope the next time you’re fucking your dog he rips your face off, or your dick if he can find it.

          1. You’d think someone would’ve reported nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth by now. He’s been thrown off so many other platforms for his toxic rhetoric. I’ve never seen him liking young kids, mind you. In a rare show of common sense, he’s very against pedophilia.

            Animals, well, read above, you can see him saying how he wants people to fuck the dog. And he says others are groomers. He is, yes, a disgusting pervert. I’m glad we could agree.

              1. you really don’t understand the way usernames and avatars work here do you? if you did you might be able to take the effort to make whatever the hell it is you think you’re doing look convincing. at the very least i hope you’re amusing yourself.

                1. Shhhh! I was hoping he wouldn’t notice and keep pretending like he’s insulting me in some super-clever way.

                  Er, sorry, I mean: OH NO! I have been OUTED as being “STRAIGHT PRIDE” ALL ALONG! How could I have been so FOOLISH to think I could OUTSMART the BRILLIANCE of #nohomo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  (Don’t tell him that this site also logs IP addresses for every comment. He might get more paranoid!)

                  And yes, I’m amusing myself.

    2. nohomo, you’re a hypocrite but i’m willing to let it slide this time because you’re so godawful at impersonating other users here that no one even really gives a shit

        1. The above “Ray” is nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth, impersonating others again.

          I don’t know why he’s accusing penismike of doing it. But then, nohomo is very well known for being clinically paranoid and needing help.

          The kind of help #nohomo would give to the mentally ill is at best locked up in a cell, at worst a bullet to the brain. He is a hypocrite indeed.

          I don’t know why #nohomo is telling anyone to “get a life” when he spends all his time here trolling and being verbally abusive to entire swaths of humanity. I know why he does so HERE, because this place has no moderation and it’s the only place he has left to punch down without repercussion.

          The crybaby even got banned from Steam, which isn’t hard if all you do is spout is bile and frenzied conspiracy theories but to him this makes Gabe Newell, the Libertarian Poster Boy, part of global homogenization. It is to laugh.

          Happy African American Month, nohomo.

          1. penismike, you’re a hypocrite but i’m willing to let it slide this time because you’re so godawful at impersonating other users here that no one even really gives a shit

            1. I cannot imagine someone copying this entire board’s comments just to impersonate Ray.

              If you’re going to half-assedly impersonate someone, at least make it me.

  4. This ones looks like something, sounds bad according to what everyone else is saying, so I’ll Give it a go, I feel myself cringing at it already.

    1. that depends on what you have ate and how long you been holding it inside, so that’s incorrect.
      also, your comment is 23% gay.

        1. That’s pretty lame, Straight Pride, who is trying to shame me in my mocking you by taking ONE of your many names that you cowardly hide behind. You say I started it, but you can’t even manage copying me well.

          Petulant child.

  5. This is the next step the deranged degenerates have planned. Normalize everything. Being a cuck, a fag. Injecting whatever they say into your body. Eat z bugs. They are literally trying to shut down farms in Europe. Protests going on over there now. gates and china buying up farmland here. There are literal demons trying to rule the world and degenerate sex is part of their agenda. Like fucking dogs and more.

    Watch Eyes Wide Shut. The “elites” have sick sex orgies. It’s real and they want everything normalized so they don’t have to hide what they want to do. epstein island is not the only place they go and you need to wake the fuck up. They want you enslaved and they want the ability to decide if you live or die. They control the media.

      1. Sorry to you and the others who can’t break your conditioning. Don’t worry as things continue going to shit they will have a wide variety of excuses and people they will blame.

        It amazes me how people just ignore the Soviet Union. Like it never happened. How people can’t see the parallels. Of course none of that is taught in schools and most people are too stupid and lazy to learn anything on their own. They think they are smart because they regurgitate what was spoon fed to them.

        Nobody asks themselves how the nazis happened or the red revolution. Never think it can happen somewhere else. Whatever, remain ignorant and stupid.

        1. I can tell you what didn’t allow the Nazis to happen: “Deranged Degenerates”. This is a dog whistle, a statement that when looked at closely means nothing. You could call anyone who you disagree with “deranged” and who could argue with you?

          No, you need to make a more provable or disprovable statement. Your fear-mongering has no bite.

          There is probably a reason. Because if someone proves you wrong you can only point and try to discredit their personality (what is called an Ad Hominem) without addressing the points made.

          As someone who does, in fact, know what allowed the Nazis to happen it was people desperate for life to improve after the massive depression that gripped post-WW1 Austria and Germany, and a populist leader arose to rally people behind a boogyman “other” taking down their society, making people who weren’t part of the Proper Group into worse than monsters, into lesser beings whose deaths were accepted. At the front of that: Jews, Blacks, and Gays.

          I see the Proud Boys and similar wishing to return to this. I both hate them and pity them, because I know why they want this. They don’t want this because of “degenerates”. That’s fucking stupid. They want this because they feel forgotten, spit on, ignored, and they’re hungry and without jobs. The American Dream has failed them, and they’re hurt. They lash out.

          Their populist leader says to lash out at the gays, the jews, the dems, the libs. Their populist leader is misdirecting them because OUR LEADERS ARE THE PROBLEM. ALL OF THEM. (Some more than others, but that’s a whole other discussion.)

          The enemy is the corporation, the suit, the CEO, the person who is white-washing, green-washing, rainbow-washing, black-washing for a profit. They line the pockets of the politicians not to groom people to be gay–that is one of the most retarded repeated statements I have heard in a long, long time–but the more people who buy their crap the more money they make.

          Straight Whitey, you and I are an old demographic. We’ve been squeezed dry. The gays are just accepted enough to be a new source of meat for the CorpoScum, to be chewed up over and over.

          So you are blind twice.
          1) Nazism came from people in power exploiting the pain of humanity for their own gain.
          2) You’re complaining about “Degenerates” on a Porn Game site. Look in the mirror, you’re one too. This is not your enemy.

          You want to be a hero? A rebel? Teh Gayz are not your enemy. They know how to rebel and bleed for peace and prosperity. Work WITH them and you’ll see just how quickly you can change America.

          Or you can keep making vague “nnrrrrr you people are blliiiiined and I can’t explain whhhyyyyyyy” noises.

          Me, when I’m out in the real world I’ll be making real changes. Day by day. Until your pain stops.

          Will you?

          Happy African American History Month, a celebration and remembrance of people who fought and bled until they stopped their own pain, and continue to this day.

          1. Kind of like what is going on with people not wearing their masks, and getting reported by their neighbors.

            Not vax? Reported, fired, jailed.

            Welcome to the future, a repeat of the past.

            I’d never be a Nazi….. instantly a Nazi turing in your neighbors.


            1. “Turning in your neighbors” doesn’t make you a Nazi.

              You can go mask-free at home all you’d like. You can even have loud noisy sex at home all you’d like. You can even have loud noisy gay sex at home all you’d like. You can even be black in your own home. All of these things are equal.

              Imagine someone beating their children in the privacy of their own home. Overhearing people planning to shoot up a school, or a marathon. These things are not equal to the previous things.

              So by your argument, someone calling the police on people planning murder are Nazis.

              You need to touch grass and find a better argument for your anti-vax death cult.

        2. (Add’l)

          The Post-WW2 German infrastructure lasted for much longer than the American one did, but what made the German infrastructure great wasn’t the Nazis, it was people working day and night, very hard, for themselves and their loved ones.

          You can’t do that on a porn site. You can only do that by going out and working hard for yourselves and your loved ones.

          If you stop loving your brother because they’re into men, then you’re missing the concept of “together”.

          American Dreams come from being American. One Nation. Under God. Indivisible.

    1. “Watch Eyes Wide Shut. It’s real.”

      Okay, grampa. Go back to bed and turn on your stories while the rest of us talk about real things.

      So everyone who’s not #straight_pride, what do you think about this one? Looks pretty bad from the images. Anyone actually play it yet?

      1. Watching only things after 2010 makes sense. That is when grooming really kicked into high gear. It explains why you are so stupid and gay.

    2. eyes wide shut was kinda boring. the orgy scene wasn’t even that good. but you get to see nicole kidman’s boobs, which is nice.

      1. She had a nice body. The movie was kinda boring but what it did do was expose what the “elite” are actually up to. They probably knocked the director off for it.

            1. Okay, that one was funny. A+.

              But you missed Straight Pride, and “straight pride” people will call you a cuck loser fag groomer, because that’s generally their M.O.


              “You are a cuck loser fag groomer who is going to get what’s coming to you for depopulating cultures and hating your ancestors, retard. You started it!”

              Happy African American History Month.

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